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To Jesse Garcia, the entire world was a stage. An expressive, optimistic, and uninhibited individual. To everyone around him, he seemed to be eternally happy, and he willingly shared that joy with anyone whose life he touched. For Jesse, bringing out the best in any situation was as easy as offering a smile, a witty remark or the twinkle of an eye. And with just those simple gestures, he could evoke the most pleasant of emotions. Jesse really mastered the art of living and had great fun in doing so.

Jesse was born on March 25, 1966 at a clinic in Buckeye, Arizona. His parents were Salvador and Amparo. Jesse was raised in Harquahala, Arizona and Parker, Arizona. Even as a child, Jesse had the ability to lift the spirits of all those around him. He was raised to be warm, caring and friendly. He couldn't help but capture everyone's attention.

Always a good playmate, Jesse was easygoing and fun loving. He managed to lighten the mood wherever he was, even during family squabbles. He seemed to have a knack for bringing compromise and erasing tense situations around the house. Due to a generous dose of common sense, Jesse managed to find a satisfying solution to basic problems. Jesse was raised with 3 siblings Jose, Sal and Richard.

All of Jesse's playful good humor carried over into his childhood. He was possessed with an outgoing personality, a lively imagination and a mellowed enthusiasm for life that allowed him to be constantly on the go. As a result, Jesse experienced a rather active childhood, and this suited him very well. He took part in basketball and baseball. In his spare time he liked practicing basketball.

Ask anyone who knew him from school and they would tell you that Jesse was a class "cut-up." He didn't do it to be unkind or to garner all the attention. Rather, Jesse simply enjoyed others' laughter and the sounds of his friends and acquaintances having a good time. It could be said that for Jesse, grades may not have been the most important thing to him, but he really did enjoy his school experience. Since experience was Jesse's best teacher. He enjoyed hands-on learning and applying the "practical" approach to knowledge, rather than getting caught up in "theory." Jesse graduated from Parker High School in 1984. He enjoyed some courses more than others, having favorite classes and teachers. His favorite class in high school was physical education. The teacher he enjoyed learning from the most was Mr. Buatti. He obtained multiple awards in basketball and other sports.

Jesse reveled in his college years, where his imagination could run free. He was viewed by many of his classmates as being a creative person. Jesse was usually found at the center of things, whether it was during class or in extracurricular activities. He was a jovial person who loved to share his passion for fun with others. But for Jesse, life was not a case of all play and no work. Jesse relished the task of putting his imagination to work in class. He was able to discover new and different ways of answering problems and creating unusual and different solutions. He earned his Accossiates Degree in general studies graduating in 1987 from Phoenix College.

Jesse never actually encountered a stranger in his dealings with people. He was drawn to individuals and crowds, using his gregarious, adaptable and outgoing personality to captivate his audience. This quality allowed Jesse to continually develop new relationships, ever widening his circle of friends. Jesse delighted in his role among all his acquaintances, because he viewed them all as potential spectators for his performance. Whether it was a story, a joke, a song or just plain fooling around, Jesse was always right at home among his friends. Jesse utilized his interest in others as a great way to connect with them. While growing up, some of his best friends were Luis and Pedro. Later in life, he became friends with Luis Lopez. Jesse loved sharing life and having his home filled with people he knew.

Perhaps the reason Jesse related so well to children was the fact that he never really completely grew up himself. The ability to be just a "kid at heart" helped him in raising his own children. Jesse was blessed with two daughters Korrin and Mia. Jesse had the ability to focus his attention on the present moment. If he was spending time with the kids, that's where all of his attention was directed. Jesse's compassionate side prevented him from being a disciplinarian, and he could turn just about any situation into a playful, learning experience. He could spend hours entertaining them with fun and creative play.

At work, as in life, Jesse was a real "people person." He had a very successful way of dealing effectively with others, and his enthusiasm and energy was often contagious. Jesse liked to see himself as something of a virtuoso. When dealing with various projects and problems, Jesse was an adaptable realist, using his common sense and trusting his experiences and impulses to uncover the correct answer. Jesse's talent for being a down to earth thinker, allowed many around him to see Jesse as an excellent problem solver. His primary occupation was with Westates Carbon. He was employed for 23 years.

Jesse enjoyed his leisure time by taking part in various hobbies. His favorite pursuits were playing any sports with the friends and family. Jesse was content to enjoy his hobbies alone but was also willing to share his interests with others.

Jesse felt excited and challenged by sports. Even if he wasn't the best, Jesse loved to participate and thoroughly enjoyed the competition and the pleasure of being around other people. Jesse relished the opportunities where he could make an impact, and he would often push himself