Condolence & Memory Journal

I was touched at a young age but his testimony in Chase Md at Church of God church 1983 I was 13 yrs old then. My mother and 4 siblings were there and he gave me a album of his for free. I was touched by his music . I felt the presence of God when he sung and his with his testimony. Was so sad to see he passed away. But I know he is up in heaven sing and playing his guitar and rejoicing with his heavenly father . My thoughts are with the loved ones he left behind. RIP Bro Hall.

Posted by Robin Hicks - Acquaintance   October 15, 2018

To Jackie

Posted by Janine Pleskonko Loomis - Pittsburgh, PA - Friend   October 06, 2018

i was searching the internet to see where Sammy was and what he was doing and I found this obituary. Sammy had a great impact on my life.. Sammy had a prfound influence on me. I believe that through his inspiration and music I have become a better person and a good father to my children. I met Sammy and Monte many years ago at an Amway Conference in New Zealand. Getting to meet Sammy in person back stage after the performance and testimony was an amazing experience and I have played and replayed many of his songs over the years. Thank you Sammy.

Posted by John Burrell - TIMARU, New Zealand - Acquaintance   August 01, 2018

I went to a Sammy Hall concert in the 70's at Lanett High School. I still have the paper he gave to all that committed their life to Christ that night. I found it recently while looking through some papers. I was looking for information about when he toured in Lanett and that's how I came upon this website. I wonder how many others Sammy helped to turn their lives around and follow Jesus:). Thank you Sammy!
Dale Walls

Posted by Dale Walls - Lanett, AL - Acquaintance   May 10, 2018

No one sang Bridge over troubled waters better than Sammy... so sad

Posted by Karen Katko - Birmingham, MI   April 28, 2018

I saw Sammy at an amway convention in the late 70's at age 19. His lyrics to 'love hurts' changed my life. It's now 2018 and just found he passed. Thank you Sammy, you touched many lives.

Posted by Joan Hunt - Madisonville, KY   March 10, 2018

I saw Sammy numerous times at Amway functions. I was shocked to see his Obituary. What an inspiring human. He will be sorely missed by all who was once in his company.

Posted by Barbara Phillips - Newton, NJ   January 05, 2018

I saw Sammy once at an Amway rally and was so touched that I have thought of his music many times throughout the years since. However, I had forgotten his name until recently when I found an old cassette cover I had kept in my "treasure box". I did a Google search and relived some of the beloved songs. So sad to find out that he has passed. He truly leaves a legacy of so many lives changed. Thank you, Sammy!

Posted by Sharon Heavener    December 20, 2017

It's now 2017 and I just learned of Sammy's passing. I don't know if you will see this Jackie or if you remember me. I brought you to Morrisville NY about 1969 or 70. It was one of the highlights of my life and it had a profound affect on that small community. I hope you are well. I will remember Sammy and you forever.

Posted by Tom Goetschius    August 02, 2017

Saw Sammy and Horizon perform a couple of times and was amazed by their shows. I am truly sad to have learned of Sammy's passing. RIP, Sammy!!

Posted by Jim Uht    August 01, 2017

i was searching the internet to see where Sammy was and what he was doing and I found this obituary. Sammy had a great impact on my life.. If it was not for Sammy I doubt that I would be alive to this day. I gave my life to Christ at one of his concerts. It was at Gahana Christian Center in Ohio in 1976. My life has never been the same. I went on to Bible College and have been in ministry for many years... Married with 3 wonderful children who are making their mark on this generation through music and ministry. All of this due to Sammy Hall being faithful to the call that God gave him. God bless you Sammy. Can not wait to meet you in heaven and thank you for making a personal difference in my life.

Posted by Kevin Elliott    July 30, 2017

I would like to thank Sammy and his family and Band for there ministry for teens and I will always remember the time we had with him personally. We played Football on the side of the Church. My God Bless you. I'm a Senator in Baltimore Maryland. God has Bless me because of people like you! God bless you and your family.

Posted by Johnny Ray Salling    June 09, 2017

I truly appreciated Sammy Hall and God's ministry in song and music through him. God Bless You Family. I knew him since 1969 while at Lee College, Cleveland, Tn.

Posted by J. L. Knight    March 27, 2017

aw Sammy when I was 13 and I have never forgot it.

Posted by Kathy Blake    January 28, 2017

Been looking at a stack of vinyl in my workout room for a couple of weeks with Sammy's picture smiling at me. Knew him from Amway days and I'm sure like many others lost touch, but his book and vinyl lived on. As a fellow musician and new Christian there was an immediate connection. Don't know how to measure the scope of his contribution to society, just glad to have been a part of it.

Posted by Bob Wykoff    January 20, 2017

I don't remember what year it was but I attended a performance of his at a church in Pensacola, Fla. When he sang "Bridge over Troubled Waters" , he walked throughout the crowd. While he was singing he looked me right in the face and tears were rolling down from his eyes. It brought tears to me also because I knew it was coming from his heart. To this day it has been my favorite song of all time. I am now 76 years old and still have the album that I purchased that night. When I feel down, all I have to do is play that album.

Posted by Paul R DePaepe    January 17, 2017

Sammy was a real good friend he will be truly missed rest in peace with the angels

Posted by Melissa Dreiling - Hays, KS - Friend   September 16, 2016

Sammy, Sammy, I miss you and Jacki and Monte and the kids. I love you Sammy.

Posted by Doug Wead - Herndon, VA - Friend   September 14, 2016

Back in the 90', I hosted Sammy and his band for a week of concerts at our local high schools. The experience impacted many young people in our town (Bakrsfield, Ca) and impacted me personally I will always remember his visit as one of the highlights of my life. I will not forget him.

Posted by Terry Hill    September 11, 2016

I would like to say that Sammy taught me a valuable lesson when we first met in Anniston Alabama. I was a young man when God in divine intervention made our paths to cross. I still allow that lesson of accepting someone where they are in life and allow the Holy Spirit to do the changing. Sammy was the instrument God used to draw me unto himself, in order to wash me with His blood.Sammy has grandchildren in the Lord because he took time to show compassion to total stranger.

Posted by David L Mayfield    August 15, 2016

Merlin and I had just moved to Ft Lauderdale in summer of 1968 with our little 2 yr old boy Tommy andwer members of of West Lauderdale. BAPTIST Church and on Sunday night the Sammy Hall Trio were there singing and his testimony was Awesome and I remember Jacki,Voncileand Bernice and her husband. Little Jamie was very I'll at the time we used to go to their house for lunch after Church on Sunday. Merlin has Alzheimers now and tells people he knows Sam my Hall Wish I had Jackie's address to send her a card. I didn't know he was singing with the Angels , God Bless this Family for their loss!!! Lela Rushing Essex,Missouri

Posted by Lela rushing - ESSEX, MO - Friend   July 08, 2016

Merlin and I had just moved to Ft Lauderdale in summer of 1968 with our little 2 yr old boy Tommy andwer members of of West Lauderdale. BAPTIST Church and on Sunday night the Sammy Hall Trio were there singing and his testimony was Awesome and I remember Jacki,Voncileand Bernice and her husband. Little Jamie was very I'll at the time we used to go to their house for lunch after Church on Sunday. Merlin has Alzheimers now and tells people he knows Sam my Hall Wish I had Jackie's address to send her a card. I didn't know he was singing with the Angels , God Bless this Family for their loss!!! Lela Rushing Essex,Missouri

Posted by Lela rushing - ESSEX, MO - Friend   July 04, 2016

I had seen Sammy a few times in gospel concerts in Grove City, Ohio. And had not known he had passed away. His music was an inspiration to me. My husband died in 2011 of cancer. We had been married for 33 years and 4 months. My husband had been a Marine and wonderful Christian husband. We would sing duets all the time at church. My deepest condolences to the family of Sammy Hall. This is Angels4BobSeger. I am on aol

Posted by Sandra Brown    June 30, 2016

I was looking Sam hall singers up on internet, to see if they were still singing and saw that he had passed away in 2013, I'm so sorry but happy he is with the lord. I first saw Sammy hall singers sometime in the seventies at awtrey middle school in Kennesaw or it might have been north cobb high school in Kennesaw Georgia. Wish I could remember when it was.. He had such an impact on my life. My favorite song is bridge over troubled water..I still have the record. I will be 58 in December, and still remember him coming to my school like it was yesterday. Loved his testimony, it was like he was talking to each person in that gymnasium personally. I just wanted his family to know I'm sorry for their loss, I believe he touched so many young lives. God Bless. Diane Woodall. Kennesaw georgia

Posted by diane stanifer woodall - kennesaw, GA   November 09, 2015

I was in 6th grade when Sammy Hall group came to Cumming, Ga. I remember well the concert inside the old movie theater. We all showed up the next day wearing our wooden cross necklaces. Imagine that in today's society. I still have my signed photo in my memory book. I am 50 now and found myself singing a tune from so long ago. I was upset to learn in Google Sammy Hall had passed away two years ago. I know he's up in Heaven singing to Jesus. He really made an impact on us when we were young. "The days we let slip by"...You really influenced a lot of us in a good way.

Posted by Tina Swanson - Buford, GA - A childhood fan from the 70s   April 23, 2015


I was at one of Sammy's Concerts in Deland Fla in the early 70's. I strum a guitar, and sing a few of his songs in Church. I was hoping to meet him in person, but didn't know he went to be with the Lord in 2013. He's been away for almost two years, and I didn't know it. God Bless all who loved and worshipped with him.

Posted by Donald Jezewski - Sandersville, GA - Christian Brother/Ministry Fan   March 04, 2015

I knew Sammy when he was working with the youth of America. We had Sammy in Cumberland County NC schools. A fine young man who helped many young people. R.I.P. Sammy.

Posted by Jeff Maxwell - Stedman., NC   December 15, 2014

I cried when I heard he had passed on. My buddies and I idolized Sammy. We were at every concert we could get to, Sammy in his white boots, white guitar. I wanted to be just like him. The songs changed me forever. I still have some of his albums somewhere. He and his sisters had such perfect harmony. We went looking and found his house with Sammy riding around the property in an old Apache truck, What a wonderful day that was to actually meet him. I had never seen a twelve string guitar before Sammy'
s. I had to have one or three. LOL. I want to see you again someday. With all the respect and love, James Vicars

Posted by James Vicars    June 24, 2014

Sammy you brought many wonderful moments to our lives and the millions you touched. You made us laugh, you made us cry, you helped us to feel and to share. I feel blessed to have know you, your music, and the positive impact you made on us all. You were a true blessing. D&B

Posted by Darrell W Millner    April 18, 2014


Sammy was such a good influence on us when we were young believers
in the Lord, and to our generation in the 70s and 80s

We praise the Lord that he dedicated his life to Him and gave a good

Posted by Don and Barbara - friends   March 03, 2014

So sorry I didn't know. I just found out about Sammy's death and I am so sorry. What a wonderful blessing he was. His family had grown so much and I know he hated to leave you but that mansion he worked so hard for is now his. I was married to his cousin Tim. I know Tim was there to meet him when he got to heaven. Thought and prayers to al of you. God Bless!

Posted by Carol Sterbens Beck    February 02, 2014

I attempted to reach Sammy in his last days as he had a profound effect on my life. I met him, at least, 35-40 yrs ago. May God bless his family for their loss especially Jackie. As Sammy is now with our Lord and Saviour, may he be at peace with all the cruel things this earthly world torturously put him through. We shall never understand why some must endure such a fate.

Posted by Janine Pleskonko Loomis - Pittsburgh, PA - Family friend   January 23, 2014

We are sad to hear of Sammy's passing. He ministered to our family through his music.

Posted by Judy Langen    October 02, 2013

He always had that great voice and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to see him one last time a few years ago in Ft Lauderdale. He and The Birdwatchers were a big part of South Fla. for many Years. My condolences to his family.

Posted by Randy Mcgee    August 29, 2013

I went to one of his concerts when I was a teenager. You could really tell he loved The Lord. He was a great solider for the Lord. God Bless and our prayers are with the family. Connie W

Posted by Connie    August 03, 2013

What can I say? I never met Sammy personally. He was special speaker at the Tennessee Youth Camp for two years. He made such a big impact on me. I loved him and his music. I guess you could say that I was one that listened to Sammy. I never got involved in alcohol or drugs....but have learned to love and minister to those that are. I know he is with Jesus now....Face to face. God bless his family and help them to know there is a BIG homecoming just around the bend.

Posted by Nina Griffith - Chattanooga, TN - Friend   July 19, 2013

when I was young my parents got involved in Sammy's ministries and we would go to all his concert when he was in Michigan. we also got involved with him with Amway a travel down to Tennessee and visit his house and his family. I remember being in his bus and playing with his kids and going down to his house in Tennessee. I have a picture of me standing in his pool room above a big marlin fish. his family was so welcome welcoming to us and it made a big impact on my mom's life I believe. we were the Delgado family from Flint Michigan. just so you know Sammy and your family all touched all of our lives. and as Sammy would say: keep on keeping on!

Posted by Rene Delgado Todd - papillion, NE - friend   July 15, 2013

when I was young my parents got involved in Sammy's ministries and we would go to all his concert when he was in Michigan. we also got involved with him with Amway a travel down to Tennessee and visit his house and his family. I remember being in his bus and playing with his kids and going down to his house in Tennessee. as a picture of me standing in his pool room above a big marlin fish. his family was so welcome welcoming to us and it made a big impact on my mom's life I believe. we were the Delgado family from Flint Michigan. just so you know Sammy and your family all touched all of our lives. and Sammy would say: keep on keeping on!

Posted by Rene Delgado Too - flint, MI - friend   July 15, 2013

I just found out today that Sammy has went to be with the lord.

My family and I just meet Sammy and Jackie a few months ago at the cancer center were he had my father were taking their Chemo treatments. It was on a Tuesday and Jackie said their appointments were usually on Wednesday. After that my Dads Chemo was on Wednesday. We got to see each other a few more times. I had ask every time we have been back if Sammy was coming in that today and they would just say no. Today when I ask I was told he had passed away. This really touched my family and I. I hope Jackie and his family are doing well. Also what little time I got to know Sammy he brought us a book he had written. Reading his story really hit home in my life and I know that book will help a lot of people. I will be passing it around for him. Jackie bless you and your family.

Posted by DeLyn Seal - Dandridge, TN - Friend   July 10, 2013

Sammy will long be remembered but forever in eternity. Tony and I shared wonderful times with Sammy. He has fulfilled the Great Commission and only
heaven knows the depth of it. My prayers for the Holy Spirit to comfort you in
the days ahead until we all are reunited at the throne room of God.

Posted by Sue Renard    July 08, 2013

Where do I even begin! Sammy had to have been the most amazing man, other than my Dad that has ever been in my life. Sammy got me through my high school years. If I had a penny for every Sammy Hall concert I attended!! I still have every album he ever made. I can still hear that heavenly voice to this day. I think my favorite song to hear him sing was "Bridge over Troubles Waters" I still have every letter he ever wrote me, and we corresponded a lot in those days, and every picture he ever signed. Ever picture I had made with him. I am 53 years old now and I still treasure all those things. God had taken a very special person home to be his heavenly angel. I will miss him more than words can say. He will forever hold a special place in my heart. God Bless you Sammy!! God Bless you my Dear Friend!

Posted by Toni Brown    July 05, 2013

Jackie and family, We send our heartfelt condolences. So very sorry to hear this sad news! Our love and prayers, Fred & Merry

Posted by Fred & Merry Falduti    July 04, 2013

The first time I met Sammy & Jackie was on a family trip to Tennessee to watch my brother in law play football. I felt so welcomed and part of the family. Im so thankful for the memories of that weekend when we all piled in the car and went to the game, sitting on the back porch in the morning admiring the beautiful view, & going to cracker barrel for dinner. Im blessed to have met Sammy, and my prayers are with you, Jacki, and the family.
Sincerely, Monica & Doug Rissler

Posted by Monica Rissler - sarasota, FL - family friend   July 01, 2013

I remember going to Sammy's house in the summers when I visited my Aunt Cathy & Uncle Gary Smith (they lived next door) or when he would come down to Cleveland, TN to visit my Aunt Jerrell & Uncle Jerry Glover because they all sold Amway together. . Sammy was always great to us, always had a smile and always had a new album for us!!! My favorite song is "Never Been To Heaven" and know Sammy can say he is IN HEAVEN!!! You had such a wonderful spirit, kindness and grace Sammy. I will never forget you and thank you for sharing The Lord with me. We can do nothing without him in our lives. God Speed Sammy. You will be missed. :)

Posted by Amber    June 30, 2013


Where to begin?? To Jacki and the family, Years and years ago when you came into our lives, we knew that God just knits some people to our hearts. Sammy and Jacki and kids have found that special place only God can put there and reserved for treasured friends. From building a guitar shaped pool to canning peaches, to waxing floors, to on stage with Sammy, to many times together we came to love y'all. Praise God for allowing Earl and I to spend time with Sammy last month. His songs continue on in my car as I listen to his albums over and over. Hearing his voice brings back sooooo many memories. Though we will miss Sammy and look forward to spending eternity with him, we also look forward to staying in touch with JACKI.

Posted by Janet Rissler - Sarasota, FL - Sister in Chirst!   June 29, 2013

When I got saved I received a book that Sammy wrote "Hooked on a good thing" I still have that book and will cherrish it for the rest of my life. I met Sammy back in 1998 and told him I received his book as a gift and then he signed it for me. Thanks Sammy and my prayers go to your family at this time.

Posted by Paul Lambert    June 28, 2013

our deepest sympathy. my wife laura and myself met you
years ago in nashville,tn at the national qt. convention. have really enjoyed
the music of the sammy hall singers.ernest gilliam retired wxrq radio in mt.

Posted by ernest m gilliam    June 28, 2013

So sorry to hear about this loss! 38 years ago in a high school gym in Reidsville, NC, the Lord used the words of Sammy Hall to bring me to a place of readiness and acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Lord of my life. I still remember the song he sang. Changed my life forever, for sure! Praying for the family!

Posted by Kim Woodin    June 28, 2013

Just got the news that Sammy Hall died. I truly wish that I could come to the funeral to pay me respects. In something like 1976 the Sammy Hall singers played a concert at the Reidsville NC high school. I went to that concert. I gave my life the Jesus that night. My life was changed forever. I know that it was the Holy Spirit and that Sammy Hall was just the instrument. But, when I get to heaven I'm gonna be looking for Sammy to say thanks. His was a life well lived. Good job!

Posted by Mark Steed    June 28, 2013

Fear Jacki and Family,
I am so sorry for your loss, I pray that God comforts you in this time. I remember when Sammy came to our church in Greensboro,N.C.(Brightwood Baptist) many years ago. I was touched by his testimony, and his singing for the Lord. Sometime ago, in your home, I attended a Monavie meeting that you all hosted. That night, I was able to tell Sammy what a blessing his testimony was to me, and that many years ago, a young 15 yr old girl was touched by his singing for Jesus. Thank you for your service to the Lord, and for reaching souls for Christ. Now, Sammy is singing for the Jesus in person. God bless, and keep you.
Janice Adams Helton

Posted by Janice Adams Helton    June 28, 2013

God gained another angel this week. I meet Sammy back in the 70's, our church had him several times and each service was standing room only, even when we moved to a bigger place, people were still standing. My mom and dad are probably greeting him into heaven along with my mom's sister this past week. God bless your family during this time.

Posted by Maegan    June 28, 2013

I know heaven has gained a great man of God. I was truly blessed back in the early 70's under Sammy's ministry. My prayers are with the family.

Posted by david williams    June 28, 2013

With love and fond memories of Sammy. He gave many years of joy thru his music and his testimony.

Posted by Diane Reasons - Spring Hill, TN - friend   June 28, 2013

Thinking of you and your family. I met Sammy in Mobile, Alabama, through Jill Harden. We will miss Him. Martha Holland

Posted by Martha Holland    June 27, 2013

Jacki and family, we are so sorry for the loss of Sammy. We will be praying for all of you. God bless and comfort you. Sammy was a genuine man of God, who always had a smile and kind words to say. We love you all. Kent and Teresa Loveday

Posted by Kent and Teresa Loveday    June 27, 2013

We loved to hear you sing. We have many of your tapes that we still listen to.
So sorry you had to leave us, but God called you home and we will see you again when we get there too.

Posted by Tim & Kay    June 27, 2013

Our loss is Heaven's gain. Your Sammy's testimony has touched millions and I am one of those. I met him as a teen and his music he shared has blessed me throughtout the years. I thank you for sharing him with all who saw a glimpse of God throught his music and testimony. My prayers are with you for I know he will be missed. We will all meet in Heaven and here that beautiful voice once again! Laury Pressley, Brevard N.C.

Posted by Laury Pressley    June 27, 2013

So sorry about your loss. Sammy will always hold a special place in my heart. My prayers are with the family during their time of loss. I pray that God will comfort each member with the knowledge that this is only a temporary separation. We will all be together again someday. Sammy is just going ahead to prepare the way for the rest of us.

Posted by Donna Nunley Dennis    June 27, 2013

Prayers to the Hall family, very blessed by his messages and music,Thank you for sharing a great man of god with us.

Posted by Preston and Evelyn Boarts    June 27, 2013

Sammy entertained many of us at BWW business functions. We always appreciated his deep commitment to his ministry and his love of music that he shared with so many of us. RIP Sammy.

Posted by Tom & Pat Mercedes Buckman    June 27, 2013

What a joy it was to "experience" a Sammy Hall performance. His Ministry touched so many around the world. His Legacy will continue and we are Blest that our paths crossed. Joe and Sandy Harteis

Posted by Joe and Sandy Harteis    June 27, 2013

My prayers and thoughts are with you. Uncle Sam will be missed. Love and miss you all!

Posted by Lawrence L. Roberts    June 27, 2013

I'm so sorry to hear of Sammy's passing. I remember going to his concert in 1973, at Newport Church of God, and the inspiration his music had on me. I still have some of his LP's. Your family will be in my prayers.

Posted by Arzella Mantooth Shelton    June 27, 2013

May God wrap his loving arms around your entire family! God bless you all! We all loved The Sammy Hall Singers!

Posted by Bev Mowry    June 27, 2013

So sorry to hear of Sammy's death. He was a great influence in my life as a young person. I will always remember them sing "We have come this far by faith". Prayers going out to the family.

Posted by Jo Ann Blackwell    June 27, 2013

Sammy was extremely influential in my life since I was a teenager going through bad times. His biography helped me return to God when I was lost. His singing always soothed my worst of days and relaxed me. Sammy never let me down in any way, he even gave me a couple on discs when I wore out my " tapes". I know god is happy to have him home. I know he said well done my good and faithful son. I know Sammy will be missed. I know I will miss him.. God bless you Sammy!. My prayers go out to all of his family.

Posted by Paul Benstine    June 26, 2013

Sammy Hall was a great humanitarian, singer, musician whom I had the privilege to sing on the same stage with at a BWW weekend function in Richmond, VA He had a big heart for people in general and young people in particular. Truly a great guy
Dr. Leo W Pickett

Posted by Dr. Leo W Pickett    June 26, 2013

May God Bless you and your loved ones--
and may you continue you to sing with the angels

Posted by Sattar International    June 26, 2013

Jacki, and all of Sammy's family. I want to first say that our prayers are with you as you pass through this time of grief and loss. I can only imagine how much you will miss Sammy. I am so thankful that God allowed our paths to cross after many years and was able to have Sammy Minister at our church - Faith Worship Center in Gadsden - and spend some wonderful time together.(He loved Top-O-The River Catfish) It was in 1974 at Convention Hall in Gadsden Al., that I gave my heart to Christ at a Sammy Hall concert. I was, and still am, forever changed as a result of that night so many years ago. There is no doubt many thousands across the country and even around the world, who would have the same testimony that through the many schools and concerts that Sammy entered over the years, that their lives were also changed by the power of the Gospel Message.
Please know that you are in our prayers, and that I will forever hold in my heart gratitude for Sammy Hall Ministries, and also greatfulness to God for allowing me to spend some special time with the man who helped bring me to Christ. There is no doubt that he is in heaven, singing in a way that he never has before - around the throne of the Saviour. May God grant His strength and Grace to you all. God Bless.

Mark Gidley
Faith Worship Center
Gadsden, Alabama

Posted by Mark Gidley    June 26, 2013

Aunt Jacki, cousins Monte, Brannon, Cori
We are truly saddened by the news of Sammy's passing. It is a sad time for ALL of the family, friends, and those who's lives he had an opportunity to minister and witness his faith and love in Jesus Christ to. He was blessed with amazing talent
and ultimately chose to serve and praise the Lord with it. Countless souls were and continue to be touched and changed forever, his Heavenly rewards are great.
Take comfort in the fact that he no longers suffers here on earth, that he has realized his Saviors final resting place and is rejoined with family and friends who have gone on before him.
May God bless each of you not only during this difficult and sad time, but always. Trust in the Lord that he will give you strength and comfort to guide and help you all until that final and grand reunion when we all shall once again hug and rejoice in his goodness.
Love and prayers, Dan, Nancy, Morgan, Matt Hall

Posted by Dan Hall    June 26, 2013

Love you and your family. RIP Sammy.

Posted by Bill and Deanna Childers    June 26, 2013 touched more lives than anyone will ever know, and you took the gifts of God and let them be a beacon to everyone around you. You taught me more than I can explain, not just about music, but about life and why we are here......Thanks for the time we spent together, you music will echo on for every in our hearts and souls. Jacki, Monte, Brannon, deepest condolences and prayers for you all.... John Irish
New Hampshire

Posted by John Irish    June 26, 2013

Thank you for giving to the Lord, Sammy... I am a life that was changed!!!!

Posted by Donna Rhodes    June 26, 2013

His Dream is but a Reality now as to one of many records speak perfect tone "I've Never Been To Heaven" being in Heaven now have Heavenly favor as
Heaven choir sings with the Beloved SAMMY HALL

Posted by Lee Vaden    June 26, 2013

Sorry to hear of Sammy's passing. It is his graduation and we celebrate this with you. He was a friend to so many and a great inspiration to young people. He was a true light as to how great God's love is. I am truly grateful that I was privileged to meet and listen to him many times. God's blessings and comfort to you all.

Posted by Sheila Muncy-Pucella    June 26, 2013

Thanks Sammy for leading me to Christ 43 yrs. ago. Every time I saw you after that you always encouraged me to follow my calling. Today still following that call. See you soon!

Posted by Bishop Marvin T. Gwinn    June 26, 2013

We are so sorry to hear about Sammy. Our thought and prayers are with you Jackie and your family. He is singing in heaven

Posted by Bob and Bonnie Howard    June 26, 2013

RIP Sammy....We will miss you. You certainly made an impact on my life when I was growing up at the Home for Children. I loved to hear you sing. May God's Peace & Comfort surround the Hall family!! Love & Prayers. Sheila Barton

Posted by sheila barton    June 26, 2013

While I never actually knew Sammy, his music was fantastic and Sabrina always spoke so highly of him. He seemed like a truly fantastic guy and I wish I'd had the chance to meet him. He will be greatly missed.

Posted by Rowe Schlosser - Jacksonville, FL   June 26, 2013

He will be in good hands up in heaven with Bill Britt singing at all the rallys in heaven...

Posted by Molly Baugh    June 26, 2013

So sorry to hear of Sammys' passing...he was a blessing to so many and his ministry was like no other...He was a true example of Love...prayers to all of you during this time...He will be greatly missed...

Posted by Deb Perkins Muehlstein    June 26, 2013

Sammy Hall lead us into the "Presence of God" many times and now Sammy shall reap the reward that God has prepared for all who love and worship God.
II Timothy 4:7-8 It wont be long--we'll be going home!

Posted by Rev.Larry Orrell    June 26, 2013

My heart goes out to you Monte, Jacki, and the whole family. God Bless!

Posted by Larry Ballew    June 26, 2013

He was a loving server

Posted by GEORGE & MARILYN HICKS    June 25, 2013

Sammy Hall was THE MAN when it came to Christian Rock in the 70's. He
was the inspiration for my friends and I to start a band called Eternal
Turth. We liked what Sammy said, and did and how he sounded. He was
playing Rock Music in Church. Now 43 years after seeing Sammy at our
Church, "Eternal Truth" still plays together from time to time. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in the lobby at my Church,
and in walked this tall thin guy and he walked right over to me and
stuck out his hand. He said "Hi, I'm Sammy Hall, what's your name? He
was genuine and approachable. He was a good example to follow in my
music. I got his albums and played them over and over learning each bass
line. My Favortie at the time was "Put your hand in the hand" The bass
line that Duane Johnson laid down was cool and it was ROCKIN! Thank you
Sammy for all the great memories and all the great music. We here in
Michigan love you and will never forget your example. Michigan Youth
Camp was blessed to have you Sing and Play for us in 1973. You've made
it now my friend. Sing one for Jesus! Rest in Peace mighty warrior!

Posted by Rick White    June 25, 2013

Prayers for the family of Sammy Hall. So sorry for your loss. Sammy isn't hurting or in pain anymore. I came to know the Lord when I went to a Sammy Hall concert in Asheboro, North Carolina..I was 14 then now I'm 51..Sammy really impacted my life and alot of lives around him. He'll have alot of jewels in his crown to lay at Jesus Feet. God Bless all of you. Teresa Lynn Bullins

Posted by Teresa Lynn Bullins    June 25, 2013

Jacki, Phillip and i want to say how sorry we are. We are grateful for the visits we had, before Sam became ill. I remember your wedding, that you made your own dress and how lovely you were. As the years unfolded, we did meetings together and visited and watched the 3 children that each of us had, grow up. We would come to Tn. and stay and you also would visit us in Florida, as Sam held crusades and church services in our area. Treasured memories now. Let me say how grateful I am for the times where we met again in Tennesee,years later. You always were an inspiration to me and Sam was my brother, In closing, I just want to say, you did a good job. You stood by and blessed and cared for Sam,right to the end. Neither of us thought things would turn out like they did (we talked about that on the phone recently) but you my friend have done excellent. Important ,that I say these things and hope they bring some comfort. I know its been a long road. God has His hand on you and I have peace knowing that. Love, Wendy

Posted by Wendy Wise    June 25, 2013

We are so sorry to hear about Sammy. You have been an inspiration to tens of thousands. We sure had some great time together. And I know that we"ll have some really , really awesome times toghether again. God speed good friend

Posted by Jerry & Polly Harteis    June 25, 2013

Sammy had a Sunday service in Atlanta that day I got saved , have journeyed with Christ since. That was 1981
Thanks Sammy!

Posted by Doug Button - South point, OH   June 25, 2013

So sorry to hear of Sammy's passing. He is in a better place! May the peace of God, that passes all understanding be with the entire family during this time.

Posted by Steve Madison    June 25, 2013

So Sorry to hear about Sammy passing. I grew up under his Music in Knoxville and was influenced by His music. My God share His Love and peace to all the Family at this time. That peace that passeth all understanding. Roger Johnson - Knoxville (8 th Avenue Church and Eastmore Church of God) Cleveland Tennessee

Posted by Roger Johnson    June 25, 2013

Sammy, You have made it to the Heaven you spoke of so many times and now you are in the presence of our Lord and Savior JESUS. Enjoy my friend, you deserve it. You led so many to the Lord and you were a dynamic soldier for GOD. He blessed you with a great talent and you used it to glorify him. Well done my friend. You will be missed . Love to all you left behind.
Don Driskell

Posted by Don Driskell    June 25, 2013

The angels in Heaven are rejoicing, because one of Gods children went home, the first time I heard Sammy was in the 1970s he made such a positive impression on my life it was changed forever, it was the realness that he introduced about this man called Jesus, that changes so many lives forever. I can see him in Heaven, as he meets all the ones gone before, and as God says to him, 'well done my good and faithful servant'. May God bless each family member and may you cherish the memories and knowledge you will see him again....In Christ Matthew 28:20
Debbie Carlisle Newport, Tn

Posted by Debbie Carlisle    June 25, 2013

Dear family, Voncille, Bernice, sons, daughter, grand children and family all . . . please know I amd saddened to know of brother Sammys passing . . we lost a wonderful ministry, singer and friend yeaterday . . we will miss him and feel his presence in our life, but please know he would not want you to grieve or to shed tears for he is now where he has awaited to be . . he is now rejoicing with his Mom and Dad and friends who have gone on before hi . . can see all awaiting his arrival at the gates of heaven . . The Lord will say come my son and servant . . for now you shall be with me in heaven forever more . . . Please know you are in my thought and prayers and may the good Lord above hold you close . . . God Bless and blessing to all . . His life was one of success, contentment and love for God and life . .

Posted by Ronnie Loveday    June 25, 2013


I was so saddened to hear that Sammy had gone to be with the Lord, but I know he's enjoying his reward for his many years of self-sacrificing ministry and that makes it easier to bear. I was saved through his ministry many years ago, so thanks to him, I will see him and other loved ones again soon. I can't wait to hear him sing again! God give peace and comfort to his family.

Posted by Debbie Grubb    June 25, 2013

I knew Sammy from the 70's when I lived at the Church of God Home For Children in Sevierville. He and his sisters were an integral part of all of the kids at the "home" and we all grew to love the entire family. He is now at his heavenly "home" and playing guitar and singing with the angels as his race on this earth is done. He is completely healed and will be singing and rejoicing forever more! He and my husband, Alvin, whom I lost to the same disease in Dec 2011 are now together....Sammy is teaching Alvin to play guitar and Alvin is teaching him some mighty fine basketball skills. May God comfort the family during this time as only He can. My prayers are with you all!

Posted by Nelida Sinclair    June 25, 2013

I'm so very sorry for your lose, I don't have one childhood memory without him his talks with me and our prayers together. My heart broke when my dad told me the news. He will always remain in my heart forever, for being such a loving man!

Posted by christina - Menifee, CA - friend   June 25, 2013

So thankful for the ministry and the life of Sammy Hall. May the peace that surpasses all understanding comfort the Hall family.

Posted by Cindy Kline    June 25, 2013

Sam was a true leader in the Christian music world and had major impacts on 1000's of lives including mine that still stands strong today!
Sammy is now home collecting that crown he always sang about and is back to singing like he loved to do! Sam will be missed but NEVER forgotten and our love and prayers will continue to go out to the family and friends! We love you all!

Posted by Alan DeVoe Jr.    June 25, 2013

Sammy was an amazing person whom touched the lives of many people across America with his message. His Legacy will live on in the hearts of those he touched. My Sincere Heartfelt Sympathies to Jacki and the Entire family. I Lost a sister in 2010 to the same disease. Praying for the family to be comforted and find peace in their memories. He will always be with you as you all have a very special Angel guiding you from Heaven.

Posted by Marcia Whitney, Wilton, NH    June 25, 2013

May The Power of Christ Comfort the Entire Family. Our Prayer are with each of the family.

Posted by Mark H. Kearns    June 25, 2013

I am so sorry to bout sammy. i know that he"s with the angels singing, may god comfort your family.

Posted by brenda maul barnes    June 25, 2013

Dear Jacki and family. I am so sorry for your loss. My family went to see Sammy sing in Rogersville, Tn. when i was just a small child. There was something in his music that I hadn't heard changed me! He sang, "Bridge over Troubled Waters", and I'll never forget that song...or him. Be comforted in knowing how many lives were touched and changed through your ministry. God bless you and hold you during this time.

Posted by Lisa Livesay Frith    June 25, 2013

Dear Jacki and family, sending our condolences. We pray that the Holy Spirit comforts you during this time. Sam made a huge impact on all that heard him. He is totally healed with no more suffering. We have such fond memories of you guys. We love you! Dave & Dot

Posted by Dave & Dot McBroom    June 25, 2013

Dear Jacki and Family, We want you to know that we are so thankful for Sammy's ministry here in North Dakota. He blessed and greatly encouraged us when we were just young in our ministry. My wife said, "let's get out our records and listen tonight." We are grateful that you shared him with us!
With heartfelt prayers and sympathy,

Posted by Jonathan and Pam Starks    June 25, 2013

Jacki, kids, VonCile and Bernice,
We are so sorry to hear about Sammy. We have such great memories of all of you.... especially the days at the SEED COFFEE HOUSE and our Amway days. We will never forget those. We are sure praying for all of you during this most difficult time.

Posted by Nancy McMahan Pippin    June 25, 2013

Jacki and family. My deepest sympathy to you at this time. I know he will be missed on this earth, but Heaven is a little brighter today..There will be no more suffering for Sammy. May God wrap you in His loving arms and help you at this time. Knowing you and Sammy has been a real pleasure. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Posted by Ruth Jenkins Mitchell    June 25, 2013

I first saw Sammy when I was about 8 yrs old at the Richmond Mosque. He changed my life forever. When I heard his testimony and saw the screen behind him showing all the hospital scenes behind him then at the end of his testimony all he said was at the end of life is death, death , death. The song he then sang was: If we ever needed Jesus it's now. I That was over 35 yrs ago and I can still see that day and hear that song as if it were yesterday. I found Jesus that day and he has been in my life everyday since and it was because of Sammy that I found him. I am sure that Jesus is showing him his life right now and showing him all the lives that he touched and brought to him. He did a good job here on earth and he deserves a great life in heaven. It's easy to say not to be sad but try to rejoice that he is with his father. God bless you all and my prayers are with you.

Posted by Kim Surbaugh    June 25, 2013

So very sorry....God has another singer now that this good man has his wings. He made such an impact on my life as a teenager when I lived in The Church Of God Home For Children in Sevierville Tn. Rest in peace my friend.Tears

Posted by Bambi Lyn Carr    June 25, 2013

Sammy will be missed greatly. i remember when i first saw him singing in Adrian Mich, at the church of god on treet road. i stillvlisten to his music and will never forget him always remembered for his careing and loving way he sang his songs.
Greg Keene life long fan still..

Posted by Greg keene    June 25, 2013

I was so grateful for knowing Sammy for 27 years. Sammy you will always be a special person to me. You will be missed a great deal. Love Ya!!!!!!!! Jacki, Monte, Brannon and Cori, I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Hope that I can still stay in touch with you Jacki.

Posted by patty From NJ    June 25, 2013

I've probably driven a million mile listening to Sammy. I met him a few times along the way, when I was a teenager and in my 20's.
Sammy made a difference. He impacted my friends as well.
It seems like yesterday when We would drive 100 miles or so listen to him sing and preach. Every time, we would pray and ask Jesus to be our Lord & Savior.
I knew I was saved, but Sammy Hall made it so personal. I wanted to make sure i had it right with Jesus.
Thanks Sammy!
See You In Glory Someday Brother!

Posted by Mark Wright    June 25, 2013

Sammy has completed what God had for him here on this earth and now has him in heaven with Lenny and what music they are making! He has been a blessing to so many people over the years and now he is at peace and has a new body. Jacki and family, know that our prayers are with you during this time and we know that it was you with the help of family and friends that got him through the past two years. Love to all............... Kaye and Wayne Cook, Mayodan, NC

Posted by Kaye Cook    June 25, 2013

Thank you Sammy for all the times you shared your talent with the Storms Family at our Amway events, many souls have been won for Christ because of all your efforts, Love to Jackie and all the kids, your dad was a great man. He is in heaven now with our mom Ruth, I know she smiled when she saw him today :)
Jack and Gail Smith

Posted by Gail Smith    June 25, 2013

Sammy come to a Church of God Youth Camp off Lee Hwy back in the 70's I'll never forget you my Friend you led a lot of youth to the Lord Rest in Peace Sammy you earned your Crown

Posted by Robby Carlisle    June 25, 2013

The whole Brummett family is so sorry to hear of your loss. Sammy was a special part of our lives for many years, starting when he went to Lee and continuing as long as Dad was state overseer of Delmarva. I am sure my parents and two brothers were among the many people who waited to greet Sammy after he met Jesus face to face. We are all praying for you as you remember the good times with him.

Posted by Barbara Brummett Teaster    June 25, 2013

I met Sammy when I was little he was a sprcial person and will be missed

Posted by Amy    June 25, 2013

You will be truly missed Sammy Hall. The angels in heaven definitely have been blessed with your voice just as we have been here on earth.
To the family and friends of Sammy Hall, thank you for sharing this wonderful person with the world. He certainly touched my life in a huge way. In a way no other person could.

Posted by Joe Hagen    June 25, 2013

Thank you for allowing Sammy to touch so many lives for Jesus through his music and ministry. He truly touched my life! May God wrap His loving arms around you and your family and give you His peace during this time! May God continue to shower you and your family with His abundant blessings!

Posted by Dean Carter    June 25, 2013

Sammy and his Music set me on my Path of Ministry in Music. The passion this man had for America's youth was Second to NONE! The lives Sammy touched reach in the Hundreds of THOUSANDS! Although we will miss you, here, while our time on earth passes, we can not wait to see you again!

Posted by Dan Wykle    June 25, 2013

So sorry to hear of Sammy's passing. I remember Dexter bringing Sammy in for entertainment at a Free Enterprise, then at another FE where he had the eagle flying in the coliseum. It was a sight to see. His music kept us awake as we travelled to the different functions and personal travel.

Please know that you and your family are in our prayers.

Posted by Steve & Melody Loveless - New Hamburg, MO   June 25, 2013

To Jackie & Family,
We send our condolences to you for your loss. Sammy will always be in our hearts until we all meet in heaven. One never knows what to say for times like these when they happen in this physical world. Sammy was a great influence to us with all he taught us through his testimony and his beautiful voice was a true gift from God. We know he is with the Lord now, And God has told Sammy well done my good and faithful servant. We were very privileged for the time our Lord loaned Sammy to us to minister to us. We pray that your family will carry on with Sammy's ministry and legacy that he has left all of us.
Take Care & God Bless
Love You Guys
Rick & Barbara Crook

Posted by Rick & Barbara Crook - Newark, DE - Friends   June 25, 2013

Sabrina, I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather's passing. I know you loved him very much. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the rest of your family. Love you...Jana

Posted by Jana Colburn    June 25, 2013

Dear Jackie and family,
We were soo saddened to hear about Sammy. Joyful for him because he is free of pain but sad for you all and all of us who know him and have now an empty place in our hearts for him.
I will never forget the 1st time my parents, Ron & Toby Hale , had Sammy in to entertain. That was such a huge honor to have him at our conference and to think someone that famous in our presence. He always had a smile on his face and touched everyone who was priviledged enough to hear him either give his testimony or just sing.
We were also touched by his kindness to sing at Ron's funeral and will never forget the beautiful job he did. He touched many lives that evening!!!
His memories and his spirit will live on in the lives of his children , grandchildren and you Jackie. We love you and we are sooo deeply sorry for this. Cancer is a horrible disease. Love, all of us!!!!

Posted by Toby Hale// Rhonda, Tommy Mccloud // nicole and yogi leverton // - kingsport, TN - friends   June 25, 2013

With deepest sympathy to Jacki and the family. I loved Sammy. He was a part of my life for many years and he profoundly impacted the entire trajectory of my life and ministry. God used him in a powerful way to influence so very many, including me. I will always be grateful. For us to reconnect through the music a few years ago was such a blessing and honor. I rejoice with you that Sammy is now better than ever . . . and I join with so many other friends to surround you with love and prayers in the days ahead. peace and blessings.

Posted by eddie anders    June 25, 2013

Met Sammy in the mid-70's. Brought our small son on stage with him. So sorry to hear of his passing.

Posted by Brenda Brewer - Salem, IN   June 24, 2013