Sean  P.  Brosnan

Obituary for Sean P. Brosnan

December 15, 1962 - September 24, 2020
Andover, Massachusetts | Age 57

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Family Ownership - Over 70 years of family service.

Robinson Funeral Home was established in 1941 by Norman P. Robinson. At that time, there were many funeral homes in Melrose and opening another funeral home took great courage. But Norman was committed to staying in Melrose, and built a beautiful and spacious funeral home that would serve the people of Melrose for generations. At that time, funeral homes were often just renovated houses, and to this day, Robinson is one of the only funeral homes in the area that was specifically designed as a funeral home and has ample private parking.

In 1974 Norman's son, Jeffrey, began working alongside his father. Jeff and his wife, Nancy, raised their three children in Melrose, and in 1989 they embarked on a substantial renovation and addition to the funeral home, nearly doubling its size. In 2010, Jeff's son, Mark, became the third generation funeral director in the Robinson family. He graduated from the Funeral Institute of New England with honors and from Boston College, Class of 2005. After working as an apprentice, Mark gained the necessary experience to serve families of Melrose and the surrounding communities with as much devotion and care as his predecessors.

How We Promise to Serve You Better
From 1941 to this day, we practice funeral service with only the best interest of your family in mind. From beginning to end, and in everything we do, we are only concerned with caring for your family. We are serving you and we do not take that for granted.
At Robinson Funeral Home we consider the opportunity to care for your loved one as a sacred trust. We know that trust is paramount in selecting a funeral home. Please know that we treat everyone as if they were a member of our own family; from the transfer to our facility, to ensuring that burial is completed properly, with dignity and respect.
Because we are meeting you at a time of great emotional stress, we want to make the process as simple as possible. At our conferences, we take the burden off you, and address all your concerns with care. We continue our tradition of going far beyond what is expected from a funeral home.
We believe it is our privilege to provide you with the most meaningful, appropriate, and affordable service possible. We are led by our commitment to our community and we never compromise in our ethics, compassion and professional service.