Condolence & Memory Journal


I met Allan through friends in 1981. I had just moved from Montreal and Allan was a wealth of good taste in music, old tv shows, and life stories. He dreamed of opening the restaurant of which I was skeptical that it would work because restaurants were different than bands. Allan said he knew that his idea would work. And yes it did work. Allan was like a best male buddy and brother to me. When I had lost my job, Allan hired me at the restaurant even though I was totally bad at everything in the restaurant. And when I finally got hired again he told me I would always have a place there but that he and all the staff hoped that I would never need it.
Allan;Always there with advice if I wanted it, friendship with non judgement of my choices, and an amazing listener and funny. Hope the tunes are good, the food better, watch those dvd's and bringing your sweet heart to those around. Miss you.

Posted by Judy Palnick - Santa Monica,, CA - friend   July 21, 2013

I met Allen through 2 of my all-time favorite construction customers, Mutt & Herb Cohen, who were ALWAYS building something crazy.
Allan invited me down to his restaurant so we could meet. That first day, we were standing where the original front door used to be. He asked me if I could figure out a way to isolate the bar area, create a 'backstage' room, increase the size of the stage, find the best place for a sound booth AND make sure ALL OF IT was soundproofed! I told him right there what I thought he should do....which included relocating the front entrance! He said, "When can you start?"
He always made me feel great about myself and my work. He inspired me daily with his trust.
Pretty much everything I built for him there at Genghis Cohen's is still intact. Whenever I visit, it's impossible not to start laughing while thinking about all the craziness that ensued from our impromptu 'design' meeting.
What a sweet, soulful man he was.

Posted by Al TeMan - Los Angeles, CA - friend   January 29, 2013


"I am so very sad to have heard about Allan last Saturday at the NAMM show from one of the gang at Studio Sound Recorders-Mike. I came out to LA from Miami via NYC and was getting over a painful divorce and had no car when I first got here. After working freelance at some decent studios in Hollywood, Allan (and George) hired me to be an assistant engineer at the studio. It was my first full time job as an engineer. I was thrilled! Allan would watch over me to make sure I would not stay up all night, being fascinated to learn all I could! He Really looked after the gang of great engineers there-Ryan, Hal, Howard, John, & Mark-what a great buncha guys! Allan was a mensch! A very decent, funny, talented, humble, and righteous man-who knew how to live! I always thought he was Greek! I will say Kaddish for him this week, remember old times there in North Hollywood, and on Fairfax, and wink at my old pal. I may even pull another all nighter hooking up newfangled digital his honor! He may still just smile and shake his head...
RIP, Allan..."
-Ira Cord Rubnitz, Engineer at Studio Sound Recorders-where Allan was Studio Manager Extraordinaire

Posted by Ira Cord Rubnitz - Van Nuys, CA - Engineer at Studio Sound   January 29, 2013


Alan, you are my best friend and I will always cherish our friendship and love. I will always remember our phone calls and feel so blessed to have spoken with you on 12/12/12 @ 10:10pm. Yeah brother, that tv concert was great and now you, too, will always be remembered as part of that event. Time to rest, eat and watch all those DVDs. G-d Bless.

Posted by Steve wallach - Nashville, TN - Ex-brother-in-law (on paper)   January 04, 2013

Allan, we're hoping you are in hockey heaven...Thanks for the wonderful conversations, warm smiles and hugs over the years. Leslie and Mario

Posted by Leslie Stewart,Mario Castellanos - Los Angeles, CA - friend   January 03, 2013

I guess I'll get your words of wisdom from above now. (old soul).

Posted by Rose Merrill - carmel valley, CA - old soul   January 03, 2013

Allan was one of the most memorable people I met in my life. He had class and wisdom, And although our paths have not crossed in many years, I will Miss him.

Posted by Marsha Brevetz Roseman - Los Angeles, CA - Friend   January 02, 2013

Allan, you were my best friend for so long that I cannot come to terms with never seeing you again. So many memories, love, Ann

Posted by Ann Munday - Los Angeles, CA - Friend   December 28, 2012


I will remember Allan for how funny he could be, how sarcastic he could be, how wonderful he was. He was a kind, gentle & giving person. He was loved by many & will be missed by many. My boss My friend, We watched each other grow up or did we? haha!!! I am so Happy you phoned me on 12/9/12 I will keep your voice in my mind & I will keep you in my heart forever.

Posted by Ann, Gerry Valvona & Denise Glascock - Happy Valley, OR - Friend & Boss   December 28, 2012


I will always remember Allan ....spent a lot of time together....loved him very much...really there are no words to express how special he glad he was able to come visit Ajijic...We had a grand time! Till we meet again dear friend R.I.P.

Posted by Pam solomon - Ajijic, Mexico, CA - close friends   December 28, 2012

allan was the sweetest and kindest person i have ever known .. he was always there for me.... and tried helping me thru my leukemia .. i miss you buddy ... i love you!!

Posted by TANDY - LAS VEGAS, NV - FRIEND   December 28, 2012