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“Missed you. ”
1 of 96 | Posted by: Donglin Liang - Plymouth, MN

“Remembering the very nice Mary Jean... ”
2 of 96 | Posted by: Ravindra Naik

“Remembering the interesting and exciting discussions with Mary at GeorgiaTech! ”
3 of 96 | Posted by: Ravindra Naik

“So many fond memories and many life lessons. Thinking of Mary Jean and so thankful to have shared so much with her. ”
4 of 96 | Posted by: Laurie Dillon - East Lansing, MI

“Remembering wonderful Mary Jean and missing her. ”
5 of 96 | Posted by: Mark Grechanik - Chicago, IL

“Remembering Mary Jean and missing her. ”
6 of 96 | Posted by: Shujuan Jiang - Xuzhou

“Memories everlasting... ”
7 of 96 | Posted by: Ravindra Naik - Pune, India

“Remembering Mary Jean and missing her. ”
8 of 96 | Posted by: Mark Grechanik - Chicago, IL

“thinking of Mary Jean always reminds the great time we had when working together and later on also sharing experiences about our fanily lives and...Read More »
9 of 96 | Posted by: Wilhelm Schäfer

“Remembering Mary Jean ... ”
10 of 96 | Posted by: Yuxia (Sabrina) Sun

“Remembering the smiling face and the non-ending energy of Mary... ”
11 of 96 | Posted by: Ravindra Naik - Pune, India

“It is hard to believe that Mary Jean has left us for a year. To today, whenever I encounter a challenge, I would always remember her encouragement: ...Read More »
12 of 96 | Posted by: Donglin Liang - Plymouth, MN

“Thinking of and missing Mary Jean. ”
13 of 96 | Posted by: Laura Dillon - Okemos, MI

“Mary Jean Harrold's research in software engineering set the standard for rigorous scientific inquiry. I would be glad to write even one paper that...Read More »
14 of 96 | Posted by: Jamie Andrews - Mountain View, CA

“I was a visiting student of Professor Alex Orso in 2012. I still remembered when I entered the Klaus Building, I recognized Mary Jean at once, as I...Read More »
15 of 96 | Posted by: Xi Guo - Wuhan China(P.R.)

“It was a pleasure working with Prof Mary Jean. We will remember the scientific rigor and the enthusiasm she brought to software research. The TCS...Read More »
16 of 96 | Posted by: K Ananth Krishnan - CTO, TCS

“I have just heard of Mary Jean's passing. My condolences and prayers go out to Fuzzy and her family. ”
17 of 96 | Posted by: Carole Thabet Clapper - Newark, OH

“I am deeply saddened and shocked to hear of Mary Jean's passing. She was an inspiration and a strong role model to women in technology and academia,...Read More »
18 of 96 | Posted by: Sreedevi Sampath - MD

“Mary Jean was one who I looked up to on the Georgia Tech campus. She was brilliant and accomplished, but remained humble and incredibly available to...Read More »
19 of 96 | Posted by: Pearl Alexander - Atlanta, GA

“So sorry to hear of Mary Jean's passing. She certainly shined a light on Georgia Tech, its College of Computing, its School of Computer Science, and...Read More »
20 of 96 | Posted by: Janet Kolodner - Washington, DC

“From our 1965 yearbook re Mary Jean: "Miss Flame" of 1964...Junior attendant to Miss Gold and Blue...Representative to the Junior World Fashion...Read More »
21 of 96 | Posted by: Mary Creamer Edeburn - Durham, NC

“Dear Marty and Fuzzy, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I am so sorry I was not able to be with you this past week. Drew Kagan ”
22 of 96 | Posted by: Drew Kagan - Lewisburg, WV

“Dear Fuzzy, Mary Jean was such a lovely Person and beautiful lady. I still remember the meetings with her during My master project at GT in Atlanta...Read More »
23 of 96 | Posted by: Felix Loesch - Germany

“Dear Prof. Harrold, I am still finding it difficult to believe you are no longer with us. You were such an amazing person - disciplined, nurturing,...Read More »
24 of 96 | Posted by: Gaurav Sharma - MA

“Mary-Jean Harrold was an excellent teacher, a great researcher, a highly motivating leader, and a genuinely caring person who never missed an...Read More »
25 of 96 | Posted by: Priyadarshan Kolte - Austin, TX

“Mary Jean was a professional colleague that everyone liked and admired -- she was so effective, so dedicated, and so warm and nice. I had the...Read More »
26 of 96 | Posted by: Bobby Schnabel

“Mary Jean was a dear friend since first grade at St. Joe. She was so accomplished, yet so humble -- the kind of friend who remembers your birthday...Read More »
27 of 96 | Posted by: Ann Johnston Rorrer - Fort Wright, KY

“Fuzzy I remember Mary Jean and I taking our first computer class at Pitt - she during the day and me at night. She sat with me as I programmed my...Read More »
28 of 96 | Posted by: Robin Lageman - Ridgefield, CT

“I remember when Dean Peter Freeman came into my office late one afternoon and said, "We got her!" That was Mary Jean...a prize. As chief...Read More »
29 of 96 | Posted by: Mary Alice Isele - Atlanta, GA

“Thank you Tomlinson/Harrold family for sharing such as wonderful person with me. I will always cherish the time I spent with Mary Jean. She was a...Read More »
30 of 96 | Posted by: Della Phinisee - Atlanta, GA

“Not to mention Mary Jean was a world-class researcher with numerous awards, papers, and recognitions, she was a role model to many researchers in the...Read More »
31 of 96 | Posted by: Sangmin Park - Atlanta, GA

“I only met Mary Jean once that I recall, at the ASE 2010 programme committee meeting. The two of us had lunch together before we departed and spent a...Read More »
32 of 96 | Posted by: John Grundy Melbourne, Australia

“Dear Fuzz, I am so saddened by the news. Mary Jean was the Supervisor of my PhD. She was very kind with me all time. I am very saddened because I...Read More »
33 of 96 | Posted by: Ahmed Sayed - Atlanta, GA

“Fuzzy...I didn't know Mary Jean and I'm not sure that we've ever met. But I am a friend of both of you, somehow. If only though friends. Larry and...Read More »
34 of 96 | Posted by: Graham Cooke - Louisville, KY

“Mary Jean was my co-chair for 3 years in CRA-W. We became close friends through weekly conference calls and sharing the challenge of problem-solving...Read More »
35 of 96 | Posted by: Carla Ellis - Port Townsend, WA

“I only had the honor of meeting Mary Jean Frank Booths wedding in Gainesville. Lovely Lady...... ”
36 of 96 | Posted by: richard plummer - gainesville, GA

“Mary Jean was one of those people who had everything. She was a great researcher - one of the most highly cited in software engineering, a wonderful...Read More »
37 of 96 | Posted by: Vic Basili - College Park, MD

“I am so saddened by the news of Mary Jean's passing. She was a pleasure to work with and was always considerate of her coworkers, staff and students...Read More »
38 of 96 | Posted by: Holly Rush - Atlanta, GA

“I was very sad and shocked to find out that Mary Jean had passed away. It seems impossible that she is no longer with us, especially given that it is...Read More »
39 of 96 | Posted by: Frank Tip - Waterloo - Colleague

“I did not know Mary Jane personally, but had the privilege of Friendship with Barbie while attending Huntington Junior College and I witnessed the...Read More »
40 of 96 | Posted by: Vickie Kincaid Simmons-Delp - WV

“Dear Fuzz, I am so saddened by the news. Mary Jean was a terrific friend and colleague. She touched so many lives. It was a privilege to know...Read More »
41 of 96 | Posted by: Lori Clarke - Amherst, MA

“Dear Fuzzy I am saddened by the loss that you and your family are going through. How wonderful it is that you were able to share your life with...Read More »
42 of 96 | Posted by: Bob Wild - Boalsburg, PA

“Dear Fuzzy. Kindest regards and sympathy. I am amazed by all the wonderful comments in this guestbook. May the peace of the Lord be upon you and upon...Read More »
43 of 96 | Posted by: Jack Dennis - Clearwater, FL

“Mary Jean was an inspirational role model and colleague. She cannot be replaced, and will be sorely missed by all who knew her. It is hard to believe...Read More »
44 of 96 | Posted by: Richard Fujimoto - Tucker, GA

“You will be missed Mary Jean.. R. I. P. Always in my Prayers, Lometa Mitchell GT ”
45 of 96 | Posted by: Lometa Mitchell - GA

“Dear Mary Jean, It is so difficult and so heartbreaking to accept that you are no longer with us. I am really privileged to have been your student. I...Read More »
46 of 96 | Posted by: Yuxia(Sabrina) Sun

“Fuzzy: I can't add anything to what has been said. Mary Jean was a beautiful lady and will be sorely missed. God bless you all. Jerry ”
47 of 96 | Posted by: Jerry Muth - Fairfield, OH

“Fuzzy: I was deeply saddened by the news of Mary Jean's passing. I know she was the love of your life. You and the rest of the family will miss her,...Read More »
48 of 96 | Posted by: Christina Adkins Murray - FL

“It was a saddening news when I first heard about Mary Jean's journey. A lovely lady with a smile on her face all the time. A pioneer and influential...Read More »
49 of 96 | Posted by: Akbar Siami Namin - Lubbock, TX

“Mary Jean, we were classmates and friends for 12 years at Huntington St. Joe's. Our paths crossed too few times since then, but memories of you and...Read More »
50 of 96 | Posted by: Mary Rose Grant - O'Fallon, IL

“Mary Jean was an incredible force that touched many people along the way. Not only was she an outstanding researcher, but she was an inspiring person...Read More »
51 of 96 | Posted by: Myra Cohen - NE

“Mary Jean was a great lady - very polite and easy to work with. I am sad at her passing. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family. ”
52 of 96 | Posted by: Nell Kennedy - Clemson, SC

“Just last October we were all dancing and laughing at Boone and Nikki's wedding on the farm here in Georgia. I can still see that MJ smile and...Read More »
53 of 96 | Posted by: Lynne Booth - Gainesville, GA

“I first met Mary Jean when she was a graduate student and I was a young faculty member. We instantly hit it off and she has been a dear friend and...Read More »
54 of 96 | Posted by: Elaine Weyuker - NJ

“I am deeply saddened by untimely passing of Mary Jean, she was a wonderful person. My heart goes out to her family. I will always remember her. Her...Read More »
55 of 96 | Posted by: Mark Grechanik - Chicago, IL

“I am deeply saddened to learn your passing away. I could hardly believe that it is true when I received the news. I remember quiet clearly now...Read More »
56 of 96 | Posted by: Shujuan Jiang - Former Student

“It has been my pleasure and privilege to collaborate with Mary Jean. Her boundless energy, infectious smile and twinkle in the eye were a continuous...Read More »
57 of 96 | Posted by: Vipul Shah - Pune, India

“Dear Fuzzy and Family, Mary Jean has always been a shining star in the family. Her beautiful smile and warmth will be missed by all who knew her. ...Read More »
58 of 96 | Posted by: Peggy Myers - cincinnati, OH

“I am greatly saddened to hear about the passing away of Mary Jean Harrold. She was a highly respected colleague at Ohio State. Although it has been...Read More »
59 of 96 | Posted by: P. (Saday) Sadayappan - Columbus, OH

“Dear Fuzzy and family, It was so great seeing you guys at Ray's funeral. It had been a long time, but Mary Jean never changed. She was still the...Read More »
60 of 96 | Posted by: Linda A. Bies - Lexington, KY

“Mary Jean was an extraordinary person and was a pleasure to work with. She will be greatly missed! Sincerely, Pam Ruffin ”
61 of 96 | Posted by: Pam Ruffin - Duluth, GA

“John and I send our condolences and prayers your way,Fuzzy......... Love and Peace my friend, Peeps ”
62 of 96 | Posted by: Ann Krieger - huntington, WV

“Dear Mary Jean, It has been a pleasure and a privilege to know you, and always great to see you when our paths crossed at professional meetings. ...Read More »
63 of 96 | Posted by: Tom Ostrand - Metuchen, NJ

“We were neighbors and friends in Huntington, went through 12 years of school at St.Joe together, shared growing up, and attended Marshall at the same...Read More »
64 of 96 | Posted by: Abby Moran Robinson - Columbus, OH

“Truly amazing colleague, advisor, teacher, researcher, and friend. But most importantly, Mary Jean, you are a truly amazing human being! May we all...Read More »
65 of 96 | Posted by: Atif Memon - Rockville, MD

“You can't look at that face without seeing her light - Mary Jean was a joy. I'll miss watching Firm videos while eating ice cream, being mesmerized...Read More »
66 of 96 | Posted by: Jackie Malloy - Clemson, SC

“She's been such a strong figure to motivate, encourage, and inspire us. I'm completely shocked by the news and speechless sad. Wish her rest in peace...Read More »
67 of 96 | Posted by: Wanchun (Paul) Li

“I will always Mary Jean just as in this picture, with more energy than I can imagine and so much dedication to high quality research and research...Read More »
68 of 96 | Posted by: Lori Pollock - PA

“Prof. Harrold, you will be missed. Your passion for people, work and living life has been exemplary. You will continue to inspire us to be the best...Read More »
69 of 96 | Posted by: Heena Macwan - Seattle, WA

“Mary was a wonderful scientist. I remember her visit to our R&D Lab (TRDDC), Pune in India. I was amazed by her talk, as she presented her work in a...Read More »
70 of 96 | Posted by: Ravindra Naik - Pune, India

“She was a great inspiration for me and many female computer scientists. She was a kind and caring person. I am very grateful that I have known her...Read More »
71 of 96 | Posted by: Miryung Kim - Austin, TX

“I had the pleasure of working with Mary Jean for numerous years. Her spirit, energy and passion for the things she loved was evident. My deepest...Read More »
72 of 96 | Posted by: Carla Bennett - Douglasville, GA

“I am sad to learn that you passed away. I didn't believe that it is true when I received the news. My memory of our last meeting is still afresh. The...Read More »
73 of 96 | Posted by: Shing-Chi CHEUNG - Hong Kong

“My deepest sympathy to Mary Jean's family. May the memories of Mary Jean and the love of family surround you and give you strength in the days ahead....Read More »
74 of 96 | Posted by: Elizabeth Ndongi

“My sincere condolences to Mary Jean's family. I am so sad to hear that she passed away.I had the privilege of working for Mary Jean on the FSE 2008...Read More »
75 of 96 | Posted by: Debra Brodbeck - Irvine, CA

“Dear Fuzzy, and family, I am so saddened by your loss. Mary Jean meant a great deal to me, and to so many others. Thank you for sharing her with...Read More »
76 of 96 | Posted by: Merrick Furst

“Mary Jean was an inspiration to everyone faculty, staff, and students. Her humility despite all her successes, her work ethic, her professionalism,...Read More »
77 of 96 | Posted by: Kishore Ramachandran - Atlanta, GA

“A world-class researcher, a thoughtful and diligent colleague, an inspiration to all, a cheerful mentor and a thoroughly decent person. We will miss...Read More »
78 of 96 | Posted by: Santosh Vempala - GA - Colleague

“Although we did not get the pleasure of meeting Mary Jean in person, we feel we knew her through all the wonderful stories Barbie shared with us of...Read More »
79 of 96 | Posted by: lorinda bodman - Littleton, CO

“When I remember Mary Jean my thoughts go back to evenings in the late 1950s. After the restaurant closed our mothers would huddle in the corner over...Read More »
80 of 96 | Posted by: Barbara (Rains) Collins - Ennice, NC

“My sincere condolences to the entire family. I had the pleasure to work with Mary Jean as part of the FSE 2008 conference. She put her heart and...Read More »
81 of 96 | Posted by: Gail Murphy - Vancouver

“I knew Mary Jean through our terms on the boards of the Computing Research Association and CRA-W. She was one of those great people who could be...Read More »
82 of 96 | Posted by: Margaret Martonosi - Princeton, NJ

“As a young woman, Mary Jean inspired me professionally that I could have an impact, stay married, have kids, smile, and have fun while I did it. Her...Read More »
83 of 96 | Posted by: Kathryn S McKinley - Seattle, WA

“Mary Jean, you were my most favorite cousin. I am sorry that I have not been in touch like I should have. Guess I was dealing with myself and the...Read More »
84 of 96 | Posted by: Mike Nenni - Jay, FL - Cousin

“In addition to being a great researcher and software engineer, Mary Jean was a great person. She always gave me respect and support in the time we...Read More »
85 of 96 | Posted by: Robert Waters - Peachtree City, GA

“Mary Jean made me a better person -- just for knowing her!! She always made time to stop and chat. I remember we often talked about her most favorite...Read More »
86 of 96 | Posted by: Dawn W

“Rest In Peace, Mary Jean. You were a first rate scientist and an inspiration to so many. I am deeply saddened to hear of your passing. I remember so...Read More »
87 of 96 | Posted by: mark harman - London

“There are no words to describe how much I will miss such a great collegue and friend.Working together with her, especially when preparing for the...Read More »
88 of 96 | Posted by: Wilhelm Schäfer - Paderborn

“Tom and Marc, I am so sorry for your loss. I hope that your memories bring you comfort during this difficult time. ”
89 of 96 | Posted by: Lyn Bauer (Cummins)

“There are no words to say how I have missed Mary Jean already in the time she has been battling cancer. I feel blessed to have shared in her life. ...Read More »
90 of 96 | Posted by: Laurie - East Lansing, MI

“For all of her students, Mary Jean provided us all a family. She deeply cared about us and taught us a lot of things. Her departure from this world...Read More »
91 of 96 | Posted by: Donglin Liang - Plymouth, MN

“Mr Harrold, Tom, and Marc, My sincerest condolences on your loss. What find memories I have from the days on Pat Haven and Lakemont (2x) drives. ...Read More »
92 of 96 | Posted by: Gregg Cooper

“Mary Jean had a certain energy to her that was just beautiful. I still remember the time when she was at OSU, and she would have these meeting at 6...Read More »
93 of 96 | Posted by: Nigamanth Sridhar - Cleveland, OH

“My prayers go out to the Harrold family during this difficult time. ”
94 of 96 | Posted by: Joe squatriglia

“My sincere condolences to your entire family. Mary Jean's picture brings back the memories of her wonderful personality and beauty. So sorry she...Read More »
95 of 96 | Posted by: Martha Goheen Carlson - RI

“Words cannot describe how saddened I am for the entire family. Aunt Mary Jean you were a true blessing. I love you and will never forget your...Read More »
96 of 96 | Posted by: Stephanie Cristaldo - Centennial, CO

MARY JEAN (TOMLINSON) HARROLD, born March 12, 1947, passed away on Thursday, September 19, 2013, at Hospice House of Huntington. She is survived by her loving husband of 45 years, Tom (Fuzzy) Harrold, two loving sons Tom (Linda) Harrold of Virginia and Marc Harrold of Virginia; and 2 grandchildren (Tommy and Matt). She is survived by three sisters, Marti Moore of California, Elizabeth (Patrick) Riley of Colorado, and Barbara (Robert Hearn) Tomlinson, of Colorado; half-sister Christa (Douglas) Palmer of Colorado and half-brother Donald (Mandy) Tomlinson of Virginia. Mary Jean was currently a Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology. She was graduated from St. Joseph High School of Huntington, received her B.A., M.S. in Mathematics at Marshall University and Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh. Visitation will be held at St. Joseph Catholic Church on Monday, September 23, 2013, from 9:30 to 11:00 AM, followed by a funeral mass at 11:00 AM. Burial will be in Spring Hill Cemetery following the mass. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations in her name be made to The Emogene Dolin Jones Hospice House, Huntington, WV.