Condolence & Memory Journal


LG...your presence and beautiful music will live on forever!! You are terribly missed!! Much PEACE Karri

Posted by Karri Tester - Fort Myers, FL - Friend   February 16, 2017

Lesley will always be there for us. Her records have the sustaining power. Year after Year her records are played and like all good music they live on. Our Lesley has provided her fans with memories and good times. She is and always will be a legend We love you Lesley always will.

Posted by Raymond BOOM Szymarek Jr. - PA   February 15, 2017


I love your songs. What a beautiful woman with a fun loving soul. You had such great talent, and you shared it with many. You were such a giving person. Now your beautiful spirit is in His Heavenly Peace. Glad to e able to still hear your songs, your voice today. R.I.P. dear Lesley.

Posted by C.L. Stuart - Westminster, CO - Friend   February 03, 2017

i will miss you so much i will see you agane

Posted by joseph yesvetz - hazleton, PA   November 27, 2016


A beautiful spirit and soul, Lesley Gore!! As her music lives on we share her being forever!! PEACE~LOVE

Posted by Karri Tester - Fort Myers, FL - Friend   November 04, 2016

Hy double-Karin's,nice to meet you today ich wfcnsche euch viel Erfolg bei eurer Mission und viel Freude mit d'Ancap Torino. good luck

Posted by Karen - uuckFd33r, NH - XPlx2gYSuv   September 13, 2015

Hy double-Karin's,nice to meet you today ich wfcnsche euch viel Erfolg bei eurer Mission und viel Freude mit d'Ancap Torino. good luck

Posted by David - FG4mZS9DOcS, SD - 8K9IiYbS4b   September 09, 2015

Ma Cherie je suis si fiere de toi , tu as toujours ete une pasesonie et determinee dans tout ce que tu as entreprie , excuse mon Francais , ca fait si longtemps .Ta grand soeur , ta tante , ton amie .LuLubelle

Posted by Jose - 5rGLaONtXW, MI - Yu3UiCpOM   September 09, 2015


God speed Lesley, you were a great part of my youth and have left some great memories

Posted by kate johnson    August 27, 2015

I am deeply sorry and my heartfelt sympathy goes to her friend: Lois Sasson, her brother: Michael, and her mother: Ronny. May Lesley rest in peace in His loving arms and hands. Lesley Gore filled my youth with her beautiful voice and her carefully chosen songs to record. I have such happy memories when I play those records. Now when I hear her sing I am filled with tears streaming rapidly down my face. What a truly terrible loss we have suffered and a lovely girl who was given a gift of a beautiful voice that filled our innocent world then. Truly a wonderful person left us much, much too soon.

Posted by Jolanta Pedziwiatr - Greenport, NY - acquaintance   April 08, 2015

Thank you, Lesley, for coming out in public! It gave the LGBT community a voice to be heard. I'm proud to say thatI'm a bisexual, and one of my fave songs is "You Don't Own Me" 'cause I'm not a Stepford Wife-kind of woman! RIP Lesley!

Posted by Karen Jo Huffeq - Mishawaka, IN - Music Fan   March 28, 2015


I grew up listening to her. Just starting to notice boys. All the emotions that come with being a teenager, and not understanding anything. She gave me some input about how I was feeling. You don't own me was a very instructive song. It gave a girl some advice to remember, how we cryed over love when we didn't even no the meaning of it. But what a time of wonder. The excitement of it all. Thanks Lesley for your voice.

Posted by Carol lane - Indianapolis, IN   March 27, 2015


I will miss hearing from you. Your advice helped save my life. The world is less full with out your presence and my heart hurts. I think often of Lois and although we did not know each other I hope she feels the support so many are sending her as well as to your Mother and your Brother. Thank you for being such a part of my life and for being my friend. I will love you forever and I will see you again in the next life. Love always, JP

Posted by Penelope J Patrick - Binghamton, NY - Friend   March 12, 2015

I was so shocked to learn of Lesley Gore's passing. I was looking up her songs on Youtube and saw a 1 minute CBS clip announcing her passing. I watch it, then sat and cried. I DJed for years and could drop the needle on "It's My Party" and those women were tearing up the dance floor and singing at the top of their lungs! Thanks Lesley for bring so much wonderful music into our lives! So very many loved you!

Posted by Patti Needham - Milford, OH - I share a soul that loves music   March 08, 2015


Lesley you are my favorite singer of all time. When I heard the news of your passing, I cried like a baby. You were an awesome entertainer, and you seemed like a member of my family. I wish I could have met you but hopefully we can meet in Heaven. In the sixties I too saved my allowance to buy your 45 records. My prayers continue to go up for Lois, your mom and brother. I love you. Nancy Carter Indianapol;is

Posted by Nancy Carter - IOndianapolis, IN - Fan   February 27, 2015

My deepest sympathy to Lois and Lesley's family. When I heard she past, It just so took me by surprised I just couldn't believe it. I have been a fan for a very long time like so many others. She was such a talented singer, song writer and all around entertainer. Not only the music world lost a wonderful person, but the world lost a very special human being. I didn't know Lesley personally but you didn't have to, to see she was a special lady. I have enjoyed her music for so long and still enjoy listening to it. God bless you Lesley and your family.

Posted by Kim Shanks - Lawrenceburg, IN - Fan   February 27, 2015

Might I add one more comment about the greatness of Lesley Gore our beloved tremendous female singer? First and foremost all of her songs will SUSTAIN FOREVER AND EVER. When a star singer like Lesley leaves she keeps her sound her style forever in the listeners ears and hearts. You could listen to anyone of her records and hear the melody and the rhythm section as clear as a diamond. Lesley had that style that sound of her that was unmistakeable. All of her fans and all who listen to her sing every word can hear the genius in her interpretaion of words and the stories. And Might I add that Lesley Gore surrounded herself with great musicians. And those musicians who backed Lesley up and the upmost complete respect for her. The reason for her complete success was her Super Personality and her feelings that she expressed so well on all of her records. More than Missed by Fans but by all musicians who know what is all about. Love you Lesley

Posted by BOOMER - White Oak, PA - BIG BIG FAN   February 25, 2015

Dear Lesley, We were in Grade 8. Every afternoon when school got out we were supposed to study for the Boston Parochial High School Exam. Instead we played Lesley Gore records and watched our latest crush play basketball. It was wicked awesome ! Your music was one of the great things about growing up in the sixties. We hope we meet you in 'Rock 'n Roll' heaven. We'll look for you where the cool girls hang out !!!
Love you, Margo and Susan, Boston, MA Feb 24, 2015

Posted by Margo and Susan - Boston, MA - Fans   February 24, 2015


Aloha Lesley.....I will miss you and your wonderul voice. When I turn 16 years old and on my birthday I played all of your hits....Everyone loved listening to your records.....RIP

Posted by Rosemarie Garringer - KAUAI, Hawaii, HI - FAN   February 23, 2015


Thank you sweet Lesley for your beautiful voice, and awesome songs. We love you. RIP.

Posted by Charlotte Dixon - Lafayette, IN - Fan   February 23, 2015


My Condolences to Lois, family and friends. Thank you for sharing her with us. RIP Ms. Gore.

Posted by D. Rosa - Swarthmore, PA - Music Fan   February 23, 2015

Lesley Gore was my favorite artist of all times. I have felt this week that I have suffered a loss even though I never met her and never even saw her in concert. I still remember waiting for her 45s to come in the mail! She really took the world by storm in those early years. I have so much respect for her making sure that she completed her education and continuing to pursue her art with creativity and passion. She was a serious person who lived a giving life of leadership and positive role modeling. I am happy for her that she found the love of her life and lived who she was in the face of potential social disapproval. She had a powerful influence on my young life. I mourn her passing and regret for her and her loved ones that more time was not one of her gifts. Rest in peace, Lesley Sue Gore.

Posted by Suzan Waller - Columbus, OH - Long-time Fan   February 21, 2015


My admiration and appreciation for a woman who lived her life with integrity, insight and independence. Though fleeting fanfare followed her fame, her music is indelible, as she remains an icon for independence and incredible ideals! Her courage, conviction and class, throughout her life, are a lasting legacy. She will forever be a model of generosity and grace! With heartfelt humility, wisdom and warmth, Lesley Gore's greatness was in her ability to entertain, educate, empathize and embrace. With eternal love for her extraordinary existence.... Blessings and condolences to her partner Lois, brother Michael, mother and extended family and friends.

Posted by LINDA J MASON - CLINTON, MA - An Enduring Admirer   February 20, 2015

what I have learned so far is that we all will be fadxed memories right ? when she passed , I saw my life starting to come to a close end like everyone before me . im just waiting to pass on also . I count the days in which go very fast when you age . I was young , now im old . now I wait for my passing . if I could of gave a part of me to kept her alive , because im an uknowner and I don't deserve to be around . she could of had my years that wouldn't of done me justice . I was jealous of her like everyone else on this planet . when I see someone smile , I feel sadness knowing they are happy and passed on happy or alive . as least they had loved ones and friends . I have nothing . so I live my life of loneness . no matter what people do for a living , they for somehow create friends from their jobs,careers,hobbies,etc. as I call myself , a nobody . I have no legacy . I think about her all the time , time went so fast around 50 plus years as if god pressed the speed button . I remember the past as if it were seconds ago , why ? why dioidnt you alow time to slow just a bit ? I cant keep with any of you but when I see all the people from my past passing on , I get that much closer to sadness . its almost my time to pass . hope shes in a better place with close people she knows . no one knows me and vise versa . who will greet me when I pass on . im still jealous of her and all of you . thank you . ps , I hope I get to have peace too .

Posted by jennifer - new york, NY - fan   February 20, 2015

You are already so missed. I loved listening to your music and still do. My sympathy goes out to family friends loved ones etc., as well to your fans.Shame at such a young age and cause.To lose a great women.

Posted by Terri Larson - Salem, SD - Fan listeners'   February 20, 2015

Since I was 8 years old and travelling with my older sister to the lake with Leslie's music playing on the radio I have always loved the songs, one of a kind, great singer, so long . I am as well 60 yrs old.

Posted by Joe McNair - Edmonton, AK - Fan   February 20, 2015

Heart felt condolences to Lois and Michael and especially to mom Ronny, Ronny, my beloved friend, Lesley my talented friend! My eternal love to you Dear Lesley and my Sympathy and unending Love to you, Ronny, and my full support to you, Lois, xoxo, Tristan

Posted by Lt. Colonel Tristan Rodgers - Cornwall, NY - Friend of Ronny and Lesley   February 20, 2015

Lesley Gore was a great singer and actress I loved her songs it`s my party , she`s a fool , California Nights , you don`t own me her other hits as well she Catwoman sidekick on Batman tv series I want to say Lesley Gore had a beautiful singing voice. Duane Olson Rochester, Washington

Posted by DUANE OLSON - Rochester, WA - No   February 20, 2015

Lesley Gore became my singing idol when I was 11 years old. Starting with "It's My Party" I saved my allowance to buy every 45 and album of hers that I could find! In addition, I proudly was a "card carrying member" of her fan club and I think I knew every word to every one of her songs by heart. I feel so lucky to have seen her several years ago at one of the "oldies" concerts at the Kentucky State Fair. Her performance was as vibrant as when she was a teenager. With her passing we all lose a little more of our youth in addition to losing a fabulous performer. My deepest condolences to Lois and all of Lesley's family and friends. Our lives were enhanced because of her life and her gift of song to all of us!

Posted by Beverly Edwards - Louisville, KY   February 20, 2015

I became a Lesley Gore fan when I was 8 years old. She had such a unique quality in her voice. Wish I could explain what I mean but she had it! I was always so proud to be a fan of such a talented, intelligent, and classy lady. I'm now 60 years old and still feel the same way. My condolences to Lois and the rest of Lesley's family and friends. RIP dear Lesley.

Posted by Barb Cruze - Columbus, IN - Not related   February 19, 2015

I just always thought Lesley Gore was a real, genuine nice person. I watched her sing You Don't Own Me live on TV and her performance- her presence was just so classy. I guess that is what i really think about her. She was a class act all the way around. I wish I was able to see perform but I don't think she ever came to Pittsburgh.

Posted by L. Ahrenholtz - Pittsburgh, PA   February 19, 2015


Lesley you don't know i am just one of your biggest fans.Was 10 years old when you first hit the scene. I have always had an affinity for music. You had a talent that was as big as a wall of sound, and the talent to make it happen. please all you other fans out there get rid of the cigs or you'll end up as she did and she did'nt even smoke so you might say her death was murder by negligence by many. rip lesley

Posted by ricky green - suburban chicago, IL - fan   February 19, 2015


Thank you for everything. I miss you already. Love JP

Posted by Penelope J Patrick - Binghamton, NY - Friend   February 19, 2015

Leslie, i got to finally see you at Webster hall along with many other greats. You will be sorely missed. GodSpeed.

Posted by Gary Cotugno - NY, NY - Fan   February 19, 2015


Posted by nancy j carter - indianapolis - fan of lesley gore   February 19, 2015

R.I.P. Leslie Gore. You were one of my favorites growing up in the sixties.

Posted by Linda Maccaquano - cumberland, RI - fan   February 19, 2015

Met Lesley doing contractor work@outdoor theatre,outstanding voice,beautiful person,RIP,SING IN HEAVEN!!!

Posted by Steven C Anderson - Port Huron, MI - aquaintance   February 18, 2015

So So Sad she is gone. I was a teen listening to her and loving the song You don't own me..... My parents had a party and I kept playing Judy's turn to cry over and over, finally the neighbors called the police to come and tell us to stop playing the song. Loved her songs.. She will be missed.

Carol Ruffalo, Totowa, NJ

Posted by Carol Ruffalo - Totowa, NJ - Not Related   February 18, 2015

Please accept my deepest condolences for your loss. I hope you can draw comfort from the fact that our Loving Creator promises us,"from the power of the grave I [ God ] will redeem them."

Posted by O. Miller - NY   February 18, 2015


"I am so saddened by Leslie's passing. As a twelve year old girl in the early 60s, she was my idol, my first love. I'd listen to her music everyday from the time I'd get home from school until it was bed time. In seventh grade I tried out for a talent show pantomiming to "Look At the Way." Leslie gave this shy, introverted girl, the courage to get on stage. I will miss following your performances. R.I.P. Leslie. My condolences to Lois and her family. Alyce Roybal, A sad fan, Santa Fe, NM - February 18, 2015

Posted by Alyce Roybal - Santa Fe, NM - A Sad Fan   February 18, 2015


She was one of my favorite female singers of all times. I loved her and her music. Prayers for her family; she will truly be missed.

Posted by Brenda Cole - Hickman, KY - Just a Fan   February 18, 2015

What memories I have of the 9th grader who was a student of mine when she lived in Tenafly. Talented athlete, an excellent student and a talented young lady in the glimmers of a music career. Beautiful memories that are never lost. B.A.Sandman Krupp. Lisle IL.

Posted by Betty SAndman Krupp - Lisle, IL - Teacher, 1960   February 18, 2015

The Year was 1963 I was a Senior in High School. Viet Nam was really heating up. I enlisted in the U S Army for a three year hitch. Lesleys big hit was blaring on all the juke boxes. Her voice was a class sound. Quincy Jones was a Master of Arranging all types of music from Big Bands to Jazz charts. Quincy saw the talent in Leslie Gore. To this date all of her songs will remain in our hearts. She had a sound that was clearly HER SOUND. She loved to appear and entertain live audiences and all of her audiences loved her right back. Always and Forever she will be remembered by all. Thank You Lesley for making life a little easier in troubled times and in Good Times. Love You Lesley BOOM

Posted by BOOMER - White Oak, PA - Big Fan of Leslies   February 17, 2015

Prayers for her partner and family......she will be missed

Posted by Pj Retoff - Benton, KY - Just loved hearing her sing   February 17, 2015

What a full life Lesley lived. So grateful that she shared her music and talent with us. Blessings to Lois and Lesley's family.

Posted by A Borgman - Hammond, IN - Fan   February 17, 2015

I loved her music. I still have her albums!! What a great talent. She'll be missed.

Posted by Pat Delaney - PA - Fan   February 17, 2015


Lesley will be missed by so many who never met her for the memories that she gave us. Condolences to the Gore family and to Lois. And to Lesley, thank you from the heart.

Posted by Judy Corby Lowstuter - Annandale, VA - Just a fan   February 17, 2015

Gore family I am so sorry for your loss. May John 5:28,29 bring you comfort. Jennifer

Posted by Jennifer - pittsburgh, PA - friend   February 17, 2015

Leslie was a wonderful part of my memories of many years ago when life was so much better. Her songs were great and she seemed to be a humble and sincere person.. may she rest in peace.

Posted by chris makowski - easton, PA - just a fan from long ago   February 17, 2015

loved you and loved your music god bless you and may you rest in peace

Posted by stella robles lombrana - uvalde texas78801, TX - just a music fan   February 17, 2015

It's been many many years, but I remember fondly our summers at Camp Scatico - she was just starting out.
I am so very sorry to hear of her passing - my condolences to her brother Micheal and her family

Posted by S. Hirschberg - New York, NY - former camper friend   February 17, 2015

I loved her music as a teenager in the 60's--so sad to here her passing--too soon!

Posted by Mona Briggs - Bryant, AR - Fan   February 17, 2015

Leslie gore was my number one favorite singer.california nights and I'm going out the same way I came in were the best songs I condolences to her family.this year we are losing more of my favorite was my party to listen to her music and videos .the sixties we're great.

Posted by thomas knapp - malverne, NY - friend   February 16, 2015