Condolence & Memory Journal


Godspeed Phyllis, and thank you for sharing a part of your life with us. Now performing eternally in the Ultimate Venue. Unforgettable.

Posted by Harry Simpson - Buckeye, AZ   August 20, 2018


What a lovely lady. She made a life for herself at a time when women were not thought of that way! She was fearless. She gave such joy with her wit and laughter! I'm glad I grew up in a time of her. Her hair,dresses, shoes everything about her was out there. I loved her laugh I would crack up everytime I heard her. Life well done! Peace be with you Phyllis .

Posted by Carol lane - Indianapolis, IN   March 27, 2015

Oh how we laughed. ;) RIP

Posted by Rod Freeman - Branson, MO - Friend   December 04, 2012

I first loved Phyllis' quote about short skirts... if skirts got any shorter, she was going to need her legs fixed ..."They don't go all the way up!"
Second, I enjoyed in her show, "The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show", a skit with Sonny and Cher, where Phyllis was playing the harpsichord (my instrument) and sounded not bad at all . They played "Back to Bach" after a few hits and misses. Actually not bad!

Posted by Anne Peterson Gasser - Redwood City, CA - Fan   September 05, 2012


She was a very funny lady! I grew up watching her on the movie screen with Bob Hope & a bunch of other famous actors & she was always just so comedic. I will miss seeing her & hearing that famous laugh of hers. Rest well Phyllis, I will miss you, the world is a little less funny now.

Posted by Helen Cremer - Admirer/Fan   September 05, 2012


Your comedic talent was awesome, and your musicianship, beyond impeccable. Such a talented artiste will be truly missed by us all! Rest in peace, o funny & musical lady!!

Posted by David Walach - longtime fan   September 04, 2012

I was a teenager when I first began to enjoy the comedy of Phyllis. That was back in the day when people enjoyed good, clean fun. It is sad to see that comedians have lowered their standards to get a laugh. Jesus says the meek shall inherit the earth. Hopefully, Phyllis will be rewarded for all of the laughs she provided in the world

Posted by georgia hendley - winder, GA - fan   August 31, 2012


I grew up having Miss Diller make me laugh . As a very young child I nick named my mother Phyllis. When we would be shopping and my mother least expect it and I made sure that I had some distance between my mother and myself, I would shout out load" Phyllis are you looking for this and would be holding up the biggest bra I could fined." Of course mom would turn red in the face and want to kill me but knew it was all in fun. We enjoyed going to see her when ever she was in town. She was one of a kind and will be deeply missed. My deepest sympathy to her family and friends.
She will always have a place in my heart till I die and hope to see her again in heaven.

Posted by Nancy Black - fan   August 31, 2012


The laughs are gone from here on earth, but they are now rolling in Heaven R.I.P.

Posted by micheal - fan   August 30, 2012


There was a dill pickle factory in our town with a huge billboard that had a picture of Phyllis on it. I always looked forward to seeing it when we were on that side of town. I was disappointed when the factory shut down and her picture wass gone.

Posted by Ray Hager - fan   August 27, 2012


In 1979 I was 18 years old and at the Pantland Hotel in GrandRapids MI
And just going unto the elevator to go down to the show room to see if I could get a glimps of Phyllis Diller and to my surprise she was in the elevator w her security guard and she said hey kid come on in. I looked at her she had a big diamond necklace around her neck. She seen me staring at it she said kid my bobbles aren't real people will hit me in the head for this and I don't need my hair messed up it take me all day to get it this way. She said good luke kid have a nice life and she got out I will never forget her laughter and watching her on tv as a young kid. I loved her I told her as she hugged me before she left the elevator

Posted by Patricia McCue - Fan   August 27, 2012


Saying farewell to a very funny woman and sending condolences to her family, relatives, friends and fans. She will be surely missed.

Posted by Gynnie Ann De Jesus - Fan   August 27, 2012


Hi Phyllis!
I always loved your work and never missed an opportunity to watch you on TV growing up! Thank you for the many hearty laughs Phyllis! "My hair anyone? Eeeeew!" Still use this one on my many bad hair days!

Posted by Lisa Wade - FAN   August 26, 2012


I remembered on the donny and Marie show, donny knocked off phyllis's wig. Donny apolized for it, and phyllis said it was alright, cause that is what we are here for to have fun and to make people laugh.

Posted by donald staples - friend   August 26, 2012

we truly loved to watch you on t v rip

i loved you

Posted by Susan Stewart - Wendell, NC - Fan   August 26, 2012

My family sends their deepest condolences. Ms. Diller will never be forgotten.

Posted by Bridgett Tompkins - Loudon, TN   August 26, 2012


I was fortunate enough to see her perform live about 40 years ago and I remember laughing so hard it made my sides hurt.

The world has lost a gifted artist.

Posted by Joe Kevin Byrd - Fan   August 26, 2012

Thanks for all the laughter : D

Posted by John LeBlanc - Chester, VA - fan   August 26, 2012


Thank you for all the laughs.

Posted by Susan    August 26, 2012


I sent Ms. Diller a note one day, just to ask if she had a copy of her appearance on the You Bet Your Life Show with Groucho Marx...I'd run across a copy and wanted to make sure she had it in her archives. I also happend to mention that I was a jazz musician...and she sent back a signed photo with a note on the back indicating she loved jazz, too. Who would have thought. A lady of many dimensions. And one of my alltime favorite entertainers. I have her signed picture up in my study. Thanks for all the laughs for all the years, Ms. Diller. You are one of a kind.

Posted by John Drexler - friend   August 26, 2012


may you keep all the angels'll be greatly missed.

Posted by candy - a great admirer for many years.   August 26, 2012


A legend that will never be forgotten.

Posted by Thomas Johnson III - Life Partner   August 26, 2012


I always loved your Laugh and bright smile, May you fly with the angles

Posted by Lansing A Hoffman - admirer   August 25, 2012


I was only in contact with Phyllis once, when I spoke briefly to her on "Larry King Live" some years ago. I'd inquired of her just what she thought of the use of the f word by modern day comics. She replied that it was way overused. Larry said that Jackie Gleason referred to it as 'cheap' humour. Will miss you, Phyllis, you added so much laughter and joy to our world.

Posted by Cindy C. Brown - fan   August 25, 2012

We've lost an icon. She was the best! I loved her then, I love her still and will always. Make'em laugh up There!

Condolences to her family what they've lost can never be replaced so hang on to every memory.

Posted by Jodie Brown - Anderson, IN - Fan   August 25, 2012


Our favorite performance of miss diller's was her role in THE ADDING MACHINE, with milo oshea. She should have received an academy award....unbelievable performance and unforgettable fantasy drama that is regrettably overlooked. One has to see it to believe it!!! We loved her, and always intended to let her know how much we loved her as mrs zero in THE ADDING MACHINE.

Posted by kizer - fans   August 25, 2012


I shall forever remember your outrageous humor and infectious laugh. RIP Ms. Phyllis Diller while blessing the heavens....

Kari ward

Posted by Kari ward - Fan   August 24, 2012


Thank you for your hearty laughter and dedication to comedy and to your family.

Posted by Preston McKinley - Fan!!!   August 24, 2012


my mother was gravely ill over 40 years ago. someone gave her a copy of "housekeeping hints". i will never forget that she laughed and laughed. it was the last time i remember her laughing and truly enjoying her day! god bless miss diller.

Posted by garrett rutkowski - grateful admirer   August 23, 2012


It was my great privilege to interview and know PHYLLIS DILLER: a strong, brilliant, funny, "highly organized" (grin) trailblazing comedian-pianist-international entertainer. Her many gifts to the world will long be remembered. Sending out assurance of prayers and "good thoughts" to the Diller family as well as Ingrid.

Thank you for the gift of "KILLER DILLER". God bless.

Posted by Ron Weekes - Entertainment Colleague   August 23, 2012

Such a funny lady,I remember when I was in Jackpot, Nevada she was the headliner in the main ballroom at Cautus Pete's Hotel and Casino.95 years old what a lovely life she must have had her children were so lucky to have such a great Mom.

Posted by Rick Hatzidakis - Los Angeles, CA - Fan   August 23, 2012


Phyllis you made the world a better place with all the love you shared with us. Laughter is the best medicine which brightens everyones faces. We will cherish your special legacy and your cheerful smile. May god bless you in many ways.

Posted by Mary - a true fan   August 23, 2012


I loved watching her as a Girl, Thanks for the laughter!

Posted by jacqueline baker - fan   August 23, 2012


My mentor is gone to join my other mentors, Lucy, Gilda, and now Phyllis! Thanks for the laughs. your penpal... James

Posted by James Brinker - Penpal   August 23, 2012


God is certainly being entertained by the best now. I am priviledged to have grown up in the generations with many wonderful comedians - but Phillis Diller was unique and brilliant. And I appreciate her loving my distant family and enjoying their friendships. We will see you again soon. Rest In Peace, job well done.

Posted by HENRIETTA BLACKWELL CORLEY - Friend   August 23, 2012


You have brought so many good times into our lives. My Mom never missed your shows. We took my Mom to see you at Laughs Comedy Club in Tucson, We ALL had such a FUN time.

Rest In Peace,
Cox Family in Tucson, AZ

Posted by Lynette - Fan   August 23, 2012


You have brought so many laughs in our home,It's hard to believe your not here with us.R.I.P.Beautiful funny Lady,Forever in our hearts.Sue

Posted by Sue Lay - Great Fan   August 23, 2012

:) And her "messy hair" :)I'm hoping she made it to Heaven <3 love>

Posted by Connie - rhinelander, WI - fan :)   August 23, 2012



Posted by KRISTY BROWN - FAN   August 23, 2012

Miss Diller was the first comedian I was aware of as a 10-year old when my family arrived to California from Argentina in 1965. It took me a while to understand Miss Diller since I didn't speak English. But when I learned, boy did she make me laugh. Then, in 1975, while working at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel I was fortunate enough to see her in person. Not at a show, but close and personal at the back of the hotel showroom in one of her memorable outrageous outfits walking past my office. She walked by with a little dog in a teal-colored number. It was classic Diller and I was privileged to see her. A nice memory that I have kept since that time.
Miss Diller was a funny, funny kind woman who lifted everybody' spirits for decades. Every joke she ever told could be enjoyed by young and old alike since they were clean ones. Not like the smutt being written nowadays. She was a class act and an example to be followed by the next generation of comedians. I will miss her forever.
My condolences to her family and friends from a fan who will never forget her.

Posted by Stella Swallick - Houston, TX - Fan since '65 upon US arrival   August 23, 2012


R. I. P

Posted by Brenn Wilkins    August 23, 2012


Phyllis Diller gave me so many good laughs. I especially loved her movies with Bob Hope. The two of them together were priceless. That was good old fashioned humor at its best. I will also think of her when I hear piano music since she was such a beautiful pianst.

Posted by Denise - Fan   August 23, 2012


i always loved you as a comedian. i especially loved you and bob hope together. you will be missed

Posted by karen mullins - one of your biggest fan.   August 23, 2012


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Thanks for a life time of memories, smiles and clean laughter!
Thanks for dedicating so many of your holidays to our service men I am sure it was hard for your family.
Thanks for sharing your humor, talent and touching so many lives around the world.
YOU are a true legend and will be missed.

Posted by Linda - Fan   August 22, 2012


goodnite funny lady may you make them all laugh ans smile inheaven say hello to my dad and rodney dangerfield for me

Posted by matt flaherty    August 22, 2012

i loved her show, when she came down the steps singing how,ja do how ja do how je do.
my friends,many many years ago. and when she talked about fang, she cracked me up.
God bless you Phyllis you made everyone

Posted by virginia wilson - sarasota, FL - fan   August 22, 2012

I was a teenager driving down Rodeo Drive one day in 1969 when a parked car suddenly pulled out right in front of me very nearly causing an accident. I rolled down the window of my VW beetle in anticipation of giving the other driver a piece of my mind! Imagine my shock when Phyllis Diller's head popped out the window of the other car! She gave me a wave and let loose one of her trademark laughs then drove off leaving me sitting speechless! I have cherished that memory all these years!

Posted by Jim T    August 22, 2012


RIP Ms. Diller...You were the best ...You always mad me laugh...God bless you, I'm sure you are in heaven making people laugh..
A fan...Paula Cartwright New Jersey

Posted by Paula Cartwright - Fan   August 22, 2012

Thank you for the laughter at the times I needed it the most. RIP

Posted by Sue kaatz - Portage, MI - Fan   August 22, 2012


thank you for making me smile! :) and laugh out loud you are a beautiful lady!

Posted by mare - a fan   August 22, 2012

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints."-Psalm 116:15. From early childhood phyllis has made us laugh; because of this wonderful Gift God had given her. May Phyllis rest in peace.

Posted by +Metropolitan Ephraem - Middletown, NJ - devoted fan   August 22, 2012

One-of-a kind! She brought great joy into my life and everyone else who knew her. I will never forget her loving nature, endless optimism and cracker-jack mind. Thank you, Phyllis, for all the laughter you brought to this broken world! It was a blast writing for you

Lydia Olson

Posted by lydia olson - mt. prospect, IL - her writer/greatest fan/friend   August 22, 2012



Posted by GREGG PROTEAUX    August 22, 2012


You always made us laugh. Thanks for the memories!!!

Posted by Kaycie - fan   August 22, 2012


RIP I will always remember you...thank you for a life time of memories and laughter. Condolences to the family!~

Posted by bonnie    August 22, 2012



Posted by vicki davis - FRIEND   August 22, 2012


Thank you. I grew up with you and fang.Awesome .I'm watching" Mad Monster Party". You Rock, Phyllis, Thank you,thank you,for yourself,and letting us be apart of you. Amen to you & fang. God bless .
Love G

Posted by Gina Pidoto - Dear friend & fan   August 22, 2012


Thanks for all the laughter. Some of my best memories growing up are watching your movies and guest appearances with my mom. RIP Phyllis

Posted by Cindy Clark    August 22, 2012

Candle will always be in my heart and soul ... every time i laugh and cry ...god took home a very special woman and friend ... will always love you and keep you close to my heart. i named one of my cats "phillis" and the other cat "diller" cause i always wanted you close to me.

Posted by james crane - friend   August 22, 2012


I am one of Phyllis biggest fans, not only because I was born 7/17. She has been my inspiration to life and when I was down just had to watch one of her shows brought me happiness and joy.

Posted by Michelle Hale - Big Fan   August 22, 2012

The first of the two movies I cast Ms Diller in was called The Silence of the Hams. When she heard the title she said she wanted to do the movie without even reading the script. The title made her laugh. That movie starred Billy Zane and Dom DeLuise with Ms. Diller leading a great supporting comedic cast. The 2nd movie I cast her in was called Forget About It! starring Raquel Welch and Burt Reynolds. She played Mrs. Hertzberg who had a boy toy who wore chaps and she was thrilled she got to put her hand on his bare buttocks! When Ms. Diller introduced me to Perry, her son, at her house, she laughed and said: "Craig Campobasso is the man who that put me in that por**! She always got a big kick out of that! Will miss her dearly. No one will ever be able to forget that great laugh! XXOO a million times over. We had you for 95 wonderful years! Now the angels have you to make them laugh for eternity!

Posted by Craig Campobasso - Canyon Country, CA - Friend   August 22, 2012


Phyllis , you were the best you made me laugh many many times over , thank you for sharing your talent , your gift , and your life with us all . You will truly be missed but not forgotten , R.I.P. Phyllis and keep them laughing in the sky till we meet again . GOD BLESS YOU and May HE Be The Keeper of Your Soul in Eternity , Amen .

A Fan,Always

Posted by Michelle McCray - Fan   August 22, 2012


Your amazing talent will not be forgotten...May you rest in peace!!

Posted by Rhonda K Gibson - fan   August 22, 2012


You made me laugh, thank you! Rest in Peace!

Posted by Kim    August 22, 2012


You will be missed Ms Diller

Posted by marysue seyler - Fan   August 22, 2012


you will be forever missed. I loved seeing you and Johnathan Winters together..Fun times.

Posted by Rick Lake - Fan   August 22, 2012


You made me laugh. That is all I can say. I loved your exuberance for life and you taught me that laughter is one of the keys to life. Thank You.

Posted by Joan Witt - Admirer   August 22, 2012


WOW, we so looked forward to her shows when we were kids my sister loved her, she could laugh just like her and wanted to be as funny as she was...

Posted by KAREN KEMPER - FAN   August 22, 2012


saw Phyllis Diller at the Host Farm Resort in Lancaster PA in 1978. We had front row seats. So funny what a professional.Her expressions were as priceless as her 1 liners. She is probably doing stand up in heaven.. God Bless

Posted by dale kitzmiller - fan   August 22, 2012


she was funny remember watching her as a child, she was a role model for my sister who laughed after alot of practice just like her,,,she wanted to gro up to be funny like her

Posted by Karen - FAN   August 22, 2012


Phyllis was an extremely funny lady and will be sorely missed!!

Posted by Joanne LaFollette Drury - fan   August 22, 2012


All the world is less rich through the loss of this wonderful woman. Although I did not meet her as soon in life as I wouid have wanted to, my father -- Harry T. Driver (Bowers) was her half brother having been born to Perry Driver (Phyllis' father) by his first wife Ms. Bowers in Pennsylvania. We visited her once at her home in Brentwood, procured three of her works of art and spent a wonderful afternoonShe will certainly be long remembered and missed. Edwin bowers "Gossiping" as she liked to say. was her half

Posted by Edwin Bowers - Nephew   August 21, 2012


Was priviledged to see her standup show in Charlotte!! Good times!

Posted by Suzanne - FAN   August 21, 2012


Our country has last a national treasure

Posted by Ken Case - Admirer   August 21, 2012


My father met Phyllis Diller while serving his country, he said she was a hoot on stage but showed care and concern while meeting a few off stage. Thank you for the laughs!

Posted by Brenda Kae Merritt - daughter of military member   August 21, 2012


I had the great opportunity to attend a performance of Phyllis at the Hilton Inn in Memphis, Tn in the late 70's. I have never laughed as much in my life as I did that night. My vocal cords closed down and I could not laugh any more for days. I love to listen to her albums often. Thanks Phyllis for a wonderful lifetime memory!!!

Posted by Leonard Finch - Admirer   August 21, 2012


I had the thrill to sit with Ms Diller at the TWA Ambassador Club at the Pittsburgh Airport many years ago for nearly 30 minutes we chatted. My first time to see her in concert with the Pittsburgh Symphony at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena. Roof open she played the harpiscord and grand piano.
Also saw her as Dolly Levi in a limited engagement of Hello Dolly on Broadway. What a beautiful singing voice...always on pitch!
I hope the family realizes how important she was in our country in making people laugh and smile. So lucky for her life!

Posted by Dennis Burnham - FAN   August 21, 2012



Posted by PAUL    August 21, 2012


Hollywood has lost another great person,i will miss her witty humor,Rest In Peace Phyllis,my thoughts and prayers are with your Family.

Posted by Deb Harris    August 21, 2012


the world loses another laugh that can never be replaced.

Posted by karen reagan - fan   August 21, 2012

Phyllis was a main stay at Pheasant Run Resort in St Charles, Il.
My Mother worked there for 31 years and often brought me to work with her. Phyllis told me my first joke at age 8. I asked her "What is Fang giving you for Christmas?" She said "A stove and it flushes!'
It was at that moment I knew comedy was for me! Over the years
I could be seen peeking at her act behind the curtains of the Dinner
Theater. Ladies and Gentleman Here she is Phyllis Diller!
I will always love you! Dottie Fletcher

Posted by Dottie Fletcher - Batavia, IL - Friend/comdian   August 21, 2012


Have enjoyed Phyllis Diller my whole life. Her humor was not offensive and she lightened by day. So sorry to her family, but know she made a difference in peoples lives, certainly mine.

Posted by Sheila Grimes - a fan   August 21, 2012


my depest sympathy goes out your family and fans! you were the 1st and the best. i will sadly miss her.

Posted by doug fisher - biggest fan   August 21, 2012


Phyllis you will always be my FIRST LOVE. Heaven will be a livelier place now that your there. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER THANKS FOR ALWAYS MAKING ME LAUGH.

Posted by Ric Sniffen - Sweetheart   August 21, 2012


She lived a long and good life. Our prayers go out to her family and friends! She was a real Corker!

Posted by Jerry    August 21, 2012


Thank you.

Posted by ShelleyWestby - A fan.   August 21, 2012


Twenty-five years ago, I shared a dentist with Ms. Diller. The stories he would tell about her as in how she could joke around even while having root canals and caps made her seem SO very human, not just the lady on TV. I saw her on the Ed Sullivan show in the late 50's or early 60's, and for years and years she was one of the best guests on talk shows. The world has lost a great humorist and a great lady and that's a sad thing.

Posted by SallyBaughn    August 21, 2012


I loved watching Phyllis Diller on television. My aunt was so much like her, in her humor and wit.
RIP Phyllis, we love you.

Posted by Andrew Hollendursky - Fan   August 21, 2012



Posted by SHERRLYN WALTERS - FAN   August 21, 2012


Loved Phyllis Diller! She was one of a kind! My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. God Bless and RIP.

Posted by Ann Chicoine - longtime fan   August 21, 2012


I have known of her my entire life. I tell my children about her all the time. She was an amazing comedian and actress. Her family will be in my prayers. Phyllis you have made a hugh mark on this world so you might be gone but you will never be forgotten.

Posted by Opal F - Fan   August 21, 2012


Rest in Peace, I have always been a fan.

Posted by sonja hager - fan   August 21, 2012


Thank you gracious Lady you will be remembered by many for the years you gave your Humor and Grace to the billions of people around the world

Posted by Louise Mesmer    August 21, 2012


Phyllis, I know that you are in HEAVEN, and I hope you entertain GOD and all the ANGELS, just like you did here on Earth.

Posted by THE ARCHANGEL GABRIEL, 787 Ocean Ave., Apt. #807, Long Branch, - Celebrity Admirer   August 21, 2012


I hope and pray that the Holy Trinity will bless Ms. Diller for the joy she brought her millions of fans, especially those who enjoyed her piano playing. We'll miss her,

Posted by Bill McEnaney - Fan   August 21, 2012


Prayers, thoughts, love,and deepest sympathy to the family, friends, and loved ones of Phyllis Diller. You were incredibly talented, a wonderful entertainer, and will be greatly missed by everyone. You are a legend!! Rest in peace, and may God give your loved ones peace and comfort at this most difficult time.~

Posted by Patricia D. Smith Bruno - Fan ~   August 21, 2012


No matter how bad a I was feeling her humor would always make me feel happy. She will be missed greatly

Posted by Michael Coleman - fan   August 20, 2012


One of the greatest laughs in all the world, just hearing it made me feel wonderful. She will be truly missed.

Posted by David Mead - fan   August 20, 2012


My mother used to dress up like Phyllis for Halloween. My mother was outrageous just like Phyllis. She will be sadly missed, I hope God is laughing right now.

Posted by Eric - Fan   August 20, 2012


You were a true legend and even though you will be greatly missed, the heavens are smiling and I know you will be entertaining everyone up there. Rest in Peace xo

Posted by Lisa    August 20, 2012


The Heavens will be that a BRIGHT star has been added. The laughter in Heaven is now more vibarant.

To the family: May God's peace and comfort be with you now and in the days to come.

To Ms. Diller: Rest In Peace! Thanks for the laughs!

Posted by Billy Slimp    August 20, 2012


RIP When you get there tell my mom I miss her so much she loved you now you will be there to make her laugh till I join her.

Posted by Misty Jorden    August 20, 2012


May god bless you for all of the joy that you gave to us while you were here.... You were a true legend and will be missed.

Posted by Melissa Law    August 20, 2012