Daniel Edward Sheehan

  • Born: December 26, 1955
  • Died: July 27, 1978
  • Location: Ames, Iowa

Tribute & Message From The Family

High school graduation.

Message From The Family

I miss Dan every day, and wonder often about how his life would have unfolded. When he died, there wasn't a way for his friends to share memories. I invite you to add your memories and photos to this tribute to Dan. Thanks so much! Kitty Sheehan

Dan, the son of Tom and Betty Sheehan, was born December 26, 1955 in Carroll, Iowa, where he attended grade school and graduated from high school. At the time of his death, he was attending college at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. Dan was a great golfer, and loved the game. He had many friends, who enjoyed him for his sense of humor and loyalty.

He loved to laugh with friends, and was a fan of practical jokes. His friends nicknamed him "Squid" somewhere along the way, and most people called him that. He was a huge Doobie Brothers fan, and rocked the 8-track in his Le Mans on a regular basis. He had a blast living in Ames with his friends Jeff Petersen and Don Williams, where their foosball skills were the stuff of legend.

Dan was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his parotid gland in July of 1977. He was treated for this, but the cancer had spread, and he passed away on July 27, 1978. Dan's family and his close friend Don Williams were by his side when he died at Mary Greeley Hospital in Ames.

Dan is gone, but certainly has never been forgotten. Three of his friends have children named Dan in his honor: Steve Crane, Vince O'Connor, and Don Williams. Dan's mom, Betty, was so proud of these Dans.

A group of his friends, led by Steve Crane and Crowley Spindler, planted some trees and a commemorative stone at the Carroll Country Club for Dan, and this special spot is still there.

We invite you to share lasting memories of Dan here.


Condolence & Memory Journal

we all had fun together, from track meets to playing golf,and the best hardball catcher you would ever see! he loved teaseing his sister and her friends. i miss him,think of him often.

Posted by pete marz - briggsville, WI - friend   November 09, 2011

Kitty this is really awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you did a great job on this what great memories. He was a great friend. We had so much fun riding around in the white car.

Posted by Gayle Toms - carroll, IA - friend   May 14, 2010

The LeMans was but one car. Two other cars from the Sheehan family that Dan and I played in were the big green car from Quint Ave and of course, the Rambler.
The green machine had a rumble-like seat behind the back seat where we could hide out, pop up and point our fingers at the front seat passengers and shoot them.
Then the three-on-the-tree white Rambler that suffer a great deal of abuse from gringing gears and tooling the strip up and down hwy 30 thousands of times to see who was out and about.
Every time there was a thunderstorm, I could count on that Rambler showing up in our drivway to go sit on the edge pof town to watch the lightening storms and cloud formations breeze through.
So many memories from ISU basketball camps to golf at CCC.
Missing Dan as much today as 32 years ago. Nearly 10 years longer than God allowed him to be with us..

Posted by Steve Crane - Carroll, IA - Friend   May 07, 2010


Tom and Dan, 1955.
Steve Crane, left, and Dan on the right. Friends for life, 1955.
Early family Christmas card, 1957.
Betty, Kitty, Dan, Tom, Carroll, Iowa 1958.
Easter 1959.
Betty, Kitty, Tom, Dan--all looking like they've spent the day in the sun!


Our cousins in red, we're in blue.
There was always a party at our house, and we were always right in the middle of it. Pat Riordan, front, became one of Dan's golf buddies.
First communion.
Even then, Dan didn't smile for pictures.
Father's Day card from Dan to Tom.
Photo used in the local paper for an article about Tom's baseball career. Our friend Tom Arts in photo too.


A devilish Dan tormenting his sister and her friend Steph.
Junior high, on a trip to Colorado with Betty, Kitty, Wanda, Gayle and Ron Juergens--lifelong memories!
High school baseball team.
Dan ready to rock high school homecoming! 70s fashion and curtain fabric rule!
Letterman's club in high school.
Senior class officers, Carroll High, 1974.


High school golf team.
Golf team, Dan's friend Steve Crane is on the left.
High school graduation.
Dan, Tom, John Heider, Crowley Spindler and sons in Father-Son tournament at Carroll CC, 1977.
Dan's obituary.
Dan's funeral mass card, verse chosen by his dad.


Back of Dan's mass card.
Letter sent to my parents letting them know about Dan's memorial at the golf course.
Dan's niece Natalie with her Grandma Betty, December 1988.
Kitty, Nat, Dan's brother-in-law Mark Cuddy. So wish they all could've met.
Here is Dan Crane after running a mile in the Halloween Run in Elmhurst, IL. He picked Dan Sheehan out in the photo album over Christmas. Happy Birthday Dan.

Life Stories

Kitty, what a heartwarming tribute to Dan! My earliest memory of Squid was when Sister Miriam Therese made him erase every black heel mark off the floor of our 5th grade classroom! Right after that, your mom took you guys out of St. Lawrence and I was so bummed. But I reconnected with both of you in HS, when you and I would spy on him. I loved to be at your house, to goof around with you, bug Squid, and listen to any story your Dad wanted to tell! He loved to make fun of me golfing and would wait for me at the club house to see if my 9-hole round was in triple digits. I got to see a lot of him senior year when he and Carol would double date with Fred and me. We'd go to Pizza Hut after basketball games and he'd make everybody laugh. I still got to see him in college, especially when Iowa would play ISU. I vividly remember Squid and Peterson chasing us down the stairs of some dorm after we pulled a fire alarm.
He was such a great guy who left us way too early. He was a man of few words, but when he talked, it meant something.
This site is a fabulous forum for memories of him. I've played your slideshow about 20 times. The pics are incredible! It's fun to see your family when you were little, and it's such a trip to see the guys I remember from grade and high school. I loved reading what Steve Crane and Gayle wrote.
Thanks for sharing this!


Seriously, Janet, not sure that statute of limitations thing applies to fire alarm pullers at ISU.
Thanks for writing such vivid memories down!
Much love.