Lexanne Phifer Meyer
Lexanne Phifer Meyer
  • September 26, 1953 - May 4, 2017
  • New Bern, North Carolina

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Remembering Lexanne
Born to Reuben and Margaret Phifer at Saint Luke's hospital in New Bern on the 26th of September, 1953 was what was to become a whirlwind of love, Lexanne made her debut. Throughout her life she became a collector of an unusual kind. She collected friends and loved ones and was a loyal and fierce defender of them all. Quick with a phone call or a quick visit, in good times and bad, she always knew the right things to say and just when to give that famous hug. She was still having a monthly lunch with "The Girls" from her Havelock High School days and was sure to make sure that pictures were sent to her devoted husband Charlie before she even got home.
As she advanced in life she brought all of her friends and family with her. She developed a love of the beach at an early age and following high school moved to the coast. That was fortunate for Charlie because that is where they met. It seems that a scheme between two of her friends placed them in "the right place at the right time" and a romance for the ages was born. Her two children Teddy and Elizabeth Anne would round out the picture and would be her pride and joy only equaled by her love of her grandchildren, Greyson, Hannah and Charlie Elizabeth and nothing made her day more than a visit or phone call starting with "HEY Granny" . Since Charlie was in the Marine Corps they traveled and moved often. Of course this just let her continue her collection and her love and joy was spread from coast to coast. She had a tremendous extended family and if the names were McDaniel, White, Register or Phifer there was a good chance they were part of her "inner circle" around Jasper, Cove City and Perfection.
She felt the loss of a friend or family member deeply. Reuben died while she was still young and her Step-Father William "Woody" Wood and brother Mike passed. The bond between she and her Mother was increased through this loss and they became what every girl hopes to be with her Mother. When Margaret passed Lexanne was profoundly saddened but turned that sadness to love and vowed that she would always end each conversation or visit with "I love you" and you knew that she truly meant it.
She has left her family to carry on in her tradition and to fill some very large shoes. We will try and keep her beliefs and traditions strong and will miss her every day.
Services are by Cotten Funeral Home, New Bern, NC. The service will be at 4:00PM on Thursday the 11th.
In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at: https://tribute.tributecff.org/lexannephifermeyer