Estela Menendez
Estela Menendez
  • November 15, 1954 - April 25, 2017
  • California

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Estela was born on Monday, November 15, 1954 in Santa Ana, El Salvador. She was the oldest daughter out of her five siblings. When she was young, she wanted to be a seamstress. Her favorite pass time was going to the ocean when she was young. At one point in her life, Estela considered being a Nun, but then she met Amilcar. They got married in 1973, had three children of their own, and moved to the United States in 1983. She had an adventures spirit, once swinging into a river from a rope off a tree, in skirt and all. You would always find her in a skirt or dress everywhere she'd go, including the snow. Her favorite things to do were to read her bible and a collection of books. She maintained a beautiful garden of trees, plants and roses. Her favorite color rose was yellow. Estela's favorite color was blue, and her favorite place to visit was Half Moon Bay.

Estela was the most kind hearted person you could ever meet, quick to help someone in need, give advice to those that needed guidance and a shoulder to lean on when times were tough. She could warm up a room with her smile, but you knew you were in trouble if you ever got that look.

Estela was committed to her church, her family and her faith. You could always find her studying her Bible, and she knew her Bible forwards and backwards like no one else. You could find her in the kitchen, always making meals for her family and anyone else that would stop by. She had many favorite verses from the Bible, but there was one that she liked amongst them all. Estela's favorite Bible verse was Roman 8 : 28.

Estela first met Amilcar back in 1970 at his job when she came to visit her brother that worked with Amilcar. He said it was love at first sight, and he hasn't stopped loving her since. That same day he called her brother, "Brother in law" because he knew he was going to marry her. Their love is unique and unlike any other. They have been through a lot together, but this is not where their story will end. Amilcar whispered in Estela's ear while in the hospital, "Your not leaving me, your just getting a head start. I will be with you again, we will be together again. I will find you, I promise." Amilcar and Estela were married on August 11, 1973. They are married for 43 years and 8 months in this life time, but will be together forever in eternity.