Kenneth O. Meyer
Kenneth O. Meyer
  • July 21, 1949 - July 25, 2017
  • Hampshire, Illinois

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Kenneth O. Meyer, passed away on July 25, 2017 in Hampshire, Illinois.

Kenneth's Visitation will be held on Tuesday, August 1st from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. with a Prayer Service starting at 10:00 a.m. at Lakeshore Mortuary, 1815 S. Dobson Road, Mesa, Arizona 85202.

The Military and Committal Services will begin at 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 1st at the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona, 23029 N. Cave Creek Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85024. A Reception at the home of Kenneth and Amy will follow after the services.

"Seeing is believing." For many, those words simply represent a motto. But for Kenneth O. Meyer, it summarized in every way who he was. He was modest, quiet and observant, taking in everything around him and always thinking before acting. He was a realist, someone who was efficient and practical in everything he did. He was a friendly person who truly cared about those around him.

He was the son of Merrell Meyer and Tena Velde. Raised in Pipestone, Minnesota, he was brought up to be tolerant and trustworthy. As a child, he learned to be conscientious, responsible and punctual. These were all traits that he would carry with him throughout his life.

As a young boy, Kenneth was always aware of how others around him felt and this quality served him well. With a deep capacity to tolerate the feelings of others, Kenneth was generally able to avoid conflicts. It seemed as if Kenneth was the family member who was always working to keep stress at bay. Preferring a quiet environment where he could concentrate, Kenneth also had the ability to relate well with his family and friends. Kenneth was raised with four siblings: Judy, Nick, Kathy and David. Kenneth was constantly involved in activities with his family. Kenneth and his siblings had the typical rivalries while growing up but they deeply cared for each other and shared many life experiences over the years.

Growing up, Kenneth was one of those children who didn't need to be in the center of a whirlwind of activity. He was content to entertain himself. Kenneth was never pushy when it came to games and other activities, but rather, he was able to enjoy the pure fun these could bring. Kenneth took part in wrestling and in his spare time he liked fishing.

Those who were privileged to know Kenneth well learned that he was a solid, good friend. Kenneth best trusted those people that he truly knew. He was concerned about how those around him felt, and he always seemed to uncover the positive side of people. He could relate to others and had the ability to see their point of view, to "walk a mile in their shoes," as the saying goes. The friends that he made, Kenneth kept. Later in life, he became friends with Larry and Darwin.

Love can't be defined but must be experienced. That was so true for Kenneth. He married Amalia "Amy" on November 11, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kenneth was a good father to his children. He had "old fashioned" parental values and could handle typical family conflicts in a fair and calm manner. Because he trusted emotions, Kenneth was reluctant to force issues and used gentle persuasion to resolve situations. In this way he seemed to radiate an aura of warmth and caring to those around him, always thinking before acting. In addition, Kenneth was a master planner. No matter how hectic life around him might be, he seemed to know and track everyone's schedule. Kenneth was blessed with two children, son Gabe and daughter Tasha. He was also blessed with two grandchildren, Jacob Fjeld and Jeremy Fjeld.

Kenneth was an Army veteran serving from 1966 to 1969. He was in the Fourth Infantry spending most of his time in Vietnam. Kenneth saw action during Vietnam serving as a Medic. Through his hard work and dedication, he achieved the rank of Medic Specialist E5 (SP5). He received several awards including a National Defense Service Medal; Vietnam Service Medal; Vietnam Campaign Medal; Good Conduct Medal; Combat Medical Badge and Marksman Badge (Rifle).

While thorough and measured in his approach to things, Kenneth often liked to physically do things rather than just think about them. He was like that with sports. Recreational sports included hunting and fishing. He also enjoyed watching his favorite teams whenever he got the opportunity. In this way, he was something of a sports fan and enjoyed watching the Minnesota Vikings and Nascar.

An individual who respected and maintained traditional values, his faith was important to Kenneth. His compassion, consideration and sympathy toward others was evident in his personal beliefs. His followed in the Presbyterian faith.

Doing things to help others seemed to come naturally to Kenneth. He never set out to gain individual recognition, but the praise and accolades given him for his many and varied efforts throughout his life were well deserved. Some of his most prestigious awards included fishing awards for 1st Place Flounder in 2005 and 1st Place Calico in 2013.

Anyone who traveled or went on vacation with Kenneth had smooth sailing. It was often taken for granted that he was the trip planner. He would start early and examine all of the possibilities, selecting the best and most effective options. Favorite vacations included trips to Mexico.

Kenneth had Chadwick, a Rottweiler, who was his best friend for 6 years. Kenneth was as loyal to his pets as they were to him.

He had taken the time to learn about his various options and chose his course wisely. His new life involved relocating to Arizona. Even in retirement, Kenneth continued to stay in touch with his old friends while making plenty of new acquaintances. He was active in the community and felt fulfilled with the