Edda Gomez-Panzani, M.D.

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“I am really sorry, cause Edda isn't alive anymore, she was a great person, she was a mother for me !!! R.I.P for her !!! thank you Lord she isn't...Read More »
1 of 19 | Posted by: Ramstrong Beaubrun Port-Au-Prince

“Edda was a compassionate, generous, caring person. Her passion for life was inspirational. I am so sad she is gone, and so grateful to have known...Read More »
2 of 19 | Posted by: Dan Borden - Atlanta, GA - Friend

“Edda was such a wonderful person, so incredibly bright and full of life. I would like to share with every one her last advice to me..."Remember also...Read More »
3 of 19 | Posted by: Nilani Liyanage - Paris

“She was amazing! ”
4 of 19 | Posted by: John B. Edwards

“Querida Edda, siempre recordaré tu enorme amor, tu fuerza para luchar contra todo, tu devoción y entrega en la enfermedad de Paola, tu...Read More »
5 of 19 | Posted by: Fernanda Alvarez MÉXICO CITY

“I will miss you so much Edda, unfortunately I did not get a chance to say good bye but I'll see you in heaven. ”
6 of 19 | Posted by: Arlette - Redwood City, CA

“My heart is so heavy to just learn about the sad news today. Rest in peace My Friend, Edda! You are beautiful and so much loved. You will always...Read More »
7 of 19 | Posted by: Sang Le - Atlanta, GA - Friedn

“Edda querida , me da mucho gusto leer que tu vida fue tan plena en todos sentidos, ahora estas con Paola y tu mami. Ahí seguiras enalteciendo la...Read More »
8 of 19 | Posted by: Ma. Eugenia Rodríguez Godoy

“My sincere condolences to Edda's family during this difficult time. I was fortunate to have worked with Edda last year and I will never forget the...Read More »
9 of 19 | Posted by: George Betts - Basking Ridge, NJ

“Thank you for your generous hard work in the Neuroendocrine community. A life well lived is one that benefits others. May God bless and keep your...Read More »
10 of 19 | Posted by: Brenda Granger - Oregon Coast, OR

“My condolences to Edda's family. I worked with Edda at Ipsen in 2012 and 2013. I was her Admin support on the East Coast. I am was heartbroken to...Read More »
11 of 19 | Posted by: Donna Irizarry - Franklin Park, NJ

“Edda had the foresight, perspicacity and opportunity that was available to challenge a major industrial monopoly on the use of peptide therapy to...Read More »
12 of 19 | Posted by: Aaron Vinik - norfolk, VA

“Such a wonderful woman! Thank you for all your hard work . ”
13 of 19 | Posted by: Lorie Wyatt - Wichita, KS

“On behalf of all my colleagues at Ipsen where Edda worked many years, I wanted to express my deep sympathy & thanks for what she did for the patients...Read More »
14 of 19 | Posted by: Marc de Garidel - Paris, NY

“Our condolences to the family. What a tremendous loss to the community and to the world. ”
15 of 19 | Posted by: Migdalia Miranda - Zephyrhills, FL

“Edda hired my company to care for her three dogs when she arrived in California! She traveled so much for work, pleasure and medical missions I had...Read More »
16 of 19 | Posted by: Misty D - San Jose, CA

“My sincere sympathies for your loss of such a wonderful and dedicated woman! Prayers and blessings for all who loved her! ”
17 of 19 | Posted by: Diana Hawkins - agassiz

“Our dear friend Edda packed more living into her short fifty years than anyone I know! Brilliant, adventuresome, loving, generous, fearless,...Read More »
18 of 19 | Posted by: Jeff Lawrence - Upton, MA

“Edda was a great friend! she was such a STRONG person and never let thinks get her down. I loved walking Segan, Himmel and Seele. I still walk Seele...Read More »
19 of 19 | Posted by: Anna Benedetti - Redwood City, CA

Dr. Edda Laura Gomez-Panzani, M.D., Vice President of Research & Scientific Affairs for Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals, died from cancer on June 30, 2015 at the age of 50 in her home in Redwood Shores, California. She is mourned by her father Luis Gomez Ortiz, her cherished niece Araceli Ekren, her cousins Leslie Ancona, Christina Schultze, and Katia Burke, and many devoted friends and admirers around the world. NorCal CarciNET stated that Dr. Gomez-Panzani's "achievements in the medical field will have a positive impact on patients . . . for decades to come."

Dr. Gomez-Panzani was born May 16, 1965 in Mexico City. She graduated with an M.D. degree from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico in 1989, and served as a resident trauma surgeon at La Villa Emergency Hospital in Mexico City until 1990. After that, Dr. Gomez-Panzani was an emergency room physician at San Francisco General Hospital, also in Mexico City. She worked for IBM de Mexico in 1992 and 1993 providing medical expertise for the development of software for hospitals and clinics.

In 1994 Dr. Gomez-Panzani changed her career to clinical research and joined Procter and Gamble (P&G) as medical director. While working for P&G she also earned a degree in clinical pharmacology from Universidad Nacional in 1995. For P&G she created the first comprehensive documentation of the regulations of all Latin American countries for registering over-the-counter drugs. At P&G she also led the creation of a 1-800 response system for all healthcare-related phone calls in Mexico and Central America, which is still in use today. In 1997, Dr. Gomez-Panzani moved to Cincinnati, Ohio to work at the headquarters of Procter and Gamble Pharmaceuticals. She designed and managed clinical trials of prescription drugs for osteoporosis, hormone replacement therapy, migraine pain, and congestion due to seasonal allergies.

Dr. Gomez-Panzani studied Shotokan karate at the Japanese Karate-Do school in Cincinnati. She earned her black belt in 2002, won medals at national karate competitions, and taught classes at the school. She developed a deep respect for the school's sensei, police officer Sonny Kim, who became a lifelong friend and mentor. He said, "At the time, she was the only lady in the dojo training with us. I would have some really tough classes, and I would have some of the fellows complain to me, 'Oh, Sensei, this class is really hard.' Edda, on the other hand, would complain, 'Class is not tough enough!' "

In 2004, Dr. Gomez-Panzani moved to Atlanta, Georgia to become Director of Clinical Development and Head of Medical Affairs for Altea Therapeutics, and two years later, Vice President of Clinical Development for Sciele Pharma. There, in addition to leading all aspects of clinical trials, she wrote a white paper that persuaded the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to change course on its approval process for a new product, saving Sciele several million dollars.

With her extraordinary appetite for adventure, Dr. Gomez-Panzani piled her three perfectly trained German Shepherd dogs (which she called "my kids") into a giant motor home and drove them across the United States in 2008 to move to the San Francisco Bay Area, the birthplace of the biotech industry. She became a Vice President of Tercica (now Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals). There she oversaw research that resulted in treatments for patients with pancreatic and gastrointestinal cancer. She was instrumental in earning FDA approval for Somatuline (lanreotide) for patients with neuroendocrine tumors, giving tens of thousands of patients longer and better lives. She loved working with patients, and spoke at patient support group meetings and medical conferences around the world.

Dr. Gomez-Panzani co-wrote more than two dozen research papers for medical journals, mostly on carcinoid syndrome and neuroendocrine tumors. She worked with top universities and led large-scale global trials involving thousands of patients. She developed new techniques for conducting clinical studies and grew an international reputation for effectively managing trials of new treatments. Her standing in the research community led to an invitation to contribute to the 2011 book Global Clinical Trials: Effective Implementation and Management. Dr. Gomez-Panzani wrote the chapter "Clinical Study Conduct and Monitoring" and co-wrote the chapter "United States Regulations." The Journal of the American Medical Association reviewed the book as "a landmark publication; it likely will stand as a standard reference book for global clinical trials for many years to come."

On many of her vacations Dr. Gomez-Panzani paid her own way to fly to countries in crisis, live in a tent, and work 18-hour days as a trauma surgeon for organizations such as Flying Doctors of America, Feed the Children, and Doctors Without Borders. After Haiti's destruction by a 2010 earthquake, she made several trips there as a surgeon for J/P Haiti Relief Organization (founded by the actor Sean Penn). Deeply moved by the devastation suffered by the Haitian people, Dr. Gomez-Panzani gave passionate lectures to raise funds for Haitians' relief.

Dr. Gomez-Panzani called herself "an adrenaline junkie" and enjoyed exciting adventures more than relaxation. She was a member of the national championship skydiving team for several years. She adored wolves, contributed to programs to save wolves, and trekked in Yellowstone with a private guide to search for wolves in the wild. She loved racing her bright yellow Maserati (license plate 4XTREM, "for extreme"), safaris to Africa, and scuba diving with sharks. She peppered her presentations on medical topics with surprising and funny photos from her exotic exploits around the world.

Dr. Edda Gomez-Panzani was predeceased by her mother Edda Panzani-Ramos and her sister Paola Vanessa Gomez-Panzani. In May friends and family from many countries joined Dr. Gomez-Panzani for three days of parties to celebrate her fiftieth birthday, her inspiring life, and her compassionate heart. She asked that donations in her memory be made to Doctors Without Borders, amfAR The Foundation for AIDS Research, or Wolf Education and Research Center. At her request, there will be no funeral nor memorial service.