Ares Alexander Gayle
Ares Alexander Gayle
  • August 24, 2012 - August 12, 2017
  • Kennesaw, Georgia

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Ares Alexander Gayle, the first child of Ryon and Sydney Gayle was taken from us by a seizure on Saturday August12th 2017.

Only two weeks short of his fifth birthday, his strength, his lessons and his love for life and was amazing. His connection and love for his twin brother Apollo is a void that only the two of them can fill. Although he lived with Dravet Syndrome, a catastrophic form of epilepsy, he always had a way of beating the odds. He had seizures that could last up to 4 hours at a time but would come home and show his resilience and drive.

He never suffered and always wanted to go and play and jump. Ares had just started Kindergarten and was beginning a new life with what seemed to be solid seizure control. He was truly beginning to show his personality and building a bond with his father that will forever be missed. His parents did everything humanly possible to keep Ares alive and growing. He always showed us that he wouldn't give up and was so smart and would show that he would never let go of any knowledge he picked up on the way. He loved to touch beards and bald heads and look into your eyes and show you a love that you have never seen.

So much to achieve, so much to bring and contribute to this world. If only the seizure monster had not finally won the battle that he fought so bravely and valiantly against.

He is survived by his parents Ryon and Sydney Gayle who took every day, every minute to make sure his life was the best and fulfilled. By his twin brother Apollo who searches for him daily. By his new brother Atlas a month old who was not able to watch in wonder of the special brother he had. By his aunt Janelle and cousin Jahmeir who was his brother first and cousin second. Jahmeir was his protector and best friend.
He is also survived by his nama Jerri Betts who cherished every moment she got with them separated by space but not time. And many others Preceeded in death.

Fly high and chase butterflies Ares, just send some down for us so we can chase them for you.