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“I quoted you so many times. Your historical knowledge is why I was so happy to listen to you on my travels in the NYC area. I just learned of your...Read More »
1 of 100+ | Posted by: Bernadette VenturaWarfel - FL

“Bob where are you ? We need you more than ever. You were the best and a one of a kind. ”
2 of 100+ | Posted by: Rose White

“Hi Bobby, how are ya pal ? Miss listening to you. Did you see Joe Pine up there ? Not sure what you'd make of Trump ? Rest easy pal ”
3 of 100+ | Posted by: Willie Porcell - Morristown, NJ

“Dear Bob As young teenager I tuned in to your early radio shows during the 1970's . I would listen and learn from you and your guests. Through my...Read More »
4 of 100+ | Posted by: Enzo F. Cannizzo

“Bob Grant always treated me with respect.And was very kind,me he rest in peace.God bless him forever.! ”
5 of 100+ | Posted by: Martin G.Matsil

6 of 100+ | Posted by: Valenda Newell - Indianapolis, IN

“Bob's been gone for a few but I did think of him after Trump won. RIP Bob ”
7 of 100+ | Posted by: Philip Mayer - Durham, NC

“you would be smiling today Bob , there is hope for the US :) ”
8 of 100+ | Posted by: Mike Francis

“I have a dozen podcasts of Bob's last shows. I anyone would like them Ill be happy to send them. They are fun to listen to. ”
9 of 100+ | Posted by: Philip Mayer - Mt. Sinai, NY

10 of 100+ | Posted by: Philip Mayer - Mt. Sinai, NY

“Bob was unique...some would say we all are...He was informed, smart, very funny, without trying...he made predictions that came true...I remember the...Read More »
11 of 100+ | Posted by: marie speranza - yonkers, NY

“I grew up with Bob listened to him since 1970 when I was just a teenager, used to tape his shows to make my long commute easier and always dreaded...Read More »
12 of 100+ | Posted by: Francis stern

“Rest in Peace - Oh Great one! ”
13 of 100+ | Posted by: Ted from Rosedale

“Bob Grant was an Important part of my life. In the late 80's I started listening to Bob on WABC. Those were very tough times in my life full of...Read More »
14 of 100+ | Posted by: Pete

“Dear Grant Family,As it is now Nov 14 and Bob passed on Dec 31st, please forgive me for my belated remarks.Outside of my own father, no human being...Read More »
15 of 100+ | Posted by: peter k green

“I am so sorry for this great loss. May you find comfort in our God, and the Father of our Lord, Jehovah. ”
16 of 100+ | Posted by: Michelle A.

“Bob Grant optimized what our country stands for Freedom of speech and the courage to disagree with the \"tailor made\"politicans of this great...Read More »
17 of 100+ | Posted by: john manganiello

“Or was it "Uncle Ken Fairchild"? ”
18 of 100+ | Posted by: Tom

“My wife and I went to watch a softball game at Co-Op City in the Bronx. between the WMCA Goodguys and the Co-Op City team in the mid 1970's I believe...Read More »
19 of 100+ | Posted by: Tom

“Mr. Grant,Rest in peace my friend you are truly missed by many.Thank you for everything you did to expose the "fakes, phoneys, and frauds" of the...Read More »
20 of 100+ | Posted by: Warren

“you and bob grant were a couple of pricks ”
21 of 100+ | Posted by: Sly Hart

“bob grant was a racist piece of garbage. I am so glad that prick is dead. the sun shines a little brighter now. I hope he suffered ”
22 of 100+ | Posted by: Sly Hart

“To Bob's family; I am still grieving for Bob. I was a loyal listener since 1985 and I even exchanged private emails with Bob a few times. The USA has...Read More »
23 of 100+ | Posted by: David R - Monroe TWP, NJ

“To Robert's Family: I am so sorry for your loss. As the days and weeks pass, and you return to life's routine, may you be comforted by our ...God...Read More »
24 of 100+ | Posted by: D. Anderson

“My husband and I loved listening to Bob over the years. He was an intelligent, thought provoking, caring talk host and he will be missed. I did not...Read More »
25 of 100+ | Posted by: Marie

“Sorry to hear about your loss. James 4:8 says draw close to God and he will draw close to you. ”
26 of 100+ | Posted by: Michelle - IL

“Rest in peace Mr. Grant! Listened to you on the radio many, many years ago & you were a breath of fresh air. God bless you & I know are by...Read More »
27 of 100+ | Posted by: Artie

“Dear Bob's family and Josephine, I am so sorry for your loss. Find comfort in all the people out here in radio land who loved Bob throughout all of...Read More »
28 of 100+ | Posted by: - NY

“I learned so much from Bob Grant he was a national treasure he will be forever missed may god bless. ”
29 of 100+ | Posted by: Anthony Venice - Bronx Ny, NY

“To whom it may concern: Hi I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. My condolences go out to you and your family. Many today question...Read More »
30 of 100+ | Posted by: Tiffany

“Bob, I was a member of the NYPD. You gave listeners a chance to hear the injustices that happened to me (30) years ago. My wife and I will always be...Read More »
31 of 100+ | Posted by: A friend

“I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your loved one. Revelation 21:3,4 God promises to wipe away Death and Tears in the future. May you find...Read More »
32 of 100+ | Posted by: Yvette Sanchez

33 of 100+ | Posted by: A friend

“Ty Mr Grant....I have so much to thank you for understanding life and politics....Henry P ”
34 of 100+ | Posted by: A friend

“I never knew of Bob's passing... until just now.My wife and I met him on a couple of occasions... once at his LET'S BE HEARD signing in Paramus, and...Read More »
35 of 100+ | Posted by: Lloyd M. Jr.

“Thank you for your condolences and it's great to here about your success in radio! ”
36 of 100+ | Posted by: Chris Grant

“Thanks for your kinds thoughts. I live on the West Coast and when he was syndicated I would get to listen to him and call in on occasion. I met the...Read More »
37 of 100+ | Posted by: Chris Grant

“So sorry to hear of Bob's passing. I always went to see him when he broadcast from The Reo Diner in Woodbridge. I had the pleasure of speaking with...Read More »
38 of 100+ | Posted by: Doreen

“"Let's Be Heard!" Bob, you are and forever will be missed by folks like me who never met you but had you in our homes and cars just about every day....Read More »
39 of 100+ | Posted by: Matt

“...so many people have said so much about our *God* Grant Radio Guy. There was his vast knowledge and opinions-fair. The wonderful memories, his...Read More »
40 of 100+ | Posted by: Marie Speranza - Bronxville, NY

“we lost a radio god johnnysalami.net ”
41 of 100+ | Posted by: A friend

“RIP...the one and only Bob Grant...We are lucky to have shared your wisdom, great knowledge, sense of humor, laughter, and phone... ”
42 of 100+ | Posted by: marie speranza - yonkers, NY

43 of 100+ | Posted by: JEFF POSNER - MAMARONECK, NY

“Bob embodied the Jeffersonian ideal of an educated citizenry... Try as he might, with encyclopedic knowledge and charming wit, the hilarity of his...Read More »
44 of 100+ | Posted by: IMO Sweet Buns

“Bob Grant was a great man. He helped me form my political views and taught me alot about history. Mr. Grant was a great American. May he rest in...Read More »
45 of 100+ | Posted by: Carl DeAngelo

“Bob Grant was the inspiration for me to get into the radio business. Forever grateful.. Thank you Bob! Condolences to the entire Grant family and...Read More »
46 of 100+ | Posted by: David Fein

“Our deepest sympathies to Josephine and Bob's family and most of all to all of us who will miss his greatness as a speaker historian and patriot. ...Read More »
47 of 100+ | Posted by: Mark From Hudson County - WNY, NJ

“Thank You Bob For Everything. Now I must say "Straight Ahead" xoxo ”
48 of 100+ | Posted by: John Feeneey - Eatontown, NJ

“There will never be another Bob Grant. I learned more from listening to his show than in any classroom. No one will ever replace Bob. He had the most...Read More »
49 of 100+ | Posted by: Ruth Moran

“RIP Mr. GrantThank you for all you taught me. You were always in my home while I was growing up and you were in my home when I married.My...Read More »
50 of 100+ | Posted by: Peg

“The Lord bless you and keep you. ”
51 of 100+ | Posted by: John Banister

“Dear Chris,Many thanks for your kind words. I have been thinking of your Dad a lot these past few days and I beleive he was ahead of his time. We...Read More »
52 of 100+ | Posted by: Marilyn Hemery

“Thank you for decades of making my life as a truck driver fun interesting and educational. You were my college. ”
53 of 100+ | Posted by: Joe Bartman - Newark, NJ

“Please know that America will always remember Bob Grant as the greatest broadcaster - we will miss him. ”
54 of 100+ | Posted by: A friend

“"what's on your mind Pal"? So loved that phase when Bob would answer phone calls on his show. Rest in peace Bob, thank you for the years of radio...Read More »
55 of 100+ | Posted by: Rich Herkalo

“I am so sorry for your loss. Please take comfort in the Bible at Hosea 13:14. There God says he will redeem their soul from the grave. ”
56 of 100+ | Posted by: A friend

“My sympathy's to Bob's family. I have listened to Bob since his days at WMCA. What I really loved about him was his candor. As a listener I always...Read More »
57 of 100+ | Posted by: Philip Mayer - Mt. Sinai, NY

“you brought much listening pleasure and also many truths out in the open that no one else had the guts to verbalize. heartfelt sympathy to all your...Read More »
58 of 100+ | Posted by: A friend

“Bob, you were an oasis of conservatism growing up in NY for me. Rest in peace. ”
59 of 100+ | Posted by: A friend

“Bob, rest in peace. You were the steady voice of truth and reason in a country that is "Folding like a cheap camera" ”
60 of 100+ | Posted by: Paul Blank - Springfield, NJ

“Condolences to the family of Bob Grant. I thoroughly enjoyed his radio program for many years. He was insightful, honest, and always spoke his mind...Read More »
61 of 100+ | Posted by: John

“Our sympathy to the family. We enjoyed listening to Mr Grant for many years. ”
62 of 100+ | Posted by: Sandra Radimer - Butler, NJ

“R.I.P. Bob Grant ”
63 of 100+ | Posted by: Adam Drzewiecki

“Now all of Heaven will be Wall-to-Wall Bob Grant Country.Rest in peace Bob and enjoy the rewards you've earned in your life down here. ”
64 of 100+ | Posted by: Harold Winard - Wharton, NJ

“Marty, I remember you calling Bob and doing the Mario song ”
65 of 100+ | Posted by: Mike Francis

“Will miss you! ”
66 of 100+ | Posted by: Lillian Colon

“When I had lived in N.J.; I listened religiously to this great American patriot of our constitution and its freedoms. He called a strike a strike...Read More »
67 of 100+ | Posted by: Michigan Patriot

“dear Bob,it was a joy and honor to meet you on the occasions that i did,Sorry you left us,with one less Italian speaker,i still have the book let's...Read More »
68 of 100+ | Posted by: Marty FRom Brooklyn

“I remember listening to Bob Grant when I really got interested in talk radio. He had a big influence on me and now I only listen to talk radio. I was...Read More »
69 of 100+ | Posted by: A friend

“One of a kind. Made my weekly drives from Albany to New York at best a latvian american listener. RIP Balva ”
70 of 100+ | Posted by: A friend

“a powerful voice that will be missed. Rest in Peace. ”
71 of 100+ | Posted by: mauro

“Hello Marilyn, Wow it's good to hear from you. I recall vividly the great food that we enjoyed while I lived with my dad and Pat back in 1976-77....Read More »
72 of 100+ | Posted by: Chris Grant

“Bob, I sheetrocked my entire house listening to you on a ladder. Had to hang on tight many times to keep from falling off with laughter. You were...Read More »
73 of 100+ | Posted by: georgetheatheist

“Listened to Bob since 1970 he would come on right after Arthur Godfrey..... always , not only entertaining but informative. See you at the diner Bob. ”
74 of 100+ | Posted by: Bob

“I listened to Bob Grant, and yrs back called on occasion...I remember calling and singing, "I just called to say I love you"...and he half chuckled...Read More »
75 of 100+ | Posted by: marie speranza - yonkers, NY

“Bob Grant got me hooked on talk radio back in 1995. He educated me on the conservative values I hold dear today. I know he is in a better place...Read More »
76 of 100+ | Posted by: bob moulder

“Deepest sympathy to Bob Grant's family. I gave my parents, who past away recently, a trip to go with Bob to Israel many years ago. They loved his...Read More »
77 of 100+ | Posted by: Ray Caprio - Basking Ridge, NJ

“You were a man with vision and you cared so much about your country. I learned a lot from you. Blessed to have had you in my life for a while...Read More »
78 of 100+ | Posted by: Doris Kandros - Clayton, NC

“A great voice of truth silenced.Who of us will have the courage to take up his mantle? Riposa in pace! ”
79 of 100+ | Posted by: J. T. - Verplanck, NY

“testing ”
80 of 100+ | Posted by: marie speranza - yonkers, NY

“Bob Grant taught me about conservative values. I had been a Massachusetts Kennedy lover so he opened my eyes and my mind. "Your influence counts"...Read More »
81 of 100+ | Posted by: Irishmist

“Bob Grant had a great grasp of history. In fact one time a lady called and refereed to him as "the Cato of America." In so many ways Bob Grant was...Read More »
82 of 100+ | Posted by: frank

“So sad to know that we've lost someone so brilliant,kind hearted.As a young women I would listen with my dad and he wouldsay this guy knows what he's...Read More »
83 of 100+ | Posted by: Dawn - Bayonne,-Brick, NJ

“The salute to Mario Cuemo: “Mario! azenzame, tu se provino SPHATCHIM! ." Who can forget Bob Grant. He called Ted Kennedy "the...Read More »
84 of 100+ | Posted by: frank

“beautiful Ann..I remember your Mom on with Bob during his 50 yr in broadcasting celebration . Condolences ”
85 of 100+ | Posted by: Mike Francis

“love your post , can still hear Dorothy from Montclair ”
86 of 100+ | Posted by: Mike Francis

“I was disabled in 1978 and talk radio was my lifeline for a year. Barry Farber, Barry Grey, Candi Jones , Leon Lewis were up and down the dial. By...Read More »
87 of 100+ | Posted by: Mike Francis

“RIP Bob Grant... I was disabled in 1978 and talk radio was my lifeline for a year. Barry Farber, Barry Grey, Candi Jones (look her her bio, you'll be...Read More »
88 of 100+ | Posted by: Mike Francis

“PLEASE, if you have any tapes of your mother Dorothy on Bob's show publish them to YouTube using keyword "Bob Grant" so others can enjoy the...Read More »
89 of 100+ | Posted by: exposeobama

“Bob, you cured my low-self esteem, lack of self confidence, muddled thinking and a host of other, too numerous to fit in here, disgusting quality of...Read More »
90 of 100+ | Posted by: dasandiego

“Obama broke Bobs spirit ... ”
91 of 100+ | Posted by: Bobby2 me

“Bob.... I listened, I laughed, I learned. You were my teacher where my Dad left off. I am honored to be referred to as one of your "chickie poos!" ...Read More »
92 of 100+ | Posted by: Sharon Joseph - Bronx, NY

“To my Uncle Bob. I wish we could have seen more of each other, but the distance and everyday life made that difficult. I was always proud to hear...Read More »
93 of 100+ | Posted by: Matt Ryan

“To my brother Bob...I was saddened and shocked when Jeff called to tell me the news. Though we lived far from one another, you in New Jersey and me...Read More »
94 of 100+ | Posted by: Ann Ryan

“My wish would have been that this country wasn't in such dire straits you could hear the saddness in Bobbys voice these last few years. WABC NO...Read More »
95 of 100+ | Posted by: Bobby2 me

“LMAO HYMEE jACKSON got him kicked off WOR.. But nothing could stop Bobby ..RIP Great One! ”
96 of 100+ | Posted by: Bobby2 me

“Dorothy was my mother ! ”
97 of 100+ | Posted by: Bobby2 me

“well said Al he'd agree! ”
98 of 100+ | Posted by: Bobby2 me

“Bob Grant was a patriot. He spoke the truth, which is a rare commodity today. He will be sorely missed by all those who love freedom. ”
99 of 100+ | Posted by: Bill B. - Brooklyn, NY

“rip ”
100 of 100+ | Posted by: michelle plakas-kaiser

A complete obituary reflecting Bob's life will appear shortly. Memorial contributions may be made in Bob's memory to the Young America's Foundation, 110 Elden Street, Herndon, VA 20170 or the New York Police and Fire Widows' & Childrens' Benefit Fund, Inc., 767 Fifth Ave., 2614C, New York, NY 10153 To send a lasting tribute or condolences to the Grant family, please sign the online guestbook.

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