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“Still missing you greatly still... this is a time when seniors will hurt again over you.. I know I am... You should be going to prom with us next...Read More »
1 of 58 | Posted by: Trent - Austin, TX - Friend

“James was Amazing. I just remember seeing him in the hall and his smile just making your day. If you day started bad, he would somehow always get...Read More »
2 of 58 | Posted by: Caitlin Elizabeth - Friend(:

“The last day I saw you, we were in AP Bio. I was having a very bad day and you said "Smile, it's the prettiest one I've seen." Well I've seen one...Read More »
3 of 58 | Posted by: Vicki Mohr - Friend

“A Letter To James: Dear James, I'm not sure if i ever knew you, but as far as this letter goes, i want you to know that you are never alone. I...Read More »
4 of 58 | Posted by: Patricia Martinez - Friend

“I can still see you as the little boy I last saw years ago. However I can see you turned into a well-liked young man who touched people in a way I...Read More »
5 of 58 | Posted by: Uncle Terry - WA - Great Uncle

“Man james im really gonna miss you. You were a great friend that was cool with everybody and i cant believe it was like two weeks ago that we were...Read More »
6 of 58 | Posted by: Larry Barr - Austin, TX

“I love this child more then anything else in the whole world. I woke up everyday to see that silly smile, and girly wave. I lived to drop my pencil...Read More »
7 of 58 | Posted by: Sid - Dear friend

“javascript:getColorAndViewLarger('color_377229027',%20'','height=610...Read More »
8 of 58 | Posted by: Stoner - Stoner Friend

“James, i still can't believe you're gone. I miss you so much! You always put a smile on my face & were always so up & exciting to be around. You were...Read More »
9 of 58 | Posted by: Michelle - Austin, TX - Friend

“i miss you i never stop thinking about your smile ”
10 of 58 | Posted by: alli robbins - friend

“To James' family - I am very saddened to hear of your loss. I to lost my brother to a senseless death when he was 18. James sounds very much like the...Read More »
11 of 58 | Posted by: Kimberly - someone who cares

“James, I will always remember you as one of the coolest little guys if FBG, TX. I will always remember you as the little neighbor kid in the Misfits...Read More »
12 of 58 | Posted by: Beth - Neighbor

“My deepest condolences to the Hinojosa family for your abrupt and tragic loss. Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality. ”
13 of 58 | Posted by: Gabrielle - Austin, TX

“We miss you man very much, I remember your smile, your laugh, your words but most of all you. I'm glad that you were and always will be my friend,...Read More »
14 of 58 | Posted by: Orlando montano - Austin, TX

“james was such an amazing friend. he could always make me laugh and always found a way to make me look at the positive side of things. i will miss...Read More »
15 of 58 | Posted by: Troy Walden - friend

“He was such a good friend. We had alot of good times but my favorite memory was the one we had freshmen year on halloween. That was a night to...Read More »
16 of 58 | Posted by: Victor Villarreal - austin, TX

“dearest james i cannot type correctly but thats okay because you know what i said in the last post my words cant even come out straight this is...Read More »
17 of 58 | Posted by: ashley - friend

“oh james where to start first off you were probably the most amazing guy ever. you always made me smile every morning and especially during lunch you...Read More »
18 of 58 | Posted by: ashley - fredericksburg, TX

“James, he was such a great friend. i miss him so much as well as everyone else. My deepest sympathy to his family. to his brother and sister, im...Read More »
19 of 58 | Posted by: Sabrina Ortiz - Austin, TX

“If u ever listen to this song. This will very much remind you of James. " Vanilla Twilight" ”
20 of 58 | Posted by: Gabby - Friend

“It's people like you that make this world a much better brighter place. I am so blessed to have had the honor of knowing you. I will forever remember...Read More »
21 of 58 | Posted by: Cassidy Bowen - Austin, TX

“For you James, a blue candle lit to help you find your way to the Next. May your family find peace, and may their hearts find a way to put their...Read More »
22 of 58 | Posted by: Janice Spencer

“I miss that hug you used to give me, because people thought we were related... i'll never get to hug you like that again... i'll miss it dearly. ”
23 of 58 | Posted by: Shelby Griffin - friend

“I remember when James used to run around the Crockett courtyard, unafraid to hug his friends. ”
24 of 58 | Posted by: Shlby Griffin - Austin, TX

“he was a great friend who always helped anyone out even if he didn't know you very well and was a great friend ”
25 of 58 | Posted by: Adrian - friend

“I remember how he'd always be a happy and positive person. He'd always pass that around to whom ever was feeling down that day. He would also always...Read More »
26 of 58 | Posted by: Eddie Gorostieta - Friend

“James, he was the sunshine that brightened up everyone's day. No matter what was happening around him, good or bad, he was alway's smiling, alway's...Read More »
27 of 58 | Posted by: Riley Chandler - Austin, TX - Bro

“James was possibly one of the easiest friends i have ever made. we just started talking and bam! instant friendship. his smile spread to everyone...Read More »
28 of 58 | Posted by: Damian - Austin, TX - Friend

“Although, I never knew James, I just wanted to let you know how very sorry I am for your loss, and My prayers are with you and your family. May God...Read More »
29 of 58 | Posted by: Christne Martinez

“James was always such a live and eventful person he always made me smile. the way he walked the way he talked. he was so charasmatic that he would...Read More »
30 of 58 | Posted by: jamie nelson - austin, TX

“Psalms 139 O Lord, you have searched me and known me. You know when I sit and when I rise; you understand my thoughts from afar. You guide my going...Read More »
31 of 58 | Posted by: Mimi - friend

“I know you're still living your life after death. We all miss and love you very much, James. Rest in Paradise, beautiful! ”
32 of 58 | Posted by: Adrianna C - Austin, TX - Friend

“I will never forget my amazing son he was my number one and always made me feel like a special person He was the highlight of my life and the...Read More »
33 of 58 | Posted by: John Hinojosa - Fredericksburg, TX

“I am, I'm always around you. Breathing your air. Singing in the wind. I am majestic. Like a lion. Hunting down the weak, and showing them how to...Read More »
34 of 58 | Posted by: Kiera Rencher

“James was a wonderful young man. I had the pleasure of watching him grow. He was always full of life and "light". He LOVED his music and he loved...Read More »
35 of 58 | Posted by: Vida Love - Friend of the Family

“I don't know where to begin. I've known James from middle school and he was just an amazing person. we didn't talk as much but when we did he would...Read More »
36 of 58 | Posted by: Teresa Linares - Austin, TX

“Our prayers are with the family and friends of James'. I did not know him,but from what I have heard and read about James,he was brilliant and so...Read More »
37 of 58 | Posted by: SharonDarity...The Darity Family - TX

“ISAIAH 40:28,29,31 NKJ 28 Have you not known? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints...Read More »
38 of 58 | Posted by: Christopher McCullough - Austin, TX

“Wow, where do I even begin.. The very first time that I met James was in seventh grade at Bedichek Middle School.. I had just started school there...Read More »
39 of 58 | Posted by: Diamond McCullough - Austin, TX

“you were one hell of a person. i miss you soo much, already. idk how i'm gonna walk down the halls and not pick you out in a crowd by just from your...Read More »
40 of 58 | Posted by: Rebecca Aycock - Austin, TX

“Elissa- I love you so much... I'm so sorry for your loss.. James- what can I even begin to say? You were amazing. You brought a light to my life...Read More »
41 of 58 | Posted by: Vikki - Austin, TX - Friend<3

“James, you've been my bestfriend, and the love of my life, for the past four years. You were the only person, other than Mario, that I wanted to...Read More »
42 of 58 | Posted by: Kate Rencher - Austin, TX

“James, you were one of the most important people to me, one of the closest friends i had freshman year, we unfortunately drifted apart and now all i...Read More »
43 of 58 | Posted by: Caleb Shaw - Friend

“I love you man. all the times you would call me to hang, just cause you were bored. we never really had anything to do, yet we still hung out. all...Read More »
44 of 58 | Posted by: Corey Walden - Fredericksburg, TX

“i remember running track with james at bedichek and i remember telling him if you out icey hot under your arms Pitts you would run faster hahha.had...Read More »
45 of 58 | Posted by: Robert Crawford - Friend

“I remember James in Bedichek Middle School, he was known as Sunshine because he always walked like a Ballerina...haha (: Then, him & I started...Read More »
46 of 58 | Posted by: Nicole Sanchez - Austin, TX

“I didnt know James that well, but I know he is a great guy that always had a smile. Always making people laugh, and a great mechanic. ”
47 of 58 | Posted by: Paola Barnett

“i still remember the dumd stuff we would do durin middle school and how we never regreted any of it because we always had so much fun man ull be...Read More »
48 of 58 | Posted by: jonathan osorio - austin, TX

“James you will be missed and forever loved. I am very blessed to have known you for so long. Even though your gone you will still be in my heart....Read More »
49 of 58 | Posted by: Jessica Davila - Friend

“Dearest Hinojosa Family-I cannot pretend to imagine what you are enduring at this time, but as a Mother, I know there is no greater loss than that of...Read More »
50 of 58 | Posted by: Pamela Chase Parks - Austin, TX

“if you need anything send me and email and I'll get on it and help you out. contact me at: ...Read More »
51 of 58 | Posted by: Casey Bailey - austin, TX

“He was a really cool dude and was a free-spirited person that touched alot of people's lives. Including mine...To lose someone like him has hit me...Read More »
52 of 58 | Posted by: Jordan - Friend

“say buddy u where a awesome friend i remember u staying up with me at my all night job at dennys then walking back to your appartment to see your mom...Read More »
53 of 58 | Posted by: William Phillips - Fredsrickburg, TX

“He was the kind of friend who would make you laugh no matter what and was always there for you. you will be greatly missed. LOVE YOU BRO. ”
54 of 58 | Posted by: Casey Bailey - close freind

“All my blessings go out to your family.,,james was an amazing guy that didn't have to be anything but himself to make his friends smile...I live...Read More »
55 of 58 | Posted by: Adriana B - austin, TX - friend

“Gone but never forgotten. James Hinojosa will forever be missed by friends & family,his bright and shining personality will stay with us for the...Read More »
56 of 58 | Posted by: Brandy Firkins & Kathleen Lucio - TX

“James was a really great friend to me and many others!! Were all going to miss him so much!!! I knew I could always go to him for a laugh or when i'm...Read More »
57 of 58 | Posted by: Demi - Austin, TX - Friend

“I am so sorry to learn about your loss. Please know that you are not alone. God will be with you to comfort and strengthen you. Keep his promises...Read More »
58 of 58 | Posted by: S Ford - friend

James Dakota Hinojosa, age 16, of Austin passed away September 23, 2010. He is survived by his mother, Michel Anne Nauert and father, John Hinojosa; sister, Elissa Hinojosa; brother, Tanner Hinojosa; grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Johonas, Carol Nauert and Mrs. Nancy Chronister; and many family and friends.

The family will receive friends from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 26th at Weed-Corley-Fish Funeral Home, South Congress. Services will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, September 27th in the Weed-Corley-Fish Chapel followed by interment at Austin Memorial Park.