Condolence & Memory Journal

Mr. Lisle,

If you knew the wrold we are living in now and where its going you know now that we all know you are in a much better place. You for sure arent missing anything but family here. God bless them I know you are doing just fine! Never forgotten

Posted by Tiffany Glass - Cerritos, CA - Friend   March 13, 2021

I wish I could label my relationship to Mr. Wilson as "fan", as I never met him. I recently saw Mr. Wilson in the Brian DePalma film "Sisters" with Margot Kidder and Jennifer Salt. The film is shown every once in a while on Turner Classic Movies. He truck me instantly from the first scene he was in. What an amazing performance he gave in the film, and I can only imagine that he remained a true professional the remainder of his life, based on the memories I've read shared here. And although it's somewhat inappropriate to post here, what a very handsome man he was, indeed. I'm sure he won't mind that I wrote that.

Posted by Lee S - Nashville, TN - Friend   June 01, 2016

we had a special bond and I miss you a lot. I remember hating to go to school Saturdays but would end up staying for hours afterwards just talking to you. I will always cherish that DVD you made for me. I wish your family the best and may you rest in peace.

Posted by Tiffany Glass Glass - newport coast, CA - Friend   May 03, 2016

I just happened to think about Lisle tonight and I just wanted his family to know that he is not forgotten and I wish you all well.

Posted by Tiffany Glass - Cerritos, CA - friend   July 03, 2015

I was deeply saddened when I heard that my teacher from AADA Had passed away! I thought he was a very personable man and so talented!

Posted by Melissa kingery - Austin, TX   August 19, 2014


I'm just a huge fan. What a great actor. Rest in Paradise.

Posted by Shawneen C Hicks - Cleveland, OH - Fan   September 08, 2012

I did not know Mr. Wilson, but "That's My Mama" is one of my all-time favorite shows. He was so funny. I hope he is resting in peace.

Posted by Tuesdae    September 24, 2011


Every Saturday I would get up and go to vocal coaching class with. He was the only reason I would get up on a Saturday morning and get it done, I hate school or work on a Saturday but he always made it worth it. My intention every week was to go and leave as soon as it was over but I
Would end up staying and talking to him for hours.I told him how much of a 70's junkie I was and how I used to watch his show as a kid and he brought me some autographed DVD 's of "That's My Mama". I really was shocked when I found out and I'm heart broken over it. I really loved him and I miss him very very much.

Posted by Tiffany Glass - Cerritos, CA - Friend/student   August 27, 2011

Lisle was a great man among men. A man who was there to help others on a 24/7 basis. I taught vocal coaching with Lisle at the Academy of Radio and TV Broadcasting. He was a gentleman, a scholar, a colleague and a friend. He will be missed by so many. His students have much to be proud of to be taught by such an accomplished individual. As for me...I am grateful to have had the honor to work with him.

Posted by Marvin - Huntington Beach, CA - Colleague   May 15, 2011

Messsage to the Wilson family: I have such fond memories of my cousin Lisle. First, I never heard Lisle say a harsh word against anyone. Lisle was so very easy going. As we all know, Lisle had a passion for the art of Film making. When we were teenagers Lisle and my older brother Carl (now deceased) enticed me and we decided to make a movie. It was shot in 8mm. Carl was the Director and it stared Lisle Wilson and myself. However, Lisle was the driving force in getting this film completed. Rain or shine, Lisle was up early working on the sript. His passion was contagious. Carl and I were always available when Lisle said, lets go. We all were very happy and proud of ourselves when the picture was completed. In fact, Lisle decided that we would form our own company. He called it: RILICA Pictures.
May God Bless Lisle and his family. Mark, Harry and the Wilson family, lets please see if we can all re-connect once again.

Posted by Richard Ferguson - Levittown, PA - Cousin   December 14, 2010


I've known about Lisle's death for several months now but still have not been able to wrap my mind around the reality that he is gone. I can picture his face so clearly, hear his voice, see his wonderful smile - A man with so much life and love in him can't be gone. Lisle was first my director at AADA/West. After graduation, he became my acting teacher but most of all, Lisle was my dear friend. Lisle always conducted himself with grace and class, no matter the situation. Even when those he thought were friends betrayed him, Lisle showed himself to be a true gentleman. A gentle man. Lisle loved life and took great pleasure in the small things that others overlooked. I remember during rehearsals for "To Be Young, Gifted and Black", Lisle and I were sitting outside on one of the benches at school. All of sudden, Lisle held up a can of Diet Coke which had recently burst onto the market and said, "Have you tried this, Margaret? It's great! Those people at Coke are geniuses!" Lisle was a loyal friend and although we didn't have the opportunity to see each other as often as we'd have liked, I always knew that Lisle was there, should I ever need his wise counsel or just to chat with an old friend. He adored his wife, Jackie, and spoke of her with a light in his eyes. Jackie - Your husband was loved and respected by so many. I send you my love and deepest sympathies at your inconceivable loss. May God bless you and keep you now and always.

Posted by Margaret Case - Good friend/former student   November 12, 2010

Lisle was an all around amazing man. He was my vocal coach, mentor, and friend at the ARB. Lisle took time with the students he tought making sure that they were highly prepaired for the entertainment industy. The things that i leaned from him I still use to this day. A man who helped many careers will be deeply missed and remembered by many, and for many years to come.
Many blessings to his entire family and know that theirs alot of Angels in heaven who are speaking correctly now due to his arrival.

Posted by Chase Daniels - CA - friend/student   November 06, 2010

Mr. Wilson was my teacher at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena in 1982-84. I had tremendous respect for him and am honored to have studied under him. My thoughts are with his family.

Posted by Jeanne Elich Koontz - Henderson, NV - Student   October 18, 2010

Lisle was my vocal and speech coach at the Academy of Radio Broadcasting in 1994-95. He had a wonderfully sunny attitude and was a truly great instructor. There remain a host of words that I have never mispronounced since - all thanks to him. He will me missed.

Posted by Justin Levine - Playa Del Rey, CA - former student   August 26, 2010

Lisle was my older brother. We all looked up to him.
I remember he use to make films with our cousins Karl and Richie. At that time he was more interested in making films than acting. But, I think the acting bug soon bit him. He started and never looked back.

I remember Shakespere in the Park and watching him there. And all the auditions he went on while working at the public library.

I will miss him, I will see him again

Harry Wilson

Posted by Harry Wilson - Washington, NJ - Brogher   July 30, 2010

I remember back in 1964, Lisle would come in late at night following classes at AADA. I'd be the only one of his four brothers still awake. When he saw that I was awake, he gave me a dime to help him with his lines for a play he was in at the school.

I remember being annoyed, when he kept repeating a line from the play "Our Town" over and over again. He'd say "How's my girl? How's my birhday girl!" Each time emphasing a different word. I said, "Lisle, why do you keep saying that line? You obviously have it memorized, what difference does is make?" He tried to explain to me that it's not so much what you say, but how you say it to get the true meaning across.

I did not understand that back then, but I understand it now.

I miss my big brother.

Posted by Mark Wilson - East Patchogue, NY - Brother   July 11, 2010

We worked in NY with at East River Players with Mical Whitaker, and I had the opportunity to teach an acting class at AADA West in CA. He shall be mised by many.

Posted by David Downing - LA, CA - friend   May 26, 2010