Life Stories

Kitty, what a heartwarming tribute to Dan! My earliest memory of Squid was when Sister Miriam Therese made him erase every black heel mark off the floor of our 5th grade classroom! Right after that, your mom took you guys out of St. Lawrence and I was so bummed. But I reconnected with both of you in HS, when you and I would spy on him. I loved to be at your house, to goof around with you, bug Squid, and listen to any story your Dad wanted to tell! He loved to make fun of me golfing and would wait for me at the club house to see if my 9-hole round was in triple digits. I got to see a lot of him senior year when he and Carol would double date with Fred and me. We'd go to Pizza Hut after basketball games and he'd make everybody laugh. I still got to see him in college, especially when Iowa would play ISU. I vividly remember Squid and Peterson chasing us down the stairs of some dorm after we pulled a fire alarm.
He was such a great guy who left us way too early. He was a man of few words, but when he talked, it meant something.
This site is a fabulous forum for memories of him. I've played your slideshow about 20 times. The pics are incredible! It's fun to see your family when you were little, and it's such a trip to see the guys I remember from grade and high school. I loved reading what Steve Crane and Gayle wrote.
Thanks for sharing this!


Seriously, Janet, not sure that statute of limitations thing applies to fire alarm pullers at ISU.
Thanks for writing such vivid memories down!
Much love.