Condolence & Memory Journal

I was privileged to work in Gore's senate campaign in 1982 and we remained friends until the end. I visited him in Ravello and in Rome over the years that I lived in Europe. We had a vigorous and interesting correspondence that I have donated to Harvard. The picture is of me and Gore in Cologne, Germany.

Posted by Hugh Guilbeau - Sarasota, FL - Friend   August 05, 2012


The work you left will live forever. Love.

Posted by Bob Schneider - Fan   August 04, 2012


I met Mr Vidal during his campaign for U.S. Senate.I was a Catholic priest at the time and our initial encounter was a bit strained but after glass of scotch we found a common ground not of love of instituion but of honor and truth It became for me one of the most important and profound experiences in my life.Mr. Vidals books have been my constant companions for almost 30 years.Mr. Vidal may you encounter the truth and eternal beauty that taught me of the marvel of "" Creation"" peace""GWL""

Posted by Gerald Leonard - student   August 04, 2012


To simple words 'thank you' for laughs and inspiration, memories that fade but never disappear........

Posted by Will B - admirer   August 02, 2012

Thank you, Gore Vidal, for your "Lincoln" - absolutely brilliant - you made a wonderful gift of the historical novel. You truly were a bad boy of the bourgeoisie, and we need so many more. Many thanks for your novels and essays!

Posted by Sheri    August 02, 2012


Gore Vidal played a large part in my life. I Was born in 1940 in the South. Vidal was a candle in the darkness as I discovered myself.

Posted by John Foust    August 02, 2012


The cross is in remembrance of ever-faithful friend and partner, Howard Austen. Gore, you will be remembered and treasured in my life unto the end of days...

Posted by Pat    August 02, 2012


Admired and inspired by Gore Vidal. Healthy minded and a true realist....

Posted by Hal Huett - what   August 02, 2012


Find anything there, dear and unique Gore Vidal? Hope so......

Posted by Tish - a great admirer and appreciator   August 02, 2012


Gore Vidal had an incredible mind with such great wit....and was never afraid to say what was on his! He will be truly missed.
Blessings to a wonderful being

Posted by D    August 02, 2012

Thank you Gore Vidal for teaching me at a young age the power of a well placed punchline, the refreshing feel of satire and directness and what it means to have the courage of your convictions. I have enjoyed so many of your books. The one that really filled me with awe is "Creation" set in 300 BCE where your spiritual depth was brilliantly exposed. RIP

Posted by Rajiv Krishnan - Coral Springs, FL   August 02, 2012


Thank you, Mr. Vidal, for sharing your gifts with the world. In doing so, you allowed me passage into a world far beyond the little "Bug Tussle" community in which I live. I am praying for safe passage to the Other Side for you and that you find delight in your dwellings there.

Posted by Jo Harmes - Admirer and appreciater   August 01, 2012

None that are personal, but my most vivid memories of 19th century Washington were largely etched by Gore Vidal's American Chronicles. I was dearly hoping that he would return to the narrative, perhaps by working backward to the city's settlement. He will be missed for so many reasons.

Posted by Susan Burgerman - Washington, DC - reader   August 01, 2012


He will be missed!

Posted by Brenda Sorrels - Fan   August 01, 2012

Loved your writing. Just finished reading Bram's Eminent Outlaws and your were not only one of them, but you knew personally so many of them. I'll never forget your clash with William Buckley a Television First when it was still worth watching. Of, course you live in your books, thanks for your immortal words.

Posted by Edward LeMay - Boston, MA - FAN   August 01, 2012