Dan R. Cleveland
Dan R. Cleveland
  • December 24, 1935 - June 26, 2017
  • Dallas, Texas

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Dan was born to Sallie Jane Peavyhouse Cleveland and Robert Marvin Cleveland on December 24, 1935 in Hillsboro, Texas. Dan was one of 6 children. Dan had three sisters and two brothers. Dan is survived by the love of his life, ” my little baby girl" Janice Cleveland, daughter, Dana Goodwin, husband Joe; son Brad Cleveland, wife Jullie; grandchildren, Sally Bell, Sarah Frazier and Daniel Cleveland; great grandchildren, Anthony, Bailey, Alyssa, Ayden, Lexi, and Kayelee; great-great grandchild, Jaxon Bell and brother, Jim Cleveland. Dan is survived by the most loving, caring, & outstanding nurses, Kimishia Thompson, Melissa Moreno, and care taker, Tameka Washington. Dan is preceeded in death by his parents, Robert and Sallie; two sons, Marvin Troy Cleveland, Anthony Lee Cleveland; grandson, Jacob "Big Jake" Daniel Thompson, three sisters, Martha Dalghren, husband Harold; Tommie Moore, husband Jim; Jackie Nell; one brother, bubba; in laws, Dorothy & Linwood Parr. We, as a family, and each one separately feel like we have been blessed with the most loving and selfless husband, daddy, grandpa, great grandpa, great, great grandpa, father-in-law, and friend god could of given us!!!! Dad, you don't have to do this anymore! WE LOVE YOU! Pallbearers: Joe Goodwin, Michael Warrick, Wayde Pearce,Chuck Cleveland, Chris Cleveland, Perry Moore Honorary Pallbearer: Mark Brown, Rod Dalghren, Michael Warrick

Dan is a member of Cliff Temple Baptist Church. Dan was a Sergeant in The National Guard. He was proud to serve his Country. Dan was a member of the Mike A. Thomas Masonic Lodge. Dan served as a Past Master of the Masonic Lodge. During the years he spent at the Lodge, he loved his Brothers of the Lodge. Dan enjoyed the fellowship and the work they did at the Lodge. This is one of his greatest accomplishments and was so very proud of this. Dan worked hard all of his life to provide for his wife and children. Dan sometimes worked 2 and 3 jobs to get this done. Dan did not ever complain about taking care of his family. During the years that he worked, he was a shoe shiner, truck driver, carpet layer, worked at Young Bloods Chicken at Fair Park, Manager of a 7-11 store, route sales with Sunbeam Bread Company, Schepps Dairy, Dolly Madison and Mother's Cookies. He worked for the Dallas Morning News delivering newspapers to the paper stands. Some of the fondest memories, when we were small, we went to Galveston on vacation. All of us enjoyed the water and Galveston was our favorite vacation spot. One year Dad and Mom took us to Laredo and we went across the border to Nuevo Laredo. The shopping was a lot of fun and swimming in the pool was great! The only thing about this vacation, the people that parked the car in the hotel garage had loosened the radiator cap and did not let Dad know. So, on our journey back, the head busted on the car. We would have to stop about every 10 miles or so to put water in the radiator. Mom had purchased some of the huge

Mexican vases while we were there. We would fill those up with water every so often, so if

we got on a stretch of highway without a service station, we had water to put into the radiator. Dad's birthday was Christmas Eve. Sometime throughout the day, Dad's brother, Jimmy would stop by to wish him Happy Birthday and then his sister, Tommie would drop by too. Mom has always made it a point to celebrate his birthday on Christmas Eve. We did this before celebrating Christmas. Mom's parents, sister, Dad's best friends and their wives would come over to celebrate. Usually we would have dinner and a Red Velvet cake. Dad's Favorite! After the birthday party was over, Nannie, Papa and Mary would leave. Willis, his wife Pat, Toby and his wife Nina would stay for a long time visiting. The kids thought they would never leave so Santa Claus would come to leave gifts for them. Dad always came home on Christmas Eve with Mom about 5 wrapped boxes for Christmas from a place called Ellen's Dress Shop. Dad always loved buying Mom really nice pant suits and clothes. One Christmas we went to the Christmas tree lot to get a Christmas tree. Dad would put the tree on the stand and Mom helped us decorate the tree. The tree was crooked on the bottom and kept leaning over. Dad tried tying it to the curtain rod or a nail in the wall to help hold the tree up. The tree kept falling over and Dad lost his temper and picked the tree up and threw it out the front door … we each have tried tying the tree to the wall or curtain rod in our years of putting up trees in our homes but we just laugh at the memories ... Dan had two wonderful friends, Willis and Toby. They were definitely the 3 musketeers, always up to something. If you saw one of them you usually saw all three. The three

musketeers, their wives, Wylie and LaJuanda, neighbors across the street, would go to a place call Charlie's. They would get on a charter bus, and go to the Dallas Cowboy games at Fair Park. They all had so much fun. They would do silly stuff, like put a Christmas Tree on the front porch in front of the door of one house, then they would decorate a enema/hot water bottle and hang it the other one's porch. They even sewed lace on some black boxers and gave to Charlie, the bus driver as a gift. They were always pulling something fun on the other one. Good clean fun .... These are some of the things we also remember … Dad would ALWAYS say “I LOVE YOU A BUSCHEL AND A PECK, A BARREL AND HEEP, A HUG AROUND THE NECK, AND I TALK ABOUT YOU IN MY SLEEP". Dad always