Benjamin Terry Hayes
Benjamin Terry Hayes
  • February 14, 1939 - December 8, 2017
  • Abingdon, Maryland

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Bel Air - Benjamin Terry Hayes, 78, local business owner, passed away Friday, December 8, 2017 at Jacobs Well Assisted Living Facility after a long battle with Parkinson's disease.

He is predeceased by his parents, Benjamin Franklin Hayes and Bertha Mae Roberts, of North Wilksboro, North Carolina. He is survived by his wife, Connie Hayes, and four daughters, Lana Hayes, Laura and Allen Zellman, Lisa and Clark Snodgrass, and Logan Hayes. He is also survived by his grandchildren, Mitchell Hayes, Christian Snodgrass, Ella Snodgrass, Evan Snodgrass, and Ava Guthrie.

Ben was a self-proclaimed hustler at a very early age and it all started with a just pocket knife and a goat. His father had given him a pocket knife, which Ben proceeded to trade for a goat. The goat suddenly turned on Ben, and, in a wild rage, "butted" him in the rear and into a fence. His father then turned to him and said," Son, you're gonna need a buyer for that goat." And the rest, as they say, is history.

Throughout his life Ben owned several very successful businesses. He was the proud owner of four truck stops and several different tire shops as well as a restaurant. In his later years, he was most notoriously known for running Ben's Tire Sales, Inc. in Joppa, MD, fondly referred to as "Ben's."

Ben's was not just a place to get new tires, but also a local hangout for truck drivers and people from all walks of life. The shop was an extension of his own personality. Ben was the most welcoming and inclusive person you could ever come across. He was a pure force of nature and you couldn't help but notice his charismatic smile and 6'4" frame when he walked through the door. If you had a charismatic smile yourself, and looked like a pretty lady, Ben would even offer you "the purdy girl discount." He made deals on handshakes and would do anything to help a stranger, even if it meant giving them the keys to his brand new truck.

Not only did Ben work hard, but he also thoroughly enjoyed his life. He accomplished his lifelong goal to travel to Hawaii. Ben was able to take his family to the Cayman Islands, Alaska, the Grand Canyon and the Caribbean. Ben also never left a casino without making a hefty deposit, but always swore he came out on top. He was proud that he made moonshine and grew up in the region where Nascar got it's start. It was hard not to hear him coming from a mile away with his Dodge Hemi pick-up truck, but there were many cars he wished he never sold. Ben even got to cross off the biggest goal on his Bucket List: attending the Barrett Jackson Car Show. He was always up to something with one of his "Buddies." Despite all of his adventures, Ben still put his family first.

Ben adored all "his girls" and would never name a favorite, no matter how hard we tried to draw it out of him. However, his first girl and his best girl was his wife: Connie. Together, they have raised four beautiful daughters, some of which have raised incredible children of their own. Life lessons such as tenacity, intuitiveness, hard work, hustling, integrity, honesty and good-heartedness were taught by Ben and Connie to their children and they, in turn, have taught their own children these timeless virtues.

Ben leaves behind a legacy that will not be forgotten any time soon. He never failed to touch the lives of those around him and leave them with lasting memories. His adventurous spirit and love for life was contagious. Ben would be proud to know that when his name is spoken, it would leave a smile on the faces of all who knew him. We are all blessed to have known him, loved him and to now have him as a guardian angel looking over us.