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Thomas Stephen Szasz

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Memories & Candles

“After suffering from electroshock in Houston,Texas, I happened by chance to see "The Dick Cavett Show" (May 22,1970,STILL not available to public).Dr...Read More »
1 of 100+ | Posted by: Ronald Vaughan - Hollywood, CA

“Thanks for enlighten our path ”
2 of 100+ | Posted by: Jorge Hinestroza - Maracaiho

“I'll never forget the time I first heard of DR. THOMAS SZASZ...in May,1970 on the "Dick Cavett" Show. He was talking about prizefighter Joe Louis.....Read More »
3 of 100+ | Posted by: Ronald Vaughan - Beverly Hills, CA

“Incredible man, incredible life, and legacy... Your arguments live on and will be proven one day... ”
4 of 100+ | Posted by: Carina Gillon - Chula Vista, CA

“Dr. Szasz, You have entirely opened up my eyes as a counseling student and a young professional. You served your time on this world in such a...Read More »
5 of 100+ | Posted by: Tim

“Dear sons, daughters, and other relatives of the late great Doc Szasz....history shall be kind to your dad....Date for America's Reestablishment has...Read More »
6 of 100+ | Posted by: Mark S. Weiss - Las Vegas, NV

“"Heroes have the whole earth for their tomb; in lands far from their own, where the column with its epitaph declares it, there is enshrined in every...Read More »
7 of 100+ | Posted by: Stephen - São Paulo, Brasil

“My late husband Michael Paley worked with Tom on a few books while employed as a copy editor at Transaction Publishers. Michael enjoyed talking to...Read More »
8 of 100+ | Posted by: Andrea Pernikoff - Edison, NJ

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for every Pioneers ! Thomas Stephen Szasz, M.D. was Pioneers ! All the Jedi Warrior already stand up ! All the...Read More »
9 of 100+ | Posted by: Kill Bill

“I just heard about Dr. Szasz's passing. As a college student at PSU in the late 70's, I read The Myth of Mental Illness. I keep a copy of that book...Read More »
10 of 100+ | Posted by: Dona Witmer - Conestoga, PA - fan

“The language of the Constitution, said Frederick Douglass in 1895, is "We the people-not we the white people, not even we the citizens, not we the...Read More »
11 of 100+ | Posted by: Bill - Providence, RI

“I owe you so much. Words cannot express the profound change your books have had on my perspectives on mental life. You have provided me with so many...Read More »
12 of 100+ | Posted by: Malin Hildebrand Karlén

“Thank you Tom for turning on so many lights for me in what can be a very dark world. You will be missed by those who knew you and by millions who...Read More »
13 of 100+ | Posted by: Peter Chist - Cazenovia, NY

“I discovered the work of Dr. Szasz in 1967. I heard him speak in Syracuse, New York, in 1971, at the first meeting of the AAAIMH, and in St. Louis,...Read More »
14 of 100+ | Posted by: David Schroth - St. Louis, MO

“I was Dr. Szas's secretary for a short time in 1957 and reconnected during the past few years over the pro-life issue. He was a great man and...Read More »
15 of 100+ | Posted by: Carole (Hayes) Roadarmel - CA

“天空如此阴霾,...Read More »
16 of 100+ | Posted by: Fight Back

“I am very sad about Thomas Szasz's passing, now feeling a little bit alone. In 2008, when I was a student of psychology in Regensburg, Germany, not...Read More »
17 of 100+ | Posted by: Thomas Maar - Regensburg, Germany

“Sincere condolences on the loss of such an esteemed gentleman who I met when I was a kindergarten teacher at Charles Andrews School in Syracuse (1960...Read More »
18 of 100+ | Posted by: Gloria Raskin - Mt. Kisco, NY

“Thoughts and prayers to the Szasz family at your time of loss. Occurring as it did with the holydays must have been difficult for the family. Your...Read More »
19 of 100+ | Posted by: Thomas Bubnack - NY

“Dr. Szasz was a scholar, a gentleman, and a good friend and colleague to my father, Robert Seidenberg, M.D. Dr. Szasz wrote to my father on a page of...Read More »
20 of 100+ | Posted by: Laurie Seidenberg - VA

“I was shocked to learn of Dr. Szasz's death. It's still hard to believe he's gone this genius of a man. I owe him much. I was a psychiatric resident...Read More »
21 of 100+ | Posted by: Eugene P. Trager - Lake Forest, IL

“I discovered Dr Szasz's books while browsing in the city library. To my wonderful delight he opened the matter of psychotherapy as the Emperor's New...Read More »
22 of 100+ | Posted by: Jess Ware - Kansas City, MO

“I read Szasz's work along with R. D. Laing and Berger and Luckmann's The Social Construction of Reality. From all of these writers I learned to think...Read More »
23 of 100+ | Posted by: Hendrika Vande Kemp - Annandale, VA

“I am very sad to hear that we have lost such a smart man. Fortunately there is quite a legacy for the rest of us. I wish mister Szasz peace and...Read More »
24 of 100+ | Posted by: Arno Tijnagel - Amsterdam, NY

“I can only express my thanks to Tom by repeating my words when I presented ten years ago to Tom the Irren-Offensives (Lunatic Offensive) Freedom...Read More »
25 of 100+ | Posted by: rene talbot - berlin

“A Life One Life One person Beginning as an infant boy who becomes a man Learning growing reaching changing Not only their own path Influencing the...Read More »
26 of 100+ | Posted by: Roe. Royal - South glens falls, NY

“He was such a generous soul, his work, with the likes of R.D. Laing, etc., will be appreciated and passed on forever. He understood, acted upon my...Read More »
27 of 100+ | Posted by: james m nordlund - fargo, ND

“Dear Suzy, We were so sorry to hear of your Fathers passing. Please know that you have our very deepest sympathy. Our thought and prayers are...Read More »
28 of 100+ | Posted by: Poplawski's - Syracuse, NY

“One of the truly good guys, warm, wise and funny ”
29 of 100+ | Posted by: Ron Roberts - London

“Though I did not personally know you, Thomas I admire your extensive work for Mankind and defending individuals rights. You will always be remembered. ”
30 of 100+ | Posted by: Chrissy Jenkins - Clarkston, MI

“Yit'gadal v'yit'kadash sh'mei raba (Cong: Omein). May His great Name grow exalted and sanctified (`Cong: Amen.) b'al'ma di v'ra khir'utei in the...Read More »
31 of 100+ | Posted by: Y.B. ben Avraham

“wonderful person and great humanitarian! RIck ”
32 of 100+ | Posted by: Riccardo Eterno - Como

“Thomas Stephen Szasz, Thank you for your life We wait again ARC, ”
33 of 100+ | Posted by: Ricardo Montesa ALDAIA - Valencia

“Dear Suzy and Family, I am so sorry for your loss. Your father was a remarkable man. I extend my deepest sympathy and will keep you and Larry...Read More »
34 of 100+ | Posted by: Mindy Shaw-Lund - Tully, NY

“Thomas Szasz is my intellectual hero. A truly great man who I believe will be treated better by a succeeding age. He exemplified the quote from...Read More »
35 of 100+ | Posted by: Mitch Cox - Red Bank, NJ

“The fight for human rights has lost a true leader. Thank you Mr. Szasz for dedicating your life to helping others. You will be missed. ”
36 of 100+ | Posted by: Krystina Bair - Seattle, WA

“You made such a difference to me and so many psychiatric survivors worldwide Thomas Szasz. You emailed and encouraged me several times. I was so...Read More »
37 of 100+ | Posted by: Mary Maddock - Cork, Ireland

“I knew when I had lost the opportunity to get to know Tom through a mutual friend, I would always regret it. From that time (2008) Thomas Szasz's...Read More »
38 of 100+ | Posted by: Patrice Campion - Chicago, IL

“Thank you, Dr. Szasz, for what you have done for us. You have helped so many people and you will never be forgotten. My sympathy and support to your...Read More »
39 of 100+ | Posted by: Marijke Brinkman-Qureshi - CA

“Congratulation for your work about psichiatry abuses. Thanks for help ”
40 of 100+ | Posted by: antonella passero - brescia

“One of my heros... His voice will bemissed ”
41 of 100+ | Posted by: Angela Cerio - Staten Island, NY

“You made a difference and changed both the course of history and individual lives. What a way to go. Menj békével, térjen vissza...Read More »
42 of 100+ | Posted by: P Muller - Joburg

“"In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act" - George Orwell Thank you for fighting for freedom Mr. Szasz. May your legacy live...Read More »
43 of 100+ | Posted by: Emilija Ellen - London, NY

“Thomas Szasz. A man with immense courage and intelligence. Someone with the integrity to stand up against the current and speak out on behalf of...Read More »
44 of 100+ | Posted by: Mark - West Suusex

“In his time he saved many thousands of lives through his great humanitarian work. In passing he passes the baton of human rights to many thousands of...Read More »
45 of 100+ | Posted by: Steve Cook - Lingfield

“Thank you for all your work in the field of Mental Health. Your contribution to making the world a better place is immense. ”
46 of 100+ | Posted by: mike

“Thank you for everything for did for your fellow man. You will be remembered. ”
47 of 100+ | Posted by: Jason Stanford - Toyama, NY

“Never afraid to speak the truth. Your help is priceless. ”
48 of 100+ | Posted by: Robin Murray - Hatchet Lake

“Till we meet again. ”
49 of 100+ | Posted by: craig batley - prince albert

“R.I.P. Dr. Szasz. Your strong voice and advocacy for human rights will be missed. ”
50 of 100+ | Posted by: Lori Bryenton - Toronto

“Thomas Szasz, through his writings and interviews, influenced my thinking and provided much clarity on the subject of Libertarian principles. I...Read More »
51 of 100+ | Posted by: Jim Clayson - Cape Town

“His steadfast commitment to the well being of all people will surely be missed. But his teachings will carry us forward to continue his great work....Read More »
52 of 100+ | Posted by: Ruth Drye - Ardmore, PA

“A lifetime of pro-survival accomplishment. Hamba Gashle (go carefully/well).....back soon :) ”
53 of 100+ | Posted by: ANDREW DAY - AMANZIMTOTI

“Even though Dr.Szasz & I have not met personally , I loved him very much ! He was one of the greatest humanitarians of this lifetime ! I am...Read More »
54 of 100+ | Posted by: Christine Glasso - Las Vegas, NV

“I am the mother of an adult son who has been hospitalized a number of times. Unfortunately the world of psychiatry and psychology that is supposed...Read More »
55 of 100+ | Posted by: Anna-Mari Pieterse - PRETORIA

“Dr. Szasz was a hero of mine early in my studies as a psychologist. His irreverence about the traditional view of mental illness changed forever how...Read More »
56 of 100+ | Posted by: Dr. Nancy Arvold - Redwood City, CA

“We admired him in 1960s had him in Australua in 1980s end enjoyed his company ”
57 of 100+ | Posted by: Dr Sandra Neil - Melbourne

“Dear Thomas Szasz, With superlative vision, you saw the truth clearly, then fearlessly told us the truth with clear speech. Those who listen,...Read More »
58 of 100+ | Posted by: M.M. - Toronto

“Thomas Szasz wrote some truly great books that helped to liberate many people. These books helped many psychiatrically labelled people see how false...Read More »
59 of 100+ | Posted by: Laura Borst

“Dear Suzy,Margot,Andrew and Family, I had lunch with your Father/Grandfather about 2 weeks before his passing. We talked for about 3 hours and...Read More »
60 of 100+ | Posted by: Rebecca King - Syracuse, NY

“I wrote my thoughts down here: http://curi.us/1565-thomas-szasz ”
61 of 100+ | Posted by: Elliot Temple - friend

“Hi, friends,I wrote this letter to Professor Szasz in May. But, I was too busy to send it.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas SzaszI was very shocked...Read More »
62 of 100+ | Posted by: Irene hui-Ling Yang - CA - reader

“Tom Szasz is one of my greatest teachers. I learned so much from his incredible works that helped me to be clearer in my thinking. I was also...Read More »
63 of 100+ | Posted by: joh - austin, TX

“At first Szasz was only a name I heard in my psychology studies; I didn't get why it always seemed slightly scandalous. I found out when I started...Read More »
64 of 100+ | Posted by: Dr. Judith Schlesinger - NY

“We thank you for your life's work and that your mind is still with us. Condolences to family and friends from Polish IAAPA Section. ”
65 of 100+ | Posted by: Joanna & Andrzej Skulski - Berlin, DE

“Dr. Szasz was one of the great intellectuals and advocates of liberty of his time. He wrote with clarity, precision, humor, and grace. The best way...Read More »
66 of 100+ | Posted by: Nicolas Martin - Indianapolis, IN

“We lost a gret friend and a philosopher who inspired out thought. ”
67 of 100+ | Posted by: Giorgio Antonucci and Piero Colacicchi

“Tom was a giant blessed with a stunningly original intellect and the ability to communicate it. He was brave, courageous, and unyielding in the...Read More »
68 of 100+ | Posted by: Bruce Wiseman - Los Angeles, CA

“Suzy I was so sorry to hear about your father. We had just talked about how he was doing at the reunion so it came as a surprise. I remember him so...Read More »
69 of 100+ | Posted by: cheryl feder - penfield, NY

“I am a clinical social who has worked in the local mental health care field now for over 40 years. I attribute the development of my clinical skills...Read More »
70 of 100+ | Posted by: Joe Masterleo - Syracuse, NY

“Tom was the greatest physician of our time. He didn't discover any new diseases or invent any new treatments. He just understood the doctor ...Read More »
71 of 100+ | Posted by: David Herman - Long Island, NY

“Suzy+Larry, Margot,Steve+Andrew- I was so saddened to read of your Father's death. The world has lost a tremendous man. I will always ...Read More »
72 of 100+ | Posted by: Mary Whalen Malay - Jamesville, NY

“I knew you would die some day, Thomas Szasz, but my heart is still broken. I loved you because you loved Liberty more than I did. Your written words...Read More »
73 of 100+ | Posted by: Art Thomas - Barboursville, VA

“Margot & Suzy, I remember meeting your father for the first time in 1965 when we moved into the house on Euclid Ave next to your grandmother,Lily....Read More »
74 of 100+ | Posted by: Michael Lawrence Rayder, Jr. - ME

“Thomas Szasz served, in fine style, as the Prometheus of our time, always assiduously guarding the flame of the mind of man from those who wished to...Read More »
75 of 100+ | Posted by: Blair Sadewitz - New Brunswick, NJ

“My thoughts are with you at this time. Our whole family will remember Dr. Tom(as my kids named him)as the man who walked the neighborhood with his...Read More »
76 of 100+ | Posted by: Linda Morris - Manlius, NY

“Thomas Szasz was a courageous dissident in a field where dissidence is anathema, an impeccably logical thinker, and in his personal life a modest...Read More »
77 of 100+ | Posted by: Mira de Vries - Amsterdam

“Suzy, Margo and family, my thought and prayers are with you. I always felt that it was a privilege and an interesting experience to assist Tom in his...Read More »
78 of 100+ | Posted by: Paul Kronenberg - Syracuse, NY

“Many years ago, I had the privilege of caring for Tom's mother, and with that came the privilege of getting to know Tom. Often we met for lunch,...Read More »
79 of 100+ | Posted by: Kendrick A. Sears, M.D. - NY

“Goodbue to the brilliant man who brought some sanity to the crazy world of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology. In today's world, where we face the...Read More »
80 of 100+ | Posted by: Philip V Hull - Oakland, CA

“To all his family Thank you for being so dear to your father, grandfather and brother. Words like hero, humanitarian, champion, courageous,...Read More »
81 of 100+ | Posted by: Jan Eastgate - Los Angeles, CA

“Dear Suzy and Family, May tender memories soften your grief. May you find peace knowing that someday we'll learn the reasons why... Sincerest...Read More »
82 of 100+ | Posted by: Harold L. Palmer, Sr & Family - MO

“Tom's lyrical voice relating tales of his past will forever be in my memory, though I'll painfully miss his presence, as will my whole family. ”
83 of 100+ | Posted by: Dusty Billings-Lilien - Syracuse, NY

“Leave a condolence or a memory. ”
84 of 100+ | Posted by: Dusty Billings-Lilien - Syracuse, NY

“Dear Margot and Suzy, I knew you at Pebble Hill. I graduated in '69. I'm sorry you lost your father. I didn't realize his advocacy. I'm very...Read More »
85 of 100+ | Posted by: Amy Hamilton - Fayetteville, NY

“Margot,Suzy and Family, My deepest sympathies extended to each of you. ”
86 of 100+ | Posted by: Lorie Rakov Rudolph - NY

“Trudy and I will miss Tom's bright presence and our monthly dinners together. He was and continues to be a living inspiration, and I am sorry he...Read More »
87 of 100+ | Posted by: John Batki - Syracuse, NY

“Tom had a wonderful brilliant philosophical mind and he cherished being able to inspire others to access the same within themselves. He had a...Read More »
88 of 100+ | Posted by: Lindsay J. Webb - La Fayette, NY

“Whereas the body of Thomas Szasz stop working after 92 years, his gigantic intellectual contribution to society will remain alive and will continue...Read More »
89 of 100+ | Posted by: Nelson Borelli - Chicago, IL

“Condolences for family and friends . This is a tragic message. I found his view on society and psychiatry enlightening already in the 70-ies. I...Read More »
90 of 100+ | Posted by: O. Kruijt

“Our sincere condolences for the family and friends of mr. Szasz. We admire his work and his endurance to expose psychiatric abuse! ”
91 of 100+ | Posted by: Hanneke & Willem Teunisse

“Suzy, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. ”
92 of 100+ | Posted by: Frank Moore - Rice, VA

“I first came across Thomas Szasz rather late in my life, with his book "Ceremonial Chemistry"; and I never looked back. There is so much I owe this...Read More »
93 of 100+ | Posted by: Christophe Welch - Ashmore, IL

“My heart has broken at the loss of my friend, mentor, and great contributor to the world. He will be missed, by so many, and I will remember Tom for...Read More »
94 of 100+ | Posted by: Jacqueline Roig - Chicago, IL

“As the tornadoes came and went this past weekend, the great and under-appreciated spirit of Thomas Szasz MD also left the world (1920-2012). ”
95 of 100+ | Posted by: Babette Babich, Ph.D. - New York, NY

“My dearest condolences to the family and close friends of Dr. Szasz. May you be comforted in knowing that his legacy as co-founder of the Citizens...Read More »
96 of 100+ | Posted by: Maria Casciano-Mangicaro - NY

“Condolences to you and your families, Margot and Suzy. Sincerely, Deb(Hitchcock)Dufel ”
97 of 100+ | Posted by: Deborah Hitchcock Dufel - Mackay

“True lights of science never really go away, he maybe gone in his physical form, but, his ideas will keep on. RIP ”
98 of 100+ | Posted by: Janine - Turriff, Scotland

“rest in peace dr. szasz - i will greatly miss you - it is up to us now to carry on your torch. ”
99 of 100+ | Posted by: Melanie - Westhampton, NY

“Dear Suzy and Margot, We are very sad to hear of your Dad's death. He was always so nice to me when I spent time at your house when we were young....Read More »
100 of 100+ | Posted by: Beth and Bob Fini - Manassas, VA

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Thomas Stephen Szasz, M.D., 92, died at his home in Manlius, N.Y. on September 8, 2012. He was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1920, and emigrated to the United States in 1938. He graduated the University of Cincinnati with an undergraduate degree in physics in 1941, and as valedictorian of the medical school in 1944. After medical internship at Boston City Hospital and psychiatry residency at the University of Chicago, he pursued psychoanalytic training. Following military service at the United States Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, M.D., he began a distinguished career in 1956, as Professor of Psychiatry at Upstate Medical Center where he retired in 1990, but continued publishing until his death. He argued that what are called mental illnesses are often better described as "problems in living," and he opposed involuntary psychiatric interventions. His reputation in defense of these principles was launched in 1961 with The Myth of Mental Illness. He published 35 books, translated into numerous languages, and hundreds of articles in the subsequent 50 years. Recognized worldwide as one of the most important critics of psychiatric coercion and a defender of individual responsibility and freedom, Dr. Szasz was the recipient of several honorary degrees and many awards, including the Humanist of the Year, Jefferson Award from the American Institute of Public Service, Mencken Award from the Free Press Association, establishment of "The Thomas S. Szasz Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Cause of Civil Liberties" by the Center for Independent Thought, and the George Washington Award from the American Hungarian Foundation. He is survived by his daughters, Margot Szasz Peters, M.D. (Steve Peters, M.D.), and Suzy Szasz Palmer, M.L.S., (Larry Palmer, LL.B.), a grandson Andrew Thomas Peters, and his brother George Szasz, Ph.D. Arrangements will be private. Contributions may be made in his name to the E. S. Bird Library at Syracuse University. 222 Waverly Avenue Syracuse, N.Y. 13224-5040

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