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Louis J. Buffalano
Birth August 3, 1930
Deceased June 9, 2020
My father, Louis J. Buffalano, a Brooklyn boy, was born on August 3, 1930, and passed away peacefully on June 9, 2020. He was the youngest of eight kids and was born to Italian immigrants, Anthony and Lena Buffalano who instilled hard work and discipline to them all. They were all smart and talented and he was proud of his family and heritage. He leaves behind his wife Catherine and two adult children, Karen Hamilton and Louis Buffalano, and his grandson James Buffalano. He received his Master of Mechanical Engineering at The College of the City of New York on February 1, 1960. He started working with inertial navigation systems (gyroscopes) for Bendix Corp before he was an Engineer for the City of New York for 30 plus years.
If you knew my dad you would say he made you laugh, loved his cooking, he was your favorite uncle, your favorite brother, he was definitely the Best Dad Ever. Dad was a complex man but was a true father in every sense. He loved his kids to the core and if we needed anything he would be there if we needed to talk he was open and very thoughtful, gave great advice, and had many personal stories to help. Dad always encouraged us to be strong and do our best. All he ever wanted to hear was that we were happy and healthy. He was affectionate and warm.
My dad was colorful in his expressions, so colorful in fact, we cannot print them. But you heard some good ones!
One of his proudest moments was when Louis and Anne gave birth to his grandson, James, who he enjoyed and dotted upon. He was proud to have the family continue and watch James grow.
My dad adored all his nieces and nephews and always made them laugh, playing with the younger ones, or joking around with the older ones. Many of them remember his fun ways at family events.
He played baseball and was known in the neighborhood as "Big Lou" to the kids he coached. They loved Big Lou and the fact he took the time to mentor many of them who did not have fathers in their lives. Dad's love for baseball started early and maybe not everyone knows this, but he tried out for the Yankees and was called back. He was almost a Yankee although his love was for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Maybe he should have tried out for the Dodgers…
Dad loved physics and French. When we were young, he would give us random quiz's and then give a full explanation of the answers, we had to eat our broccoli and he explained why, he taught us how to buy fresh fish and what to look for, how to gut and clean squid, how to make a fist and throw a punch, how to properly box. He talked about how steam heat worked and even made my 6th-grade science project; he constructed a model three-story apartment building and built a working steam heat system! In his free time, he built and painted models, WWII American warplanes and ships that hang in his room.
He was an avid cyclist and would get on his Fiorelli bike and ride from Brooklyn out to Glen Cove, NY to say hello to family, have dinner, and head back to Brooklyn! He never called ahead but was announced by his nieces when they would spot him riding up to the house.
Mom remembers that Lou was always full of surprises and was a great cook. The first (and last) dish she cooked for him was frankfurters oozing with American cheese and relish with a side of mac and cheese, let's just say this was not going to fly, so he took over in the kitchen and we all understood this was his domain.
My dad was so special and will be dearly missed and never forgotten. He was the heart and soul of our lives.