Theresa Vogler
Theresa Vogler
  • January 8, 1929 - September 19, 2017
  • Little Rock, Arkansas

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Theresa Kordsmeier Vogler passed away peacefully, September 19, 2017. She was born at home in North Little Rock. She was the sixth of seven children of, Frank and Hattie Kordsmeiere. She was defiantly a ‘Daddy’s Girl”. She loved to help Dad with carpentry jobs. He would ask her to get him a 2X4 and she would run home to Meme and say “what’s a 2X4”. She would stand next to her Dad when he would sing in the church choir…just as her granddaughter would do with her. Her great love for her Catholic faith and her Kordsmeier family never waned.

In her later years, she helped with many Kordsmeier family reunions. The last one having over 400 family members. This was a lady who loved to laugh, especially at parties. Whether at church or at home, she was all in. Sometimes it takes a party to get the house cleaned. So get a box of candy and let the show begin. Breaks would be a coke and chocolate. She loved to bake and prepare food. Her pies and ice cream were her family’s favorite. Later in life she perfected her “cinnamon rolls”. Everyone called her the “cinnamon roll queen”. What they didn’t know, were the many nights she would get up at 1:00 am to roll the dough, then back up at 5:00 am to start baking them. Her proudest accomplishment was doing the Kordsmeier Family Cook Book.

She was a nurse for 57 years total. Working at St. Vincent, she and another nurse along with her doctors covered the ER at night for several years. After leaving St. Vincent she began her career in private duty nursing. She cared for a wide verity of people. From the child of a Sheik to AIDS patients. She not only cared for the patient but the whole family.

In 1995, she and Buddy moved back to Little Rock. Here she also did private duty nursing to her sweetest patients: Christopher “Bear”, Brianna and Jonathan. She showered them with motherly love and care. The job she had the longest was being a Mother to her children. Her “lovin-time” was always fun. The older ones would listen to her laughter while the youngest ones would tell her how much they loved her with their hands held apart.

If any of us had a problem, she was rite there to offer advice. Of course, that’s after she had called any of her numerous relatives and found out about such things as a septic tank etc.

She and Buddy were married 67 years. They both have worked tirelessly for their church, their family and Subiaco Academy. She loved to visit Subiaco to get away, to hear the cows moo and visit with the wonderful Benedictine monks.

In Lieu of flowers please make donations to Subiaco Academy.