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Posted by Gail Allen Will - friend   September 27, 2011


I am very sure that Paul Newman will live on until the end of time.My heartfelt sympathies to his friends and Family,he will be so so missed.

Posted by Dianna nodwell - fan.......................   May 16, 2011

My heart is broken. I cannot imagine my world without him. I was blessed with his friendship and love. My summer with him and Joanne and Scott was the happiest of times. Working on movies with him was just a bonus. My love goes out to Clea, Lissy, Nell, Stephie and Susan. And Joanne, every time I think of him I think of how much he adored you. It warmed me to be around you both, God Bless you.,

Posted by glynn rubin - Lake Worth, FL   July 03, 2009

My heartfelt sorrow goes out to Joanne Woodward and the family. Fifty years! Imagine. Why do the good die so young? He was not a teenager but he was too young to leave us because he was such a good man, a feeling man and a generous man. If only we were all like him. Everyone will miss this great man as actor, director, race car driver and a man who contributed to children and the world.

Posted by Dorothy Walton - Kingston, NY   October 09, 2008

I am deeply saddened by the loss of a wonderful man,If there is one to miss everyday,it is Paul.My best friend recently passed from breast cancer at the age of 33.She,like Paul is and was a wonderful human being.Thank you god,for the blessing you gave us all!WE WILL MISS YOU!

Posted by Denise - Boise, ID   October 07, 2008

Your Husband, Your Father, Your Friend was the true meaning of the word " Gentleman ". A man of class, dignity, thoughtful humour and enduring elegance. And those eyes...... those eyes. The impression he has left not only in Hollywood but in humanity will remain immeasurable. I am deeply sorry for your loss.

Posted by Tannis Reichert - LacduBonnet, ND   October 06, 2008

Below is an article I wrote for a local paper describing how Newman and Joanne Woodward helped bail me out of the Chicago jail in 1968:
Newman's Own
by Don Sawyer
Fair Comment, North of 50
November 2008

Paul Newman's death last month was an opportunity to celebrate the life of this extraordinary man. For me, it was also a chance to reflect back on my personal encounter with Newman's legendary generosity.

The year was 1968, and I, along with thousands of others, had come to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago to rally against the then-raging Vietnam War. Let me provide a series of snapshots of the incidents that led to my life-long respect for Newman and his wife, Joanne Woodward.

Grant Park is crowded with thousands of demonstrators meeting peacefully, some sleeping on the grass as the evening darkens. Suddenly, walls of lights mounted on the front of riot trucks explode across a ridge near the highway. A quarter mile of troopers, faces covered in gas masks, begin advancing toward the crowd. Short, snub-nosed guns lob gas canisters into the crowd. The police pound long truncheons into their black-gloved hands. People scream and try to flee, some overcome by the gas. Many are clubbed and dragged behind police lines. The light trucks cast an eerie light over the scene as gas swirls at the feet of the advancing troopers.

I am out of the park and running to my car. A young man begs for a ride. He jumps in and we drive away from the trouble into dark and quiet backstreets. All at once, the inside of the car is bathed in red light and a siren shrieks behind me. I pull over and the young man opens the door and runs. A police officer sprints by the car, his gun drawn. Another officer slams into the passenger seat and points his gun at my head. Drive, he orders.

We're in a holding tank in the police station, a windowless square room with benches around the sides. There are 30 or 40 other prisoners. We are the only whites. One guy takes my watch. Another comes up to me, puts his face close to mine and snarls, You're going to Cook County Jail. We're gonna make a woman out of you.

It's early morning. I am handcuffed and led into a nearly empty courtroom. A judge reads out my charges. Running a red light. And possession of a deadly weapon with intent to use. Felony with a maximum of 20 years. (The police had searched my car and found my camping gear in the locked trunk. It included an old machete. Unknown to me, a picture of my machete in the hands of the Chicago police chief was on the front of nearly every paper in the country as an example of weapons brought to Chicago for use against the police.) I panic. Where's a lawyer? I have a right to see a lawyer! My bail is set at $2,000, about $20,000 in today's dollars. I have no access to that kind of money.

After being loaded into a paddy wagon and shipped, along with several murderers and armed robbers, to the Cook County Jail, I'm run through a shower with a line of other men. I am in a tiny cell wearing a pair of loose overalls and a pair of old leather shoes without laces. My cellmate has spent more time in jail than out since he was first arrested at 15. There is a steel toilet in the corner. I stare through the bars out of the one window. Everything is in shades of brown. It's been 36 hours. I feel like I've walked into a Kafka novel.

It's the next morning. I really do get one call. I phone Jan, waiting for me back in East Lansing. I give her as much information as I can, but I have no case number, nothing. She will contact some of our friends in the Democratic Party. I know whatever can be done will be.

Hundreds of cells in four tiers surround a central cement courtyard. All night there are screams and yells, clattering and cursing. Thousands of desperate, lonely men crammed into a large warehouse. The air vibrates with hatred, frustration, anger. A guard comes to the cell door. Sawyer? Someone posted your bail.

The someone was a bail fund set up to assist the hundreds of demonstrators arrested in what was later dubbed a police riot. Two of the largest donors to this fund were Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. After seeing the chaos and violence, they had quietly given nearly a quarter of a million dollars to the Chicago Legal Defense Center.

My class privilege, my connections, and, yes, my color as well as Newman's generosity and sense of social justice -- helped insure that I got out of jail and, eventually, beat the ridiculous charges against me. Others, I knew, were not nearly so lucky.

So I'll miss you, Paul, though we never actually met.

Oh, and thanks.

Posted by Don Sawyer - Salmon Arm   October 06, 2008

My husband and I were residents of Westport, Ct during the 70's. My husband is a tennis pro by profession and was fortunate to have been given the pleasure of giving a few tennis lessons to Paul, Joann and Nell at their home in Westport and the tennis center in Vista, NY. I was present at one of the lessons at their home and was delighted to sit next to Paul Newman while John was giving the lesson and talking with him about books and a variety of other subjects for an hour or so that afternoon. I will never forget him walking up to the tennis court with a bottle opener on a chain around his neck and a big smile on his face as he approached us. That was my one and only meeting with the wonderful Mr. Newman but I will remember it always. He often went to the tennis club in Vista late at night after hours as he did not want to attract attention to himself. The world has indeed suffered a loss with the passing of a great man, husband, father, actor and overall legendary human being. I will remember him always!!!!!! Deepest sympathy and condolences to Joann and family.

Posted by Carolyn Nogrady    October 05, 2008

My deepest sympathies to Mr. Paul Newman's family and friends. My memories of this great man stem from the days of Saturday Night at the Movies with host Elwy Yost on TV Ontario. I remember seeing Hud, Cool Hand Luke, and The Hustler and thinking this indeed was a gifted actor. I also continue to be deeply inspired by his awesome humanitarian efforts. How privileged we are to have lived at the same time as Paul Newman. Thank-you, Paul, for your contribution in making our world a better place.

Posted by Stephanie Schmidt    October 04, 2008

A man of his generation. I always felt that I could talk to him or Joanne. They were kind and generous people. One regret in life is that I never had a chance to meet him. I am grateful for his legacy of great work in movies and in life. Peace and love to his family.

Posted by J. White - Calumet City, IL   October 04, 2008

To the Newman Family,
My father just resently passed on the day of Pauls death my Father was layed to rest. I always looked at my father and I saw Paul Newman in him. Not only did he look like him he was a man of men.

Posted by sally galea - Elk Grove, CA   October 04, 2008

Reading the tributes, I see someone else with the name of Newman talked with Paul at the Long Beach Grand Prix. I lived several blocks from the Grand Prix and was lucky enough to get a pit pass. When one of the employees found out I had the same name, and was introduced to Paul. We kidded about being related. He was funny and gracious. I had always been a fan and always will be. A Hollywood icon that is a class act. You will be sorely missed!

Posted by Barbara Newman - Asheville, NC   October 04, 2008

I do hope Ms. Woodward gets to see these and knows that she is in my prayers. When I heard of Mr. Newman's death I felt a tremendous loss even though I have never met him. I feel as though an era has just ended. The world is a better place for having had him in it.

Posted by Gabby Sprenger - Washougal, WA   October 03, 2008

A true gentleman who will be sadly missed.
The world has lost an amazing man.

Posted by Suzanne - Calgary   October 03, 2008

Paul Newman represented everything a leading man should be in life and in the movies. I hope his life's work and kind nature will inspire all who admired him. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

Posted by Jo    October 03, 2008

I loved all of Paul Newman's movies!!! He was "the man!" I think my favorite was "Cool Hand Luke." He will be missed. My heartfelt condolences to his family - I LOVE YOU, JOANNE WOODWARD!!!

Posted by Glenda Whitworth - Decatur, GA   October 03, 2008

My granddaughter has wonderfuls memories of The Hole in the Wall Camp. She was lucky enough to have eight summers at the camp. She was also very lucky to be at Mr. Newman's camp in Irland. Mr. Newman will always be in our memories. He is giving kids wonderful memories with his camps.

Posted by Rita Eickhorst - Leominster, MA   October 03, 2008

I met Mr. Newman in the mid-80's at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach where he was a major investor for Haas Racng. As one of the winners of the Toyota Grand Prix beauty pageant, I served as a PR representative for the race and had the opportunity to meet him. We spent a short time talking about our surnames and that I also had the same name as one of his daughters. What I remember is a polite and kind gentleman that, while elegant and poised, somehow exuded humbleness. He was truly unique and as a fan of all of his work, I will miss him. God be with his family at this time.

Posted by Nellie Newman    October 03, 2008

So sorry for the loss of Paul Newman to his family, but he would not be sad because he led such an exciting and good life, he was a great actor, loved his family, gave to charity, a very decent man with a big heart. He was soooooo cool.

Posted by Cheryn Forrest - Tiptonville, TN   October 03, 2008

We have all lost a wonderful person who lived a life filled with love, adventure, and a willingness to help others. My heart and condolences go out to the entire Newman family. May you be comforted with the knowledge that he is no longer suffering and hopefully spending time with his son. My thoughts are with you.

Posted by Sarah Arndt - Columbus, OH   October 02, 2008

Our Prayers are with Paul's family. Thank God for his wonderful life and the pleasure he shared with his fans and the enjoyment we were privileged to experience. Paul is in Heaven now and will always be remembered. It is a sad day for us left behind, but we have the fantastic memories.

Posted by Jill Ryan - Rye   October 02, 2008

I have admired Paul for 40 years both as an amazing actor and an awe inspiring philanthropist. I can only imagine your pain and hope that my profound sadness and sense of loss will in some small way ease your pain.

Posted by Dr. Clyde Hillier - London, Ontario   October 02, 2008

Years ago, too too many to remember how long ago, my girlfriends & I used to sneak off on the B train out of Brooklyn and get off in Greenwich village. We would stand outside of the apartment building that JoAnne Woodward & Paul lived hoping and praying that he would come out. We would see Ms. Woodward pushing a baby carriage, but us girls at that age only wanted to see Paul. Magically one Saturday so many years ago he finally showed up. What a thrill for 6 Jewish girls from Brooklyn to see & talk to him. He gave us each his autograph and was kind.

If you read this Ms. Woodward, please accept my sincere & heartfelt condolences on your and your children's loss. I have respected the two of you for many years. You both held the standard of how fame & fortune should be handled.


Helayne L

Posted by Helayne L - St Louis, MO   October 01, 2008

September 26, 2008... I lost a piece of my heart.
Sweet Paul, I know you are having a joyous reunion with your son! Sweet Angel watch over your beautiful wife, children and me! I will miss you!

Posted by Terri Lo Sasso - Denver, CO   October 01, 2008

i HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A GREAT FAN OF PAUL NEWMAN. I had the honor to meet him at a racing event in Bucks County. Back in the early 1980's. He was really down to earth he sat and talk with us about life. We asked him was his eyes really blue or was it makeup. He laughed and said no they are really blue and kid I am colorblind! We enjoyed him and I will never forget one statement he made that stuck with me for life. Quote Kid always to the things in life that make you happy and you will never have any regrets" I remember that as if it were yesterday. That is what I have done and continue to do and I am truly happy. I say to Joanne and your children you were bless to have a good husband and father and grandfather. I will pray for you always ! Love and Hugs Philly Corvette 67

Posted by Philly Corvette 67 - philadelphia, PA   October 01, 2008

I have been blessed to see Paul Newman around town in Westport--no fanfare--just a regular guy...and to have photographed him numerous times on assignments. I spent 3 weeks as pool photographer in the "salad dressing trial"..he was a true gentleman..intellectual,funny,genteel. I will miss him here on the planet with us...but i have no fear that he is someplace looking down and will continue to help people and this earth...

Posted by Jean Santopatre - Bridgeport, CT   October 01, 2008

From Sweaty to Sublime. Grand Prix Entrants 5-1-1988

They run the same track and take the same risk, but there's a gap between the racing world of actor Paul Newman and the part time thrills of Tom Hopkins.

And here's the surest sign of that gap. Hopkins, sweaty and greasy wrestling with a burned out clutch on his 57' Corvette hurrying to get his machine ready for Saturdays, Vintage Car Run at The Pontiac Grand Prix of Dallas at Fair Park. "I didn't come out here to do this," said Hopkins. "but at least it's colorful."

Being compared to Paul Newman was something I never imagined. Maybe it was the blue eyes. His team sent me a nice letter and wished me well. I gave Mr. Newman his space and respected his professionalism.

I will never forget being in his presence, much less, mention in the same article.

Thanks for the fond memories. What a gentleman.

Posted by Tom R Hopkins - Dallas, TX   October 01, 2008

It was the year Paul and Joanne were filming Rachel Rachel, part of the film at least was being filmed in a little bar in Danbury,Ct. I was returning to my job from lunch and was riding a '48 Harley. I was wearing a white shirt and tie when I had to stop for a red light right in front of the bar. Paul and another fella were pulling a very large light out of the doorway onto the sidewalk. He saw me and started to laugh. I guess seeing someone riding a Harley wearing a white shirt and tie wasn't exactly Hollywood.I think he asked me where I had stolen it but the light changed and I was off.

Posted by Bill Stevenson - Southbury, CT   September 30, 2008

Sorry to say, I never knew or met Paul Newman, but I loved his smile and twinkling eyes. Imagine my surprise when my mom, years ago, told me she felt the same way about him. Imagine that, we had something in common. That didn't happen too often when I was a teenager. I remember watching The Long Hot Summer with my mom and watching the twinkle he put in her eyes, too. We both enjoyed Mr. Newman's movies. My mom is gone now, and now so is this wonderful man, great actor, unbelievably generous man, and to the envy of all women, a super husband and family man. What woman wouldn't want to have a man like this?

Posted by Susie - Claremont, CA   September 30, 2008

My sincere condolences to all of Paul Newman's family.I would like to share an experience I had with Paul Newman somewhere in the late 70's or early 80's in Nazareth, Pa. I went to visit my mother on Liberty St. At that time Mario Andretti lived on Victory Lane not far from my mother's home. A large silver car came down the road as I was getting out of my car parked in front of my mother's home. The man in the car rolled down his window and asked me if I knew how to get to the Lehigh Frocks Building. I knew that building was on the market and I presumed this handsome man in this big silver car had a meeting there that day. As I walked over to give him directions I noticed He had on a tailored suit made of fine material that certainly was not sold in stores in our area at the time. When his eyes met mine I knew it was Paul Newman. His eyes-God gave him such beautiful eyes. I knew he was special-I knew he was Paul Newman-but I never let on I knew who he was. I treated him like he treated me-with respect and dignity.I gave him the directions he asked for and even though I was a fan-I never let on I knew who he was. I proceeded into my mother's house and told her " I just gave Paul Newman directions to Lehigh Frocks and I never let on I knew who he was" She couldn't believe it! I said I could just tell, that is how he wanted it. So I just want to say to the Newman family-You are so lucky to have had someone so special so close to you. He was one of a kind!

Posted by Iris Hontz - Nazareth, PA   September 30, 2008

So sad and such a loss to all of us. Actors like he was are few and far between - we are losing our legends. And I so admired his marriage and commitment to Joanne Woodward. Relationships like theirs are NOT found in today's film industry anymore. What a shame! RIP Mr. Newman and my prayers are with Ms. Woodward.

Posted by Rhoda - Houma, LA   September 30, 2008

I was 11 years old when I first fell in love, and of course it was Paul Newman. I thought to myself, "how can I be in love with a white man?" Of course it was during the turbulent times of segregation and I was teased by my girlfriends that a white man would not look twice at me. I did not believe them because when you looked into those lipid pools of azure, you felt the warmth radiating from his soul and what a precious soul it was. I learned that you cannot judge all men by one man's actions and learned to love him for his incredible craft and Christian sould. Godspeed Mr. Newman, you were a prince among men. To the family, what a blessing you were given to be part of this wonderful man's life and legacy. Be blessed

Posted by Patricia Hatton-Williams - Houston, TX   September 30, 2008

thank you Paul for all the wonderful movies, for your charity "Newman's Own" and for all of your camps for the very ill children. To Joanne and his children the world has lost a wonderful husband, father and "friend"He cannot be replaced. God broke the mold when he made Paul Newman.

Posted by Helen Lees - Thorold. Ontario, Canada   September 30, 2008

He will be missed. I met Paul through racing. He was an inspiration to us all.

Posted by David Lent - San Antonio, TX   September 30, 2008

Dear Joanne and Family,
My deepest sympathy goes out to you. I will always remember Mr. Paul Newman as a wonderful, talented, loving, giving, and humble gentleman, son, husband, father, actor and philanthropist who lived his live with dignity, respect and love for his family and those who were less fortunate. Even though he was from a humble background, he was always helping others with his charities. I enjoyed all of his movies, with his sparkling baby blue eyes, charm and personality. May God bless you all and may his love and beautiful spirit live in your hearts always. May perpetual light shine on Mr. Paul Newman always.

Posted by Robin WIllard - Charlotte, NC   September 30, 2008

They don't make 'em like they used to. Paul Newman his wife, and family are gems. Gems all of us should inspire to be.
We think it was 1965, and there was Mr. Newman racing alongside my
husband at Limerock. A regular Joe.
Our condolences to the family-his suffering has stopped, and he is hopefully doing all that he loved before-Bon Voyage Mr. Newman.

Posted by Loretta Cox - New York, NY   September 30, 2008

What can I say about Paul Newman. I grew up with him, seen everyone of his movies 100 times and envied Joanne Woodward...I always knew Joanne Woodward was the luckiest women in the world and Paul Newman was the luckiest man. What a love story....There relationship should be the model for marriage. I would have like to have met Paul Newman just to let him know how I admired him and respected him as an actor, humantarian and most of all a great human being, that if we had more people like him and Joanne Woodward in this world it would be a much better place and it was. He will be missed but when I think of him, although I had tears in my eyes when I heard of his passing, I will smile, for in my thoughts I will remember the laughter, tears and happiness he brought me throughout my life...What a legacy.. God bless Joanne Woodward and the entire Newman Family. My prayers are with you.

Posted by Diane Kowalewski - Secaucus, NJ   September 30, 2008

My love for Paul Newman started as a teenage crush. While living in New Orleans I remember sneaking out of my room late in the evening to try to catch a glimpse of him while they filmed at the fountain near my house beside Lake Pontchatrain for the movie WUSA. I almost fainted when Paul walked within 30 feet of me.
I only wish now as a member of the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corp that I could be part of the Honor Guard that I hope will be present at his funeral. His service to our country while in the Navy is as important as was his fantastic career in film and on the stage. His warm smile, magnetic blue eyes and unmatched charisma will be missed!! My sympathy to you Joanne especially as I know the pain of losing the one you love as my husband of only 20 years passed away in March of 2007.

Posted by Nancy Swanson Hettinger - Mohnton, PA   September 30, 2008

I had watched my copy of "The Verdict" again last week and thinking how much I loved watching Paul Newman act. And I thought what a great loss it will be when he passes away. So the news of his death was felt deeply. I also had the privelege of visiting one of the Hole in the Wall camps near Ocala, FL. I would like to express my deepest condolances to Ms. Woodward and family about their loss.

Posted by Tom Sweet - San Jose, CA   September 30, 2008

Joanne Woodward,
Paul Newman was the greatest actors of all time and he will be truly missed. Joanne Wooodward and Paul Newman were two (2) of cutest couples in the acting industry and i have always had my admiration for the two of them. I know what you are going through and just always remember the good times i know that the two (2) of you shared with each other. If all of the people in Tinseltown looked at you as role models there would have been and more marriages like yours. god bless and you and your daughters.
By now for Paul, but you will never be forgotten.

Posted by Jan - marin county, CA   September 29, 2008

My condolences to the Newman family. Paul will be dearly missed. I have always loved to watch him every since I was "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid".

Posted by Tracy Berthot - Katy, TX   September 29, 2008

My mother, now 87, and I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Newman in a performance at the Ridgefield playhouse a few years ago. I cannot tell you the name of the play because what struck me the most about that evening was what came after the play. There was a question and answer period with the audience and one of his daughters was in attendance. When he called upon her, his whole demeanor changed. He visibly lit up and the love and affection between father and daughter was palpable. I, to the end of my days, will aspire to have such a relationship with my children. God Bless you Paul.

Posted by Sheila Higgins - Wilton, CT   September 29, 2008

I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Paul. I knew him mostly through his years of racing. Paul was my dad's hero and was the one that inspired my dad to start his racing career when he was 48 yrs of age. I told dad the other day that I could just see Paul and Fitzy (Jim Fitzgerald) turning hot laps in heaven, with our friend Diane Hughes keeping their times. Your family is in our prayers and may God Bless you during your time of mourning.

Posted by Donna Trivette Turner - Thomasville, NC   September 29, 2008

We have lost another shining star, who has brought more light, laughter and joy to our lifes. We will deeply miss him. Our prayer go out to the family and dearest friends and fans who love him as well. Most of all to Mrs Joann Newman. May God guild you through this time of sorrow. God Bless you.

Posted by Bobbi Hill - New Port Richey, FL   September 29, 2008

The last movie I took my Dad to before his death was "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid"....and so...I remember Mr. Newman and I remember my Dad. My kids (now 26 and 24) grew up on the lemonade and the original salad dressing.

Posted by Judy - Wataer Mill, NY   September 29, 2008

If only I could contact Joanne Woodward, Paul's widow, and express the country's thanks for a long and lasting marriage...a shining example of true marital vows. Paul stands out on Mount Olympus as a beacon of decency and generosity for the downtrodden. A heart of gold. At the Great Trial, I'm inclined to believe he will find favor from the eternal God. RIP, Paul.

Posted by Frederic Wheeler - St Petersburg, FL   September 29, 2008

Thank you for making this world just a little bit better for the rest of us. You will always be remembered and always as a great actor and a greater human being.

Posted by tony - Singapore   September 29, 2008

what a talented bright and giving individual. He surely will be missed.Rest in peace Paul.

Posted by Carl Coppa - Palos Verdes, CA   September 29, 2008

We have lost another icon of an era that we will not soon see again. I did not know Paul Newman but when you look back on his body of work you know that he was an actor's actor. Not someone in for the fame but for the art. When you read about his philanthropic endeavors you know that he truly embraced the life ethic of giving back. He led a life well lived. His legacy will live well past fading memories. Deepest sympathies to the Newman family and friends.

Posted by Elizabeth - San Francisco, CA   September 29, 2008

Sincerest condolences to Mrs. Joanne Newman, daughters, family and friends. It sadden me to hear of your loss but he was truly a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend. Thank you for sharing him with the world. I loved his movies especially Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He will always be remembered for the the humanitarian and philanthropist he was. He was and still is a role model for many. Few can live up to his contributions but I sure hope those others in Hollywood will stop and take notice that though Paul Newman is remembered for his performances, he is MOST admired for his values, love of family and generosity to those less fortunate! God bless and comfort you!

Posted by Nilda Pagan - Jacksonville, FL   September 29, 2008

I did not know Mr. Newman personally. I knew him as a fan of his movies, watching races, and buying Newman's Own products. As a fan I have respected him and Joanne and their committment to their marriage. Fifty year marriages for movie actors just dont happen. It speaks a lot to his integrity and honor. I respect that kind of covenant relationship he had with family and business. May God bless and comfort his loved ones in the days ahead.

Posted by Kathy Coats - Oklahoma City, OK   September 29, 2008

God bless Paul Newman and his family.

Posted by A Cenabre - Stratford, CT   September 29, 2008

I never met Mr. Newman but I feel a great loss. There are so few real class acts in show business and he rose above all the silliness, tabloid gossip, inconsequential stuff and changed countless lives for the better with his charity work. Of course, like millions of fans I love many of his films but more than anything else I revere him for showing how a bottle of salad dressing could be of such huge help to kids needing a friend.

Paul, I think of you often and tonight I think of your family and friends, sending them peace in knowing you certainly lived a marvelous, useful life. And, just for the record, your Two Thousand Island dressing and your lemonade are two of the best reasons for anyone to keep on living I can think of.

Thanks, Paul Newman. You were class until the last breath.

Posted by Danny Wright - Seattle, WA   September 29, 2008

I knew PL(his racing moniker) in his earlier days. I knew him through Jim (Fitzy) Fitzgerald. Fitzy passed in an accident in 1987. I can just see them racing in heaven.

Posted by Tom Lawrence - Savannah, GA   September 29, 2008

I was so saddened to hear of Paul Newman's death. I feel like I grew up with him over the years. What a tremendous loss. He will always be honored, respected and never forgotten.

Posted by Ronnie - Little Neck, NY   September 29, 2008

Joanne and family,My heart goes out to you,Paul Newman,was such a wonderful man and had a wonderful family. May God be with each of you.

Posted by Betty Cavenaugh - Beulaville, NC   September 29, 2008

he was one in a million. He touched my heart in many different ways.

Posted by donna kloss - bangor, PA   September 28, 2008

My husband and I feel as if we have lost a dear friend whom we both loved and admired for his integrity. his faithfulness ,his compassion for those less fortunate and of course his acting .
My Jesus comfort you and strengthen you all .
Sincerely, Maureen and John

Posted by Maureen F. Pirone - setauket, NY   September 28, 2008

To The Newman Family,
He was definitely a super star and will be greatly missed!
A Devoted Fan,

Posted by Alma C. - brooklyn, NY   September 28, 2008

My deepest regrets to the entire Newman family. The entire country has lost a wonderful artist with a very large heart.
Mr. Newman will be sadly missed. As an actor he held his own with giants like Geraldine Page. More importantly, Mr. Newman cared about humanity.

Posted by John Bower - Hamlin, NY   September 28, 2008


Posted by JANICE L FARMER - TOLEDO, OH   September 28, 2008

Our deepest condolences to the family. Paul was a true icon and we enjoyed all of his movies - particularly Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid. We have a copy and watch it whenever we feel like seeing something wonderful. A great light has gone out of our world and we share your loss

Posted by Archie & Beverley Barr - Kingston, Ontario, Canada   September 28, 2008

As a teenager,I fell in love with Paul Newman. Besides his tremendous acting ability and exceptional good looks, even at a young age I always knew he was one of the good guys! In the late 1960's my friend and I were walking on the upper Eastside of Manhattan when we saw a limo outside an apartment building...jokingly I turned to my friend and said "what if that limo is for Paul Newman?" About a minute later, Paul and his lovely wife came out of the building and I froze. My friend was whispering to me to say something but in my awkwardness and nervousness all I could do was smile and say "Hi Paul!" As he got into the limo he turned, looked at me and smiled with the kindess look in his beautiful eyes. I was 17 at the time and still remember that moment as if it was yesterday. I had actually seen my hero in person and from his smile I knew for sure not only was he one of the good guys, he was the best! Last year I had the privilege of attending a "Hole in the Wall Gang" event, and seeing some of the children from the camp and being in Paul's presence was indeed one of the highlites of my life. Thank you, Mr. Newman for all you have given to this earth. You will be sorely missed. May God keep you in his care as you rest in peace. With love and deepest sympathy to those you have left behind.

Posted by Mary Pitrelli    September 28, 2008

I remember sitting in a darkened movie theatre watching Paul Newman and Robert Redford in "The Sting" when I was 12 years old. My brother had dropped me off earlier and I was watching the movie for a second time. We still laugh about that to this day. It was very sad to hear of such a great American movie star dying. He was one of the last great actors. At least we will always be able to view his body of work in all his wonderful movies, such as "Cat On a Hot Tin Roof", "The Long Hot Summer", "The Hustler", "Hud", "Cool Hand Luke", "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", "The Sting", "The Verdict", "The Color of Money", and others. As the title of his movie "Somebody Up There Likes Me" states, someone upstairs must have really liked him, for he was a wonderful man onscreen as well as off. Nobody gave more money to charities than he did, and no other actor in Hollywood stayed married to the same woman as he, either. I am truly saddened by his death as I'm sure many, many others are. Condolences to Joanne Woodward, his children, grandchildren and friends. There will never be another man to match his looks, talent, integrity, warmth, humility, and grace.

Posted by Sheila Johnson - Moultrie, GA   September 28, 2008

I grew up idolizing Paul Newman and cried when I heard of his passing. I fell in love with watching Hollywood movies from the past and was 14 when I first saw Hud. From that movie on, I became a huge Paul Newman fan. I received a book of his films and bio when I was 16. From my bookshelf, it is now sitting on my coffee table. Bless you, Mr. Newman.

Posted by Alison K. Williams - San Antonio, TX   September 28, 2008

Cool Hand Luke
Paul Leonard Newman
January 26 1925; September 26 2008

He was a quiet, private, Man
But, a giant, amongst the stars
A philanthropist to millions
And owned and drove racecars.

He was a producer and director
And an actor, beyond, compare
He won almost every award
A great talent, one, so rare.

His great films will last forever
For, new generations to see
And he will always be with us
In the pages, of our history.

He always said, he was just lucky
But, it was us, who were blessed
For, while he was in this World
He passed almost every, Earthly test.

The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp
Serving, those Children who are ill
Where they could have fun, just be a Kid
One of those dreams, he did fulfill.

He was a family man, first of all
Married to Joanne fifty years
And he has left, each one of us
Filled, with memories, grief, and tears.

Survived by Joanne and five Daughters
His Son, Scott, he's gone to see
He's broken the bounds of this Earth
And from his suffering, set free.

He's gone, to a much better place
And, I'll bet he's looking down
With sparkling eyes, and famous grin
And saying, I'll always be around!

Rest in Peace, Paul.

Del Abe Jones

Posted by Del "Abe"Jones - White Bluff, TN   September 28, 2008

My heartfelt condolences and prayers to the family and friends of Paul Newman. Always one of my favorites from long Mother actually bought me the black and white face with blue eyes pillowcase so he could watch over me as I slept. A great man who exemplified goodness and grace. He will be sadly and greatly missed but left us with so many wonderful memories.

Posted by Karen - Norcross, GA   September 28, 2008

"Sometimes nothin' can be a 'Cool Hand'"...

My condolences to the family and friends of Paul Newman, who gave so much and asked so little. He will forever serve as the epitome of humility, kindness, and sharing. His performances were what first made me a fan, his lifestyle, dedication to his family, and love of life made him my favorite!

Posted by Jim Klein - Mesa, AZ   September 28, 2008

My deepest condolences go out to the Newman family. He was not only a wonderful actor and my number one favorite, but a larger then life human being, who gave as much as he had received. Your loss is shared by so many people who simply adored him. Please know that the world greives for all of you.

Posted by carol - NJ   September 28, 2008

condolences to his family from europe greece and the island of crete.we all miss you and we will always remember you.we can't feel anything but gratitude for all the things you did during your life.

Posted by manos charitakis - greece europe crete iraklio   September 28, 2008

I cried upon hearing the news. Paul was (and will remain) an integral part of Americana. His innate ability to seize our attention through his portrayal of an endless stream of memorable characters will live on through his body of work. His decency and compassion assure his place among the best of humanity.

His passing leaves a void in the world. It's truly like losing a family member.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Joanne and the family.
May God bless and comfort you during these sad times.

What a man! What a life! Thank you, Paul!

Rest In Peace,

Posted by Karla Woods - East Wenatchee, WA   September 28, 2008

Dear Newman family,

My sister and I were talking about how much Paul Newman influenced our lives the day before he died. We were just talking about movies and we got on the subject of Paul Newman. His movies were smart movies. They had meaning. And you had to think about them after you left the theater. And then you wanted to see the movie again. My son who is 23 loves his movies. He loves Paul Newman. My daughter is 19. When I told her about his death she asked immediately if his good charities would continue. I assured her they would. What 83 year old actor has that much impact?

I understand his love for seeing excellence. There is such a beauty in hard work and excellence. The carpenter, the artist the way she steps away from the canvas for a perspective, the landscaper...

I think this was the most important part of who he was because it made him humble, which leads to the greatest impact he had on me. For the past eight years I have been mailing senators and congressmen, the president, I've been blogging.I just won't shut up because I don't want my country to disappear. I have felt despair and a little fear. The Bush crowd is pretty powerful and I'm a little tiny person. They could squash me and not even care. But I always thought about Paul Newman and his proudest achievement, being on the Nixon list. Paul had a lot to lose and he knew it, he coming from the McCarthy era, and yet he persevered. He was humble enough to know that the average Joe was, in the long run, far more important than he was. And he knew that whatever importance people placed on him was to be respected. I respected Paul Newman and I trusted the man. He had beautiful eyes but that's not what I'm going to miss.

Posted by Jeanne - New Brighton, MN   September 28, 2008

One of the best entertainment experiences of my life was attending a showing of "Winning" at Radio City Music Hall in the summer of 1969. Two college friends and myself made a trip from the Midwest (Kansas City, Mo.) to the East Coast. We were thrilled to be able to see that movie in such a place. My prayers are with you all.

Posted by Merlene Brush - Kansas City, MO   September 28, 2008

I am so sorry to hear of Paul Newmans death. But so happy to hear of Paul Newmans new life and new body. I know he bravely suffered in his last days here with us. I have never been so sure of someones afterlife as I am with his. He was one of the most grounded and loving people I have ever know of. His unselfishness and love for others set an example for all of us. My condolences to his wonderful wife and family. I know he is with the Father and as sorry as he might be to leave his loving family I know he will always watch out for them and I know that he has things to do in heaven. God broke the mold when he created this man. I hope to someday be able to love as unconditionally as he did! With the greast of love I send encouragement to all his loved ones and thank them for there generosity over the years when they shared this wonderful spirit with the world.

Posted by Sherry Woodyard - Raleigh, NC   September 28, 2008

To Joanne and Family,
My heart goes out to you all on the sad news of the loss of your soul mate. What a wonderful man he was. He set the bar in all aspects from acting to be a caring soul to the needs of the needy. He will never be forgotten. He has left the world a better place for all mankind. We lost our son Scott at 29 years old so we know the pain he endured throughout his life and still continued to always do the right thing. Bless you all.
Cindy and Stan Nevins

Posted by cindy and stan nevins - tucson, AZ   September 28, 2008

I grew up watching and always loved Paul Newman's movies. His acting was wonderful, the characters he played seemed so real...BUT THOSE EYES!!!!!! I especially loved the fact that he did so much for so many and never wanted any accolades for it. What a wonderful human being. May God rest his sole and give comfort to his family and friends in this difficult time. We now have a new angel in heaven to look out for the children and the Newman Family.

Posted by Lenora Meister - Houston, TX   September 28, 2008

I knew Paul and his wife fairly well. My mother was a stunt woman in movies and TV for about 15 years. (Glynn Rubin). She was also engaged to Scott Newman for a time (Paul's Son). They broke up, and within a year he committed suicide by overdose. My mother was devastated as was Paul and Joanne. My mother created an ever stronger bond with Paul right after. She did several movies with him before and after. My mother raised me alone from the age of 2, while doing stunts. After Scotts death, I think because she was his last serious relationship, my mother bonded closer with Paul and his wife. We were evicted from our appt, and Paul and his wife let us stay in their Malibu house for 2 weeks. One thing I remember most about Paul was, we were filming a flop of a movie (eventually) called "Under the Volcano" in Hawaii. My mother actually had both stunt parts, and "extra" parts. It's rare I got to see my mothers face in film. Remember Private Benjamin where Goldi is falling all over herself in the obstacle course? That's my mother, but you don't really see her face that whole time. Anyway, we're staying at this hotel in Hawaii. I'm about 10 years old. We're at lunch at the hotel between shooting, and me, my mother, Paul, and Joane are all sitting at a 4 person table eating in the courtyard of the hotel. These two sweet looking girls walk up, about age 5 and 8, both holding paper and pen close to their chest... so nervous, and slowly approaching Paul and asking for an autograph. I paused for a second, Paul had his hand on his head, leaning on the table, and when they walked up he casually glanced at them and waved them off. They of course didn't understand, and thought he didn't hear them. They asked again, he waved them off again placing his face right back in his hand. My mouth dropped open, but I composed myself. I asked my mother later, she said "he doesn't give out autographs... he thinks people value them too much, and that it's what a man does with his life, not his signature, that's important or valuable.

I saw Paul only about 20 times between the age of 10 and 25, then never saw him again because I left LA and moved to Louisiana. That memory though will follow me forever. I still to this day understand his admirable quality, and yet the look on the faces of those two girls..

Paul was a step above, and complicated to the last. The world is a smaller place today.


Posted by Shannon Rubin - Sterling, VA   September 28, 2008

My sincere sympathies to you all at this very very sad time.
"May flights of angles sing your darling husband, father, grandfather, to his rest."
May you be given strength in the days ahead.

Posted by ingride lewis - Kfar Saba, Israel   September 28, 2008

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward remind me of my parents. Very much in love, admired, and respected one another. Paul was a wonderful actor that put passion into every role he played. To the entire Newman Family, "May God Bless You!" Paul Newman was one of a kind and he will surely be missed.

Posted by Rose - Klamath Falls, OR   September 28, 2008

I have admired Paul Newman since I was eight years old, watching him perform an ever-lasting hero in "Exodus" when it first played on the big screen. He has since been my favorite actor of all time. But more importantly, the greatest human being ever to live on this earth. My prayers go out to Joanne and his daughters and all those who loved him dearly. I have lit a Yurtzeit candle in his honor and memory. May G-d be with you forever. Shalom, Katie Singer Sobol and family.

Posted by Katie Singer Sobol - Stockton, CA   September 28, 2008

Dear Paul.. may your soul fly forever free in bliss & may peace and love comfort your family... Namaste...

Posted by Joy Hillier - Vancouver, Canada   September 28, 2008

To the Newman Family:

As I sit here, with tears rolling down my cheeks,I want to send my condolences to you. Paul Newman was an extraordinary human being. His acting was secondary to his genuine giving and making better, the lives of others, especially children. To quote a line from "Cool Hand Luke", he was one world shaker

Posted by Ken Lipton - Vancouver, BC   September 28, 2008


Posted by CARLOS E RIVERA FRANCES - SAN JUAN   September 28, 2008

I will always remember Paul Newman as a Hollywood star for whom acting was about the craft and not the limelight. Because of his talents, good grace and generosity, he will be remembered not just as a great actor but a great man.

Posted by Justine, Sydney, Australia.    September 28, 2008

Very sad day, Condolences to the family and friends of this great man.He surely will be sadly missed, a true role model.

Posted by Mrs Valerie Dent - Australia   September 28, 2008

Heartfelt sympathies to The Newman Family and to Friends and Admirers. We shall miss this Great Humanitarian above all else that he accomplished in his life. We will never see his like again. May He rest in peace.

Posted by Myra Herscovitch - Montreal, Canada   September 28, 2008

Please accept my heartfelt condolences, to everyone who loved Mr. Newman. I had the honor of meeting him one time as a production crew member during a race in Indy in the early 90s, and his character was obvious even in the short period. He was kind, generous, and humble, and his life touched many that I'm sure even he didn't realize. His passing is a loss to us all.

Posted by Dawn H. - Denver, CO   September 28, 2008

My sympathy to all those whose lives touched his. He was truly a generous man who graciously shared his wonderful talent, his love for his wife, and his determination to leave the world a better place. A true American icon has left us.

Posted by Ginny Manor - Martin, TN   September 28, 2008

i am 57 yrs. old and can remember growing up watching mr. newman. my father and mother, thought there was no others actors but mr. newman and john wayne. their values seem to jump out at you on the t.v. when we were watching them, and my father thought if we could just turn out half as good as them he had done his job. there was never a movie he made that we did not like he was good looking and charming but most of all it just came across that no matter who he was playing the whole part was really him. he will be greatly missed by my family, and we will keep his family in our prayers. to mrs.newman we offer the most heartfelt sympathies, and hope that you and your family will get through this as he would hope the very best for you. i'm not real educated, but i just wanted to say thank you mrs. newman for sharing such a fine and wonderful man with the world he will never be forgotten god bless you and keep you in his loving arms

Posted by katie - senath, MO   September 28, 2008

Condolences to all his family....Mr Newman leaves us all with many many great memories,from on and off screen.thanks for the memories

Posted by David R Killick - Sydney   September 28, 2008

My first thoughts upon hearing the sad news was for his wife and family. The legacy of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward's lenghty and loving marriage in the midst of Hollywood's marriage turnover has got to be the greatest testimony to them both. While I loved and admired him as an actor and director, the devoted husband is what I'll most admire. As such I am deeply saddened for Joanne at this time and my heartfelt prayers for the Lord's comfort to see her through this difficult time.

Posted by Arlyene Moberg - Maple Ridge, BC Canada   September 28, 2008

Our many wishes of warmth and love to the family of Paul Newman. He was an incredible man whom, along with his family, touched many lives - even those who dont know. He believed in helping those less fortunate through his givings. In our cruel world we live in today, Paul cared and we are all blessed for knowing him. May you rest in peace Paul, and know you will never be forgotten.

Posted by Jamie and Maverick - Orange, CA   September 28, 2008

My condolences to Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman's extended family. All our deaths are inevitable. The death of someone who gave so much to community is a stinger. He becomes another star in the sky that we can look toward and who looks down on us to see that we also are giving to our community.

Posted by Caroline Kane    September 28, 2008

We all knew that he was very sick, but we were hoping for a miracle. My heart goes out to his loving wife of many years, Joanne Woodward, and his entire family. I have admired and watched him for many years in all of his movies, especially my favorites, The Long Hot Summer, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof . . . to name a few. He was a great actor, a notable producer-director, a racing car enthusiast, a political activist and a philanthropist, and have heard he was counted as the person who had distributed more money in relation to his own wealth than any American in the 20th century. There are very few of these individuals left in the world and he will be missed by all of us.

Posted by C. Fitzgerald - Schaumburg, IL   September 28, 2008

Please accept my deepest sympathy on the passing Paul Newman. His greatness as an acting icon is legendary but the true measure of Mr. Newman is his generosity. This is his legacy.

He was truly a light onto the world.

Posted by Susan Elizabeth Dykhuis - Montreal, Canada   September 28, 2008

My heart goes out to the Newmans's daughters. I lost my Dad last year at 83. No matter how much you know that he is in a better place, there will always be an empty place in your hearts for your Dad. Our fathers shared a birthday, Navy service, a love for racing (and beer!). I hope they have met in the next life and enjoy their company as much as e have while they were here.

Posted by Sharon A. Carpenter - Orange City, FL   September 28, 2008

Thank you sharing yourself with us for so many years. There will never be another like you. You will be sadly missed.

Posted by Jean - FL   September 28, 2008

Thank you Mr. Newman for generously donating your life to entertain others, for your never ending charitable contributions and for personifying the true meaning of "a class act". You will be sorely missed. Rest in your eternal reward. God bless you...

Posted by Nancy - Braidwood, IL   September 28, 2008

To Paul Newman's family: I'm not so much a groupie as an admirer of conviction, one that's lasted a lifetime. From what I've read, your loving and committed man has walked his walk, with generosity, compassion and humor. And with steadfastness rare not only to Hollywood, but I'm sorry to say, in much of our society. I admired what I knew of him, and I am so sympathetic to your loss. God bless you all.

Posted by Joan McCauley - Jamestown, RI   September 28, 2008

Paul Newman was one of the first actors I ever heard of when my parents enjoyed his early movies as a 1950's married couple. I knew he was "a heartthrob" and that he was important but I was a child so that's all I knew at first. His popularity with my parents kept my eyes on him and over the years I noted his long term marriage, his freedom from scandal, his very down to earth interviews and eventually his philanthropy. He became for me a man whose greatest contributions went far beyond acting and a role model for a well lived and purposeful life. Thank you Paul Newman for charting your own course and never being lead astray by the elixir of fame and adoration. Thank you Joanne Woodward and all the Newman children for sharing him with the world. We can never know the depth of your personal grief, but a light has definitely gone out on our Earth with the passing of Paul Newman. May he know enjoy for all eternity the peace and joy he so richly deserves.

Posted by Mary Pat Kelly    September 27, 2008

My heart and thoughts go out to the entire Newman family. I was a young man fresh out of Hotel school when Mr. and Mrs. Newman lived at The Carlyle in New York. Needless to say I was mortified of doing the wrong thing around the Newmans, but they were so encouraging, charming and so down to earth they put my mind (and body) at ease. They never failed to ask me about my day or enquire about my family. What a class act --- he will be missed.

Posted by Dennis Dermody - Poughkeepsie, NY   September 27, 2008

To Paul Newman's family, please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss.

Posted by Rita Amalfi Cruse    September 27, 2008

I was a teen when I saw Paul and Liz in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (that was back in Puerto Rico.) Then I met his lovely wife Joan, in a lifelike wall picture at L.S.U. Then and for years later, grew to admire "this stranger", who through his career and philantropies gave so much to all of us and the youth of our world.

Ms. Woodward, you and I have not met; but rest assured that my deepest sympathies go to you, your family and his memory. He was a very good man and and we can only hope to be together when our time to meet our maker arrives.

God bless you and continue to live a good life while defending the principles he stood for.

P.S. Last time on local TV was when he came to WA state on behalf of a camp for youth.

Posted by Raymond A. Rios - Olympia, WA   September 27, 2008

my first memory of paul newman was at the age of 16 when i first saw 'exodus'. from then on i was hooked, lined and sinkered. i managed to find a black and white head shot poster of him and tacked it to the acoustical ceiling in my dorm room right over my bed and for four years, throughout nursing school, paul looked down on me and was a silent supporter throughout my micro and chemistry days. i have been a nurse for 40+ years now and still credit mr. newman with getting me through school. i have kept his birthdate on my calendars every year; january 26th. i send my deepest sympathies and love to the family. i will miss him dearly.

Posted by paula quinn - columbus, OH   September 27, 2008

Paul Newman was real brilliant actor with a big heart and an excellent extrodinary career ,but his family only came first because it was the only important thing in his life than his career he leaves behind everything he had worked hard for including all his nominations and credit he had work hard for under his belt ......he'll be dearly missed .

Posted by Kewan Woodard - Hearne, TX   September 27, 2008


Posted by MAUREEN - BRONX, NY   September 27, 2008

One of the last of a dying breed, the coolest of breeds, we will not see the likes of him anytime soon. It saddened me so to learn of his passing, for I am afraid that a substantial supply of integrity went with him.

Posted by susan - montreal, canada   September 27, 2008

Truly a great actor, humanitarian & role model for all ages. His legacy will endure & his charitable contributions will continue in his honor. He is truly one of the great legends. I hope his family finds peace in the wonderful memories they will have. He was beloved by all;especially in CT.

Posted by Flo Cullina - Avon, CT   September 27, 2008

Words alone cannot express the sorrow you and your family are feeling at this time. Your husband was a great man, actor, father. He is one of my all time favorite actors, he will be missed but not forgotten.

Posted by Nancy Kelly - Auburn, NY   September 27, 2008

Joanne, you will be in my thoughts and prayers as I know how much you and Paul were in love...the two of you are/were the finest pair to ever "come out" of Hollywood.
You all were special and your fans thank you for all the achievements and accomplishments. We may be just fans, but we know sincerity, love, respect and devotion when we see/hear it. May God comfort you.

Posted by edlyn - warrenton, GA   September 27, 2008