Condolence & Memory Journal

we all had fun together, from track meets to playing golf,and the best hardball catcher you would ever see! he loved teaseing his sister and her friends. i miss him,think of him often.

Posted by pete marz - briggsville, WI - friend   November 09, 2011

Kitty this is really awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you did a great job on this what great memories. He was a great friend. We had so much fun riding around in the white car.

Posted by Gayle Toms - carroll, IA - friend   May 14, 2010

The LeMans was but one car. Two other cars from the Sheehan family that Dan and I played in were the big green car from Quint Ave and of course, the Rambler.
The green machine had a rumble-like seat behind the back seat where we could hide out, pop up and point our fingers at the front seat passengers and shoot them.
Then the three-on-the-tree white Rambler that suffer a great deal of abuse from gringing gears and tooling the strip up and down hwy 30 thousands of times to see who was out and about.
Every time there was a thunderstorm, I could count on that Rambler showing up in our drivway to go sit on the edge pof town to watch the lightening storms and cloud formations breeze through.
So many memories from ISU basketball camps to golf at CCC.
Missing Dan as much today as 32 years ago. Nearly 10 years longer than God allowed him to be with us..

Posted by Steve Crane - Carroll, IA - Friend   May 07, 2010