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Maxine was born January 7, 1916 in Franklinton, LA. Maxine was an only child, born to Texas Majority Leader, Senator Wm. Carey Graves and E’loise Richardson Graves. Maxine remembered a wagon covered carriage ride once to visit her great-grandmother Burch in Richardson, LA. Maxine was a graduate of Sunset High School. Maxine majored in Art and attended the University of Texas, to please her mother. To please her father, she later transferred to SMU and joined Alpha Omega Phi Sorority. Maxine loved her AOII group and had an SMU and AOII sticker on her car well into her 80s.
Maxine and her mother, E’loise, enjoyed helping Senator Graves during the almost 16 years he led as the Majority Leader of the Texas Senate. On October 14, 1946, Governor Coke R. Stevenson was called away from the State of Texas and Senator Graves was called to act as Texas Governor. The occasion called for a party and acting Governor Graves, Mrs. Graves and Maxine did not disappoint. Maxine’s family enjoys the invitation of that evening still.
Maxine married James Thomas Price, Junior. He had been her High School boyfriend; they survived a very serious auto accident when they were young. Maxine remembered J.T. lovingly decades after he died in 1976. J.T. was the President of the television company, Jack Rather Productions, & produced the Lassie and Lone Ranger Television Programs. Maxine and J.T. had glamorous decades dining with the stars at the Brown Derby and living at the top of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.
Although Maxine and J.T. did not have any children, they had numerous cousins & nieces who shared many happy years together in Dallas. Her paternal cousins are: Dr. and Mrs. Troy R. Smith, Jr.,and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Graves. Her maternal cousins are: Anne Willard Anderson & Jim Willard. Anne’s daughter, Anne-Laurel Gardere acted as Maxine’s Guardian for 10 years, when Maxine suffered from strokes. J.T. Prices niece is Jane Corey. Pallbearers at the service will be Dr. Troy Smith, Mr. Edward C. Gardere, Jr. and the sons of Dr. and Mrs. Troy Smith, Greg Smith and David Smith ; sons of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Gardere, Jr. – Edw. Callier Gardere, III & Alexander E. Gardere; and John Lomax Anderson, son of Anne W. Anderson.
The Service will be held at Laurel Land Memorial Park Sunday, April 18, 2010 at 3:00 P.M. Contributions to Maxine’s church Kessler Park Methodist may be made in lieu of flowers.