Jack Edward Ward
Jack Edward Ward
  • January 20, 1929 - July 26, 2013
  • Mississippi

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"Remember me with laughter" is what he wrote in a note for us to read upon his death. So...

Jack Edward Ward, born January 20, 1929, in Neshoba County, left this world Friday, July 25, 2013. Jack was husband to Estelle Patrick Ward and father of Scott Ward. He was a beloved brother, father of adopted dozens and uncle to a very lucky bunch.

In very uncharacteristic fashion, Jack did not discuss this departure with any of us. The man could and would talk the ears off of a mule, and for him to decide to depart this world (although discussed for at least the past thirty years) without so much as a phone call is a bit perturbing.

Jack developed legendary culinary skills during his service with the army in Korea. Pancakes floated off the plates and his S.O.S. was heavenly. The chitlins were his personal favorite, and though he tried to share this love, it remained solely HIS enchantress. These skills led directly to the astounding gastric talents he would often unabashedly share with friends and family alike. If clearing a room or patio with bodily fumes was an Olympic sport, Jack was a gold medalist. He was a lifetime member of the NRA but was unworried about the government taking his guns because he could (and did) build his own guns -- no details will be given because he always knew and taught us the government was listening and watching. He was an electrician who taught curious youth, wayward thieves and unsuspecting mailmen not to touch things in his garage lest they be knocked on their fannies by a small but "harmless" (HA!) electrical jolt. He was an adventurer and explorer, having ridden (and wrecked) motorcycles across the country. He was a hunter and fisherman doing the same outrageous things that reality stars now make millions doing - he never was very lucky. Jack was a wizard in his workshop, creating anything he wanted or imagined. The toys he created are heirlooms to us, but the beer mug handle he made specifically to fit his crippled hand really should be marketed.

Jack's thirst for knowledge was unquenchable. He was the embodiment of the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Webster's and Rand McNally. Stephen Hawking was a hero but, according to Jack, was not always right. Jack sought to master the Higgs Boson theory, quarks, and the string theory. He was fascinated with the annual arrival and departure of the martins and the geological mysteries of the Mississippi River flowing backward. And the existence of God was a thread that was woven through each discussion.

Just as Jack directed, he will have a graveside service, without preachers or ties, but with well-deserved military honors. Family and friends are invited to pay their respects Monday, July 29 at 10:00 a.m., at Lakewood Memorial Park, in Jackson, MS. In lieu of flowers, please make memorial donations to the Wounded Warrior Project, PO Box 758517, Topeka, KS 66675.

Jack, your questions have been answered. May you rest in peace while we continue our journey with laughter.