Condolence & Memory Journal


Philip was by far the finest actor of his generation. I have all of his films and am very much touched each and every time I watch any of them.

Posted by Mark Owens - Grand Rapids, MI   February 01, 2019


Can't believe it's been 5 years. Still miss you!

Posted by Brenda Helms - Bonifay, FL - Friend   February 01, 2019


It's been 4 years today. Miss you so much, Philip. You were a wonderful actor and I miss seeing you on the big screen. I hope you are at peace.

Posted by Brenda Helms - Bonifay, FL   February 02, 2018

days after giving birth to her third child, a baby girl. c2a0If you've been folnwoilg my blog, you know the sad story. c2a0You also know that we've been accepting donations for my brother and his family, to help

Posted by Harshita - FIw9lGeAv, MT - EvAQBU8t   August 08, 2015

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Posted by Ami - 6RFWiEFdpuXl, PA - XDhI7LoO7V   April 08, 2015

to the family of Charles Durfee I am sorry I never knew Charles preosnally, but my Great Aunt Reba Haynes shared so many wonderful stories of Charles, his life and his family. He was quite a man and certainly led an active life. I know he will be gre

Posted by Ashis - p80OEFSuCq, LA - UozfkcVfjx   April 08, 2015

I was always so happy to see Charlie come to the Gideons mieetng, even at times when I knew he did not feel well.He just brought JOY to Claude and myself. He really made me feel good to be around him. He had a smile any time you saw him.We will really

Posted by Enas - HCSt1p2HTmzW, NE - Wopjsan0   April 07, 2015

I am grateful to the uesinrve to have had the spirit and soul of Gil Scott-Heron for as long as we did. As long as we speak his name he will never be forgotten. Whenever, I hear your voice, your music my heart smiles. I LOVE YOU and welcome your spirit as I meditate and pray. I will see you next lifetime.

Posted by Froschi - c91Q7pd3I, NY - hm0buUjU4Y   April 07, 2015


I miss your beautiful face...the sound of you voice. I miss the passion you brought to all of your roles. I just saw Doubt, Capote and my favorite, Flawless again. Every time I sit down to watch a movie I think of you. I know you are in a good place. Rest in Peace.

Posted by Donna DeMaio - New Haven, CT - devoted fan forever   February 03, 2015


Its hard to believe it has been 1 year since we lost this beautiful man. Prayers to his family and friends today.

Posted by Kris Dochterman - Lancaster, PA   February 02, 2015

He always reminded me of a young Herman Goring.

Posted by Reinhardt Heydrich - munich - pinky pals   June 08, 2014

Though he was dealing with inner demons, he still would rise above them and delighted us with wonderful performances on stage and screen. Whether the parts were small or large, he never wavered in giving each one a special quality that bigger stars can rarely reach.

Posted by Mark J. Owens - Grand Rapids, MI - fan   February 18, 2014

You made wonderful movies like BOUBT and others, I will miss you terribly.Most important I thought you were marvelous in the movie FLAWLESS, I have seen that movie at least 100 times and will always think that was a real challange role for you to do and you did it excellent, movies like DOUBT, FLAWESS and your oscar winning performance in CAPOTE will truly be missed. RIP my friend, you and your many movies will be always remembered by me always... REST IN PEACE....V. in NY

Posted by Vincent Bellucco - New Rochelle, NY - Fan   February 15, 2014

I loved Phillips work. I will miss him deeply
Jeff Lynch Greenville, S.C.

Posted by Jeff Lynch - Greenville, SC - friend   February 12, 2014


For the ones who loved him, my sympathies for the loss of your loved one.....I enjoyed his talents and Hollywood has lost yet another star

Posted by Rebecca Rolling - Deatsville, AL   February 10, 2014


What a terrible loss for his family and close friends. It's a great loss for everyone who loved his work. My sincere sympathies to his family and friends. God bless you all!!

Posted by Carol Mask - North Port, FL   February 09, 2014

Marilyn: I was so sorry to hear of Philips death. He was a wonderful actor. I remember all the times when I was at the travel agency, of you flying down to New York to something that he was involved in. I also remember how proud you were of him. I hope that you can cherish all the good times that you shared. My sincerest condolences to you and all of his and your family.

Posted by Kathie - FL - Knew Marilyn from Hisa Travel   February 09, 2014


Goodbye to one of the greats......

Posted by molly - Washington - fan   February 09, 2014


My sincerest sympathies to his family and close friends. I really enjoyed his movies. He will be deeply missed.

Posted by Kris Dochterman - Lancaster, PA   February 09, 2014


Posted by Michael & Ginger - Levelland, TX - Fan   February 09, 2014


It has always been a battle with drugs for me also and I understand, (to a point) what he was doing and I know that he is one handsome angel up there helping others with their issues, peace and love.....

Posted by Janet Morris - Lynn, MA - fan   February 09, 2014


Such a sad death and a great loss to his family and fans. I will miss hearing his voice and watching his performances, but the greatest loss is to his family. Wishing them all peace and comprehension In due time. Rest in peace, Philip S Hoffman. You were very special.

Posted by Abigail Fan - Philadelphia, PA - Fan   February 09, 2014


Peace to his family and friends, and my deepest sympathy to all, especially his children

Posted by KF - Brooklyn, NY - Friend   February 08, 2014


how very sad for mr hoffmans family..his ability as an actor was remarkable and he will be missed..may god bless his family and help them through their sorrow..

Posted by susan - houston, TX - fan   February 08, 2014

I am so sorry for your family's loss. Philip was one of my favorite actors of all time. He will be missed. He will not be forgotten.

Posted by Lisa Carlson - Hannibal, MO - Devoted fan   February 08, 2014

My heart goes out to his sweet family mimi and the children, god bless them

Posted by Diana draper - logan, UT - fan   February 08, 2014


You will be deeply missed. Keeping a good thought for your family.

Posted by Lisa Holiday - WA   February 08, 2014

Honorable Judge O'Connor & Family, we are deeply saddened by the loss of your beloved Philip. Ever since we have heard the news our hearts have been heavy. We only knew Philip through film and your loving eyes. You beamed from ear to ear as you spoke of your son's success when we recognized his photo on your desk. At that time you were also quick to share proud words about the other photos of your daughters and son. We learned of your wonderful family in 2001 and again in 2004 upon the adoption of our beautiful daughters. As you reviewed all the legalities in your chambers you shared the wonderful joys your 4 children had brought you, despite the challenge of single parenting. We feel very sad that this has happened. Our hearts and prayers go out to your beautiful family. God bless you during this troubling time. Sincerely, Tom & Rena, Rochester, NY.

Posted by Tom and Rena - Rochester, NY - friend   February 08, 2014

I was so sad and shocked to hear of your death, Philip. You have been one of my favorite actors for a very long time, and always enjoyed your movies. My heart and prayers go out to your family and friends, and you will always be remembered with love and admiration. You made a huge difference in so many lives, and may you rest in peace. Love from Atlanta, Ga .. Janine Peterson

Posted by Janine Peterson - Roswell, GA - Huge Fan   February 08, 2014


My heart goes out to your children and family... Was so shocked to hear of your passing you were a great Actor Love from Montana... Kelly age 49

Posted by Kelly Mikoski - Billings, MT - Fan   February 08, 2014


I so enjoyed your work, particularly in "Doubt". I was saddened to learn of your addiction. May you rest in peace now. Susan

Posted by Susan Stevens - Tucson, AZ - Fan   February 08, 2014

A fond goodbye to one of the most brilliant actors and a wonderful person. My twin and I thought so very highly of were very special. You remain in our hearts forever....much love to your family and friends. Thank you, Phillip, for all the happiness you brought to me.

Posted by Linda Carl - Freeland, PA - a fan forever   February 08, 2014


Phillip, my twin and I are so very sad about your passing. You brought so much joy to us through the many films in which you shined so brightly. You were truly a brilliant actor. When you won the Oscar, we were so happy...and you remained so humble and wonderful. My daughter died almost 2 years ago from the addiction she had struggled so much to conquer, so I know the pain your family is feeling. I hope America will focus on the many amazing qualities about you. I'm a cancer patient and never chose to have this illness. Addiction is a disease just like my one would choose to have it. We will miss you, dear Phillip, but we know you're with God as is my precious daughter. Much love to your family and friends. You were a very special person and we will always love you.

Posted by Donna Kuchinski - Hazleton,, PA - a grateful fan   February 08, 2014

I am so sad and sorry for your passing into eyernal destiny...your passing perhaps will send a message for all who fall prey even in a moment of weakness to the quick fix of heroine which is now in epidemic proportions. Perhaps due to the fact that you wete well known the publicity of your death and why your life was abruptly ended hopefully will heighten thr awareness of this dangerous drug and if through your error in judgment you save lives you would not have died in vain. God bless your family at this time.

Posted by lucille - invernesd, FL - fan   February 08, 2014


One of the great actors of or time.Gone to soon,missed by many.Rest in peace with the angels my friend.

Posted by marcia larsen - staten island, NY - fan   February 08, 2014

I hope you are in peace now, im sorry that I never got to meet you, you were anaxing actor, I am struggling with addiction as.well... RIP Phil.....

Posted by Jessica - Sioux falls, SD - fan   February 08, 2014


I am deeply saddened by your death. You were one of those very special people here on earth. Thank you for giving us the gift of your work. You will be remembered forever. My heart goes out to your beautiful children and Mimi.

Posted by MFA - Ny, NY - Fan and fellow July d.o.b.   February 08, 2014


Dear Phillip - sadly your death was my sign from God. After doing way too much stuff, I woke up the next day to find the notice of your death from the NY Times on my phone. It ripped my heart in two for I understood the demon you fought and lost to. You were my sign but, it hurts so bad that you were it. No one may understand what I am saying but, please know I do not mean any disrespect. I wholeheartedly wish it could have been a different sign. I hope we meet in heaven so I can hug you tight and selfishly say "thank you."

Posted by Linda T.    February 08, 2014

Our deepest sympathy for your loss. He was a wonderful actor who made us laugh as well as admire him in the more serious movies. He will be missed Thank you Phillip may you rest in peace.

Posted by Louie & Elizabeth J. - Gaithersburg, MD - fan   February 08, 2014


You no longer have to fight the demons, fly high with the angels<3>

Posted by Michelle Bach - New Hartford, NY - Fan   February 08, 2014

thank you mr. Hoffman for the extraordinary legacy of film you left the world . The next forty years of artistry you would deliver to us is ended . love to your family and friends . David Dion ,addict , Miami , Florida .

Posted by david dion - miami, FL - ardent fan   February 08, 2014


May you now rest in Peace

Posted by Irene - NY - Fan   February 08, 2014


I was personally saddened to hear of the loss of this extremely talented artist. May his family and loved ones take comfort in knowing how profound his contribution was to all of us who enjoy watching and getting lost in the movies. May time, and the thoughts and prayers of his many fans, bring peace to his family and loved ones.

Posted by Dorothy Siambanes - Chicago, IL - Fan   February 08, 2014


Rest in peace you will be missed

Posted by laura - montclair, NJ - no   February 08, 2014


Thank you for sharing your marvelous talent to the world !!! You shall be greatly missed !!! God bless and comfort your family !! You are much loved !!!
love Rosey of Oak View Ca.

Posted by Rosey Smith - Oak View, CA - fan   February 07, 2014

I will never forget you in your film " FLAWLESS ", I so enjoy that movie in particular, yet all you other films are just as great. I will always smile when I see you in FLAWLESS.. Rest in Peace...VB

Posted by Vinn - New Rochelle, NY - fan   February 07, 2014


Posted by Gonzalez Family - Pompano Beach,, FL   February 07, 2014

"My Prayers and thoughts are with the Philip Seymour Hoffman's Family, Friends and Fans in this very difficult time. The world has lost a huge Talent. You will be greatly missed Philip Seymour Hoffman. Today you are a Bright Star, shining your light from Heaven upon your Family and all of those that were blessed to have known you. R.I.P. Phillip Seymour Hoffman. You will never be forgotten."

Posted by Mary Gonzalez - Pompano Beach, FL   February 07, 2014


sending love to the fam.R.I.P Mr.Hoffman!You dont have to worry about your demons anymore.Gods got you.

Posted by donni haas - los angeles, CA - fan   February 07, 2014

My Prayers and Thoughts are with the Philip Seymour Hoffman's Family, may you Rest in Peace! Your Family will see you again when Jesus Christ our "Lord and Savior" returns to earth. Love Cassandra.

Posted by Cassandra Martin - Fort Washington, MD - Sister in Christ   February 07, 2014


May you find peace in your memories and know you have an angel on your shoulder. We will greatly miss you Philip Seymore Hoffman.

Posted by Kathryn Harris - Gainesville, FL   February 07, 2014

"My heart goes out to The Hoffman Family, may you find comfort through the beautiful words people shared about Phillip on this site, and all over the world. Phillip Hoffman touched so many lives, many who did not know him personally only through his amazing gift as an Actor.

Although his passing was much too soon Phillip Seymour Hoffman made a difference in the world that will forever live on. Embrace the memories you shared together, and look forward to the day you are together again!

"That day I had to leave you when my life on earth was through. God picked me up and hugged me and He said, "I welcome you. It's good to have you back again, you were missed while you were gone. As for your dearest family, They'll be here later on."

Life is precious take time to appreciate the "Now" for it will not be here tomorrow~
Thanks for allowing me to share
Sheri Keys, Friend, Ojai, CA, Feb 07, 2014

Posted by Sheri Keys - Ojai, CA - Friend   February 07, 2014

My heart goes out to The Hoffman Family, may you find comfort through the beautiful words people shared about Phillip on this site, and all over the world. Phillip Hoffman touched so many lives, many who did not know him personally only through his amazing gift as an Actor.

Although his passing was much too soon Phillip Seymour Hoffman made a difference in the world that will forever live on. Embrace the memories you shared together, and look forward to the day you are together again!

"That day I had to leave you when my life on earth was through. God picked me up and hugged me and He said, "I welcome you. It's good to have you back again, you were missed while you were gone. As for your dearest family, They'll be here later on."

Life is precious take time to appreciate the "Now" for it will not be here tomorrow~
Thanks for allowing me to share.

Posted by Sheri Keys - Ojai, CA - Friend   February 07, 2014

Rip my thoughts and prayers are with your family. You will be missed..
Lillian king harper

Posted by Lillian king harper - Brenham,, TX - Mother of Jeff king   February 07, 2014


I know you are in the arms of the angels being loved and comforted. You were the most brilliant actor I have ever seen. The range of characters you played was genius. As an Artist myself, sometimes we suffer for the Art we do. You gave us a magnificent gift , watching you perform complex and diverse characters. My heart is broken for your family. I pray for them, but am sure you are watching over them. Rest in peace , gentle spirit.
You left a historical mark on this world . You will be deeply missed....

Posted by Tiffany Hayden - Miami, FL - Fan   February 07, 2014

May your gentle spirit rest in peace with God & the angels. You left your mark on this world in a most extraordinary way. You were so brilliant at your craft - but in the end you were consumed by it. Sometimes as artists -we end up dying for our art. My prayers are with your entire family. You will be missed greatly by the Entertainment Biz.

Posted by Tiffany Kathryn Hayden - Miami, FL - Fan   February 07, 2014


You were one in a million... the best of your generation, your characterizations always brilliant. Your time
short, your impact huge! Everyone's loss, yours, your family, your friends, your fans. Goodbye and Rest
in Peace.

Posted by Debbie B. - New York, NY - A Huge Fan   February 07, 2014

I will miss you!

Posted by Beth Johnson - Austin, TX - fan   February 07, 2014

Your name on a film pretty much guaranteed entertainment for us. Your talent was unlimited for being so many different characters in those wonderful stories. You'll be sadly missed! Rest your troubled soul in peace!

Posted by Naomi Mendelson - Netarts, OR - Film Buff   February 06, 2014

This is a sad loss for family and fans alike. He was a great actor, I will watch your films from time to time, the talent was enormous and a joy to behold. RIP sir you will be missed by many.

Posted by Maxine b Gard - Ashburn, VA - fan   February 06, 2014

Youre in a better place. Rest in peace, hunny bunny!

Posted by Stacey - Aurora, CO   February 06, 2014

May you rest in peace. You will be missed. God gave you a gift for a certain amount of time and your time was up. Thanks for the memories.

Posted by Ellecia - Los Angeles, CA - friend   February 06, 2014

Make is rain in heaven......

Posted by Gerry Corrigan - Boca Raton, FL - Fan   February 06, 2014

we will miss you. your in god's hands now god bless you

Posted by THOMAS HAYDEN - GREENSBURG, PA - FRIEND   February 06, 2014

May you be comforted in God's loving embrace as we will be comforted also in knowing your pain is no more just the beauty of forgiveness enjoying the tranquility of heaven promise to be free, and truly at peace.
It's we that will suffer from your loss. May God bless us as well..RIP, Luciana Bucio

Posted by luciana bucio - clear lake shores, TX - fan   February 06, 2014


RIP Philip!! You were such an amazing actor!!! <3 missed be will you><3>

Posted by Mandy Woolard - Washington, NC - fan   February 06, 2014

God has a awesome gift back home to share with his angles in heaven...

Posted by glynis johnecheck - Flint, MI - admirer   February 06, 2014


You will be missed so very much, talented in so many ways... God bless and rest in everlasting peace.

Posted by glynis johnecheck - Flint, MI - Fan   February 06, 2014


What a loss to our community but especially to Mimi and his three young children and to his family in Fairport - RIP, Phil

Posted by Sharel Fox - Irondequoit, NY - friend   February 06, 2014


You must have been in a lot of pain. May your soul move on to a peaceful place. Your talent will be missed.

Posted by Karen Rose - Palm Desert, CA   February 06, 2014


Now it is time to follow the lights back to home. home with our heavenly father. rest in peace you are with the Lord now.

Posted by juanita macias - CA   February 06, 2014

Thank you for all the memorable performances you gave us to enjoy maybe for years to come. May you finally have peace

Posted by Jane Della Penna - Cape May, NJ - A Grateful fan   February 06, 2014


Rest in Peace.

Posted by Louise Shrader - Philadelphia, PA   February 06, 2014


May your spirit soar in Heaven the way it did here in earth. A remarkable talent has left us too early...but Mr. Hoffman's legacy will continue to bring us joy and bless future generations. Grace and peace to his spirit and to his family.

-Kimberly Johnson Smith, Fan, Louisville, KY, February 5, 2014

Posted by Kimberly J. Smith - Louisville, KY - Fan   February 05, 2014


The spirit is here to show that pain is something not to ignore and to face it in Faith. Fly like an Eagle..

Posted by Paul - Houston, TX - fan   February 05, 2014

Such a loss of a very talented man. Sad that you lived with demons and could not overcome your addictions. Rest in peace, Mr. Hoffman, the entertainment world will mourn your loss for a very long time. I have been a loyal fan and will remember you in my thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Estelle - Stony Point, NY   February 05, 2014


Very sad that a tremendous talent is no longer with us. My thoughts are with his family.

Posted by Jen Davis Rausch - Boca Raton, FL - Fan   February 05, 2014


Very sad you are gone, very sad for your children,family,your close friends and millions of fans that adored you. Well I guess you are going to have to entertain everyone in heaven....I hope you see old family members that had passed away and also some of the other great people that have been taken from us. I hope you find out what the meaning of life really was. You will be missed and definately not forgotten.. Thank you for sharing yourself with us all. You were just one of those people who seemed real,genuine and caring. That dark passenger yanked you away from us and now we left saddened. No one can replace you. (I also hope you get to see Elvis, M.Jackson, Paul Newman and the many great people who came into our lives and gave us joy. Bye...

Posted by Pat Parks - Ballwin, MO - A big fan   February 05, 2014


I am very sorry that this has happened. I wish there was more we could do to help those battling with the disease of addiction. I pray for Phillip Seymour Hoffman and his children and family that he left behind. May God give them the grace and strength to get through this very difficult time. May the peace of our Lord be with you.

Posted by Deb Dugas - Monroe, CT - Fan   February 05, 2014


Even though I did not know you personally, I truly loved you. I wish I could've been there with you to stop you from harming yourself. You will be forever missed.

Posted by Brenda Helms - Bonifay, FL - Fan   February 05, 2014


I have seen Mr. Hoffman in many movies and he was such a tremendous actor! I am shocked and saddened by this tragic loss of such a great talent. Rest in Peace Phillip Seymour're Flawless!

Posted by Angela Ortega - Rancho Cucamonga, CA - Fan   February 05, 2014


My heart goes out to Philip's family and friends. He was special. One of the greats. I hope he is at peace now. I'll miss him and never forget him. God bless Philip and comfort his loved ones.

Posted by Donna DeMaio - New Haven, CT - A grateful fan   February 05, 2014


Your photo has been in my office for years simply because it was a reminder of the power of focusing on one's craft. I mourn for all the roles you could have played. Thanks for those you did.

Posted by G.M. Smith - Montgomery, AL - Fan   February 05, 2014


Life gives us twists and turns,your turn now is to be with God,may you be at peace with yourself and free of troubles,God will grace you with the ability to watch over the family and be with them in spirit,your soul is within.Gods Speed Our Friend...

Posted by Karen Woods - delray beach, FL - honorable fan   February 05, 2014

To one of the greatest actor in history. I will never forget the talent in all films but especialoly Owing Mahoney. Your impact on my movie life is very significany. Love and prayers to the family

Posted by Nancy Barcelo - Watertown, MA - Fan   February 05, 2014


May God grant you eternal rest and peace. You will be missed by all.

Posted by Regina Guard - Richmond, VA   February 05, 2014


REST IN PEACE.. You will be greatly missed..

Posted by Jessica Sturgill - Jeffersonville, KY   February 05, 2014


May you REST IN PEACE.. May GOD be with your family throughout this difficult time.. <3 met to if awesome the actor privelage were got an have could i and ever you>

Posted by Jessica Sturgill - Jeffersonville, KY - Friend   February 05, 2014


RIP dear Philip ♥

Posted by Sara - Sodus, NY - Fan   February 05, 2014


My heart is breaking for a man I never met or knew personally, but through his amazing body of work as a talented & brilliant actor, I spiritually feel a close connection to him. My grief is not only because he was one of the best actors that I have ever had the privilege of watching on the big screen, but for his children who seemed to have a great relationship with their father, his ex-girlfriend who obviously cared deeply for him & felt powerless over his addictions. My deepest sympathy goes out to his parents who lost a beloved son and to all other family members who did not get a chance to say good-bye, which is always so difficult. It saddens me that alcohol & drug abuse has taken the lives of such bright & talented stars. May Phil's death be a reminder to us all, of how precious life is & that every moment we have with our loved ones, is to be treasured. My faith in Christ, reassures me that this is not the final scene & that we will be reunited with him once again in our eternal home. Sending my love & prayers during this sad & difficult time!

Posted by Lori Aul - St. Louis, MO - Movie Goer   February 05, 2014


what a tragic loss to our community and the world but most of all to his companion and children and family in Fairport RIP, Phil

Posted by sharel fox - rochester, NY   February 05, 2014


What a fantastic actor...he had the ability to take any character in any role and make it truly believable....he was a master of his craft...a very sad loss...

Posted by Doug Brown - Lynn, MA   February 05, 2014


To his family - I walked by Mr Hoffman one summer while you rented a house near me in Cape May. I did not want to intrude on your privacy but I so wanted to simply tell him how much his work had touched me. I am so saddened by his passing and send deepest sympathy for your loss.

Posted by Susan Crossan - West Cape May, NJ - Fan   February 05, 2014


Incredible talent. Rest in eternal peace.

Posted by Kathleen DeNardi - Largo, FL   February 05, 2014


So sad about this great loss. Incredible actor and I did not even know he was the father of 3 precious kids. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. I know you are watching over your kids from above. God bless.

Posted by Maureen - Raleigh, NC - fan   February 05, 2014


REST IN PEACE~!! You were A Terrific Actor~~! PS~ In~Spokane, WA

Posted by Pam Stuber - Spokane, WA   February 05, 2014


Philip Seymour, My wife and I enjoyed all the movies we saw you in and we would go see a movie just because you were in it. You were probably the best character actor of our generation! we will miss you and all the great work you might have done. Go in peace my friend!

Posted by B. Kennedy - NM - fan   February 05, 2014


Your Light and Depth is profound, your work will live on, your inspiration will be with us all. To your family, may they carry your light with them always! David, Laura, and Alex Grimm

Posted by Laura Grimm - North Richland Hills, TX - Fan   February 05, 2014


Philip, you were my favourite actor, and will be greatly missed by many more than you would ever know.

Posted by liz veness - cape coral, FL - fan   February 05, 2014


Posted by Heidi Robbins - Carbondale, PA - Fan   February 05, 2014


"You will be missed."

Posted by CHERYL A SPENCER - EAST STROUDSBURG, PA   February 05, 2014

Was he a handsome man? Not really, but he was a beautiful actor, whose shadow will always be there for the real lovers of movies, who will gauge other actors by his stunning talent to see if they just might be nearly as good as him, but never better.

Posted by Mark - Grand Rapids, MI - one who admired him   February 05, 2014


I remember you in "Patch Adams" and for so many more You will be missed

Posted by Patricia Nardone - New York, NY - Fan   February 05, 2014


May you rest in peace Phil while your legend continues on with every role you ever played. You will be missed yet remembered as the exceptional, unique, talented, gifted actor that you are and forever will be in our hearts.

Posted by Jill Knight - Fort Worth, TX   February 05, 2014

RIP Philip. You will be so missed. Your suffering has ended and now you can rest in peace. Thank you so much for being the fine actor that you were. Peace and love to you~~
Sherry Bortz, a big fan. Derry Pa

Posted by Sherry - Derry, PA - fan   February 05, 2014

I am truly grieving at the loss of such a great actor and good man. I could feel your pain in many ways. You were outstanding in "The Master" and in all the roles you played....The Last Quartet, etc. I pray for your partner and children. You have left all too soon! Thank you and know you are missed!

Posted by Pat Button - Miami, FL - Fan   February 05, 2014


Thank you for leaving your heart and soul in every role you played to be studied and admired by generations of actors and fans in awe of your innate talent.

Posted by Kelley - Ponte Vedra Beach FL, FL   February 05, 2014 will be missed.your death has proven that the strength in the almighty drug is still out there.and that to surrendering is not an easy choice.god bless

Posted by lori george - syracuse, NY - fan   February 05, 2014


Your Light is shining & we send you Light & Love & Infinite Peace & Light & Love to your family & loved ones....

Posted by Pam Traver - Fruitport, MI - 12 Step Recovering Person   February 05, 2014


You were the consummate artist. When you acted in a film or live production we rushed to see it, knowing we were about to experience something profound. May you rest in peace knowing you left us with the greatest of gifts, your body of work.

Posted by Gwen - Frederick, MD - A Fan   February 05, 2014


Gone too soon.

Posted by J. Koziol - Colorado Springs, CO - Fan   February 05, 2014


So terribly sad to hear that we have lost you. I will cherish your work that will always remain with us. My heart goes out to your family and friends. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. Julie Thomas, a very appreciative fan...February 4, 2014

Posted by Julie Thomas - Atlanta, GA - kindred spirits   February 05, 2014


Rest In will be missed! Your amazing talents cannot be replaced and you will never be forgotten.

Posted by Pamela Wood Actaboski - GA   February 05, 2014


R.I.P. Philip, I really enjoyed u as an actor. U will be missed.

Posted by D - San Pablo, CA - Fan   February 04, 2014


God bless you though this difficult time. Know that Mr. Hoffman has brought many a great gifts of laughter, tears an happiness though his work and his personalty. He will be missed my Millions of people as well as by family and friends. Know that he is with God and he knows no pain or trouble or demons there. And we will see him again when we are called home too. May you know you will be in our prayers and hopefully if anyone can learn from this lost is that life is to short and to make sure you tell and show your love ones everyday. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

Posted by diana wambold - Greenwood, DE - a friend in christ   February 04, 2014

Seymour Hoffman, you wouldn't know me from a hole in the ground, My husband and I were astounded by your talent in every single movie you starred in, especially Charlie Wilson's War. I searched for every single movie that you starred in! We will miss you so much. We hope you are at peace now! All our Love!

Posted by Bonnie M. Thompson - Richmond,, VA - Just a movie fan.   February 04, 2014

May God provide you with the peace you were not able to find on earth. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us! Rest in Peace you talented soul!

Posted by Susannah Vail - Lancaster, PA - Appreciative Fan   February 04, 2014


Philip Seymour Hoffman , THE most gifted and brilliant actor of our time...God bless you and your loving family...

Posted by Priscilla Carlino - Las Vegas, NV - Fan   February 04, 2014


May you Rest In Peace...such a talented will be missed

Posted by Janet McEnerney - Vero Beach, FL - Fan   February 04, 2014

Phillip Seymour Hoffman, you were such a gifted actor and Knicks fan. I am a Knicks season ticket holder and I would see you at the game with your son. Your talent as an actor will be sorely missed. May you find happiness in your next lifetime. Peace and Love to your family. Helen S. Settles

Posted by Helen Settles - Staten Island, NY - A fan   February 04, 2014


Posted by Lisa Mitchell - Rossville, GA - devoted fan   February 04, 2014


So sad...such a loss of a great actor! May you rest in peace and may God bless!

Posted by Terry Grech - DUNBAR, WV   February 04, 2014


you where an amazing person and actor you will be missed my heart goes out to your friends and family

Posted by jennifer - churchville, NY - friend   February 04, 2014


Rest in Peace, Philip Seymour Hoffman. You were a huge talent. I enjoyed seeing you in every movie you made. You will be so missed. May your children and significant other find peace. God Bless!

Posted by Margaret Belcher - Long Beach, CA   February 04, 2014

I love you very much,I know you live on,I know you are free.Thanks for the light you bring,for your service and work.

Posted by Cha- Cha Hager-Scott - Melbourne, FL - thru God   February 04, 2014

It is so sad to lose another gifted actor in this way. I enjoyed your work & will truly miss what could have been. My condolences to your family during this time.

Posted by Kirsten Tyson - Greenville, NC - fan   February 04, 2014


My heart broke upon hearing the news. The world has lost of one the MOST talented actors of all time. May your heart and soul Rest in Peace

Posted by Tish Saling - LA - Devoted Fan   February 04, 2014

Truly a gifted actor,I will miss what would have been but will continue to enjoy what you gave us. God Bless You!

Posted by Eileen depaolo - Los Angeles, CA - Huge fan   February 04, 2014


What a loss . He was bigger then life loved his work . You will be missed. May your children and partner find the bright light you left behind xo

Posted by Lauren - Manorville,, NY - Work   February 04, 2014


A tragic loss of talent & life. Our screens will be less bright without you. You will be missed.

Posted by lita McPheeters - Cincinnati, OH - fan & fellow human   February 04, 2014

What a tragic loss! It hit my soul! I am so sorry that our society is so blind to this epidemic that is taking young people down! I can only pray that we can come together and fight against this most powerful disease! We need to come together and support change by forcing our government not to ignore drug addiction! We need treatment to accessible and affordable! It does not discriminate! Please help! My condolences to Phillip's family....

Posted by Lisa Aiello - Medford, NY   February 04, 2014


Rest in Peace.

Posted by Denise Landkamer - Madison, WI - Fan   February 04, 2014


You will be missed.

Posted by Leigh Quirion - Newport, VT - fan   February 04, 2014


So sad you left so soon.Sending love to your family! I remember you so well in Beautiful Mind that portrayed schizophrenia more clearly.Since our son had his psychotic break,the movie described it as real.It has given hope & we feel less alone. Thank you.

Posted by marj anderson - conway, AR - only a viewer   February 04, 2014

Im sad.. loved your work
Jeff Lynch

Posted by jeff lynch - greenville, SC - friend   February 04, 2014

Rest in peace my brother,my deepest condolences to all your family,my thought's and prayer's are with you all. Neil S. Springfield,Mass. Feb.3 2014

Posted by neil sklar - Chicopee, MA - a great fan   February 04, 2014


I wish there was someway to have helped. I owed you, even if you didn't know it, and I know it must have cost something to bring those characters to life. They not only stuck with me but changed me a little, leaving a bigger well of empathy than I had before seeing inside their lives. Something of which your children, for whom I am so truly sorry, can always be proud.

Posted by Kelly - woodbury, CT - Fan   February 03, 2014


i always could not wait to see your movies......died too were the best actor and it is sad you died so young. yours truly vicki trusselli and mike greene... we loved you Philip........

Posted by Vicki - fulton, TX - Hollywood   February 03, 2014

Much compassion to your family at this time of grieving. Another beautiful life taken too soon by the cunning, baffling and powerful disease of addiction. May all who knew you be gentle with themselves as they try to forgive and make sense of their profound loss. Please accept our sincerest condolences.

Posted by Stacy Parish - Neenah, WI - Fan and Fellow Addict   February 03, 2014

His acting was so beautiful. I will miss him and what he could have still accomplished. So sorry for his family. What a sad way to end such a wonderful talent.

Posted by Judith - San Diego, CA - Fan   February 03, 2014

A most brilliant and talented actor and artist! Your spirit will live on in the hearts of your friends and loved ones and in all your fans. See you at the movies! RIP

Posted by Ellen Seidmann - Philadelphia, PA - Sag/Aftra member   February 03, 2014


There is a stage in heaven awaiting your light.

Posted by Alice L Searcy - Beckville, TX - Fan   February 03, 2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman will be soulfully missed. He was one of the most talented actors around. RIP

Posted by Cathy - MO - Fan   February 03, 2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman was one of the most brillant actors and I'm proud to say that he was from near where I live Fairport N.Y. I know he loved Wegman's cream filled doughtnuts. He was an inspiration. How shocking this sad news is. I will miss him. Sincerely Mary Ann

Posted by Mary Ann - Rochester, NY - He was from near me.   February 03, 2014


Philip Seymour Hoffman from Fairport NY upstate was our native son who did real good. He was an inspiration from the time I seen him play a gay hustler and I thought "who is that actor?" He was awesome in the many films he played a brilliant talanted actor and an academy award winner for Capote.It's so sad. What a tragic loss. I'll miss his movies.

Posted by Mary Ann - Rochester, NY - He came from not far from me.   February 03, 2014

I considered him the most outstanding actor in the new era taking over such greats as Marlon Brando. The loss is unbelievable. I will treasure all the great movies he played in and am saddened by what was left for him to accomplish. My heart is with his family.

Posted by Barbara Bellino - Palisades Park, NJ   February 03, 2014


you went from "THAT GUY IN ALL THOSE MOVIES", to Phillip Seymore Hoffman, one of the greatest actors of our time!

Posted by faye - chicago, IL - fan   February 03, 2014


R.I.P Iconic Actor Will be Remembered Always

Posted by nigel - London - Fan   February 03, 2014

Im sad to hear of phillipSeymores passing I thought he was a great actor and he will be greatly missed my condolences go out to his family.

Posted by Sharon Bradley - Rainelle, WV - a fan   February 02, 2014