Edith B. Lunetta
Edith B. Lunetta
  • February 14, 1931 - November 9, 2017
  • Phoenix, Arizona

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Never will you be forgotten

Written for

Edith B. Lunetta

From her loving daughter

Kathleen Marie Lunetta

You were there for me during the good and the bad; you would hold my hand during sad times. You would be there during the happy times; and you forgave my bad decisions. You wiped away my tears; and told me it would be better.

You kissed my wounds away; when I was little. You made everything better for me; you were my best friend. Your heart always big and full of love; I will always love you.

I wanted to kiss your wounds away like you did for me. I wanted to take your pain away and fear; because you did it for me so long ago.

But I couldn't........

I held your hand; and told you I would always love you. I told you don't worry about me just like you told me those many years ago. I will be alright; and I will be.

It's alright, I know where you are; and one day we will be together again. I know you're with Jesus now; but always know never will you be forgotten you will always be in my heart.