Joan V. Buccellato
Joan V. Buccellato
  • June 30, 1923 - July 12, 2017
  • Clearwater, Florida

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Mrs. Joan V Buccellato was known as many things to many people. She was a beloved Mother, Grandmother, Great grandmother, Sister, Aunt and friend, to all who knew her she was someone special. To family and friends who knew her best, Joan will be remembered as a very exceptional person who always had an extra seat at her table and a hot meal that was enough to feed anyone who happened to walk through the door.

Joan was born- Vincenza Gurreri - on June 30, 1923 at home on Bay 14th street in Brooklyn N Y.

Joan was the 4th of five children born to Giuseppe Gurreri and Maria Liverra Gurreri. Joan was preceeded in death by oldest Brother Salvatore , Sister Jean, Brother Benidetto and younger Brother Mario, affectionatly called Sonny . Joan was usually involved in all sorts of activities with her siblings. She and her siblings experienced rivalries typical of a growing family, but they shared many life experiences over thyears.

As a young girl, Joan had a number of interests. Like most children, she enjoyed playing and making up games. She was curious about the world around her and was often eager to explore it. She attended School and Catholic Church and In her spare time she liked to read Movie Magazines. However, to Joan, the most fun to be had was simply playing and spending time with her friends.

A typical teenager, Joan had a fairly happy high school experience, making that critical transition fromolescence to adulthood. She graduated from New Utrecht High School in 1939. She enjoyed some classes more than others, having favorite subjects and teachers. Her favorite class in high school was English. What she loved most was to attend Dances.

Always considered a “good” friend to those she knew, Joan enjoyed a broad group of acquaintances and several very close friends during her lifetime. Her sister and Brothers and after marriage her sisters -in-law family friend Vito Rocco Farinola who becam singer Vic Damone. Later in life, she became friends with Peggy Fiella.

On July 12, 1941 Joan exchanged wedding vows with Luigi Buccellato of Brooklyn NY. Empathic and loyal, Joan was committed to making her new family happy.

Joan worked hard to be a good mother to her children and she did her best to fulfill their needs. Joan was blessed with 4 children, two sons Carlo, Joseph and two daughters Joni and Maria. Another blessing for Joan was the gift of 10 grandchildren, Robert , Lori, Renee, Matthew, Michele, Joseph, Christopher, Danielle , Jennifer, & James.

Fortunately, Joan enjoyed what she did for a living. Showing a strong work ethic, Joan worked diligently and did her best to succeed in her career. She was employed for a few years as a Presser on womens clothing. Joan always sought to be a team player, doing what was necessary in order to get the job done. Her role as Housewife and Mother where most important as family meant everything to her- she spoiled them with her cooking and memories of holidays filled with family sitting around her table eating her famous meatballs will not soon be forgotten.

Joan’s faith was important to her. She attended the Roman Church and recommitted her life to Christ in 1984 when she was water baptized along with some of her children and Grandchildren on Long Island.

Joan enjoyed traveling and time away on vacations. It was a chance for her to renew and relax, to visit new places and experience new things. She traveled to Europe 3 times visiting Italy, France , England and numerous family cruise'.

Joan was a lover of animals and cherished her pets. Joan had a long list of Pet dogs one of her favorites was a dog named Pom Pom who belonged to daughter Maria. She often had two dogs at a time. They were best friends for some as long as 15 years.

She relocated to Clearwater Florida during the early 90's. Even in retirement, Joan continued to stay in touch with her old friends while making plenty of new acquaintances. Joan was active in her new community and felt fulfilled with the opportunities retirement offered her. She was especially happy whenever family would visit and continued to show her love by cooking and having everyone sit around her table.

After lingering in Hospice by sheer force of the will she had to never leave her family, Joan passed away on July 12, 2017 at South Tampa Rehab Center Tampa Fl. She is survived by Her two sons Carlo and Wife -Mary Ellen Buccellato of Coral Springs FL , Joseph and Wife Lydia Buccellato of New Port Richy Fl , Daughter Joni and husband James Lupis of LI NY. Sadly, daughter Maria preceeded her in death after losing her battle to cancer in 2001. She is also survived by all of her grandchildren and 14 great grand Children as well as 3 Great, Great grandsons- Services will be held at Sylvan Abbey Methodist Church and Joan was laid to rest in Sylvan Abbey Cemetery Clearwater FL.

Simply stated, Joan was a good and kind person, an individual who will for all time be remembered by her family and friends as being a caring and giving person, someone who was a vital part of their lives. Joan leaves behind her a legacy of life-long friendships and many cherished memories. Everyone whose life she touched will always remember Mrs. Joan V Buccellato.