Condolence & Memory Journal

How do you express in written form where words just don't convey
All the things I love about my Dad so here's a few today

I love when he would kiss me and say I'm his little girl.I'd say to him I'm not a little girlI'm a big girl . the way a 6 year old might do, then he'd laugh and snicker, and say ok ----you are my litle/big girl, and we both would laugh away.

I love the time he got me to go to sleep one Christmas Eve..I said, Dad there is no Santa and I don't need to go to sleep. His response was hmmmmm.and then he said The day you quit believing is the day you quit receiving. So do you still believe? I quickly went to sleep AND to this date you know. I still believe.

I love how he found undying patience when teaching me to park. Parking was fine until it was parallel parkingwhich meant no license for me. What drama then ensued and Dad's pragmatic side kicked in..he said to me one early morning get out of bed we're going out; before noon was early for me. We pulled into the company parking lot and what did I see? Lots of cones set for Parallel Parking, no fear of destruction insight. Six plus hours later the impossible came to be. His little girl could Parallel Park and he was King to me.

I loved the prankster side of him. He dished it out and received it well and here is a story to share.Such as the time he was visiting out of state and had a business function to attend while there. The function night arrived; he was all dressed and ready to go, but only one shoe in sight. Emily, the granddaughter around 3 years at the time, confessed of having the shoe, but hide and seek was the game so no way she was telling us where the shoe was hidden. With no other shoes in tow, we all looked high and low, and then Dad said let's go. Off he went with one shoe on, his sock on the other, and made his debut at the function.

I love how he had a competitive streak. Whether it was business or personal, he played to win and win he did a lot. Such as in the family game called marbles' where he'd throw the die, call out the number, and it would land as called..Luck, skill, or loaded die is anyone's guess, but worthy opponent indeed.

I love how he'd ask me questions to get me to think something through. I'd see the twinkle in his eyes and know he had guided my way.

I love how he made lists, how he liked to analyze, and how he called meetings family and business. He was known as the man that gets things done'. my mentor, my coach, and my inspiration.

AND MOST OF ALL, I loved that I was just like him!!!

Love Forever,

God took the strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,
The generous soul of nature,
The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages,
The power of the eagle's flight,
The joy of a morning in spring,
The faith of a mustard seed,
The patience of eternity,
The depth of a family need,
Then God combined these qualities,
When there was nothing more to add,
He knew His masterpiece was complete,
And so, He called it DAD!

Author Unknown

Posted by Dana Wackerbarth - Butte, MT - dauighter   February 15, 2013

We first met Bill in the late 1980's in Austin. We shared many Minnesota stories and our love of White Castle hamburgers. He was always generous with his time, compassion, and fun to all who knew him. He bought me floating golf balls to give me confidence to hit my ball over the water, and then retrieved them from the water when they didn't reach dry land. Bill formed a weekly couples event that all enjoyed and he always welcomed new people to the group. We were so happy when Bill and Judy moved to Georgetown and we could spend even more fun times with him. It didn't take long before he could call even more people his friend. We will miss him, he was a truly good man.

Marlene and Ray Allard

Posted by Marlene Allard - Georgetown, TX - friend   February 15, 2013

I met Kris in high school soon after the Neiman's moved from Mississippi to California. Kris and I soon became best friends. Judy and Bill welcomed me into their home even though I was a bit rambunctious during those teenage years. I have so many fond memories of time spent with the Neiman's. With the Neiman's, I discovered rhubarb pie, taco's with Italian dressing, card and board games, stocks and the business world, house boating on Lake Shasta, Hawaii and some manners. I'm a wiser and more thoughtful person because of them. I will miss Dad#2. Big hugs to Mom#2 and the rest of the Neiman family as you are all in my thoughts.

Posted by Allison Holbrook - San Jose, CA - Family Friend   February 14, 2013

"For he's a jolly good fellow" comes to mind everytime I think of Bill. He had a quick smile and a twinkle in his eye. I'll miss him.

Posted by Cecelia Little - Georgetown, TX - Friend   February 13, 2013

A mixture of tears and laughter. Fond memories are awakened of gtowing up across the way from the Neiman house, I am so sorry for all of us that we will not see that delightful amile again.

Posted by Jean Sudduth - gtand prairie, TX - family friend   February 11, 2013

We are so sorry for your lost. Bill was a great guy and we always enjoyed him. He brought a smile to our faces and tt did not matter if it was on the course or any at the club house. We are going to miss that always.
Linda & Walt Brakalow

Posted by Walt & Linda Barkalow - Georgetown, TX - Friend   February 10, 2013

Judy and Family,
We were so sorry to hear of Bill's passing.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family at this time.

Posted by Dave/Sandy Shannahan - Green Valley, AZ - Friends   February 10, 2013

Bill's vital presence among many friends at Berry Creek will be greatly missed. He was always ready to offer help and support to many BCCC organizations....the MGA, the LGA, the 9-Hole Ladies, Couples League and the Berry Creek Cancer Fund to name a few. His ready smile and infectious laugh as well as his gentlemanly manners have been a blessing to us all. We send hugs and prayers of comfort to his loving family.

Posted by Katy & Steve Quinn - Georgetown, TX - friend   February 10, 2013

During the time I knew Bill, he was not only a father who wanted the best for his children and grandchildren, but a mentor and someone to look up to, as well. He loved having family together, filling the house with laughter and high-spirited fun over a good game of marbles. I also recall that he donated his time to Meals-on-Wheels, as well as other groups, and instead of gifts for himself at Christmas, asked that donations be made to charities instead. Both Bill and Judy welcomed me as part of the family and I couldn't have hoped to have better in-laws. Bill will be greatly missed by many and I hope fond memories bring peace for Judy, Mark, Dana, Kris, Aaron, and the rest of Bill's family and friends.

Posted by Diana Deming Neiman - Phoenix, AZ - daughter-in-law   February 09, 2013

Bill was one of the funniest men that I have ever meant...a Bill sighting guaranteed you a smile and probably a belly laugh...I have missed him while he was sick and of course will miss him more now...hugs to Judy and the family..
Dede Conner

Posted by Dede Conner - Georgetown, TX - Friend   February 09, 2013


I am sincerely sorry and sad at the passing of my friend Bill Neiman. My heart goes out to Judy and the children and grandchildren. I have many fond memories of golfing with Bill at San Jose Country Club. He was a good player and a gentleman both on and off the golf course. You could always count on Bill for good sportsmanship and a great sense of humor. He will be missed.

Posted by Lin Maltbie - Good friend   February 09, 2013


Even though I never saw him very often thru my lifetime I will never forget his laugh and smile and his vigor for life. He will be missed by many people.

Posted by Julie Neiman - niece   February 08, 2013