Condolence & Memory Journal

I can't believe it's been 4 yrs. this Sunday that God called you home. There are no words to express how horrible this has been for us. I miss your smile, your laugh & those big hugs you always have me. You are & always be my heart. We love & miss you everyday. The tears flow with each memory. My soul aches for you. Hope to see you soon my love. Love mom

Posted by Mom - Houston, TX - Mom   September 27, 2013

It's coming on three years now and it's not any better knowing your not here! I will always love you and miss you, one of my greatest friends!

Posted by Jason Dahlstrom - Alvin, TX - Best Friend   July 08, 2012

Saw and old pic from early 90's with us on the pony/colt Mets team when we won the championship. Brought back memories. We definitly played the wrong sport in high school. I'm sorry we lost touch after high school.

Posted by Kevin Verdine - Ex-alvinite, TX   June 05, 2012

Spree Bree,

I forgot to tell you that I would love for you to come visit me, I want to see you and talk to you! It really bothers me and hurts me that I was not able to make it to your ceremony because I was in Louisana working and I should have told my company forget y'all one of my best buddies who I love has been called home! I'm not sure that my time on Earth is done, but if you can ask our Father in Heaven which is you are at if you could possible come see me and talk to me that would be so cool! I hope you understand my situation of not being able to make the ceremony...I cried my butt of when I found out that you were called home and I wasn't there! I love you and I also would love for you to tell Ted, Deb and Megan that I apologize for not being able to make! Thanks buddy, Love you with all my HEART and miss you!


Posted by Jason Dahlstrom - Alvin, TX - One of many best friends!   July 30, 2011


Spree Bree,

It's coming up on 2 yrs since you have left to go home and I wanted to let you know that I love you very much and deeply miss you! You will never be forgotten in my lifetime. It is going to be a great pleasure when we met again when the good lord calls me home! I often think about the great time we had hanging out and playing sports with and against each other, I will never forget when you struck me out pitching in pony league, it was awesome because you told me you were going tk strike me out and I remember yelling you no way... Lol! Anyways, I love you and miss you buddy...see you when our lord and saviour calls me home!!!!

Posted by Jason Dahlstrom - One of his many friends(best)   July 30, 2011

Love you and miss you Spree Bree....You will always and forever be in my heart and you are deeply missed!

Love You,

Posted by Jason Dahlstrom - Alvin, TX - Friend   August 30, 2010


you are missed so much, every moment of every day!

Love Always,

Posted by Debbie Hermann - Mom   June 22, 2010