Anthony Disla
Anthony Disla
  • April 19, 1992 - April 24, 2017
  • Apopka, Florida

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Anthony Disla

April 19, 1992- April 24, 2017

Born 3 days shy of his parents’ 10th month wedding anniversary, Anthony was a “honeymoon baby”. He was so happy and brought enormous joy into the marriage. He demonstrated his masculinity before he could speak by saying, “vroom-vroom” while playing with his cars. He showed his curiosity by teaching himself to ride his bike.

Anthony was a rambunctious little boy. He would blame his mischievous behavior on Kiara until she began talking,“No, fuiste tú Anthony!” His partner in crime then became a purple dinosaur named Barney. Barney was then blamed for any wrong doings. However, one of his favorite activities was playing basketball with his best friend, “Kia-ro”. He demonstrated his creativity in making funny videos and sharing them with his cousins and enjoyed constructing pranks. Anthony took pride in expressing his individuality through his clothing, often setting fashion trends in his high school. Like his mom, he would alter his clothing on a sewing machine. He often referenced inheriting his love of music from his grandfather. In church, you could hear him singing along sweetly like an angel . As he matured, Anthony invested his time and financial means on his passion for music. He aspired to become famous through his songs. Anthony’s smile and charisma illuminated a room like a floodlight. He was an artist who created drawings, music videos, lyrics and decorated his body with symbolic tattoos. His days were filled working alongside family while telling jokes. His nights were designed with name-brand labels and storytelling to family and friends.

Anthony expressed his feelings of love with ease and didn’t let a day pass without saying, “I love you”. He attempted to emulate his older brother Joel whom he admired. His love for his sisters was evident in his attention towards them. Anthony’s huge heart was only surpassed by his even bigger kisses. His favorite person in which to bestow wet kisses was Ayana (since she wouldn’t wipe them off). He believed in filling his soul with an individualized relationship with GOD and his body with plant food.

As an adult, Anthony admired his father’s intellect. He verbalized gratitude towards his dad for showing him the value of hard work. Anthony praised his mom for her strength and kindness. Recently, Anthony spoke of his inability to imagine the pain of burying his mother, therefore, desiring to leave this world before her.

Anthony’s message was of love and forgiveness. His cheerful-outgoing personality was a shining light full of love. His infectious laugh, bright smile, twinkling eyes and quick wit will be missed by all who knew him.

Anthony’s last words to family…

“I love you”.

We have one more angel in heaven to greet us.