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Message from the Family

Thank you for your support during this difficult time. Your thoughts and prayers are helping us get through this. Please enhance this tribute to Kyrstin by adding your memories and photos.

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“Hey baby girl I can't believe it's almost 7 years and it is still fresh in my mind what happened. I am so sorry that I wasn't there to help you...I...Read More »
1 of 100+ | Posted by: Claire Gemar - Course d'Alene, ID

“So..... Dad and I moved into this beautiful house... You would have loved it, I know! I think of you everyday. I pray a short prayer for you and...Read More »
2 of 100+ | Posted by: Claire - Coeur d'Alene, ID

“Kyrstin, You would be happy to see that alot of girls are returning to CGFP to help coach something you started. Nobody understood the meaning of...Read More »
3 of 100+ | Posted by: Jim Trammer - San Diego, CA

“Hello Kyrstin, My name is Vic Grilli, I am the Realtor who help your mom and dad with the purchase of their beautiful home here in Coeur d'Alene,...Read More »
4 of 100+ | Posted by: Vic Grilli - Twin Lakes, ID

“Hi baby Kyrstin! I hope you are having a blast up in heaven every day and your softball team is the Champion..... I would like to apologize for not...Read More »
5 of 100+ | Posted by: Claire Gemar - Mother

“Hello my slugger angel! Remember Marta from work? She is staying here with us temporarily until she can find her own place. She is sleeping in...Read More »
6 of 100+ | Posted by: Claire Gemar - Nanay

“You will be deaply missed hope to keep your spirit alive ”
7 of 100+ | Posted by: ashley mcconnell - san diego, CA

“Today three young ladies became beautiful angels. You are missed , but NEVER FORGOTTEN. love you forever A.K.A...from the Neufelds ”
8 of 100+ | Posted by: Bev and Phil Neufeld

“So hard to believe its been almost a year already. I can honestly say "not a day has gone by that A.K.A has not in my thoughts". You are all missed...Read More »
9 of 100+ | Posted by: Debbie Camden - Friend

“Life is not about the breath you take....but about the memories and moments that take your breath away....miss you always A.K.A....Bev ”
10 of 100+ | Posted by: Bev Neufeld

“Just wanted to write and say I miss you... I love you.... ”
11 of 100+ | Posted by: Jesse - - friend...buddy -

“hey Kyrs, Auntie Nita Boyer is having a Birthday bash tomorrow and how I wish you could be there for it,,, When you have a chance maybe you can come...Read More »
12 of 100+ | Posted by: Claire - mother

“miss you ”
13 of 100+ | Posted by: DDMC

“Hey Pungkin! You know Jade remembers the time when you were both on the couch andshe fell asleep on chest while watching tv. She says she misses you...Read More »
14 of 100+ | Posted by: Claire - mother

“Remember when you were laughing your ath off bcuz Icicle ran so fast into the house on our tile floor from the backyard, and then she tried to stop...Read More »
15 of 100+ | Posted by: Claire - yowmomma

“The Trammer gang, Froilan and the kids came over to the house tonight... Dad and I were going to take them out to dinner but they brought pizza... It...Read More »
16 of 100+ | Posted by: Momma Claire - momma

“Hey Slugger... So I'm driving home from Palm Springs today and listening to The Highway on XM (you remember, the country channel.) Anyway, they...Read More »
17 of 100+ | Posted by: Lenny Gemar - San Diego, CA - Dad

18 of 100+ | Posted by: Momma Claire - mother

“I am still so sad over the loss of Kystin. She was a student of mine at Grossmont College several years ago. She was such a sweet, funny, curious...Read More »
19 of 100+ | Posted by: Victoria Curran - El Cajon, CA

“Mama K...Things will never be the same without you. Read your name board right outside your apt door...Promises that we were gonna meet again,...Read More »
20 of 100+ | Posted by: Heather Kelley - ND

“I meant to say "touched".. And why the gift image that I clicked didn't appear? hmmmm ”
21 of 100+ | Posted by: momma Claire - san diego, CA

“Hey Kyrs, Wow so many people left messages for you on your birthday and for us too (mom & dad).. It is amazing how many lives you have touch.(oh...Read More »
22 of 100+ | Posted by: Claire - san dieedgo, CA - momma

“There must be a great party up in heaven right now. Happy Birthday Kyrstin!! ”
23 of 100+ | Posted by: Ninang, Houston TX

“Happy bday, K!!!! Today we celebrate together with u guys up there, the blissful memories of the marvellous times shared and way in which u touched...Read More »
24 of 100+ | Posted by: Tate - Dickinson, ND

“Hi anak, Grossmont College is having there first home game on your Birthday and they will have a ceremony to retire your Jersey.... What an honor...Read More »
25 of 100+ | Posted by: momma Claire - mother

“hello, we didn't know Kyrstin personally, but want to extend our deepest sympathy to your family. you are in our prayers. ”
26 of 100+ | Posted by: trina haeggquist

“Hey Kyrs, Karlee did it!!!.. The Kyrstin gemarMemorial Softball Tournament was a great turn out. People from everywhere came to iether play or just...Read More »
27 of 100+ | Posted by: Momma Claire - San diego, CA

“Hey Kyrs, It is new year... 2010.... it still sucks because you are not here....It is not going to get better because you are still not coming back...Read More »
28 of 100+ | Posted by: Momma Claire - San Diego, CA

“Your parents were kind enough to write a message on my sister's tributes page. I lost her too at the same age of 22. I appreciate the kind words and...Read More »
29 of 100+ | Posted by: Big Sister Jewls - Garland, TX

“It is 2 am and it's way past my bedtime but I can't sleep...... I am thinking of you baby Kyrstin. I miss you soooo damn much...... I still can't...Read More »
30 of 100+ | Posted by: Momma Claire - mother

“BEYONCE...well im just sitting here on this beautiful saturday morning here in dickinson. It hasnt snowed and its like 59 degrees...i...Read More »
31 of 100+ | Posted by: Kristen Fleury - Dickinson, ND

“Kyrstin hope you are looking after Ashley and Afton on this Christmas morning and holding up to your Mama K reputation. Sure do miss you guys this...Read More »
32 of 100+ | Posted by: Phil Neufeld

“Hello Pumpkin, We missed you at Auntie Aloma's Christmas eve dinner Tonight!... I was waiting for you to slowly walk in to the kitchen grinning and...Read More »
33 of 100+ | Posted by: Momm Claire - mother

“Hi Kyrs, I hope you are doing well up there. Have you guys played softball lately? I bet you won every single game.... You probably hitting it out of...Read More »
34 of 100+ | Posted by: Claire - mother

“Dear Lenny and Claire, It was so nice to meet and work with you both at the Happy Cooking Event and appreciate the great pics you took of the band. ...Read More »
35 of 100+ | Posted by: Jim Tullio (ACE band) - CA

“Wasup Kyrstin! You know last night was phenomenal. I gave a consummate valedictory tribute speech about you in my Communications class for my final...Read More »
36 of 100+ | Posted by: Tate - Boyfriend

“Hey twin, miss ya kid. Today i was working at the wolf center and we got a major storm that came through. First it started snowing and then it just...Read More »
37 of 100+ | Posted by: Chelvis - CA

“Hey my beautiful Baby Kyrstin, This really sucks you know? I miss you so much and my heart feels so empty without you. Seems nothing matters anymore...Read More »
38 of 100+ | Posted by: Momma Claire - CA

“I had to laugh to myself this morning Kyrstin! I picked up a lip gloss which was sitting next to your picture on my dresser and had a chuckle. I...Read More »
39 of 100+ | Posted by: Auntie Angie

“Hey Kyrs, It was fun lying next to you today for almost 1 hour. It was just sad that you couldn't cuddle me back even for a little bit. Dad was there...Read More »
40 of 100+ | Posted by: Claire

“Hey Kyrs, Twin was here.. She brought over this beautiful red poinsettia.. Dad told her " thank you for the flowers" and she said "They're not...Read More »
41 of 100+ | Posted by: Momma Claire - san diego, CA

“Lenny & Claire sorry I had to leave so soon. John is a work of art. Ill tell you more when we visit for christmas break. The service looked...Read More »
42 of 100+ | Posted by: Jenny Haack

“Hey K, Carly showed me that perfume you always liked wearing. We were spraying it and it felt like you were there, WOW!! We couldn't leave that room,...Read More »
43 of 100+ | Posted by: Tate

“Jesse Peterson was here also. She came late and stayed awhile. Aunties were playing Paris-Paris and we taught her how to play and liked it. Auntie...Read More »
44 of 100+ | Posted by: Momma Claire

“Hey Anak, Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day and there was a lot of people who came over. About 30 to 35 friends and family who came and left to our...Read More »
45 of 100+ | Posted by: Momma Claire

“kyrstin, i know i just met you, but the few moments we spent together were very special to me. ive honestly never known anyone to be so welcoming or...Read More »
46 of 100+ | Posted by: jennifer cortes - norfolk, VA

“Hey woman child, I hope you don't mind... I washed and still washing your dirty clothes. Let me know what you want me to do with them. Give hints or...Read More »
47 of 100+ | Posted by: Mom

“Hey sweety, Wasup, its Tate just stopping to say HIE, wow I know you guys are having so much fun up there. I went to the movie crib today and I sat...Read More »
48 of 100+ | Posted by: Tate

“Hey girlie! I'll be over for Thanksgiving as promised. While I'm there, I also promise to eat enough for you and me hahaha and after the grand "pig...Read More »
49 of 100+ | Posted by: Auntie Angie

“Oh My Baby Kyrstin,, I miss you so much! I remember when you and Dad were on your way back to Dickinson after your firsat summer vacation. I said to...Read More »
50 of 100+ | Posted by: Momma Claire

“Clairemont High School, Power Surge Travel Ball, and then off to college! Thank you, Kirsten, for the wonderful memories! Your giant heartfelt hugs.....Read More »
51 of 100+ | Posted by: Jan Coelho - San Diego, CA

“I am still humbled by your's and Claire's loss Lenny, my heart goes out to you both. ”
52 of 100+ | Posted by: Charles Pratt

“organizational behavior class still sucks lady. it is strange to not see you across the room rolling your eyes with me :). groups aren't the same...Read More »
53 of 100+ | Posted by: cheri stringer

“oh and Erin from work fed Icicle on the weekendswhile we were in DIckenson. I love you Kyrstin. Dad and I missed you soooo much cuddle bear. I...Read More »
54 of 100+ | Posted by: Momma Claire

“Also Auntie Cely brought some food over. I'm sure i am forgetting somebody but you know who you are so forgive me....Take Care ”
55 of 100+ | Posted by: Momma Claire - San Diego, CA

“Hey Kyrs! Just want to let you know that all auntiesand cousins got together and took care of pretty much evrything for me and Dad. From Auntie Marie...Read More »
56 of 100+ | Posted by: Momma Claire

“Kirstyn, What a wounderful girl you are even when you are not here with us, you will always shine in the sky like you did in earth. Like I told Mama...Read More »
57 of 100+ | Posted by: Lucy and Priscilla Murillo

“What a loss. I can't imagine how hard it is for those who spent much more time with Kyrstin than me. Especially Lenny and Claire. I got to know...Read More »
58 of 100+ | Posted by: Kim Moore

“Hey, Kyrstin I spoke at both of the services this weekend. I tried to keep it brief because I know you didn't like it when I talked too long.( you...Read More »
59 of 100+ | Posted by: John Coelho - San Diego, CA

“Princess! I am sorry if you did not want everyone to know about Ashley's mattress kicking our butts down the stairs but I had to make myself laugh....Read More »
60 of 100+ | Posted by: Charnel Brittany Zetsch - CA

Kyrstins 22nd bday “Kyrstin...I will forever remember you in my mind and heart. I haven't gotten to spend much time with you this semester, but I will forever remember...Read More »
61 of 100+ | Posted by: Jennifer Severs

“Hey Kyrs, The CGFP field(Pattie Estrada) held a beautiful candle ceremoniy tonight. It was really nice. And we saw a very very bright star up in the...Read More »
62 of 100+ | Posted by: Nany Claire - San Diego, CA

“Hey baby Kyrstin, Just wanted to let you know I'm back in Houston now, sorry about the mess I left in your room :-) we'll just blame that on your...Read More »
63 of 100+ | Posted by: Auntie Angie - Houston, TX

me, leticia, and alyssa at the memorial 11.15.09 “Kyrstin, i wrote a speech for you and read it to everyone who came to the memorial. We all miss you so much and i wish i could have one more hug from...Read More »
64 of 100+ | Posted by: Andrea Matt

“Dear Lenny and Claire, I was devastated when I heard the news about the young ladies. I frantically searched the internet to see if this was your...Read More »
65 of 100+ | Posted by: Kevin M Young

“Hey my Kyrstin! Just wanted to let know that I'm thinking of you tonight. I still see your smile so bright and clear, and the passion you shared with...Read More »
66 of 100+ | Posted by: Tate Namz

“O the memories! As you know the other day I was with Lindsey "Perv" Rose lol! We were talking about some good times! Lol. We were remembering the...Read More »
67 of 100+ | Posted by: Jessica Pearson - San Diego, CA

“Losing a member of our softball community touches all of us deeply. We all feel your pain and will remember your family in our daily thoughts and...Read More »
68 of 100+ | Posted by: UC Del Sol Girls Fastpitch Softball

“I personally don't know Kyrsten, however, I am friends with someone who was personally touched by her radiance and is also mourning her loss. The...Read More »
69 of 100+ | Posted by: Michaela MacGown

“Hi baby Kyrstin, I hope you don't mind I invited Tate down here in San Diego(only if he wanted to come, no pressure). He said he would love to so I...Read More »
70 of 100+ | Posted by: Momma Claire - San Diego, CA

“I love you Baby Kyrstin!! It gives me comfort knowing that you are going to be with families and friends up there. Say "Hi" to Paul H. for me. Also...Read More »
71 of 100+ | Posted by: Nanay Claire - San Diego, CA

“Hey Kyrstin, I remember your gentle smile, the way you used to look into my eyes and say to me, 'Tate you're so sweet', I can never forget that. You...Read More »
72 of 100+ | Posted by: Tate Namz

“I still can't believe that my beautiful baby Kyrstin is gone. She was the best thing that ever happened to me in my whole life. (Besides marrying her...Read More »
73 of 100+ | Posted by: Claire Gemar - San Diego, CA

“I did not have the pleasure of knowing Kyrstin, but it is more than obvious she was a very special person. I know her mom from the bus route that...Read More »
74 of 100+ | Posted by: Robin Lawshe - San Diego, CA

“Kyrstin I never knew you touched my heart the way you did. After not talking to you in years, when I heard the news I was devistated. I was going...Read More »
75 of 100+ | Posted by: D'yonna Marie Baca - San Diego, CA

“We are so saddened by the loss of Krystin. While not knowing Krystin personally, We fondly remember her beautiful smile and awesome softball talent...Read More »
76 of 100+ | Posted by: Rick and Patti Ghio - San Diego, CA

“With heartfelt memories of Kyrstin! I love you so much Kyrstin. Everyday I live, is a celebration of the joy, laughter, smiles, kisses you shared...Read More »
77 of 100+ | Posted by: Tate Namz - Dickinson, ND

“The memories of the wondeful times we shared together will forver live in our hearts Kyrstin! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and you're still my lovely sweet...Read More »
78 of 100+ | Posted by: Tate Namz

“Our thoughts and prayers are with you in the loss of your daughter Krystin. We will remeber her softball talents and the beautiful person she was. ...Read More »
79 of 100+ | Posted by: Margaret Killion

“Claire and Lenny, we wish you peace and strength while your hearts are breaking. We will always remember Kyrstin fondly most especially for the...Read More »
80 of 100+ | Posted by: Bernadette, Brendan & Andrew Quinn

“Kyrstin Gemar as I remember: Drive in runs! Steal away a base hit defensively! Genuine care for people/teammates! Dive head first into third base -...Read More »
81 of 100+ | Posted by: Jeffrey Price

“Kyrstin, I can't thank you enough for all of the memories you have been a part of. Softball would have never been the same without you. I will never...Read More »
82 of 100+ | Posted by: Chrissy Boehme - San Diego, CA

“Although I did not know your daughter, my daughter plays softball with girls that did. I just wanted to tell you my thoughts and prayers are with you...Read More »
83 of 100+ | Posted by: Tina Ford - Ramona, CA

“Kyrstin was an outstanding coach to the girls at Clairemont. She coached with Jim, Lindsey and myself for three years and the girls just loved her....Read More »
84 of 100+ | Posted by: Elisa, Breana and Sabrina Bryant

“I have never met your daughter or anyone from this horrific incident. But I do play softball at Plymouth State in New Hampshire and our team was...Read More »
85 of 100+ | Posted by: Kortney Nedeau

“It finally hit me tonight that you're not coming back. I've been in such denial since I heard you were gone that it took this long to realize it. I...Read More »
86 of 100+ | Posted by: Cari - El Cajon

Leann, Jesse & Kyrstin just being themselves “Kyrstin, Even though we did not get to hang out a lot I know how special you were to my sister...and the few times I was honored to be around you,...Read More »
87 of 100+ | Posted by: Kelsey

88 of 100+ | Posted by: Ashley Mottola

“I have been trying to think of just one memory that sticks out about Kyrstin... but I can't pick the best one. All the times we shared were good....Read More »
89 of 100+ | Posted by: Helen Stapleton - San Diego, CA

“I can still remember the days when we would swim in your pool pretending to be tigers. We would make up names for ourselves and create a whole...Read More »
90 of 100+ | Posted by: Jessica Price

“The Tucson Invitational Games (T.I.G.) is saddened to have lost Kyrstin, Ashley and Afton, as they and the Dickinson State softball team are part of...Read More »
91 of 100+ | Posted by: Tucson Invitatonal Games

“Our softball community is deeply saddened by the loss of one of its own, Kyrstin Gemar. We did not know Kyrstin personally, but we have many good...Read More »
92 of 100+ | Posted by: Jeanette Ludwig - San Diego, CA

“I love the Kyrstin and Grand Canyon photograph. Her smile and sweet spirit has always been as big as all that. My enduring memory of her goes way...Read More »
93 of 100+ | Posted by: Diedre and Mark Avery

“I believe this candle will glow in honor of Kyrstin forever!! Kyrstin coached Lisa at Clairemont and was a kind gentle person. Lisa plays travel ball...Read More »
94 of 100+ | Posted by: Patty and Lisa Pena

“My prayers our with you. Kyrstin always would make my daughter Mariah smile when she and Lindsay would come help out at our field and work with...Read More »
95 of 100+ | Posted by: Jackie Wyckoff

“I will never forget the way you would hug me EVERYTIME I saw you. You gave the absolute best hugs anyone could ever give. You would wrap your arms...Read More »
96 of 100+ | Posted by: Erica Coelho - San Diego, CA

“I am very sorry of your loss. ”
97 of 100+ | Posted by: Ron Foo - Vista, CA

“We are very sorry for the loss...This was very devastating to us...Kyrstin was an amazing athlete as well as a scholar... We were watching the news...Read More »
98 of 100+ | Posted by: Rose Scaeffer, Rhea Delarosa and family.

“Kyrstin was one of the nicest people I have ever met. She could make you laugh and smile when you sere feeling down. She made you feel lika a part of...Read More »
99 of 100+ | Posted by: Rebecca "Shorty" Osborne

“I've known Kyrstin for about 6 years. I first met her when we played on the Breakers together. She was always so great to play with. I could try to...Read More »
100 of 100+ | Posted by: Ashley Koopman - San Diego, CA

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Kyrstin was born at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego to Lenny and Claire Gemar. As she has grown she's tried various sports and activities, including Brownies, soccer, choir, swim team, karate, and most successfully softball.

Playing for the Clairemont Bobby Sox league, she earned a place on the 2000 All-Star team. She hit her first Grand Slam during the regional all-star tournament in North El Cajon in July 2002. She then went on to play JV softball in her Freshman year at Clairemont High. Moving up to varsity in her Sophomore year, she held the Varsity Home Run record for the 2003 season, and was the only Clairemont player to draw a walk from Lisa Dodd (University City) during the CIF championship game.

After graduating from Clairemont High School, she played two years at Grossmont College, El Cajon in 2006 and 2007. A great writeup by East County Sports is available at They also have a detailed accounting of the seasons she played for Grossmont, with many photos.

During the summers between school years Kyrstin also played on several travel teams including Flame, Breakers, PowerSurge, and San Diego Elite. Kyrstin received a scholarship to play at Dickinson State University, where she played the 2009 season to help the team reach 3rd place in the NAIA National Championship Tournament, and tied with Jody Lantz (of DSU) for the most home runs in a NAIA national tournament.

Entering her senior year Kyrstin was really looking forward to the upcoming 2010 softball season. Unfortunately, those plans have been cut short. We really miss her...

Photos of Kyrstin prior to 2009.
Photos of Kyrstin after 2008.
Video of Kyrstin hitting a bomb. Video by Dan Fernandez, DSU baseball coach
Kyrstin Gemar Memorial Tournament photos

A.K.A. (Afton, Kyrstin, and Ashley)
Photos regarding Afton's, Kyrstin's, and Ashley's deaths and memorials. This photo gallery comprehensively chronicles the moments following their deaths through their individual memorial services.

Ashley Neufeld
Photos of Ashley in 2009 DSU season
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