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Kits for those are available.These are very hard to make. They look easy, but they are not. Basically, there are 2 cocduntors with a hollow insulating pipe in between. The bottom conductor is grounded to earth (usually through the AC power cord ground lead). The top conductor should be a smooth-surfaced dome.A felt band is run from the bottom to the top through the pipe. As the felt runs over the bottom pulley (made of a particular hard rubber), static charges separate from the friction and travel up the belt, where little conductive wire fingers pick up the charge and deposit it onto the dome. THe top pulley should be made of a different material that does not produce static when the felt belt runs over it (felt-lined wood or something). At the base, the rubber bearing and axle are attached to earth ground.The tricky part is getting the proper materials (pulley and belt), and the proper spacing for the pick-up-fingers at the top. It's hard to get it all properly aligned, and setup that's why a kit is a better choice..

Posted by Komar - BrqexJ4M, SD - AfO9eADdehB   June 14, 2015


I just recently learned the full story of "The Shot Heard 'Round the World" watching Ken Burns' awesome documentary, 'Baseball.' Baseball fans of any age can appreciate the triumph of that historic moment and what it meant to the people of New York and fans everywhere throughout the ages. Bobby will be remembered for a miraculous moment and a great career.

Posted by Kimmie G. - Beverly, MA   August 18, 2010