Stephen Paul Coleman

Obituary for Stephen Paul Coleman

September 9, 1978 - October 12, 2020
Denham Springs, Louisiana | Age 42

Meanwhile behind the facade of this innocent looking bookstore


Meanwhile behind the facade of this innocent looking bookstore, Stephen Paul Coleman (G.O.A.T) has come out for his last encore on October 12,2020. It is time to take a break with the legends.

Stephen was born with red hair and talons on September 9th, 1978 ready to put his best foot forward. Literally, foot first ready to take the stage. To know Stephen was to love Stephen. To meet Stephen was to remember his act. Like remembering the words to your favorite song. That he sang over and over….directly in your ear….for 30 years. A lot like Lambchops but with screaming.

Stephen enjoyed entertaining others, even at his own expense. He had an extensive wig collection. His fashion sense was unconventional. He liked to talk endlessly about nothing and everything all at once. His all time favorite hobby was to follow Angela around like a lost puppy until he made her smile...or tell him to shut up. Attention is attention! Stephen enjoyed taking his children, nieces, and nephew to the river to play and was proud of his 0 loss record.

Stephen took off backstage leaving in the general admission floor his wife, Angela Gibson as well as his self made circle pit including Sebastian Giraldo, Stephen Paul Coleman II, Zander Gauge Coleman, Medea Jade Lowry and Keith Messer Jr. Mother, Joni Braud Cook is in assigned mid tier seating enjoying the show while the self made circle pit flourishes. Father, Greggory Coleman Sr and stepmother, Lori are coming in the side confused but love what they see. Brother, Greggory Coleman Jr and wife KaTina are enjoying the show from the back but wish they had gotten closer. Sister, Jennifer Coleman McCoy is on the rail screaming. Sister, Samantha Gurney and husband Dustin jump right in to singing a long but the timing is slightly off. Paternal Grandmother, Nancy Little (Agent MIA) has disappeared with the vendors outside selling knock off tour shirts. Maternal Grandmother, Gloria Whittington stayed on the sidelines of this show to recover from her epic battle with inanimate objects. Nephews, Greggory, Grant, Phillip, Zakkary, and Benjamin are waiting in the merch line arguing over why they cannot all get the same shirt. Nieces, KaRynne, Genevieve, and Leia are waiting in the line for the toilet arguing about if someone lost the eyeliner or if Uncle Stephen needed it.

G.O.A.T is headed to his next show with an all female fronted line up of Izabelle Messer and Roxanna Coleman Giraldo. This is the greatest of bucket list shows put together by his maternal grandfather Marzelle Braud Sr.

Funeral services probably would not be allowed in any reputable house of worship. Mourners and fans of Stephen can attend a memorial service at Seale Funeral Home in Denham Springs, LA on October 15th, 2020 from 5 p.m. until service at 7 p.m. We request you refrain from rocking out with anything out.

Message from the Family

We know Stephen is unforgettable. He brought an abundance of laughter to our lives. What is your favorite memory?