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A newspaper obituary is a time-honored tradition of sharing the news of a death. Our online obituaries, in partnership with more than 1,500 newspapers, honor the person who has touched your life, and allow your community to express condolences, share direct support and celebrate a life.

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Place a Memorial on Tributes

At Tributes.com we believe that "Every Life Has a Story" that deserves to be told and preserved. The Eternal Tribute offered by Tributes.com allows families to honor a loved one with an online obituary that offers customizable themes, background music and more.

Make an Eternal Tribute

  • Unlimited copy and photos, custom music, stunning full-screen backgrounds.
  • Enhanced guestbook and social features to connect with family and friends.
  • Custom video integration, web links, and more.
  • Tablet and mobile friendly viewing.
  • Permanent. Never expires.
  • Create an
    Online Obituary
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  • Only $50
  • Build Your Obituary First.
  • No payment required until
    you're fully satisfied.

...all of the features of the standard online obituary plus:

  • Provide full chronology of military service details.
  • Choose from a selection of military background themes.

Or the Basic Death Notice

  • Unlimited copy
    and highlighted service
  • Single, primary photo
    and optional service
    or hobby-themed emblem.
  • Standard guestbook.
  • Never expires.
  • Create a
    Death Notice
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  • Only $20
  • Build Your Notice First.
  • No payment required until
    you're fully satisfied.