Carter Alice Alexander
Carter Alice Alexander
  • December 8, 2016 - November 3, 2017
  • Bellingham, Washington

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Carter Alice Alexander, was born at home on December 8th, at 3:45 a.m. just 3 days after her brothers second birthday, stealing every bit of his thunder; in the middle of winter. Slipping out like a bar of soap, Carter peered directly at her aunt just awaiting her interception, whom with assistance of her grandmother would deliver her. Light as a feather Carter, weighed 4lbs 3ozs at 17 inches long; allowing her NICU nurses to deem her their little peanut as she was the smallest and most calm baby on the entire floor. She was cool as a cucumber as this would be the main baseline of her personality. She had not uttered a single sound; instead just looked at me with those big gorgeous eyes she and her brother share, supplying me with comfort as assumed she would need. Packing an ample punch in her iddy biddy frame, Carter was super healthy as an abundance of love and breastmilk had done her body good. Before leaving the hospital just after a week, Carter had managed to get her weight up to 5lbs 3ozs.

Carter was exactly what her father had always exclaimed he wanted in a daughter and had prayed for; a chocolate drop like her daddy, with her mother's face and laid back personality. Her eyes were big and depth seeking! I would always tell her "Girl, you know all of my secrets!" I didn't feel safe with anyone else as much as I did with her. Over the next several months Carter, and I were completely inseparable! She was my best friend. Some may say I spoiled her a bit but she deserved it and never put up a fuss for anything so she got all of the love mommy could muster. We spent our days talking, singing, dancing, having tummy time, gardening, etc etc. You name it we did it as I kept her on my chest held up in her sling. Carter's favorite song is Diary by Alicia Keys which we sung to one another every day and night and our favorite dance was the waltz as we would glide about the room. -Of course I knew then, but looking back I know she meant every word.

On June 1st, Carter had a fatal accident by which led us to Harborview Medical Center. Carter expressed a much greater might than what was expected after having such an accident and severe wound and was transported to Seattle Children's Hospital where we would spend 5 months; the majority of Carter's hospital stay. Carter effortlessly managed to touch the hearts and lives of many of those whom either had the pleasure of coming into contact with her presence or her story.

On November 3rd; just 5 days before her 11 month birthday celebration, and 1 month and 5 days before her very first official birthday; around 6 a.m., Carter, made the decision that her season graced upon this earthly plane had now served its proper purpose as she passed on to be with The Most High. Carter departed with her mother Courtney Marie Byrd, father Christopher Donta Alexander Jr., and brother Christopher Ashton Alexander III, to continue to trumpet her fine tuned legacy. Carter also had wealth of family including all of her grandparents, grandmother's Yolanda Black and Demetric Smith; grandfather's Straun Byrd and Christopher Alexander Sr. Aunts Miesha Byrd, Brandon Baker, and Christique Alexander. And her closest cousins Ya'yla Mckenzii Byrd, Moses Teeter, and Cameron Crosby. Carter had an astonishingly adorning purpose to shed upon this world and she had done so with the utmost grace and faith in understanding that it had to be fulfilled. Carter began a movement that will soon shake the surface of this Earth for Carter's House in affiliation with Carter's Cause will soon be underway.