Wendell BOSSEN
Wendell BOSSEN
  • November 11, 1933 - June 15, 2017
  • Dunwoody, Georgia

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On Thursday, June 15, 2017, Wendell John Bossen passed away. Wendell was 83, the youngest son of Hans and Clara Bossen, born to them in Vienna, South Dakota on November 11, 1933. He was preceded by his beloved wife Jean, formerly Jean Davidson of Bryant, South Dakota. Wendell is survived by his children, Monica Johnson and Mark Bossen, and his grandchildren, Dana Bossen and Aaron Bossen.

Wendell was a graduate of Vienna High School, Class of ’51. As a young man he played baseball for Vienna, and throughout life maintained his love of sports, playing tennis, golf, racquetball, and basketball.

In 1956 Wendell and Jean were married. They lived in Watertown for several years as they began to raise their family. In Watertown Wendell began his career in business, initially with a Minneapolis-based insurance company, NWNL. Wendell’s career was one of the great pleasures of his life, providing the challenges, travel, and adventure that he and Jean savored.

The family lived and worked in several cities and towns over the years, including Chicago, Minneapolis, Spokane, Seattle, Cincinnati, Basking Ridge (New Jersey), and Hendersonville (North Carolina). With each new city, the family found new experiences and new challenges.

Wendell gave his time and talents to many communities: as Chairman of the Watertown Blood Drive, as a sponsor of a Newark soup kitchen, as a mentor to underprivileged children, and many other efforts in the cities the family called home.

Jean and Wendell were always eager to see what was over the next hill. As newlyweds they took road trips to the South and the West, living on sandwiches and cheap gas. With their children they continued exploring the country, and never tired of finding new things to do, new places to see.

The couple visited over 80 countries, all 50 states, and all seven continents. On their last cruise together, Jean and Wendell bagged Antarctica, and Jean allowed that she had seen enough penguins for one life. They were boon companions and seasoned travelers, enjoying life, their family, and each other, always ready for the next adventure.