Condolence & Memory Journal

May this curly haired adorable young girl made the lives of others so very happy. May she continue to Rest In Peace and I hope to see her if the Lotd above allows me to. God Bless You Shirley XXXOOO

Posted by Christopher M Scotto - Teaneck, NJ - Teacher   February 09, 2021

I really miss Shirley Temple she was the greatest! I still Love watching her shows.

Posted by Mary Medley - Bidwell, OH - Friend   February 10, 2019


I always watched your movies as a child and enjoyed every one of them, may you continue to R.I.P.
You are truly missed

Posted by Susan Geraci - Staten Island, NY - Friend   February 09, 2018

May you continue to R.I.P.and still very much missed

Posted by Susan Chieffo Geraci - Staten Island, NY   February 09, 2018

I left a message a year ago but I still think about you often. Every time I watch one of your movies with my little granddaughter, I think how happy you made me, growing up!! You were & still are the most talented child star ever!! No one can even get close to holding a candle to you!! You were amazing!! I'll see you again in heaven one day!! Until then, we'll just keep watching & loving you always!! R.I.P. Shirley!!

Posted by Shirley Klimowicz - Culleoka, TN - Friend   February 09, 2018


There's not a day I don't think of ur smiles. For those smiles is what makes my day pleasant & helps me keep smiling. Miss u dearly. Blessed Be R.I.P

Posted by D Seda - Elyria, OH - Acquaintance   February 12, 2017


We miss you, Shirley - I'm so grateful I got to meet you in person twice. God bless you and thank you for all the joy you brought the world. Roberta Ann Matysik-Marziani, Willow Grove, PA

Posted by Roberta Ann Matysik-Marziani - Willow Grove, PA - Friend   February 09, 2017

RIP !! Shirley you were & will always be the best actress then & now. No one till this day could ever replace you you were special & kind and will always be remembered till eternity. You brought alot of joy & happiness in my life & countless others. I no your in heaven. God bless !

Posted by Janet Pitre - Lockport, LA - Acquaintance   July 25, 2016


R.I.P. Shirley, you are sadly missed. You were the most talented child star ever & still to this day, no one even comes close. I grew up with you, laughed with you, cried with you & passed it on to my daughters & granddaughters. When you left us, your little light went out here on earth but I know you are shining brightly in heaven. Thanks for the memories, you are sadly missed!! Until we meet again!!! Shirley Klimowicz, Culleoka, Tn.

Posted by Shirley Klimowicz - Culleoka, TN - Friend   February 20, 2016

None will ever be a shirley temple

Posted by rebecca haasbourgeois - pinellas park, FL - Acquaintance   February 17, 2016


Your movies made you immortal, and they're still just as entertaining as ever. Thanks for the memories. Peace.

Posted by Diane K. - Eastpointe, MI   February 12, 2016



Posted by DENNIS PAUL MALONE - council bluffs iowa, IA   February 10, 2016

I have always loved Shirley Temple's movies, I have loved them for years. I still watch her movies. Great loss.RIP

Posted by Carolyn - Hillsborough, NC - fan   February 09, 2015


I still love watching her movies, Shirley Temple was one of the greatest child actor and always will be. Forever in our hearts!!!!!

Posted by Teresa Fountain - Mobile, AL - Shirley's biggest fan!!   February 09, 2015

There's not a moment that when I find myself smiling, I don't think of ur smiles. Ur the most pleasant thought that comes to mind. R.I.P Sunshine! Ur loyal friend & fan, Dayz

Posted by Dayz - Elyria, OH - Friend & Fan   February 09, 2015

I grew up on all the reel to reel Shirley temple movies and who didn't love the good ship lollipop and then moving into my adult hood and sharing that with my children who are all grown. I was graced enough to have Shirley temple doll and blue glass with her imagine. You will be surely missed by zillions. All related to her our world will be less lit because she is gone :(

Posted by rebecca Haas - st petersburg, FL - admirier   January 14, 2015

The only way I can express my feelings is in a poem I wrote just for you: Dear Shirley Temple

My Dearest Shirley Temple
Your Dimpled cheeks were a sight to be seen
Your golden curls as cute as can be
When you cried on Screen
Your genuine tears made many hearts
Skip a beat.
You Made many generations laugh and cry
Your special gifts from up above
Were Graciously received
From all over the world,
From Czechoslovakia to Peking.
You went away too soon
You will be greatly missed.
Your enormous talent, the dedication to your family and love
Of your country is your Legacy
May you rest in Peace!


You will be missed...I cannot wait to see you in Heaven!:)

Posted by Sandra Maria Rivera - Bronx, NY - A heartfelt Fan   March 01, 2014


Coming to this site again but this time with some flowers for you. May people continue to come to this site with prayers for you and your family and thank God for such a gift in the person of Shirley Temple. Thank you God for such a gifted person who made the world smile at a sad time. Thank you God for showing the world that just as Shirley Temple made a huge difference in this world, so can we with the gifts that you give to each one. Thank you Shirley for showing people how to sparkle and to use God given talents to make others happy. And I thank God for your mother who kept you wholesome, unspoiled and happy during your busy childhood. She was an angel too. She protected you and kept you a happy child. I can hardly wait to thank you myself when we can meet in heaven. Rest in peace.

Posted by Maria Luisa Rivera - Bronx, NY - By shining memories of movies   March 01, 2014


Posted by dorothy frantom - new carlisle, IN - admirer   February 28, 2014


What a sad loss but now she is with her beloved husband and parents. She will always remind me of my mother who loved Shirley dearly and shared that love with her grandchildren.

Posted by Gloria Simpson - Phoenix, AZ   February 27, 2014


Thanks for the precious memories. You are now an angel in heaven... God bless!

Posted by Debra Jean - Cedarburg, WI - a fan   February 23, 2014

Miss Temple you have always been in my mind every since my husband gave my mother a Hot Karl one balmy Kentucky evening.

Posted by Jeremy N. Igger - Therapist   February 21, 2014


Rest in Peace Princess

Posted by Lois Welch - Belton, MO - Friend   February 20, 2014


Rest in peace.

Posted by Michelle Medford - East Hartford, CT - Admirer   February 19, 2014


Posted by conner family - OK   February 16, 2014

I have beautiful memories of watching your movies and your TV shows with my mother and sisters. Your talent and genuine sweetness shown through all your films. I thank you for all those happy times we shared with you and I thank you more for your service to our country. God bless you and your family.
Barbara Dore Russell, Orchard Park, NY

Posted by Barbara Russell - orchard park, NY - fan   February 15, 2014


I am surprised and sorry to hear this. May God bless her, her family and friends. She was always one of my favorites whose movies I grew up watching all the time. She is now in heaven. She was truly a positive image for young people. I don't think she has a movie that I haven't seen.

Posted by Viola Pressley - Hamilton Township, NJ - Fan   February 15, 2014


Heaven has received another Angel. Thank You for all the movies you made that entertained me while growing up. It taught me and inspired me to have good honest values while growing up during hard times. The world will surely miss you but will never forget you. God Bless you always Shirley.

Posted by Miguel Legaspi - San Francisco, CA - Fan   February 14, 2014


At a very early age Shirley was a light in the darkness of segregation. In that dimpled face and bright eyes you could see she loved all living creatures - great and small. As a very young child I saw and admired that quantity within her. God's Speed Shirley - Thank You!

Posted by Patricia Crandall - Muskegon, MI - Friend   February 14, 2014


Bless this lady's life. She was a talent beyond all. I watched all of films. She has always been my favorite child star, I just hate she had to grow up. Hope her family will find peace that she touched so many in her life.

Posted by Diane Rodgers - Wetumpka, AL - a Big Fan   February 14, 2014



Posted by DENNISMALONE - COUNCIL BUFFS IOWA, IA - FAN   February 14, 2014


i was said to hear the sad news of shirley temples passing. i loved her movies very much. god bless you r i p.

Posted by loretta cole - drexel hill, PA - friend   February 14, 2014


I am so saddened to hear of Shirley Temple's passing. I am praying that she is in heaven with her loved ones. My Mother loved Shirley Temple as she grew up during the depression. S. Temple was loved, so my Mother wanted me to be like her. I was the child with the hair perms and tap lessons at the age of 3. I am proud to have been placed in a circle with such a Great lady, even though I never met her, she was my childhood Icon via my Mother. May God bless her for what she gave to the world. Even if it was difficult for her. - with love Kathy Neumeyer Feb. 14, 2014.

Posted by Kathy Neumeyer - Katy, TX - Fan of a famous Icon   February 14, 2014


My deepest sympathy to the family. I don't think I could convey how much her movies were enjoyed by my family as we were growing up. She gave me the best childhood memories. I loved all of her movies, but I think my favorite was Heidi. It was our honor to have her in our home - even if only through her movies. She taught us how to treat people and to be kind and compassionate.
I am sure that she is watching from above and spending time with the ones that she loved that left her long ago. Rest in peace and enjoy the wings that you earned many, many years ago. God Bless.......

Posted by Connie S. Emery Miller - Geeorgetown, IN - Fan of many, many years.   February 14, 2014


Saddened to hear of the passing of Shirley Temple. Her movies were iconic and her talent was unsurpassed. One of a kind, Shirley Temple will live on forever.

Posted by Lynne Messeck - Dalton, MA   February 14, 2014


Lots of good memories. I will miss you.

Posted by Kale Drake - Sciota, PA - Admirer   February 14, 2014


My Heart was very Sadden to hear that Shirley Temple Black had passed away. I was not aware that she was ill. She will truly be missed by all. We all grew up watching all her wonderful Movies, that she was so cute and good in. I have quite a few of her movies on DVD, and some of them came with a charm, which I will always keep. For such a little girl, she certainly had the talent and was a very good dancer too! God Bless her Family! So Very Sorry for you all!

Posted by Connie Waters - Chillicothe, OH - Fan   February 14, 2014


Sorry to hear of the passing of Ms. Shirley Temple Black. I grew up watching her movies on television as a child, and still watch the reruns. I have always been in awe of her natural God-given talent, and how the roles she portrayed made you feel that you could do anything you set your mind too. When hearing of how she became an Ambassador, that reinforced my belief that she had the same warm and endearing spirit on and off camera... May she R.I.P. knowing that she was loved and will be remembered always!

Posted by Joyce Mitchell - Philadelphia, PA - A Fan   February 14, 2014


You made me smile and laugh while watching your movies with my mom and my sisters.Those are fond memories that a i keep close to my heart,now you are with my mom .RIP.

Posted by Kathy Topping - Dayton, OH   February 14, 2014

I was saddened to hear of Shirley's death. I grew up watching her movies and watched her career grow as she got older. She will be missed more that she knows. God Bless You Shirley.

Posted by Steve Jackson - Summerville, SC - Fan   February 14, 2014

A few years back, as the caretaker of my now 88 yr. mother who loved Shirley Temple, I began watching rented movies of Shirley. Soon I was taken over and bought 'Fox's' promotion collection of DVDs. I've watched them over & over again and NEVER grow tired of them. She was really, truly and amazing child. It's incredible that she had such talent. My mother loved, loves her & always laughed & commented how beautiful Shirley was.
--Your family, Shirley, must be VERY proud of such an accomplished human being who contributed so much to this word. May God Always Bless Your Family.
Thank you, Lord.

Posted by Rose Macias - Port Hueneme, CA - audience   February 14, 2014

I was very sad to hear of the passing of Shirley Temple Black. As a child she delighted us. As an adult she ably served us. I salute a classy lady and a great American. We love you, Shirley, for making us smile in times where there was little to smile about. God bless you and RIP.

Posted by Joseph Bell - Levittown, PA - Admirer   February 14, 2014


"The Little Princess was one of my favorites". She was a amazing talent for her age may she rest in peace!

Posted by Julie Tipton - West Grove,, PA - Fan   February 14, 2014

I have many Shirley Temple movies! My mom and I used to watch her movies together! She is with my mom now!

Posted by Lee Steiner - St. Cloud, MN   February 14, 2014


my wife and I have a lot of Shirley's movies. We love Shirley and know she is in heaven where she can sing
forever and be as beautiful as ever. May God keep her precious spirit. Curtis and Mary Herring, Panama City Beach, Fla. Feb 14, 2014

Posted by Herring, Curtis - Panama City, FL - fan   February 14, 2014


I grew up watching and loving your movies. My mother's name was Shirley. Heaven now has a beautiful angel who sang, danced and acted her way into our hearts. My prayers for your family as they mourn your loss.
Marlena Peoples, Orange, CA

Posted by Marlena Peoples - Orange, CA - Big Fan   February 14, 2014


I'll never forget the happiness she brought to all her movies, the joys, the laughs and some tears. I always
watch her movie marathons on TCM. One of a kind no one will ever take her place in my heart.
Thank You for brighten our days so long ago.

Posted by Marjorie Vasco - Bodfish, CA - Admirer   February 14, 2014

She made me want to dance!

Posted by Patricia Crouch - Eugene, OR - life long fan   February 14, 2014


Shirley Temple was one of a kind - a child star that no one could match. We've lost an important hollywood icon that left behind a wealth of entertainment. Her movies are undated and are still enjoyed today. I'm very saddened at this news, and send sincere condolences to her family and friends. Thanks Shirley - you were a true star!

Posted by Diane K - Eastpointe, MI - Huge Fan   February 14, 2014


I grew up watching Shirley's movies and I still watch them to this day. She will live on in my heart. Rest in peace dimples.
Kim Norrington Fan Flint, MI

Posted by Kim Norrington - FLINT, MI - FAN   February 14, 2014


I've loved Shirley Temple since I was a kid. she was so cute growing up. May she rest in peace.

Posted by Janet Woodville - Tucson, AZ - Fan   February 14, 2014


She will live on in her films as my children watch them, and their children one day as well.

Posted by Amanda Rexrode - Staunton, VA   February 14, 2014

My prayers and condolences for the family of Shirley Temple Black. As long as innocence and talented children exist, so will the memory of Shirley Temple. She was a very kind and loving lady. God bless her soul and may it return to us one day.

Posted by Martha Terrell - Houston, TX - fan   February 14, 2014


she will always be a very special memory forever tome and her movies and talent will always be a treasure to me.all my love and prayers to her family at this time.

Posted by janice beshears - west linn, OR - fan and admirer   February 14, 2014


Prayers for the family.....always enjoyed her movies so much...

Posted by Debbie Swisher - Churchville, VA   February 14, 2014


I grew up watching you. You were a great asset to our country and our minds. You will be missed

Posted by Robin Rider - Clifton, TX - fan   February 14, 2014


REST IN PEACE SHIRLEY~ The world's most beloved Little Darling and Earth's Angel will live forever in everyone's heart and memories. You are our loss and Heaven has gained a true angel. I am your #1 fan

Posted by Lynn Bendick - Lindsay, CA - #1 fan   February 14, 2014


To the Family of Shirley Temple,
Thanks for sharing her with us.
What a Wonderful Legacy she leaves behind.
The World will always remember her.
May she rest in peace. Max Ohio 2/13/14

Posted by Maxine Heidmann - Solon, OH - Fan   February 14, 2014

You will be missed by all, rest in peace

Posted by Joan Barwig - gary, IN   February 14, 2014

My mother shared with me how she longed for a Shirley Temple doll when she was young, but they were too
poor for her to have one. I searched dolls shows and finally found an original dressed as "Wee Willie Winkie," obviously cared for and loved. My mother is a very political woman, and always told me about Mrs.
Black's commitment to our country. Few lives are as fulfilled as hers. Thank you for being a beacon to me.

Posted by Dona Schoenbeck - San Diego, CA - fan, follower   February 14, 2014


God Bless You, Shirley Temple. You were an important part of my childhood. you're with the angels now.

Posted by Lori ann Carter-Hancock - Tampa, FL - A Fan   February 14, 2014

"Your movies touched so many peoples lives and still do. The days of innocence, laughter, dancing and just plain fun seem to have disappeared in the movies. I grew up watching you in an era of hard times but your movies always brought a smile to my face and happiness in my heart while watching them. Thank you for all the lovely entertainment over the years that you provided my sister & I. Whenever we were sad, down, etc. we watched your movies and I still do to this day! May God bless you now that you are with him and the Angels."

Lyn Merchant, friend, fan, Glenview, Illinois, February 13. 2014

Posted by Lyn Merchant - Glenview, IL - Friend, Fan   February 14, 2014

you will be missed by all

Posted by debra thistle - holliston, MA - friend   February 14, 2014


Shirley you were amazing actress (star). You were my favorite and will be missed by so many fans,you were such beautiful woman from the day you stared your career as a child and grew into the lovely woman you became. I'll never forget you or will I ever stop watching or sharing your movies with my children/family. Rest in peace, you my be gone but will never be forgotten...

Posted by Christina Ezzell - hampton, VA - admirer   February 13, 2014


Just a few months ago I read," A Star is Born." Thank you Shirley Temple for telling of those years in movies and of the years following. Our country was indeed fortunate to have you working to represent us overseas. As a role model you are outstanding. Thankfully we have dvd's and videotapes to rewatch your wonderful singing, dancing, and smiling!!! Blessings to all of your family as they are feeling your passing.

Posted by JanetKay B. Meekin - Spokane, WA - Longtime Fan - since the '40s   February 13, 2014

You touched so many people and still do through youer movies, the days of inocence , and just good laughter and fun. you will be missed , and no matter how old we are we enjoy watching your movies , the girl with the dimple and curls who made us laugh words can express our gratitude for how you shared yourself with so many people in an era that was hard , but through your entertainment we made it .. I am so sad , but know you are with the angels...

Posted by Ruth Schlotzhauer - Malvern, PA - an admirer and fan   February 13, 2014

Dear Shirley, You will be missed by so many. You were always my favorite star when I was a child and as an adult. I loved dressing my daughter like you because i thought she looked like you and was smart as a whip like you. You bowed out of Hollywood gracefully. But continued to contribute to our lives. No one will Miss you as much as your family. However your life touched so many.

Posted by Terri Roberts - Alviso, CA - I was an admirer   February 13, 2014


Thank you for all your wonderful movies, i have seen them all. My granddaughter and I watch them whenever they are on TV. you have left wonderful memories for all of us. God Bless! RIP!!
carolyn pennington, fan. Hillsborough,nc 2/13/14

Posted by carolyn pennington - Hillsborough, NC - not (fan)   February 13, 2014



Posted by Mary Estrada - East Northport, NY - Friend   February 13, 2014


What wonderful memories I have of Shirley. I loved her movies & I will miss her a lot. She was a blessing to all of us. I want to say thank you, Shirley, for entertaining us the way you did. God Bless you. Connie Turner, La Fontaine, Indiana

Posted by Connie Turner - La Fontaine, IN   February 13, 2014


one of my first memories is of you. RIP Shirley Temple. You made the world a better place xo

Posted by charla marshall - carpinteria, CA - fan   February 13, 2014

Candle and sad that your are gone I was your #1 fan and I'm.going miss u terrible my heart is always with you forever your where my favorite i grow.up watching you on tv and movies I' to see you go and that you are gone I a losted a sister that's how much I miss u and love you and how much . It hurts me . But I will.always have you in my heart forever and the rest of my life I.Love u I hate too see you gone and I'm.sad but I know it will get better i love u always your # 1 fan Brandi

Posted by brandi bradford - plymouth, MA - friend or fan   February 13, 2014

We will always miss you

Posted by Hank Bloomfield - Lake City Florida, FL - No   February 13, 2014


We have lost a true treasure with the death of Shirley Temple. I vividly remember watching on TV as a child with my Mother, sisters and brother, her captivating performances in every movie she did. As the president said way back when, as long as we have Shirley Temple, we will be all right! She will always be alive in our hearts and is now on the good ship lollipop, sailing away to heaven. Like Lucille Ball, Shirley will entertain many generations to come, in re runs, she will always be in our minds eye the curly haired little girl, who amazed and dazzled us with her sining, acting and dancing skills. Young performers take note as she grew up, she maintained her dignity, had class and grew up to be a productive member of society, she had five careers, actress, mother, grandmother, diplomat and our beloved friend. May God bless you, your family and us, for the great gifts you bestowed on the world. Until we meet again!

Posted by Stephen Godet - Feeding Hills, MA - Fan   February 13, 2014


A beautiful childhood memory remains - of sweetness, joy, and an irrepressible spirit. I was born in 1930, so I grew up with Shirley Temple, FDR, and WW II. I sang "On the Good Ship Lollipop" in a radio talent contest for kids when I was 5. it was at the Paramount Theater in Waco, TX and I had a Shirley Temple perm even though my hair was black. I came in 3rd. I just bought my great-granddaughter, Kylah, Vol 2 of her movies and a paper doll book, for her 5th birthday on February 4th. Her magic will live on in the hearts of today's children. God bless her family.

Posted by Betty Rivera - FAIR OAKS, CA - FF (forever fan)   February 13, 2014


You will always be remembered - Andrea McDonald 2/13/14

Posted by Andrea McDonald - Bethlehem, WV - Fan   February 13, 2014


Thank you for the pleasure you gave to millions in your movies and also in your love and caring for others, your whole life! Good woman God has accepted you with open arms!

Posted by Joan McGittigan    February 13, 2014

you will be so missed

Posted by sandra culbert - johnson city, TN   February 13, 2014


Posted by virginia schueler - Hialeah, FL - no relation   February 13, 2014


I grew up watching Shirley on TV and I have all of her movies on VHS (need to replace with DVDs). My children and some of my grandchildren enjoy her movies today as well. What a remarkable woman. As much as I will miss her, I know that her family will miss her much more. Beautiful smile, warm heart!

Posted by Theresa E. Vasquez - Austin, TX - Fan   February 13, 2014

I can not say enough good about you im only 46 years born in 1967 and I was lucky enough to have grown up watching your movies PRIM TV if you ask me REAL TALENT your memory will live on with my grandchildren and I pray thiers to thank you so verry much you made me see life through rose colored glasses .. Heaven is fortunate to have you .. Chelease Februray 13, 2014

Posted by Chelease - Stockton, CA - life long fan   February 13, 2014


I grew up watching your movies & still watch them even today. You were loved my so many children & adults. Your sweet face, curly hair & dimples will forever be a part of me. You will be greatly missed but your movies will be here for many, many more generations. God bless your family & keep them strong through this difficult time.
Debbie Romero, life long fan, Abq. NM, 2-13-14

Posted by Debbie Romero - Albuquerque, NM - Life long fan   February 13, 2014


Forever my favorite child star she was born the same month and year as my father may you rest in peace dimples. May you be on your goodship lollypop ride to heaven.

Posted by deborah massa - franklinville, NJ - fan   February 13, 2014


I am lighting this candle the favorite actress. I will always remember her for her movies and the wonderful smile she had.

Posted by Jodi Hembree - St. Clair Shores, MI - life long fan   February 13, 2014


Loved her, so sorry!

Posted by dorothy frantom - new carlisle, IN - admirer   February 13, 2014


Posted by MARY RIGGS - CLEVELAND, TX - JUST MEMORYS   February 13, 2014

I have such fond memories over my 80 years of the classic Shirley Temple.....a wonderful American and Lady.....

Posted by Ramon Yarborough - Fayetteville, NC - Admirer   February 13, 2014


My heart is sad today knowing we have lost a ray of sunshine. You helped a nation smile though some dark times with your song & dance patter....we all wanted to dance like you ...but there was just one Shirley....our Shirley...thank you Bright Eyes, there will forever be Animal Crackers in my favorite move was Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. You will be were the best of what a childhood star should exemplify went on to be a good wife and mother....our country called upon you again & you became an Ambassador to have made us proud to be Americans....and me in particular, your made me proud to be a girl....RIP....forever love good-bye

Posted by Penny prince Andrews - Beverly Hills, CA - Friend   February 13, 2014


Rest in Peace,Shirley,
You will be loved and remembered always.
C.& J Hensley, Weeki Wachee,Florida Feb.13.2014

Posted by carroll hensley - weeki wachee, FL - long time fan   February 13, 2014

Grew up watching your movies. I will always be a fan. We will miss that smile and dimples. Love your dancing and I grew up dancing also. My favorite movie was Heidi. Still makes me cry. Loved all your movies.

Posted by Ramirez - Tampa, FL - Movie admirer   February 13, 2014


I grew up watching your movies. Always been a fan. You will be greatly missed by all. But you will live on thru your movies for generations to come.

Posted by Patsy Black - Mansfield, OH - Fan   February 13, 2014

Seems like she had some type of impact on peoples live, whether it was when she was singing and dancing or as an Ambassador.. She was a remarkable lady and lived life to the fullest. My favorite movie of all time is Heidi, loved her and Grandfather.... May she rest w/the Lord..

Posted by Moyer Family - PA   February 13, 2014

We will miss you, dimples and smiles, you brought us through hard times all the while, your wonderful laughter, your happy dance, nothing you did was done by chance, thank you for sharing your happy place and allowing the world to enjoy your space. We loved you then and especially your movies too, but most importantly, we loved you...

Posted by D M LISMORE - Brunswick, GA - Movie admirer of long ago   February 13, 2014


God Bless you Shirley Temple... I loved watching you in your movies
when I was a little girl. You are one of a kind. WE will miss you very much.
You brought so much happiness to so many people & children.

Posted by Linda - Stuart, FL - fan   February 13, 2014

Thank you Shirley for your loving energy that brought joy to millions of people. It is because of you that dancing and singing came into my life. My daughter and grandchildren were introduced to you through your memorable movies. Now you can teach the angels in heaven how to sing sweeter. May your family find comfort through the condolences offered by her devoted fans.

Posted by Patti Davis - Santa Rosa, CA - fan   February 13, 2014

Goodbye little Shirley Temple, I enjoyed everyone of your movies over and over again. May you always be remembered and never forget your sweet smile.

Posted by Jo Abbott - Brockton, MA - fan   February 13, 2014


Posted by ORLAN & SUSIE STUCKER - DENTON, TX - NOT RELATED   February 13, 2014


Angels exist ! Shirley temple was one - Sent by god to uplift America in its darkest time. What a Inspiring example of Joy, Optimism, & Unbridled inspiration !!! She knew bad times don't last-We could learn that lesson today. How quickly we forget. Shirley, May God bless you & your Family as YOU BLESSED America with your talented Presence.

Posted by raymond spada - mount clemens, MI   February 13, 2014


Shirley Temple Black, you were a beautiful adult star as well as precious child star. You were not only an Ambassador for your country but also for the WORLD! We are all blessed for the gift of your life.

Posted by Patricia Sailers - Atlanta, GA - No   February 13, 2014


Goodbye, Little Princess...heaven's been waiting for you.

Posted by Kathleen Campbell-Dawson - Reno, NV - fan   February 13, 2014


I have grown up watching your movies from when i was a child. Now as a grown up i watch them with my daughters. Baby take a Bow as you will live Forever on our Screens and in our hearts. R.I.P. Hunni god bless

Posted by Sharon Cockley - United Kindom   February 13, 2014


Condolences to the Black family. I like most, grew up watching Shirley Temple movies . I watched her with my Mother who as I grew up was never be able to care for herself or walk and is now passed 12 years . Shirley brought so much needed laughter in our home. I just want to say Thank you for all the beautiful memories. It breaks my heart to hear of her passing but Heaven gained yet another beautiful Angel. God Bless. Love , Juanita Olejniczak

Posted by Juanita OLejniczak - Barrington, IL - A fan   February 13, 2014


I have watched all of your movies several times over...the world has lost a treasure..and now you are heavens..God bless you will be missed.....Vicki Hannon Plano Texas

Posted by Vicki Hannon - plano, TX - fan   February 13, 2014


I loved watching Shirley Temple movies. Kids today don't know what they are missing.
R.I.P. dimples.

Posted by Helen Marshall - salt lake city, UT - fan   February 13, 2014

Precious Shirley, what a beautiful "wonder" you truly were to this earthly life for all of us to love, enjoy, be blessed by and receive Gods ray of hope and laughter through. I know heaven is rejoicing today because you have arrived back home with God your awesome creator and Lord. You will be greatly missed here on earth but I know we will see you again soon in heaven and laugh and dance together with the Angels around the Throne of God. We pray for your family and the entire world as they adjust to the great void that has been left and experienced by the loss of your earthly life here. I have seen all of your movies and followed your wonderful life and all that it represented and you accomplished in your assignment and commission here on earth, and you were a blessing and special example to me and little girls and women the world over Shirley. Thank you! For the legacy of life that you left us all and for the challenge also, to always be the best we can be and to fullfill our appointed journey here with a spirit and attitude of excellence that glorifies God our Lord and creator as you did. Thank you for the journey Shirley and for running your race here with such passion and grace. Again, "what a wonder you are"!!!! You were God with skin on to many many people during tough and hard times of life and brought us all in to rememberance of a Great God that was with us to see us through and that "this to would pass", taking away the heaviness of it all and giving beams of light and fresh hope of a better day ahead. Enter into your eternal rest and receive your reward Precious Shirley that is awaiting you in heaven now and know that you will always be with us here until we can be with you there. You are so loved! And oh, "what a wonder you are"!

Posted by Filese L. HAUSER - Oklahoma City, OK - A forever fan in God   February 13, 2014


There is nothing more that I can add that has not already been shared. I too have most of the movie collection and when I need reminding of a simple time long ago, I pull out my Shirley Temple collection movies and enjoy them as if I never saw them before. My husband's favorite is Little Princess but mine is Bright Eyes and Heidi. Shirley is missed greatly by many fans and family. All who knew her were touched by the gift of love and laughter and a legacy like none other. To the family are many prayers that you may be comforted by the lost of such a extraordinary lady who did greater things in her adult life as well. May God wrap you all in His loving arms that you may remember the joy she brought into your lives.

Posted by Tanya Robertson - Portland - fan   February 13, 2014


I don't know where to start. First of all I believe I will start this message off with Hi Shirley, we never had a chance to meet on this earth. But I do believe I will meet you in Heaven one day, because I know you are there. You are a special Angel sent by God to Cheer up the world during difficult times. My Father named me after you because you were his favorite Actress. I have almost all of your movies. and when Im sad or need a lift, or just want to laugh and cry. I play your movies and they always make me Smile!! :) Tears are flowing down my cheeks as I try to write this message down. I want the entire Temple, Black Families to know just how much you were loved by your fans and that we are grieving along beside you.You will Forever stay in our Hearts and memories. With heart felt love and prayers to you and yours,from one Shirley to another! May God bless you with the biggest crown your head can hold!! Thank you for always giving, it will never end.. Lots of Love, Shirley m Brackett ,marysville Ca.

Posted by shirley brackettt - marysville, CA - sisters in the Lord   February 13, 2014


Little Princess was my favorite movie growing up and I am sure that I am not the only one out there to say that. You will be missed. I wish that my kids had more amazing icons to look up to, such as yourself. Rest in Peace.

Posted by Rachael - Waco, TX   February 13, 2014

Rip with the angels
What a gifted treasure you were
So Baby Take a bow!!
Thanks for the joy and memories

Posted by sandy - phx, AZ - fan   February 13, 2014


I watched your movies as I was growing up and my FAVORITE was REBECCA OF SUNNYBROOK FARM!! You brought much joy to many people through your songs and movies....You are a great lady and will be sadly missed....Gone but NOT FORGOTTEN and FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS !!

Posted by Donna - Orange Park, FL - Loyal Fan   February 13, 2014


You touched so many lives and brought so much happiness to the world. Rest in Peace. Your memory will live on in the legacy you left behind.

Posted by Tena - Covington, WA - no relationship.. fan   February 13, 2014


I watched and loved your movies as a child and shared them later with my own daughter who now has her own DVD collection of them. Your life accomplishments have inspired so many. My thoughts and prayers will be with your family.

Posted by Kathleen Kelley - Vancouver, WA - loyal fan   February 13, 2014


My name is Sandy, I live in Alaska, you drove by one day and waved at us by the road. I will never forget, I was so excited, I have followed your life for a long time. I am in hopes when I get to Heaven we will meet, until that time, I am glad you are home, and thank you for all the wonderful things you have done for us during your life time. You are a Very Special Person, I pray for your family blessings and direction, you will be greatly missed! Bye for now, see you when I get home too! Admiration and Love Sandy

Posted by Sandy Mullen - Anchorage, AK - Admirerer   February 13, 2014


You touched a lot of peoples lives, including mine, now you watch us from above. May God bless you and keep you always. R.I.P. Beautiful Lady.

Posted by helen - rancho cucamonga, CA - fan   February 13, 2014


r.i.p. shirley temple thank you for the memories the laughter your smile you will be so miss there will never be another shirley temple like you may you alway fly high with the angles bc he always takes the best god bless your family n friends

Posted by mary jo smith - lakewood, NJ - a big fan of hers   February 13, 2014


Glos Bless you Shirley. Every little girl wanted to be Shirly Temple. I loved your movies, your singing and your dancing. Thank you for the good memories and the joy you brought. Condolences to your family.
What a treasure we have lost.

Posted by Sophia - Bensenville, IL - Fan   February 13, 2014


never again will there ever be a child actress as great as you Shirley temple black. god bless you

Posted by jerry rafuse - nova scotia canada - just a fan   February 13, 2014


God bless you Shirley, for being an inspiration to us all.... Rest with the angels

Posted by John Kearns - Jamestown, NY - fan...   February 13, 2014


My mother was so sad to hear of your passing, Her father named her Shirley after you, and after my fathers passing, he ask my mom to name me Shirley two, You will forever be missed in our hearts, we will love and miss you forever and always, Your forever fan Shirley Dodson from Richmond, Va

Posted by Shirley Dodson - Richmond, VA - Fan   February 13, 2014


There will never,never be a child star like you. You are one of a kind,that never can be replaced.Till we met. Your greatest fan. Susan

Posted by susan schultz - vancouver, WA - friend   February 13, 2014


My thoughts and prayers are with your family, My mother,s name is Shirley and my name is Shirley also. I grew up watching all of your movies and I still have them all today, My mother has a autographed picture of you which she treasure,s and Love,s so much. You will always be remembered in our family as the cute little curlie top darling that could always put a smile on our face. We will miss you forever and always

Posted by Shirley Marshall - Chesterfield, VA - Fan   February 13, 2014


Posted by ELADIO DEL VALLE - BOCA RATON, FL - IDOL   February 13, 2014


Shirley ,you were my little friend to me. I loved everything about you I, still watch your cute little movies, my dad would rush and get me something to dry my eyes. I know you will be singing all your songs, to him until I get to heaven with both of you. love always your little friend Kathy.

Posted by kathy bachler - lancaster, CA - self   February 13, 2014


Shirley gave me many a happy couple of hours every time I saw one of her movies. As a grown up I now own most of her films when she was a little girl. She made me laugh and cry at the same time. She will always have a special place in my heart. Too bad we don't have children of that caliber in movies today. She was always a class act. Shirley you will be missed.

Posted by Jan Dague - Fort Wayne, IN - Just a big fan of Shirley's   February 13, 2014

A great loss, she will be missed. Have such good memories of her movies and growing up watching . So sad.

Posted by Carol Castle - Sun city, AZ - Just a Fan   February 13, 2014


My deepest sympathy to her beloved family, friends and fans. My sweet girly girl rest in peace. Will live in my heart. My childhood idol that's what u have been for me. Just pure thoughts of an angle when I see your movies. Will be missed. Thank you Mrs. Shirley Temple Black for the enjoyment that u had been to all America.

Posted by Mary Colon - Staten Island, NY - fan   February 13, 2014

I have loved Shirley Temple all my life. My father, now 96 years old, would have named my older brother -born before WWII- Shirley. However, he was a boy. So when my parents reunited after Daddy's return from WWII, I was born and named Shirley Ann. I was Daddy's special Shirley, and my mother duplicated the curls. I always felt I had a special name because of Shirley Temple Black. Your movies and your vibrancy live on with my daughter and my four granddaughters. Your family is blessed. You will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.

Posted by Shirley Bell Stephenfield - Gainesville, FL - Admirer and fan   February 13, 2014


I was so sad to hear of your passing. RIP we my mom, sister and I truly loved your movies. You will be greatly missed. There will never be another like you. God bless your family and friends. I also thought it was so cool that you and my mom were the same age. You made the world a better place.

Posted by Diane okula - East Norwich,, NY - Fan   February 13, 2014

I watch all your movies. You were a wholesome person. Rest in peace in God's house

Posted by Carol W. - albany, NY - no   February 13, 2014


Shirley, You will be missed! Your movies bring a smile to my face, warm my heart and leave me in awe of your natural talent and tender heart. You lived a life true to yourself. You were strong enough to not be caught up in the "Hollywood" scene and keep your integrity. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. I epecially loved your tap dancing with Mr. Robinson. Rest in peace.

Posted by Eleanor Morse - Fairfield, CA - Fan   February 13, 2014


Rest in peace beautiful angel.

Posted by Heather Thomas - CT   February 13, 2014

Thank you for touching my heart and for all the beautiful memories, loved all your movies. God bless your family Rest In Peace

Posted by Rebecca Bersntein - Downey, CA - FAN   February 13, 2014


you will be miss thank you for the memories

Posted by tammy landry - houston, TX   February 13, 2014


Shirley you touched my heart throughout my many many years. I greatly loved that little girl i saw in the movies who instilled so much kindness, compassion and love in me for others. I saw you as a true blessing and as the years went on and i grew up with you through your movies I saw that the little girl in true life was truly a loved filled compassionate woman and was a true blessing to those who got the opportunity to meet you and got to know you. Thank you Shirley for sharing that love, compassion and kindness so that little girls like me can fill our hearts with it as well. Your an Angel of God now and i am sure he holds you dearly in his arms and heart. My deepest condolences to Shirley's family and friends i know it's a painful lost. God be with you all during your hour of grief and Pain. "+"

Posted by Wilma Rillera - Aventura, FL - A Life time Fan   February 13, 2014


R.I.P. Shirley. My condolences goes out to the family, friends, and fans. You will be missed.

Posted by Linda Settles - Columbus, OH - Fan   February 13, 2014


Shirley Temple
Miss You forever

Posted by Luke Selinger - nashville, TN - no   February 13, 2014


Now my Grandma and Mom are getting to sing and dance with their idol. R.I.P. Shirley

Posted by Shari - Lancaster, CA - 3rd generation fan   February 13, 2014


" R.I.P. Shirley you will be missed by so many. God bless your family. Thanks for all the memories.

Posted by Carol Fortner - Cartersville, GA - Devoted Fan   February 13, 2014


Posted by WILLIAM CASHMAN - SUMNER, WA - FRIEND   February 13, 2014

I shared a birthday with Shirley. As a child, I always had the Shirley Temple curls, dresses etc. Then there were the dancing lessons. I think my Mother hoped that some of the talent would work it's way to me thru our shared birthday. It did not. She will be missed.

Posted by Carolyn Cottrell Hartman - Redwood City, CA   February 13, 2014


As I watch the melt-downs of celebrity youth today , I wonder if any of them could have walked a mile in your shoes. My deepest condolences to friends and family.

Posted by Fred Burrows - Gulfport, MS - Kindrid Spirit   February 13, 2014


Shirley I dropped off so e items for you at the house in Woodside.... flowers, soup with animal crackers, a lollipop, and some cherries..... Thank you for the memories ... See u in Heaven

Posted by Michael - San Jose, CA - Fan   February 13, 2014


It is so sad to lose someone who brought so much love and happiness into the world. Her memory lives on in all the beautiful movies the world has to share. I will always remember that little curly top girl who danced her way into everyones' heart. God bless those who were so dear to her.

Posted by Trish Morgan - Canton, OH - devoted fan   February 13, 2014


Shirley we will never forget you , she was a gift from God. An earth angel that will always be missed.With our Love to her family!

Posted by Achord family - Little Rock, AR - dearest fans   February 13, 2014


Thank you for all the wonderful Sunday morning movies. You will be missed but, not forgotten.

Posted by Laura - Monrovia, IN   February 13, 2014


Rest In Peace you will be missed. God Bless to your family. You were a spark during the depression and perform wonderful things in for all of us in public life.

Posted by Margaret Gaffney - Danbury, CT - Fan   February 13, 2014


R.I.P. Shirley you will be missed. God Bless Your Family

Posted by Dawn Hoffman - St.Francis, WI - Fan   February 13, 2014


My Mom and I both grew up watching her and now much kids. They dont make movies like that anymore. So sad that she has passed. My heart and prayers go out to the family.

Posted by Courtney Hill - edmond, OK - Fan   February 13, 2014

So sad great lady will be missed

Posted by irma puffer - dalton, GA - fan   February 13, 2014


Our world is a little darker after losing shirley, but look how bright heaven is. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Posted by victoria winter - BATTLE CREEK, MI - fan   February 13, 2014

Thank you Shirley for letting me and my grand-daughter grow up watching you and loving you !!!!!

Posted by marge maeby - baltimore, MD - a devoted fan   February 13, 2014

Thank you Shirley for making my childhood brighter. Every Saturday I would go to the Mesa Theater in Los Angeles to see two Shirley Temple movies. I have seen every one of your pictures at least twice. Hollywood's brightest star has gone out. Thank you again. You were loved more than you could ever know.

Posted by Betty Arndt - Hermosa Beach, CA - ardent fan   February 13, 2014


Posted by RAYMOND LANOUE - crestview, FL - fan   February 13, 2014


I watched her as a very young and wanted to be like her we will miss her love you Shirley temple black from jeannie jones Corvallis oregon

Posted by Jeannie - Corvallis, OR - None   February 12, 2014

I almost cried when I heard about Shirley's passing, it was like loosing my mom all over again. My best memories are sitting in the living room on Sunday afternoons watching old movies with my mom (at that young age, Shirley Temple was the only one I liked to watch, and Lawrence :) Welk). :( Condolences to her family, but her spirit and gift for entertainment will live forever in our hearts.

Posted by Cindy Rasar - Madisonville, TN - Fan   February 12, 2014


We will miss our little Darling from childhood to adulthood, she won us over with her smiles,laughs,and tears.We felt the emotion she brought to the screen and to our lives!We will truely miss Americas Little Darling! Our Prayers are with her dear family and friends."God bless you in this time of morning"We will always remember her.Thanks to the family for sharing her ray of sunshine with the world! There is no other like her or can ever replace her,she is one of a kind!

Posted by Lisa Cagle - Little Rock, AR - viewing friend   February 12, 2014


Wonderful lady, your movies did the heart good. My grandchildren are watching them today. Thank you for the memories.

Posted by Louisette Crawford - Harrison, TN   February 12, 2014

Angela Hamman you were a nice singet actors.

Posted by Angela Hamman - Ann Arbor, MI - Friend   February 12, 2014


Your delightful presence will live on forever through your movies. My 6-year-old granddaughter has discovered them and dances right along with you. What a gift you are to us all.

Posted by Doni Bobel - Mobile, AL - fan   February 12, 2014


You might be gone but you will not be forgotten. I loved watching your movies when I was growing up and still do, you left a image on my heart. <3>

Posted by Lauri Stanger - O'Fallon, MO - Devoted fan forever <3   February 12, 2014


You will be missed. The memories will live forever. Be with God.

Posted by Kim B. - Rio Rancho, NM - A Fan   February 12, 2014


Shirley, you shown a light on the world like NO one else ever could. You are, and will forever be the worlds "Little Darling". You helped heal a county and world through a war and depression like no other. You are and will always be in our hearts. You are a CLASS ACT! that no other actor or actress can ever come close to. May you shine on forever with the Stars Above. The world Thanks You~

Posted by Marlene Earley - Warrenton, VA - devoted fan since 1950's   February 12, 2014

Shirley temple inspired love for humanity through her films <3 self taking her vision the simple watching another little of><3 shell love>

Posted by Shelli Toftemark Smith - Eugene, OR - Admirer   February 12, 2014

I was sad to of shirly temples passing.she was such a sweet spirit and such a great example for
everyone.i hope that she was warmed by the quilt she received on her last birthday.i know now that
she is with her heavenly family .we will always love her.--judy Schultz February 11,2014

Posted by judy schultz - antioch, CA - a devoted fan   February 12, 2014


She will be missed by family and friends she led a truly remarkable life.

Posted by Gloria Simpson - Phoenix, AZ   February 12, 2014


What a difference you've made in so many young lives! Truly one of God's newest, prettiest and sweetest angels. So many have loved you!!!! You are the absolute greatest!!!!

Posted by Van Burnham III - Sumner, MS - Long-time friend and admirer   February 12, 2014


Thank You for the many years of enjoyment and entertainment you have given the world . Your courage ,beauty, grace and service to our country was a dedication like no other. Thank you for you are loved and missed . A true world gem who will shine forever in our hearts.

Posted by JoAn Rie-Lewis - N.F., NY - a devoted fan,very greatful   February 12, 2014


May you rest in Peace Shirley.

Posted by Marilyn - Sacramento, CA   February 12, 2014

I have been her fan most of my life, and she is among my favorite stars. Her artistry, poise and talent helped me to get over my own personal shyness. She influenced my sense of style as a child which I took into my adult life. ACFA

Posted by Amelia Christine Felix-Adimike - Miramar, FL - Fan   February 12, 2014


RIP Miss you.

Posted by Lois Welch - belton, MO - friendb   February 12, 2014


The "Good Ship Lollipop" will live forever, but you will be missed.

Posted by Patricia Johnson - Autryville, NC - Fan   February 12, 2014


A true rose that bloomed at a young age and entertained many. I grew up watching her and dancing with her. She is now dancing in the heavens. God be with the family during these trying days.

Posted by Teresa Vaughn - Santa Maria, CA   February 12, 2014


so loved and will be so missed.

Posted by Patricia Dowling - Williamsport, PA - long time fan (dob:5/20/28)   February 12, 2014


May you R.I.P., you will be missed by many :(

Posted by Susan Geraci - Staten Is., NY - A Big Fan   February 12, 2014


God bless Shirley Temple forever. She was a shining star in the 1930s & kept the American peoples hopes alive during that tenuous time. Her golden curls, dimpled smile & tapping feet will never be forgotten by the world she brightened. There are not very many positive & uplifting public figures like her today. My deepest sympathy & prayers to her children & family. Shirley lives on in our hearts.

Posted by Gary H Roller - Agoura Hills, CA - Los Angeles native   February 12, 2014


Shirley , You were very blessed to share so many good things to all of us all over the world to enjoy. Your cute dimples and curly hair will always remind us all about you and your legacy. Shirley God had good intentions for you. A, Angel you will always be. We love you Shirley.

Posted by Mary Gardner - Montague, MA - A true fan   February 12, 2014

What an inspiration to kids of all ages. My mother was named after Shirley Temple and she made sure I had Shirley Temple dolls for every occasion. She is now passed away, but I know she would be grieving this loss. Such a great talent and loved by so many for so long. Gina Rose, Shelbyville, Ky.

Posted by Gina Rose - Shelbyville, KY - Fan   February 12, 2014


so true god sent us an angel down here, to brighten an cheer the hearts of many, i loved an will continue to love all her movies , my mother pass gone when i was 9, an loosing her was hard, but watching your movie made the hurt less each every time i watched,gave me hope to look foreword, you have touch so many in such a pure good way, , wish to pass you on to my granddaughters to watch your movies with them, love you an will miss you

Posted by tammy miller - kent, OH - fan   February 12, 2014


I was not born during the depression era but when I was a child I
Loved all of Mrs. Temple movies, it made me her number one fan. God bless her and her family
Know she is an angel singing the most beautiful songs ever, goodbye Mrs. Temple thank you for all your love and movies from a fan.

Posted by Maria - Cleveland, OH   February 12, 2014


Shirley Temple Black You were extremely Talented at such a young age. I fond memories of watching your movies when I was a child. You were cute as can be as well as funny. Loved It !!!!! Then you were older and transferred in to a young beautiful teenage star. When you were older you became ambasseder to the check republic. you were very talented and very intelligent lady. I still have my Shirley Temple doll. Will not give it up for anything. What a sweet person you were and I know you with God now.

Posted by Tracy Niemann - Cincinnati, OH - fan   February 12, 2014


You will be missed ,never forgotten, will treasure my Shirlet Temple doll , R.I.P.

Posted by sandy goodman - new lenox ill 60451, IL - a fan   February 12, 2014


Thank you for being the wonderful little girl who helped bring our country through the depression years and then later your heartfelt dedication to being an ambassador for our country to help others. We will miss you but your memories will live on in the wonderful legacy of movies you have left behind.

Posted by Patricia A. Klinge - Indianapolis, IN - Fan   February 12, 2014

Dear Shirley: Thank you for being in my life as we grew up together. You brightened up my life. God bless.

Jo DiFilippo

Posted by Jo DiFilippo - Los Angeles, CA - friend   February 12, 2014


I loved her movies! What a talent she had and shared with others. She will be missed.

Posted by Ann Houston - Fort Payne, AL - friend   February 12, 2014

Dear Shirley,God must have sent his personal angel here on earth,to cheer up people in it`s hour of need, in this country.You did just that and much much more.You affected the life's of millions with your God given talents.Your life`s journey has now taken you back to him.You will be missed by all.

Posted by GARRY COCHENOUR - CUMMING, GA   February 12, 2014

Your family are in our prayers.

Posted by Dan Scherbarth - Chadron, NE - fan   February 12, 2014


i had such great memories of watching you on tv, my mom use to watch you also, you will be missed, my mom is at peace also now, hope your dancing in heaven.


Posted by Donna Thompson - norwell, MA - Friend   February 12, 2014


Celebrating the curly top that danced and sang her way into the hearts of our world then grew into a beautiful lady of grace. Thank you for a lasting legacy that will continue to bring joy for years to come. I smile when I think how your movies bring a little happiness to children and many of all ages enduring illness :)

Posted by Candy Williams - White Salmon, WA - Fan   February 12, 2014


Such great memories as a child and an adult watching her with my parents and since with my grandchildren rest in peace

Posted by cheryl - toms river, NJ - not   February 12, 2014


You are gone but will never be forgotten! Rest in peace! You were a big part of my childhood and will always be in my memories!

Posted by rachael zarzorian - waterford, MI   February 12, 2014


Dear Shirley, Your shoes were tiny and mighty, never to be filled by the likes of you ever again because God made you one of a kind, one that sparkled brighter than the stars in the sky. You filled so many hearts with joy and laughter and so much more. God bless your grieving family but God bless them too for having you. They are truly blessed among families because of you. Thank you for leaving us such precious memories of the best you had to give. Thank you for bringing us all that God called you to be. You will be sorely missed but you live on and on in our memories, in your movies, in your family and the incomparable legacy you left this world. Until we meet in heaven! I am so, so grateful for you.

Posted by Awilda Rivera - Bronx, NY - Forever Fan   February 12, 2014


Shirley - From the time you were born, you were such a bright light in the world and will be missed. You brought so much joy to the world with your talents and service. I had the honor of meeting you in person twice - at a book signing in Philadelphia, PA, and at the Princess Grace Foundation Tribute to Cary Grant in Beverly Hills, CA. I remember you recited a prayer that Cary Grant carried in his wallet every day of his life. It was quite lengthy but you recited it from memory - I was impressed! God bless you, Shirley, and thank you for all the joy you brought to the world. Love and Peace, Roberta Ann Marziani, Willow Grove, PA

Posted by Roberta Ann Marziani - Willow Grove,, PA - Friend   February 12, 2014

To my darling little girl, that brought smiles to the entire world. Your legacy will never be forgotten and may the candle I light in church for you shine as bright as the brightness you have brought into our lives. I know that our friend the late Gale Storm Patterson will be by your side as bought of you were in our lives showing us the happiness you can bring to the entire world. Thank you for the memories. We wiil always miss and love you...and long to see you in the Lords eternal life in heaven.

Posted by Chris Scotto - Mooresville, NC - Friend   February 12, 2014


Thank you for all the joy your movies brought to me my children and now my grandchildren.You were in a class of your own.

Posted by linda s allen - DANIA Beach, FL - lover of her movies   February 12, 2014


I'll never forget the joy and happiness watching your movies on TV when I was little. I remember someone asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I answsered "I want to be just like Shirley Temple." You will be greatly missed by everyone.

Posted by Patricia - Chesapeake, VA - Fan   February 12, 2014

I grew up in the 50's watching Shirley Temple and putting on a show for the neighborhood kids, me dancing to her record album. I remember the day I got my Shirley Temple Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm doll for my birthday in 1957. I still have the doll and it will be buried with me, its in mint condition& a treasure to me. I send my heartfelt prayers to her family.

Posted by Jeanie Dolginoff - Overland Park, KS   February 12, 2014


I always use to say my son had the most beautiful Shirley Temple curls when he was little! You movies were a big part of my growing up years. Now I show them to my children. May God Bless you and your family.

Posted by Debbie - CA - Lifetime Fan   February 12, 2014

From a early age you were a class act. These new young stars could learn a thing or two from your example. Rest in peace and thank you for all you did.

Posted by Anthony Martinesi - Staten Island, NY - Fan   February 12, 2014


Never has there been such an individual as she. Truly one of a kind. She will be missed

Posted by Renee - Boring, OR   February 12, 2014

You gave a gift of smiles to the whole world. I think you will be one the rare individuals who will never be forgotten. To the members of her family, my prayers are with you. God Bless

Posted by Florence Boyer - 6695 Snowbird Dr., CO   February 12, 2014


you will be very missed, you touched so many people and our hearts, with joy and laughter, and now in heaven you will find the same, we love you very much, 4-ever

Posted by maurice lemire - silver springs, FL - a fan   February 12, 2014

No possible way to express to her family how much love and joy this lady brought so many for so many years! I remember the joy just watching her movies and then sharing them with my daughter. I think Heidi was my daughters most favorite...for me I don't think I could pick a favorite...I loved them all! Julia Arney, Fishers Indiana 46038

Posted by Julia Arney - fISHERS, IN - NOT   February 12, 2014


Thank you Shirley for giving us a smile when we watched your movies. You will be greatly missed - you were an inspiration to us when we needed it and you lived your life as a warm and gracious person. Thanks for all the wonderful movie memories.

Posted by Janice Dobbs - Powder Springs, GA - lifelong fan   February 12, 2014


Shirley was a blessing for many that needed inspiration during tough times. She could make you forget about your problems and smile. You will be missed but not forgotten. Thanks for all the good memories.

Posted by Carrie Ellsworth - Jackson, MI - Fan   February 12, 2014


Thanks for the wonderful memories...we have many of them.

Posted by Eleanor Bird - Clendenin, WV   February 12, 2014


The minute Shirley came on screen Ms Temple made your day. She was the happiest child star ever

Barbara Apparicio

Posted by Barbara - broklyn, NY - admirer   February 12, 2014


I think Shirley was a real blessing. As I grew and watched everyone of her movies, listened to her progress through life it had an impact on me as well as my own children. They were all raised with the precious moments of Shirley and thank God she lived and was a part of all our lives. She will be greatly missed.

Posted by Anna Strong - Angola, IN - A life time fan of hers   February 12, 2014


What a blessed life you have lived, but most of all-a wonderful wife and mother-which is what you said was most important. Thank you, Shirley, for you...

Posted by Rebecca Jeffers - Neosho, MO - Fan   February 12, 2014


Shirley was an exceptional mentor to young and old of what it means to be right, loving and honest in life. She will always be a great inspiration of these qualities through her films and political experience that seem to lack so much in our society today. She was a class act from the day she was born. That's why so many loved her.

Posted by Lynda Lasseter - Lakeland, FL - Long time fan.   February 12, 2014


Shirley was a true mentor to young and old of what it means to be right, loving and honest in life. She will always be a great inspiration of these qualities that seem to lack so much in our society today. She was a class act from the day she was born. That's why so many loved her.

Posted by Lynda Lasseter - Lakeland, FL - Long time fan.   February 12, 2014


R.I.P. Will remember you through your wonderful movies.

Posted by Gloria P - New Castle, DE   February 12, 2014


The To Family, I believe I watched all of Shirley's TV Shows. I will always hear her cute little voice singing On The Good Ship Lollipop, dancing, and the way she would pucker her lips. What a Star, cute little girl and Lady and I know we'll meet in Heaven.
Midge Jones, Jackson, MI, Feb. 12,2014

Posted by Midge Jones - Jackson, MI - Friend   February 12, 2014


I grew up with Shirley Temple movies, they just don't make them like that any more. You will be missed
Cassandra Davidson-Bryant, Forever Fan

Posted by Cassandra Davidson-Bryant - las vegas, NV - Fan   February 12, 2014


I saw many of Shirley Temple's movies growing up, and they are true classics in every sense of the word. For those who have never seen her movies, you are really missing out. She was one of a kind, and we will not see the likes of her talent ever again. Rest In Peace, Shirley. You will be sadly missed by the millions of your adoring fans.

Posted by Dale Winans - Meadville, PA - Fan   February 12, 2014


You can never be replaced. Thank god for putting you on earth to share all your talents and help us get through trying times. We will miss you. Our prayers go to your family.

Posted by Diane Tidwell - Cypress, CA - Long time fan   February 12, 2014

You will be missed so much. I grew up watching all your movies which are classics. I hope they will show them again soon. You gave us so much happiness and sunshine. In addition, you did so much for our country and represented us well. Rest in peace and know that you are loved. Thoughts and prayers go out to your family.

Posted by Patricia Palarino - Bowie, MD - A fan   February 12, 2014



Posted by LEONA THOMPSON - lancaster, CA - fan   February 12, 2014


You made the world s.m.i.l.e. to be h.a.p.p.y .Rest in peace and you'll put a smile on God's face. We all will miss you

Posted by Robbyn Elder - Lake Stevens, WA   February 12, 2014

I fell in love with Shirley Temple as a child. Her movies are true classics. My prayers go out to her family during this time of loss. She was loved and admired by many!!!

Posted by Andrea Gracie - NEW CUMBERLAND, WV - a fan   February 12, 2014


God Bless the family and give them peace. Shirley gave so much when it was greatly needed and left a legacy for the rest of us to enjoy. She was loved and admired, she will be missed.

Posted by Debrielle Welch - Albuquerque, NM   February 12, 2014

Oh how I loved watching your movies as a child and even now as a 60 yr. Old woman.You brought such joy to the screen and lives to so many people. Thank you for everything you did for all mankind. R.I.P.

Posted by Connie Manning - Bristol, VA - A fan   February 12, 2014


May you rest in peace and be honored and proof of all the millions of people you made so happy watching your movies over the years. Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us. God Bless you!
Karen Maylender, San Antonio TX Feb. 12, 2014

Posted by Karen - San Antonio, TX - fan   February 12, 2014


I feel as if part of my childhood memories died with U.

Posted by Tammera Hollar - Carlisle, KY - FAN   February 12, 2014


Sending our prayers to the family friends and fans.. She was a great little actress.. Loved her movies..You will be missed Shirley Temple Black..

Posted by Kathy Seelig - Edgar Springs, MO - Fan   February 12, 2014

You will be missed love you always I wanted to meet you now my chance is over

Posted by Maggie bra shears - Callahan, FL   February 12, 2014


Thank you for the joy that you brought to us not only as a child, but as a caring adult. You will always be remembered for your sweet smile and twinkling eyes!

Posted by Zetta Hart - Severna Park, MD - Fan   February 12, 2014


Everyone in my family knew what a Shirley Temple fan I was. To this day when I feel a bit down, I grab one of my "many" Shirley Temple" movies! You just have to smile with her! We were so blessed to have had, such a talented young lady, a pillar of strength as an adult. No words can really describe how she will be missed. The twinkle in her eyes, are now twinkles in the sky. RIP Shirley Temple Black. We will miss you

Posted by Marian L. Bonikowske - Glasford, IL - just another super fan   February 12, 2014


Thank you for all the wonderful films, and being my tv friend while growing up. You will be greatly missed.

Posted by Candy - NC - not related   February 12, 2014

I truely Loved here as a child star, i have a whole room full of dolls and magazines,cups every movie she made, i just wanted to share that it is very ironic that my mother passed on this same date many years ago, you will be missed so much

Posted by deborah deleeuw - kaukauna, WI - fan   February 12, 2014


I watched all your movies and loved each and every one, You will be missed by so many. I shared my movies I have of you with my grandchildren and they loved them too. Rest in peace my dear your movies will be shared for many generations to come.

Posted by Janet L. Atwater - Falkville, AL - Fan   February 12, 2014

Thank you Shirley for the wonderful films you made. Thank you also for being a shining example in your personal life as well.
Eternal rest grant to her O Lord, and may Your perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace. Amen.

Posted by Christine Morris - Spring Hill, FL   February 12, 2014


Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone that knew Shirley. She has and always will fill our hearts with memories, laughter and love. May God bless everyone she has left behind, but now God has another angel. With deepest sympathies, Larry and Jackie Whipkey. Acme, PA.

Posted by Larry and Jackie Whipkey - Acme, PA - not related   February 12, 2014


Thanks for all the Great memories

Posted by Larry Green - Chicago, IL - Fan   February 12, 2014

Her movies were an inspiration to me and touched my heart and spirit from the time I was 4 years old. I grew up loving her films, I watched her films as a child and a teenager with Mickey Rooney. She was an excellent role model for all child stars on how to move into the adult life of a child star. She will be greatly missed but never forgotten as her films will remain classics and loved for generations to come.

Posted by Brenda Maloney - Lugoff, SC - Friend   February 12, 2014


I watch you when I was small and love your movies and I will miss you.

Posted by Murlean Ruiter - Grant, MI - fan   February 12, 2014

There could not have been a more wonderful person on earth in both mind and sperit.
Thank you for all the joy and love you brought to so many people over the years.
RIP Laura

Posted by Laura Seeley - Richmond Ca 94806, CA - Friend   February 12, 2014


A life well lived. I went to the movies to see her as a child, my children watched her on TV and my grandchildren were always awed when I told them I was the same age as Shirley. Today as my great-grandchildren watch and love Shirley on DVDs...the joy is still there. Her life travels after her tremendous popularity as a child were of the highest ideals and she served her country well. Rest Well little princess.

Posted by June Crawford - Jackson, MI - Lifelong admirer   February 12, 2014


Shirley, you are a light in our lives that will live forever in our hearts. I have always been an avid fan of yours and watched all your movies and have a large collection of them. I also have a paramount picture of you at about 4yrs. old on a camel that I treasure. You are an Angel now and may you rest in peace, and say Hello" to Jesus for all of us. My loving regards to her children and all family, she will truly be missed.

Posted by Kathleen Francis - Hillsdale, MI - avid fan of Shirley   February 12, 2014

Shirley Temple will be dearly missed, she was a treasure and many young people will remember her movies as a youngster and some as a teenager. My deepest sympathy for your loss to her immediate family, her Hollywood friends, and family, and all that grew up watching her as a sweet and dear little talented young child. I know that I have a collection of her movies, and know that my daughters watched them with me when they were young. Thank you for being yourself and continued to be as an adult, you will be dearly missed. God Bless! -Susan J. Downey, a fan, and mother, Manchester by the Sea, MA, Feb. 12, 2014.

Posted by Susan Downey - Manchester by the Sear, MA - fan   February 12, 2014


I watched Shirley in movies since I was a child so talented what a great person she was her family must be so proud of her . My deepest sympathy for your loss

Posted by Theresa Russo - Waltham, MA - fan   February 12, 2014

Shirley was so much a part of my life when I was little. I was 3 years younger when she played in the child roles on the "silver screen". I got to wear dresses like hers and had my hair in curls just like hers. She brought nothing but happiness into our world and helped us all have a cheery outlook on life when the economy was so bad. Never heard an unkind word about her all her life. Our society has been a better place to be because of her work. Her mother raised a very well balanced child that stage mothers today could follow and the child actors or today would have less problems. Thank you, Shirley, for being you!!! You will always be much loved!!!

Posted by Marlene M Nelson - Huntsville, TX - Just a grateful fan.   February 12, 2014


I have always enjoyed Shirley Temple, so cute and sweet. You will always be remembered. God has another angel!

Posted by Julia Craig-Harris - Waterbury, CT - not   February 12, 2014

I Christine larouche will miss shiley temple, I grew up with her, watching her all the time, I will sadly miss her, I always have in mind animal crackers in my soup, Shirley I know you can hear me, I will miss you, I can not stop crying, I know you collected dolls, I wish I could have one in memory of you, I can hug it like you were her, my address is 501 brokkvillage rd apt 6, if I can please have one, thank you, god bless you all, love you all,

Posted by christine larouche - nashua, NH - long time friend   February 12, 2014


I remember waking up on Sunday mornings, going to church and returning home to watch a Shirley Temple movie with my family. She brought so much laughter and joy into our household. When I became an adult, I watched her as often as possible in hopes of regaining some of those fun childhood memories. Rest in peace sweet angel, you brought the world eternal Joy!

Posted by Ruth Woods-Haywood - Jacksonville, FL - Fan   February 12, 2014


Love you Shirley, your movies were adorable and I loved watching them all the time.I was sad to hear of your passing.But you will always be remembered in our hearts.

Posted by Eileen mciver - Galloway, NJ - friend   February 12, 2014


We love you Shirley Temple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Tomika Henderson - Round Rock, TX - BIG FAN   February 12, 2014


Shirley Temple. You brought so much joy to the world you will be remembered forever. I love watching your movies. You make me very happy. Love you a Great Fan Jesangl

Posted by Patricia Betancourt - Virginia Beach, VA - Fan   February 12, 2014


Thank you for the joy you brought to our family as we sat with our Sunday dinners on TV trays to watch your weekly movies together. You never cease to make me smile. May God grant you eternal peace. Much love and appreciation for all you have given.

Posted by Diane F. - Manalapan, NJ   February 12, 2014


As a child I use to watch The Shirley Temple movies on Sunday mornings. I loved her movies so very much. She was a wonderful actress and will be missed by millions of people who grew up watching her.

Mary Jo Wolf, Fan, Cleveland, TN

Posted by mary jo wolf - Cleveland, TN - not   February 12, 2014

Soooo sorry for your loss. Loved watching her growing up..she was beautiful!

Posted by Teresa dorman - louisa, VA - fan   February 12, 2014


Shine on, Shirley! Your star that shone so brightly on earth, now shines in Heaven. Thank you for all the wonderful movies I loved as a child, and still love, today. R.I.P.

Posted by Darla Loftus - Carterville, IL - A fan   February 12, 2014



John & Sue Temple

Posted by John Temple - Henderson, NV - unknown   February 12, 2014

I watched your movies as a child and loved your sparkle. The way you sang was like an angel. I will remember you forever. May you rest in peace and sit on the right hand of God.

Louise. Fan. Salem, OR

Posted by Louise Hopkins - Salem, OR - Fan   February 12, 2014

God bless you. Grew up with you, loved you, will miss you always!! My little granddaughter will know & love you too. Never been a child with your talent!! So gracious, so loved, so missed!! RIP sweet Shirley!!

Posted by Shirley K. - Culleoka, TN - Lifelong fan & friend   February 12, 2014


We love you so much, little angel~ Nighty night~

Posted by Laurie - Paradise, CA - fan   February 12, 2014


As a child I looked forward to waiting for a movie with you starring in it. I would circle the TV Guide and ask my Mom if I can watch your movies And of course she was always in agreement. God Bless you and my condolences to your family. You will always be in our hearts ~ N.Gomez Eastvale, CA

Posted by Nora Gomez - Eastvale, CA - Fan   February 12, 2014


I will love her forever

Posted by clara lewis - arlington, TX - no   February 12, 2014

I sighed with you, sang with you, danced when you danced, and rejoiced when you were our ambassador--all grown up! Thank you for the wonderful memories, and for you extraordinary life which you shared with us all!! Love love love you! Rest in God's arms now!

Posted by Terry Ardolf - Fairmont, MN - Fan for many years   February 12, 2014



Posted by Leah Favors - Decatur, AL - FAN   February 12, 2014


Thank you very much for your precious films that I love! I enjoy watching your movies,and fell in love with your cute little face! There will never be another like you,and your talent!! You will be dancing again in Heaven with the angels!! Rest In Peace Little Sweetie!!!

Posted by Nicole Kenna - Barberton, OH - biggest fan   February 12, 2014


To my favorite child actress, rop you will be missed and the world lost a great person.

Posted by Thomas Ballistrea - Buffalo, NY - Fan   February 12, 2014


Shirley Temple was radiant as this candle when times were very tough. Even though the flame is gone, she will not be forgotten because of her legacy that she leaves behind. Rest in peace, Shirley Temple Black, knowing that you have made a difference in this world.

Posted by Joan Risch - Oroville, CA - Fan   February 12, 2014


Your life will always be an inspiration to me. As a former dancing teacher, you were my silent mentor in my studio. I LOVE TO WALK IN THE RAIN was my favorite routine of yours and I taught my daughter her solo version to this beautiful piece of yours. -Julia M. Taylor, Rome, GA, Feb 12, 2014

Posted by Julia M. Taylor - Rome, GA - Not related   February 12, 2014

THANK YOU for making my childhood filled with laughter and some tears from your wonderful movies. I will pray for your family for GOD to help them through this difficult time in their lives. REST IN PEACE MISS SHIRLEY.

Posted by LORETTA.G - WATERFORD, CA - FAN   February 12, 2014


Thanks for making me smile.

Posted by Laura Houston - topsail island n.c., NC   February 12, 2014

I grew up watching your movies so did my daughters and now my granddaughters. God has a special place there in heaven for you. Rest in peace.

Posted by Judy K. King - Council Bluffs, IA   February 12, 2014


Shirley..Rest in Peace You will be greatly missed. I grew up watching your movies and they are memories I will always cherish of you. You made my childhood extra special..Thank you

Posted by Linda - Prescott Valley, AZ - Fan   February 12, 2014


"Your movies will live in our hearts for a very long time. We were all blessed by your presence." R.I.P.

Posted by John Wanat - Westfield, MA - Just a friend   February 12, 2014


I lost my parents over the past 2 years, and they told me stories of watching Shirley Temple in the Matinees
when they were children. And of course I have a few of her Movies in my film collection as well. Pray to meet her someday in Heaven!

Posted by Larry Pulley - Springfield, IL - Fan   February 12, 2014


You will be missed very much and I love growing up and still do watching your movies and you were wonderful and beautiful on the inside and out and hope very much that you knew the Lord and had a real relationship with Him because He did Love You and now your not in pain anymore....Tamara

Posted by Tamara - Stockton, CA - Fan   February 12, 2014


I also grew old with you,was able to watch all your child star musical movies,LOVED them all me & my 2 sisters,of which 1 is no longer with us as well. You will never be for gotten!

Posted by C.David Moore - Sarasota, FL - fan   February 12, 2014

i,ll never forget you . you were a wonderful part of my childhood.

Posted by terry walley - wheaton, MN - friend forever   February 12, 2014



Posted by CYNTHIA WEBER - GULFPORT, MS   February 12, 2014


Thank you for your service to our country both as an ambassador and as a youth in lifting the spirits of millions. Your life is a tribute to all those who raised and loved you and to the wise choices you made. God bless you Shirley and all those who loved and watched over you in this world.

Posted by Dianne Pond - VA   February 12, 2014


Ms. Shirley will be truly missed by so many generations to come. I grew up watching her movies with my mom. She was always singing her songs to us. Even at the age of 72, she still watches her movies with great grand children. Thanks for being such an important part of my child hood and others. Our prayers go out to the family. Bren Ebert Family

Posted by Brenda Ebert - Wheeling, WV - Ad mirror from a child   February 12, 2014


Dear Shirley, I know you will bring as much pleasure and happiness to those angels in heaven as you have done for us her on earth! I still watch your movies now and loved them so very much as a child! You brought such joy to so many! You will be missed, Thank you for leaving behind such amazing memories for us all.

Posted by Sharon Gleason - prunedale, CA   February 12, 2014


May you rest in peace, Shirley. You'll forever be the happy, beautiful, precocious child of your childhood in my memory. Thank you for bringing the world so much happiness with your movies. And thank you for representing the US to the world. God bless and keep you.

Posted by Tessie Chua - San Francisco, CA - Fan   February 12, 2014


May Shirley's light forever shine on earth never to be forgotten. I am 68 years old grew up watching all her movies with my grandmother. I will miss her very much but never forget the laughter she brought me.

Posted by Mary Loomis - Biloxi, MS - Fan   February 12, 2014

Shirley we well miss you I watched your movie when I was a child we well never forget you , you were a beautiful little girl. pam shambeau.

Posted by pamela shambeau - palmdale, CA   February 12, 2014


When I was a young girl I would go to my nanas house and spend 2 weeks there. She would turn on your movies for us to watch, and I fell in love with you! Your a true icon and will be missed!

Posted by vallerie rough - hagerstown, MD - no   February 12, 2014


I want to thank you for all the wondrous years of joy that you have provided for millions and millions of people thru all these many years. I think of you as a big sister and no one else. I grew up watching all your movies and then watching your children grow up on TV. The dove is a sign of peace and fits you so well. I know you are in all your glory now with all your family and friends that went before you. Now you can entertain the Lord God Almighty. We should be seeing much more sunshine now. Thank you, Thank you. Will always remember you by making sure all our grand children learn about you and all children after them. God Bless

Posted by Barbara Green - Mankato, MN - an all time fan   February 12, 2014

RIP Shirley, Thank you for all the years of making us Smile, In the 60's my Daughter had Shirley Temple Curls, Rag Curls, I had them in the 30's God Bless you, and I'm sure my Great Grandchildren will enjoy your movies as we all did.

Posted by Ellen Smith - San Lorenzo, CA - no   February 12, 2014


Rest in peace Shirley---We all enjoyed your Dancing,Singing,Acting...I have a nice collections of your movies.

Posted by Angie Young - Yamhill, OR - Audience   February 12, 2014


You will be so missed. Will never forget the song On The Good Ship Lollipop! Love to you and to your family.

Posted by Julia Williams - Wauconda, IL   February 12, 2014

Rest in Peace, and Thank You.

Posted by Ellen Tsagaris - San Jose, CA - Met at a book signing   February 12, 2014





Dear Shirley. I watched all your movies my favorite was Heidi you where such a wonderful person . I always wanted to meet you .And thank you for bringing a smile to my face when you where in movies, I have two dolls I will cherish forever, God Bless you.

Posted by lucinda bogda - chicago, IL - friend   February 12, 2014

I will always remember you Shirley Thank You you will be missed

Posted by Mary Jane Medley - Bidwell, OH - Friend   February 12, 2014

Dear Shirley, you will be missed greatly. I LOVED YOUR DANCING AND SINGING.
Rest in peace.
John P O donnell Mooresville.NC

Posted by john odonnell    February 12, 2014

Shirley, Rest in Peace, I truly remember all your movies, in fact my Dad liked so much that when I was born,
he named me Shirley too.....God Bless you Dear Shirley....

Posted by Shirley Cabrera - Rolling Meadows,, IL - not related, just liked her....   February 12, 2014



Posted by JOHN - NY   February 12, 2014


Her smile will be missed by many. Rest in Peace, Shirley

Posted by Alice    February 12, 2014


For some strange reason I was thinking of Shirley yesterday. The best actress of all times. Rest in peace.

Posted by constance takhar - lincoln, NE - no   February 12, 2014


I will miss my best of all the best child actors ..RIP

Posted by dennis sheehan - san francisco, CA - fan   February 11, 2014


To our wonderful Shirley may you rest in peace as the world and I loved you so much! My mom & I enjoyed your many movies as you made us cry, laugh and hope (my mom 89yrs old is a WWII WAC).

Posted by Lynn and Lita - Albuquerque, NM - Fan   February 11, 2014


To our wonderful Shirley may you rest in peace as the world and I loved you so much! My mom & I enjoyed your many movies as you made us cry, laugh and hope (my mom 89yrs old is a WWII WAC).

Posted by Lynn & Lita - Albuquerque, NM - Fan   February 11, 2014

To Shirley's family....her true gift on this earth. She certainly gave the world a precious gift of her talent, childhood and stardom. As a 62 yr old, I have my prized Shirley doll from my childhood in my collection case. I will smile, not tear up when I look at her and remember the sweetness and joy Shirley brought into so many hearts. She will always be huge in the history of film making keeping her legacy alive. God keep her close to Him always. Annie G from Cincinnati

Posted by Annie - Cincinnati, OH - not at all, just an admirer   February 11, 2014


Rest in peace My Dear Shirley! I love to watch you when I was a child.

Posted by Paula Spears - Indianapolis, IN - Fan   February 11, 2014


Shirley, you was one of the best actors known to the world, i've watched every movie that you have ever made. May God be with you,and tell my sister,in heaven "where i know you are", I love her and miss her,sooooooooooooooooo much. I love you..

Posted by Pat Hair - Benson, NC - Friend   February 11, 2014

Animal crackers in my soup!!

Posted by Justin Iggir - School friend   February 11, 2014


Posted by Jean Boudreaux - 1003 Glenstone Dexter, MO - friend from afar   February 11, 2014


you gave us you with asmile we will mess you all your fans joann hodge rip withall our love

Posted by joann hodge - caro, MI - a fan   February 11, 2014


It is a very sad day. You have touched the lives of many. From your wonderful movies to a Great humanitarian. May God shine his light and bless those who you leave behind..Sincerely Lorraine Osborne

Posted by Lorraine Osborne - Grants pass, OR - No   February 11, 2014


RIP NOW! growing up you were a American hero in our house. we all grew up sitting in our living room with mom and dad watching you. I loved you singing"on the good ship lollipop and all the other movies to many to list. you were pure in heart, sweet and innocent not like some of the trash out there today. You will surely be missed but never" forgotten". Prayers to you and your family and everyone who loved you.....

Posted by Jo - New Jersey and florida - Admirer of her's   February 11, 2014


I love her all her movies I have a lot of them. Watch them often. Admired her.

Posted by Wanda Smith - Lexington, SC - Admired her talent.   February 11, 2014

Shirley Temple brought so much joy to so many! My daughter and I watched all her films together. There will never ever be a little girl as talented, sweet, and beautiful as Shirley....she was truly special in so very many ways....grew up to be a wonderful woman. Thank you with all my heart, dearest Shirley Temple, for all the precious love you gave to everyone on earth... I send my prayers and much love to her family.

Posted by Donna Kuchinski - Hazleton, PA - a grateful fan   February 11, 2014


HI i am 14 and i wish i would have been able to meet you. i have wanted to like you ever sine i herd about you. i rote a report about you and i am vary sad.

Posted by Rileigh Hiatt - Murray, IA - Biggest fan   February 11, 2014


you were a ray of sunshine any day of the year and a pleasure to watch. You will be truely missed

Posted by Alexis Shoemaker - San Bernardino, CA - Fan   February 11, 2014


I admired her as a Child

Posted by Jeanne Strong - Delray beach, FL   February 11, 2014

When I was young I kept a scrap book on your pictures, accomplishments. I loved your movies. You will be missed. Today I am 61, my heart is breaking because we loved you so much. You are gone but never forgotten. RIP Shirley

Posted by Karen Vincent - Chicopee, MA - a fan   February 11, 2014


May you rest in peace . I will always remember you !!!

Posted by JoAnn Smith - Anniston, AL - Fan   February 11, 2014


we loved you so much Shirley temple you will be remembered forever.

Posted by lori giordano - egg harbor township, NJ - a movie watcher   February 11, 2014


Every time I hear Good ship lollipop I think of you ,have a good sleep Shirley, you'll be missed

Posted by Ron Hokland - Honolulu, HI - admirer   February 11, 2014


I loved watching Shirley temple movies when i was a little it was the best time ever when me an my Mom would watch them together. Rip you will be missed by all an allways rembered!! My heart goes out to your Family an my prayers!

Posted by Sheila Shea - SPRINGFIELD, MA   February 11, 2014


Posted by Milini Heckenkamp - Quincy, IL   February 11, 2014


I loved your movies as a child my mom took me to see all your movies.
May you RIP.. Condolences go out to your family. You will be sadly missed.

Posted by Joan Russo - Monroe, CT - Fan   February 11, 2014


I loved watching Shirley Temple movie as a child and starting taking dance lessons because of her! Such a beautiful person!

Posted by Kim - Sacramento, CA - fan   February 11, 2014


The world has lost a very beautiful person who made life wonderful in the Depression Era condolences to her family her children , grandchildren, and great grand children they were truly blessed to have her ... I was born 1958 and was named Dianne Shirley because I was born with lots of blond curls around my head.. ever since I can remember Shirley Temple was adored by me she was a beautiful person and will truly be missed by all god bless our angel Shirley Temple Black

Posted by Dianne Sievers - Alamogordo, NM - admirer   February 11, 2014

Heartfelt sympathy to Shirley's family. Our hearts go out to you. She was an amazing child and an accomplished women.

Posted by Jan Martin - San Jose, CA - admirer   February 11, 2014


My condolences& prayers goes out to her family , the world has lost an amazing woman. I grew up watching her movies that I could watch over & over again. She always brought smiles to everyone face that watched her movies. She loved to sing & dance, she was the cutest little girl with curly hair & dimples that everyone loved. She will be greatly missed by the young & old. May you rest in peace Shirley Temple. <3>

Posted by Vickie Heitkamepr - Fairdale, KY - Shirley Temple Fan   February 11, 2014

My prayers go to her family. At the age of 4 (1937) my mother took me to see my first Shirley Temple movie. Shirleys' mother a client of my mother, gave me with two (2) of Shirley's hairbows which I still have today in the cedar chest. I plan to purchase her DVD's for my great-grandchildren to view. These movies are a joy for everyone to watch - no matter what the age. In addition, another personal connection, Shirley Temple was named an honorary member of the International Society of Interior Designers (ISID) - which ultimately became the International Interior Design Association (IIDA).

Posted by Patti Richards - Camarillo, CA   February 11, 2014

So many of my childhood memories included Shirley Temple. My mom and I love to watch her, we laughed and cried through them and felt good at the end. She was such a great example to others. She lived her life
as an inspiration to others. My prayers to her family in this time of grief may you be comforted by knowing everyone loved her and have such wonderful memories of her.

Posted by Frances - Spring, TX - Fan   February 11, 2014

I grew up with Shirley Temple. My love and prayers go with her family. One day I hope to meet her and hear her tales......Barbara Peters,,,Lafayette, IN

Posted by Barbara A. Peters - Lafayette, IN - fan   February 11, 2014


Posted by Teresa Dilallo - Mascoutah, IL   February 11, 2014


R.I.P. my childhood memories will always include you.

Posted by D A Scrivano - Brighton, CO - fan   February 11, 2014


May god be with Shirleys' family in this painful time. I know that a lot of her fans from childhood are at a loss today, as I am. I grew up with Shirley on the screen. Truly missed her when she quit acting. She had a truly full life and a true icon for girls and women back in the day and inspired many.

Posted by Verna Winsor - East Wenatchee, WA - fan   February 11, 2014


Shirley Temple will never be forgotten.

Posted by The Ladies @ Ginnys Place - Melbourne, FL   February 11, 2014


you brought so much joy to everyone now you are singing and dancing in heaven and maybe making a visit to rainbow bridge to visit the animals waiting for their loved ones R.I.P. sweet lady from shiningstar norcross lenoir, nc feb 11, 2014

Posted by shining star norcross - lenoir, NC   February 11, 2014

May you rest in peace . I will always remember you

Posted by Karen Ellis - Paragould, AR - Dear tv friend   February 11, 2014

God Bless you Curly Top.

Posted by Bev - Millington, MI - Fan   February 11, 2014

RIP Shirley, I always loved watching her when I was growing up.

Posted by Raytha Maiatico - Henrico, VA - Fan   February 11, 2014


What a GREAT LADY,,We met her 20 some years ago as she purchased a Boxer from us,"SPARKY" Always admired her love of animals,,Our thoughts are with the family at this time

Posted by Clare & Julie Lodenstein - Wayland, MI - Friend   February 11, 2014

Even though Shirley was seven years older than me, she has always been one of my favorites. Many little girls growing up had hairstyles like her. My first tast of fame was in Detroit at the Masonic Temple. I sang two songs at age three. In those days, the microphones were not what they are today and since I couldn't even get close to mike standing on a chair, they brought out a big fat telephone book. I love all of Shirley's movies. There hasn't been a child star to come close to her in my lifetime in my opinion.

Posted by Judith Berry - North Augusta, SC - Admirer   February 11, 2014

Sending my prayers and condolences to the family of Shirley Temple. I enjoyed watching her movies so much. She was a ray of sunshine and will always be remembered. She now a true Angel.

Posted by Libby Hodge - Cayce, SC - fan   February 11, 2014


She has lived a beautiful life and now will continue her talent in the sweet heavens above!

Posted by Sandra Jones - groton, CT   February 11, 2014


Shirley, may you enjoy heavens arms...look forward to meeting you one day and hearing your story.....

Posted by Louisa McLeish - Meriden, CT   February 11, 2014

Shirley, to this sweet loving person. Who I admire from the start. I grew up watching you dancing singing and I as a child dance laughed and cried with you. I'm 42 now and remember when I was riding my bike and end up front of your home. I realized where I was and I circled around to find my way back and had a chance to get a smile as I past by. The smile of kindness made my day much better. I will miss you so greatly Shirley! and you will always remain in my memories. These are memories I will share with my child to have the same laughter, singing and dancing. And how a simple smile can make ones day last a lifetime of happiness.

Posted by Seda - Elyria, OH - A friend and fan   February 11, 2014

To Shirley's family, Take heart in knowing she has lived her life, and a great one at that. May you all be comforted by her love and remember to love one another as she loved all of you. Live your lives by her Christian example. Go in peace, joy, love and have real faith in God. Jesus has promised to come again and he will! Wanda, Gadsden, AL

Posted by Wanda Langston Bowen - Gadsden, AL - Sister in Christ Jesus   February 11, 2014


i always loved her as an actress. even though i am young i still grew up watching her. i will miss her.

Posted by emily - macy, IN - fan   February 11, 2014


Shirley, I will miss you. Loved watching your movies and admired your political adult life. RIP Bless your heart!

Posted by Robbie - Spokane Valley, WA - fan   February 11, 2014



Heaven has gained a truly bright and shinning star.
As a child, she won over people with her smile, and vivacious laughter.
She is now our Goodwiil Ambassador to Heaven.
Peace be with you and your family. May your memory live on, in our younger generation.

Posted by Joan Sanchez - Haymarket, VA   February 11, 2014

Shirley will be missed always and forever! Thanks for full filling our lives with your presence! A truly great person!

Posted by karry - niles, OH - fan   February 11, 2014



Posted by Margie king - Odenville, AL   February 11, 2014


Words can not explain the loss I feel for this wonderful, talented and great lady. She was my idol as a child and her memory will live on forever. Tonight I will watch my favorites on DVD.

Posted by Nina Story - Fremont, CA - Fan   February 11, 2014


It is with sadness and a smile to hear of Shirly Temple passing. She was my best childhood friend growing up via TV. She allowed me to dream. She was a role model. She broke racial barriers! I remember watching her movies every chance I got. Her movies were innocent, sweet and will always be in my heart. I truly loved her. But, I know she is with home the Lord and dancing in her manison up and down the stairs with Bill Robinson. :) My thoughts and prayers are with the family. But I hope the loved she shared with us and the world will bring you joy! God Bless You!

Posted by Kim Spencer - Atlanta, GA - fan of Shirley Temple   February 11, 2014


RIP you gave us wonderful movies that will go on you were a beautilful child and women you will be missed

Posted by Diane Kiem - Delavan, WI   February 11, 2014

My heart aches for the huge loss I feel. She gave her childhood to all of us to have forever. She gave equal measure in her adulthood, but we will always remember the precious curly top who will remain in our hearts forever

Posted by Nancy Fossum - Lake Tapawingo, MO - A loving fan   February 11, 2014

Truly an icon - my mother loved Shirley Temple and I also enjoyed this precocious and talented little actor. Heaven has gained an angel.

Posted by john Brannen - western springs, IL - fan   February 11, 2014


We will miss you dearly

Posted by Tina Harville - Shreveport, LA - a vewer   February 11, 2014

I am 58 and I remember watching her as a little girl. I later bought the movies and as my granddaughters arrived I bought them the cd's and they have watched all of them and they cried today when I told them she had gone home. Shirley was more than just a curly top angel to a lot of us. Her smile and laughter was so uplifting. God Bless her family and hold them close at this time. We loved her also.

Posted by Gwen Taylor - Cumberland, VA - Fan   February 11, 2014


Shirley Temple Black so honored our country and is a tremendous loss. I have treasured the Shirley Temple doll after all these years. We will all miss her dimple smile. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. D O'Malley

Posted by Diane O'Malley - Brooksville, FL   February 11, 2014


so saddened by her loss, she was my idle when I was a little girl.

Posted by Lori Kurtz - fort Peck, MT   February 11, 2014


ALways a star and now only brighter. She was the ultimate example of a lady and taught us all so well how to be a truly lovely human being. Rest well and know you were loved,even though we never met; you were always a part of our lives. You were a blessing over and over again. Thank you.

Posted by Beverly Murphy - Dennis, MA - It would have been lovely to .   February 11, 2014


Shirley Temple Black was an icon to many! She will be sorely missed, and she has left a light in our hearts; laughter and joy from her films! She was an inspiration for her own experience of Breast Cancer, and was an example for many women. I personally, would like to thank the family and extended left behind for her tenacity; her craft; and for the legacy of films left behind. She is with her Savior in heaven, and with more Angels like herself. God Bless those behind who celebrate her. She would want you to celebrate and not mourn, for she had many years with us! Blessings!

Posted by Pat Frontuto - Jamestown, NY - Fan   February 11, 2014


Shirley temple ( Black ) you was a wonderful Actress that I will never was a part of my growing up.RIP will miss you .

Posted by Donna Terry - Gaithersburg, MD - Fan   February 11, 2014

My Mom was a huge super fan of hers, she had all of the Shirley Temple merchandise. I grew up watching her movies, and I have many great memories watching the movies with my Mom who has also passed.. I'm very sorry to hear of Shirley passing, but I know where she is at. I pray for strength and peace in your hearts in this sad times, but rejoice because she is in Heaven. Please take heart in knowing that.

Posted by Scott Hitt - FORT SMITH, AR - fan   February 11, 2014


Oh my, she was always a favorite actress of mind. Another saint has gone home to be with the Lord. God bless her

Posted by Erma Vance - Lawrenceville, IL - fan   February 11, 2014


Like another said, "Feels like a part of my childhood has died", When I was little, I couldn't wait to come home from Sunday School every week, go in the house, change my clothes and turn on the TV to watch her movies which were on every Sunday at the time, such a great childhood memory. You will be sorely missed!

Posted by Nannette White - Richmond, VA - Fan   February 11, 2014


I grew up watching her movies...i adored her and loved her and she will be truly missed... R.I.P Shirley Temple!!!!!

Posted by Teresa Fountain - Mobile, AL - Fan   February 11, 2014


Feels like a part of my childhood has died. Her movies always made me feel happy.

Posted by Linda Nicholson - N Las Vegas, NV - Fan   February 11, 2014

I grew up watching you. May God have you in his arms now. God Bless and take care of your family in this trying time.

Posted by Sarah Hampton - Mechanicsville,, VA - Faithful Friend   February 11, 2014


I grew up watching her movies...i adored her! I always have. You will be missed always! We love you Miss Shirley temple!

Posted by stacha dicante - fairfield, CA - A long time fan   February 11, 2014


You will be missed, I so enjoyed all of your movies, may you rest in peace. fan: Barb Evans

Posted by barbara evans - hanover, PA - fan   February 11, 2014


I myself with locks of curls growing up always admired Shirley for her charm, warmth, giggles of such a fine actor. I think it was Shirley that lead me down the life of smiling would win more awards then those of the frown. It worked. RIP Shirley

Posted by Cindy - wichita, KS - fan   February 11, 2014


Shirley is an Angel in Heaven now! She was such a Gift to everyone here! I loved her ability to make us laugh, smile, cry & be just overjoyed! She was so Talented! What a Blessing she was & will continue to be! I know that she is having the time of her life & I pray that the her family will be touched knowing that she is well & that they have peace during this difficult time. Blessings and Love to You All!

Posted by Tammy Bishop - Murfreesboro, TN - Forever Fan!   February 11, 2014


My deepest condolences to family & friends. My dear son in heaven can welcome her. We once took a road trip in Florida & read aloud her autobiography. She had one of the most fascinating lives ever lived. She gave the world such joy with her wonderful gifts.

Posted by Karen Myers - Davidson, NC - Fan   February 11, 2014

My heart is saddened today. We have lost a wonderful person. I loved her movies and I loved the person she was. May she rest in peace and may God grant her family the peace that they need now.

Posted by SANDRA WOODS - ST CHARLES, MO   February 11, 2014

Thanks for great memories from your childhood films that I watched as a kid.

Posted by Jerold McDonald - Owensboro, KY - Fan   February 11, 2014


From my 8 year old daughter who is also a fan: "I loved "Heidi" and it's one of my favorite movies." We will continue to watch her precious movies, they are true family entertainment for those who still remember what is virtuous, kind, sweet and innocent. As the mom of an 8 year old in these times, it is not easy to find something to watch that is still so appealing to most everyone who remembers what these qualities look like. As a mom, I say thank you Shirley for being a true role model in a world where there aren't many. All of heaven is welcoming her today!

Posted by Kim & Arielle - Kenosha, WI - Fan   February 11, 2014

You will be missed, ,shirley. I've watched your movies over and over, they make me feel happy and full of hope. Will always watch them. Rest in peace my friend

Posted by lisa dehaven - suffolk, VA - big fan   February 11, 2014


I loved you so much ...there will never be another like you in peace you beautiful lady

Posted by tony glassford - sebring, FL - watched you grow up   February 11, 2014

Your joy and brightness will shine forever in the hearts of many thought your many movies. You were and forever will be an amazing woman. May you now rest in peace and bring joy to the Heavens above. You will never be forgotten Shirley Temple

Posted by Christine Mousseau - Keene, NH - Fan   February 11, 2014

So sorry for your loss. She was one of the greatest child star! Always watched for any news of what she was doing.

Posted by Natalie Shaw - Cheltenham MD, MD - Fan   February 11, 2014


Shirley Temple we will miss you Rest in Peace and our condolences to the Family & friends!

Posted by Scott McCauley - Cave City, KY - Fan   February 11, 2014


You brought me so much happiness & Joy!

Posted by Donna - Washington, DC   February 11, 2014


Posted by Janice - Larue, OH - Fan   February 11, 2014