Sam N. Kwock
Sam N. Kwock
  • November 23, 1926 - January 5, 2018
  • California

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We are here to celebrate the life of our dad, Sam Kwock Gong .
Our father was born in China, in a small village near Canton in 1926. He was the first born son to a family that would include 5 brothers and 3 sisters.
He was also the first of his family to come to the United States. He immigrated to the United States in 1941.

He agonized about changing his family name from Gong to Kwock. When he came to the United States, our father took the family name of his godfather, Kwock, his adoptive family. So while his English family name is Kwock, the Chinese family name remains and will always be Gong.
Our father first lived in San Francisco working as a Meat Cutter and later moved to Visalia to learn more about his new trade. He worked 5 years in Visalia where he perfected his new skill while learning the finer points of operating a grocery store business.
In 1946, he returned to China to visit his family and fell in love with our mother. They were married in 1948. They settled in San Francisco in 1949 where he worked as a Meat cutter apprentice and began to start a family.

As a youngster and later as a man, our father enjoyed many sports like football, baseball, and basketball. He now has enough grandsons (7) to coach a basketball team. Of course, with San Francisco being in his roots, his favorite teams were the San Francisco 49ers, the Giants, and the Warriors. Later, he began to embrace the A's because of their stadium had easy access to a BART station. He did not like the Raiders. He did not like their colors.
In 1952, our father moved to Madera to raise his growing family of 6 which include his four children, Stanley, Judy, Margie, and Steven. He opened a large supermarket in town and continued to work until he sold the business in 1979. Rather than kick back and retire, Dad started a new career with our mother. He bought a struggling Chinese restaurant in Madera that he successfully turned around. He operated the restaurant for 11 years before finally deciding to retire in Pleasanton. During this time our father was able to slowly sponsor bringing in his five brothers and three sisters to the Unites States from China.

As each of his brothers and sisters and their families were brought to America, our father ensured that each of his siblings had a jobs or occupations to support themselves and their families. He tried to instill his values of getting an education and having a good job on each of his brothers and sisters.
Before selling his business in 1992, he was able to send the 4 of us to college and pay for our education. Having all of us in college over 9 years was no easy task. He made sure that we all successfully completed our degree programs.

Our father proudly looked upon each of us as we each graduated from college and begin careers of our own. He also proudly watched each of us marry and raise our families. The family now includes seven (7) grandsons: Stanley and Florence's sons Brandon and Jared, Judy and Marion's sons Kevan and his wife Rachel, and Derek, Margie and Bob's sons Ryon and Kyle, and Steven and Christine's son Jason.
During his retirement, he kept active in the Fah Yuen Association serving on various committees within the association and held office in the association for several years.

He managed to do some traveling to many parts of the world over several years. He enjoyed visiting Europe, New Orleans, the Caribbean, Alaska, and China.

He will always be remembered as a hardworking, honest, respectable man and a great father. We will miss the little things about him; his smile and laughter, but we will always cherish those memories of him.

Arrangements under the direction of Stephens & Bean Funeral Chapel, Fresno, CA.