Kenneth Karawski
Kenneth Karawski
  • May 16, 1953 - January 14, 2016
  • Nashua, New Hampshire

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NASHUA - Kenneth "G Man" Karawski, 62, passed on peacefully on January 14 2016, at Mass General Hos­pital Boston, MA, after a long and cou­rageous battle with leukemia. Born May 16, 1953 in Nashua, NH, Ken was the son of Daniel Karawski, co-founder of Alpine Grove and Dan's Drive In, and Marion (Sedlewicz) Ka­rawski. He is survived by his brother Michael "The Brain" Karawski of Concord, MA; and sister Kathy Karawski of Nashua, NH. He gradu­ated with the Class of 1971 at Nashua High School. In his early work years, Ken worked with Dave "Bear" Dionne a very close and life­long dear friend. They were often on the road together delivering and setting up fur­niture. Ken was very appre­ciative of Bear's superb driv­ing skill and was extremely grateful to "Bear" for driv­ing him to and from Mass General Hospital in Boston for his medical treatment. A voracious reader, Ken liked to read the newspaper cover to cover, usually read­ing every single word. He especially loved the Boston Globe, often enjoying it with a fresh hot cup of Dunkin Do­nuts coffee. Friends would joke that he was a member of the 50 year Dunkin Do­nuts coffee drinkers club! His mastery of reading the classified ad sections en­abled him to find exceptional deals, including: real estate, antiques, artwork, farm and garden implements, trac­tors, woodworking tools, wood stoves, riding lawn mowers and snowblowers. He also had an incredible and vast selection of debo­nair clothing. Ken mastered the fine art of woodworking, carpentry and all aspects of metal fabrication including welding, grinding, sanding, painting and polishing. Great joy and pleasure was derived from working on and restor­ing cars, trucks, lawn mow­ers, tractors and small ma­chinery. Dear family friend Philip "Pervis" Dabilis was noted to say "Ken could take an 'OLD BONE' and restore it to a fine running machine."

A connoisseur and lover of fine food, Ken mastered the art of barbeque and grill­ing, kapusta soup, Polish ga­lumkis, kielbasa, as well as spaghetti sauces and chick­en cacciatore dishes. He loved to cook and entertain friends and family mem­bers and cherished holiday events and Sunday Football gatherings. Ken especially loved ice cream, fresh pies and homemade cakes. His favorite creameries includ­ed: Lockes, Kimballs, Anna­belle's, Jordan's, Doc Davis, Haywood's, Butch's and of course Dairy Queen! One of his greatest pride and joys was enjoying the chicken pot pie at the Modern Res­taurant, followed up by the grape nut custard pudding for dessert. Ken absolutely loved this! He was always in pursuit of the freshest and tastiest whoopie pie. His pas­sion for fine food was so de­voted, he would often drive for hours in search of culi­nary delights. This brings to mind a road trip to Rock­port, Maine, an easy "4 hour lunch trip" with his brothers Mike "Brain" Karawski and Nick "Joe Hollywood" Tam­posi to the Brass Lantern Restaurant. Gorging them­selves on the famous lobster club sandwich, the road trip ended in "Satiated Lobster Bliss!" Fond memories in­clude driving up to Newicks Restaurant in Newington, NH, in Philip "Pervis" Dabi­lis's 1963 Chrysler Imperial loaded with friends enjoy­ing and stuffing themselves on the fried fisherman's platter. Ken's favorite eat­eries included the Mod­ern, Rosebud, Hilltop, the Causeway in Gloucester, Moe's subs in Portsmouth, Santoro's Subs, AL's pizza, the Parthenon, Luigi's in Bedford, MA, and of course KFC! Known for his keen sense of humor and razor sharp wit, Ken loved playing practical jokes on his Ledge Street School classmate and one of his closest friends, Patrick "Packy" Haver­field. Everyone always had a lot of laughs and a good time, followed of course by a few choice beverages! Another great joy and pas­sion of Ken's was his admi­ration of 1960s cars. One of his favorite vehicles that he owned was a classic jet black 1963 Buick Riviera. Ken would have tak­en great pleasure if he had the chance to restore his close friend Ron (Porks) Paul's 1969 Pontiac Lemans, which to this day still sits in Ken's garage after more than 25 years! Ken also had a great passion and a keen eye in finding the greatest deals. For instance, he bought a 1995 Buick Lasabre about 10 years ago for $600 dol­lars. His great pal Philip "Pervis" Dabilis remarked "the previous owners might have gotten the best of it, but now Ken gets the rest of it!" Proud to say that the Buick is still running and on the road today!

Ken was such a kind, com­passionate and generous human being, and had great love for all animals including rabbits, squirrels and birds. In his workshop he would of­ten build wooden homes for all the creatures he loved. It gave him great joy to hand feed the animals and the ani­mals reciprocated that love in return. He cherished his pet goat "Nappy," and his favorite red squirrel, "Stub­by." His love of playing cat and mouse games with his favorite cats, "Mew Mew," "Baby Mew" and "Tigers Mew" gave Ken a sense of joy and real contentment. He was always very appre­ciative and thankful to good friend Mike "Sarge" Poff for creating these unique cat names. Ken was a real giver of his time and tal­ents, and loved to help out friends and family on home improvement projects. Ken took joy and great pride in cutting his own hair and several times created the perfect flat top buzz cut. He also mastered the fine art of whistling and when he hit an extremely high pitched note one knew that he was really feeling "Great!" He cher­ished his time with his many close friends especially with Steve "Teeb" Longland, Francis "Bird" McFarland and Rusty "Tough Guy" LePine, at his log cabin on Flint's Pond, which was built by Ken's grandfather from the log timbers after the hurricane of 1938. An avid lover of the Red Sox, Celtics and the Patriots, Ken was al­ways appreciative of attend­ing live Sox games, many times sitting in the owner's box or other great seats with his closest friends and com­rades (Nick, Mike,