Pamela N. Edstrom
Pamela N. Edstrom
  • February 15, 1946 - March 28, 2017
  • Vancouver, Washington

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Pam Edstrom, known best to the world as “the voice behind Microsoft’s story”, surrounded by those she loved and who loved her the most, passed peacefully into the night late on Wednesday, March 28, 2017.

It may have been the only thing the tiny lady with a giant capacity to sell ideas, dreams, and endless possibilities (to even the most skeptical) ever did in her entire life without great fanfare and showmanship. For the invincible Edstrom, of the legendary global high tech public relations firm Waggener-Edstrom, there was no challenge too large or client too small for the marketing dynamo to take on with equal energy, passion, and quirky creativity.

She was one-of-a-kind; she can never be replaced.

Pam, a graduate of the University of Minnesota, moved to the Northwest as a young wife and mother. She earned her post graduate degree in Criminology at Portland State University. As the honored commencement speaker at her Alma mata, she told the 2015 graduation class, that her youthful dream was to become an airline stewardess, but she was rejected for being “too short.” Undaunted, supplied with a limitless resolve unimaginable to most, she kicked down barriers and blasted through previously shut doors to the heights of the business universe. Always starving to learn, she was a zealous reader, voracious traveler, and an insatiable “people person.”

While the highly decorated and award winning Edstrom was publicly known as a major innovator and trailblazer in the high tech industry and beyond, there was much more to the little giant behind the curtain pushing the buttons and tooting other people’s horns. She was an extraordinary chef and hostess; perpetually creating delicious, magical memories for delighted friends and family. She was a quiet and inordinately generous philanthropist who gave not for self-glory, but to make a major difference for those who are often forgotten. Her focus was education, children, and women…the legions of lives she made better was the legacy she cared about most.

First and foremost, Pam Edstrom was in all ways a Star! If she had chosen a career on the stage, she had the talent, the physical beauty, and the perseverance needed “to make it anywhere.” Throughout the years, she charmed small, but adoring local audiences with her comedic genius and performing prowess. From her hilarious portrayals of Neil Simon characters to her “kicks to the sky” in her incomparable musical rendition of “New York, New York”, Edstrom always shined.

Pam Edstrom definitely was and always will be one-of-a-kind…a Super star whose professional triumphs were only transcended by her unique gift to imagine, encourage, inspire and always entertain.

Her survivors include her husband, Joseph Lamberton, her daughter Jennifer Edstrom, four step children Suzanne Goodman and Todd, Bryan and Greg Lumberton; their spouses; and seven grandchildren.

Remembrances can be made to the American Cancer Society, P.O. Box 22478, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73123 ( or payable to the Pam Edstrom Scholarship Fund at Community Foundation of Southwest Washington, 610 Esther Street, Suite 201‎, Vancouver, WA 98660‎ or visit