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Valerie was born on March 25, 1950 in Mt. Vernon, NY. She attended Mills Teaching College, Stern College, NYU, Parsons University in NYC and attended classes at Yale University. She was a Graphic Designer for MTV in its early years, as well as a teacher by trade. Valerie was also very active in the National Conference of Synagogue Youth (NCSY) and received many awards for her efforts in helping Jewish people and Jewish charities. Valerie, her husband and two children lived in Waldwick, NJ, Ramsey, NJ for several years as well as Paramus, NJ for the latter years and later moved to White Plains, NY.

Valerie's great-grandfather was the great Edward Drimmer and wife Sadie Drimmer who lived and owned numerous buildings and businesses in Mount Vernon, NY and New York City. Edward and Sadie Drimmer had 3 children Helen Petziner, Harold L. Drimmer, and Muriel Lawrence Drimmer. Helen was a school teacher in Westchester County, Harold Drimmer was an accomplished Lawyer, who graduated from Harvard University at the age of 19 and was on the Board of Trustees at Columbia University and Westchester Community College. The Library at Westchester Community College, which he helped build, bears his name in honor of his generous donations. Muriel, her mother, was an accomplished criminal attorney for many years and graduated NYU at an early age of 21 years old. She was originally married to Monty Levin, and had 2 children. Valerie Levin and Janet Nadler. Muriel later remarried Morris Glener. Valerie's father in-law was Ferrar Levin. Ferrar was her good friend. He was a police officer and worked for the Bergen County Police Department for many years until he retired. Valerie has 2 children Shera and Andrew Levin and a granddaughter named Ariella.

Valerie is smiling down at her friends and family. Especially, Steven her closet friend/family of 30 years. As well as Laura Shoshana Cohen and Naomi Cohen and their children, her sister Janet and Richard Nadler, her friend Lexus her dog, and especially her 2 children.
Valerie passed away on Sunday, July 28, 2013.

Valerie was always a child at heart, she loved animals her children and her friends. She was kind and compassionate. She enjoyed sharing time with her loved ones. She liked lights, action, music, movies, candy, staying out late, watching fireworks, drinking coffee and unfortunately smoking a little too much. She like being where the action was, and loved traveling and seeing new places. Valerie had been to over 20 countries.

Valerie was a young mother who wanted to enjoy her children and her pets. She saved several animals and would often feed those who were hungry. She would often go out of her way to help others. She was a person others were drawn towards because of her fun and compassionate personality. She was always happy to listen to someone if they needed to speak.