Bianca Asci Sclafani
Bianca Asci Sclafani
  • November 26, 1926 - November 27, 2016
  • Los Angeles, California

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Bianca Asci Sclafani

November 26, 1926 to November 27, 2016

Daughter, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Friend

Bianca Dorothy Asci was born on November 26, 1926, to Luigi and Assunta Asci; she was a first-generation Italian-American Catholic, and proud of her heritage throughout her lifetime.

She is an unusual American; for the 90 years of her life, she lived in the same community of Los Angeles, California and attended the same Catholic Parish – St. Bernard’s. In fact, Bianca was married at St. Bernard’s on June 27, 1953 to Anthony Andrew Sclafani, and her three children received the Sacraments and attended St. Bernard’s Grammar School.

Attending the local public schools – Delevan Drive Elementary School, Washington Irving Junior High School and Eagle Rock High School – Bianca was a good student, friend and athlete. She proudly told her grandchildren that she was in GAA – Girls Athletic Association – in high school, where she played volleyball and other sports.

Bianca lived as a young girl through the Great Depression and attended Eagle Rock High School during World War II. She had mentioned that there were certain special senior privileges that her class had to forgo due to the war rationing – no class ring, no Yearbook, etc. She graduated in 1944 and began a career as a Secretary (yes, that means typing AND shorthand skills) for Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, where she worked until she was pregnant with her first child in 1954.

Her first car, a brand new green Plymouth sedan was her first major purchase. Her older children remember riding in the car with her. Eventually, her husband, Anthony, convinced her to sell it and they began driving Buicks. During the 1980s, Bianca and Anthony met a purely American goal – they were able to purchase a CADILLAC – a symbol that they had made it! Along with that, they had built and paid for their house at 3223 Sagamore Way, Los Angeles – another proud achievement.

With Anthony, Bianca raised three children, Jean, Louis and Alan. She was a devoted mother, focusing in on her children’s education and activities. Each one of us has special memories of our Mom’s efforts to ensure our personal successes – be it academic, sports, glee club, Great Books selections, social events and volunteer activities at the children’s schools. Bianca was a room mother at St. Bernard’s School, was the Treasurer of the Parents’ Club (known then as the Mother’s Club!) and was Fashion Show chairwoman for St. Bernard’s School annual fund-raiser.

Bianca was careful to give special attention – but equal attention – to each child. It was made clear to Jean, Louis and Alan that each child was expected to do well in school and to attend and graduate from college. A college education for each child was a goal that Bianca successfully achieved, with all her grandchildren following suit.

In 1966, Bianca’s beloved father, Luigi, became ill with a brain tumor and died. Bianca spent the next 30 years being a devoted support to her mother, Assunta, who had never learned to drive, write checks, pay bills, etc. Bianca was truly part of a “sandwich” generation – taking care of a parent while raising three active children.

She never waivered from these challenges and never complained. She loved us all.

Bianca was delighted when her daughter, Jean married Harry Harwood in 1982, Louis married Sherry Russell, also in 1982 and Alan married Suzanne Collier in 1996. She was thrilled to have her seven (7) grandchildren, and now two great grandsons. They are by age:

Matthew Sclafani married to Natalie Melo Sclafani

Russell and Vincent, great grandsons

Connor Harwood, married to Fae Dagonese

Patrick Sclafani married to Summer Sclafani

Hillary Bianca Harwood

Grant Sclafani

Leigh Sclafani

Peter Sclafani

Bianca was a dedicated wife to Anthony Andrew Sclafani, who died in May 2001. She was active in the Italian Catholic Federation, holding various administrative offices for the organization. Bianca was also active in the Glassell Park Seniors Club, where she participated in bus tours, Bingo games, and trips – such as to see the Hot Air Balloons in New Mexico – a special memory for her.

She was grateful to her family and her dear friends for visiting her at Windsor, where she was in Assisted Living. There is no greater tribute to a life well lived than to see that Bianca Asci Sclafani was loved and cared for by family and friends through her 90 years of life.

We will miss her, pray for her and ask her to keep us in her prayers, forever.