Evan Mario Macrone
Evan Mario Macrone
  • January 5, 2004 - March 15, 2017
  • Tampa, Florida

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Evan Mario Macrone was born January 5, 2004 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, to Dominic James Macrone and Katherine Anne Macrone. He lived with his parents and older brother Michael Kevin Seydel-Macrone in Wayne and Devon, Pennsylvania for his first 3 years and was joined by a younger brother Gavin James Macrone in December of 2006. Evan was so well loved from the time he arrived, his grandparents Mary and Michael Macrone doted on him and his great Aunt Phyl spent many hours each day holding and rocking him as a baby. Evan moved with his immediate family to Tampa, Florida in 2007 where he lived until his passing. In Tampa, Evan had a beautiful home and loving family, where he was able to play and attend school and camp in the sunshine every day. Evan spent every summer since he turned 3 at Camp Bayshore Christian and was joined by Gavin as soon as he was old enough. Evan attended this camp each summer until he aged out, and the summer he became too old for camp he became an honorary junior counselor.

Evan attended Roosevelt Elementary where he made his lifelong friends and grew into a shining star. Evan loved school and learning, and he was on principal’s honor roll every year. He joined cub scouts and met his best friends - Matthew Spink, Colin Clark, Chip Roth, William Mathengathi, and Addison Ferrall. These friends remained his close and constant companions all throughout his life. There was never a tighter group and they are truly his brothers. Starting in 3rd grade, Evan began to play piano and joined chorus. His love of music blossomed and he was chosen for the Rock Band and All County Chorus in 5th grade, where he sang with the other students from the county at the Straz Center.

He crossed over to Boy Scouts Troop 22 of the Ft. Brooke Council with his friends and began the journey to Eagle. He loved scouts so much, especially camping, but it was the comradery and friendship that held him tight to his Troop.

The summer before middle school Evan was diagnosed with cancer – soft tissue sarcoma. He was unable to attend more than 3 weeks of 6th grade before moving to online school due to chemo and radiation. Evan then completed 6th grade with honors all online and straight A’s while enduring 17 rounds of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation. He never let his spirits sag and remained as active as possible with his scout troop.

In May of 2016 Evan finished chemo and began his journey in remission. Again he went to scout summer camp and acted as a junior camp Bayshore counselor while he was in recovery. In August of 2016 Evan started 7th grade at Coleman Middle School. Despite having missed all of 6th grade, he joined symphonic band playing clarinet and was first chair, and also joined jazz band on piano, and made principal’s honor roll first semester. He adored all his classes, especially Language Arts and Civics.

Evan was a voracious reader, he read anything and everything, soaking up books and knowledge. He was smart, he knew more about things that adults do and read and understood complex items such as space, time, math and physics. Adults loved to have conversations with Evan, often remarking how mature and self confident he was. More important, Evan was a kind, gentle, loving, joyful, and giving person. He made sure others in his class understood concepts and went out of his way to assist them. He gave of himself to his friends and scouts selflessly. He loved music and jazz and coffee and bookstores and movies and mini golf and The Simpsons and Adventure Time and chocolate and sushi and miso soup and crab cakes. He was an amazing big brother to Gavin; they shared bunk beds and Evan did not want to move to his own room even as he grew too big for his top bunk. He protected Gavin and shared his knowledge and wisdom with him and they never really fought.

Tragically, his sarcoma relapsed in late December of 2016 and spread to his lungs and brain. Evan once again fought bravely and without complaint through chemo and brain radiation for the first 2 and half months of 2017 while going back to online school and putting on his scout uniform and attending meetings even as he grew weaker. However, the cancer was too much for his body to fight. Evan Mario Macrone lost his battle with cancer on March 15, 2017. He was on his Make A Wish trip to California when he fell ill and passed away peacefully and painlessly with loving care by the staff of Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles surrounded by his family of Dominic, Katherine, Mike, Gavin and his friend Matthew and mom Bev by his side the entire time. He will be missed and mourned on this earth by his entire family, his friends, his teachers, his scout leaders and troop members, his classmates, and the adults who also loved being with him.

Visitation services will be held at Blount and Curry Funeral Home on MacDill Avenue in South Tampa the evening of Friday March 24th from 5pm to 7pm. Funeral service will be held Saturday, March 25 at Hyde Park United Methodist Church at 2pm with Burial at Myrtle Hill Cemetery afterwards.

We are setting up 3 funds that were near and dear to Evan's heart to reach out to the community he loved and activities that were central to his soul:

*Evan Mario Macrone Woodruff Camp Memorial Fund for Troop 22 of South Tampa. Checks can be made to Troop 22 at 4623 W Kensington Ave 33629 and anyone may contact Shane Parker at 813-909-4455 with questions.

This fund will be used to send a deserving scout to Camp Woodruff each year, Evan loved this camp so much it spoke to him deep in his soul.

*The Evan Mario Macrone Library Reading Corner at