Condolence & Memory Journal


Father Larry was such a peaceful,calm and pensive man. He loved listening to his classical music on his iPod.i got to spend the last cople of months asking him questions about life; his life as a pastor and leader, his people and his journey. I know he enjoyed traveling I the poorer parts of the world to minister Gods word. I asked him all kinds of curious questions about what would u do in this situation,
what do you think about this,
He was always kind and sweet and straight forward and calm... And smiling!!!!
I think he has to been one of the most genuine people I have ever had the opportunity to learn from..
A beautiful,humble man.... I wish that Friday before he passed, I wold have known I wold be the last. I had a present for him,amedal from St. Marin of Tours in Tours ,France. I brought it back summer after I visited my mother's family's historical plot..... he said a French parishioner gave him one from there.... I know that was one of his special items he had.

Thank you for the time I was able to learn from this special person.I have to work tomarrow and will not be able to attend the service, but my heart is there with you. I know it will be a very amazing celebration of life honoring a man who shined among us.!!!!! Love,Terri

Posted by Terri Cogbill - Santa Monica, CA - Nurse   May 25, 2012