Stephen M. Farrell
Stephen M. Farrell
  • January 2, 1957 - May 3, 2017
  • Airmont, New York

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Stephen Farrell
Jan. 2, 1957--May 3, 2017

Stephen Farrell entered this world on Jan. 2, 1957, and immediately asked his mom, Marie, "How do I look? Pretty handsome, right?" This was to be a recurring theme in Stephen's life, a constant struggle on his part to entertain entire rooms---or entire sections of Yankee Stadium---without a single hair out of place. Stephen, or "Hot Stove" to many, grew up as part of a large, raucous Irish family along with father Joe, mother Marie, aunt Sis, sister Virginia, and brothers Paul, Dan, John and Joe. Although he attended St. Joseph's Elementary, Spring Valley High School, Oswego and NYU, academics were not really Stove's thing. He variously worked in admissions at NYU, selling cars in the Bronx, and being a television personality in San Diego, but work was merely a way for Hot Stove to support his true loves: women, softball, cigarettes and beer, not necessarily in that order. He was truly a movable feast, every ballgame an epic adventure, every after-party a blowout. And when Stove wasn't making folks laugh, he was infuriating them with his opinions, never once letting facts stand in his way. You could love Stove or hate him, but you could not ignore him. Ironically, Stove was regularly climbing mountains in the Hudson Valley when the first signs of Lou Gehrig's disease appeared, and soon enough he was confined to a wheelchair. But throughout the course of his dread disease, he stayed strong, entertaining legions of friends in his sister's garage, "The Man Cave," drinking beer through a straw and never once complaining about his disability. And though Stove broke lots of hearts over the years, his former girlfriends were among the steady stream of visitors to The Man Cave. They clearly understood that Stove was a gift to everyone, put here on Earth to entertain, opine, party and provoke. And he did that quite well---and quite handsomely, it goes without saying. One can only hope they have mirrors in Heaven.
Those who knew and loved The Hot Stove are welcome to celebrate his life with his family at 4 Brookside Ave., Airmont, N.Y., 10901, on Saturday afternoon May 6 or Sunday afternoon, May 7. In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to United Hospice of Rockland or the ALS Society.