Donna L. Eller
Donna L. Eller
  • December 11, 1944 - April 10, 2017
  • Port Richey, Florida

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Donna was a very special person to so many people. Born on December 11, 1944 at Chester Hospital in Chester, Pennsylvania to Lilian and Earle Pace. Donna grew up with her brothers Chuck “Chuckles” and Dave in Prospect Park, Pennsylvania and graduated from Interborough High School in 1963. She attended Widener College and received an associates degree in business. In September of 1967 Donna married Carlos “Lee” Eller and over the next few years they had three boys whom they named Carl, Jeff and Rodney. Donna dedicated the next two decades of her life to the selfless raising her three boys whom she placed before all else.

Donna loved the beach. Her favorite thing to do was take long walks on the beach with her children and grandchildren and collect shells. Beaches from New Jersey to Hawaii to the west coast of Florida were meticulously searched for just the right shell. I’m sure everybody that knew Donna probably has a shell to remember her by.

Donna loved to watch the sunset, either from the beach or from the balcony of her condo in Tierra Verde. Quite often she would take pictures of the exceptionally beautiful ones and send them out via text messages or post them on Facebook. She loved the vacations she took in the Florida Keys spending time with her brother, children and grandchildren and watching the beautiful sunsets that occur there. There’s no doubt that she will see the best sunsets in Heaven.

Donna loved her grandchildren, all six of them. Nana Donna, as Beck and Briley would call her, would take them anywhere they wanted to go, even Chuckie Cheese. A feat even the kids’ parents would not attempt. She would interact with them with such energy and passion and they loved her dearly for it. Nana Donna was able to enjoy all sorts of activities with her grandchildren including boating, fishing, sailing, swimming and just relaxing on the beach. Carl's children called her “Grandmom Donna”, and they would tell you that her sweet disposition toward them was one of her strongest qualities. Rodney’s boy Tanner would refer to her as “Ma” and took care of her when she fell sick. She loved to play with them and would join Carl and Rodney’s family at Disney World where she would spend the entire day with them, her energy often outlasting the kids!

Donna loved to bake. Whether it was Christmas cookies, a cheese cake or a carrot cake Donna always showed up with some kind of sweet. The craziest thing was that she would never eat any of it. Her baking legacy will live on through her daughter in-law Nurije and her grandchildren who helped her bake Christmas cookies.

Donna was a math wiz. She had no use for a calculator and could manipulate even large numbers right inside her head. She would even help her grandchildren with algebra 50 years after she graduated.

Donna's love for family was evident in everything that she did. There are more memories than can be written to speak of her commitment to her children and grandchildren. Carl always remembers the road-trips she took him and his brothers on when they were growing up. Beth Eller, daughter-in-law, admired how Donna cared for the people in her life. Donna was not only there for her children and grandchildren, but also lovingly available for her husband, mother, and everyone that would gather in her home on Sunday nights for supper. She cared for every detail, and made sure the special things that anyone liked to eat would be there! She truly was an inspiration of family love and devotion.