Condolence & Memory Journal

Those games are really cute and very apaolpchabre to kids. My nephews will be like this kind of games and I am very impressed on the for doing those such a wonderful games. Thanks.

Posted by Bruno - UGSaoITw5RCQ, OH - Nx4lWXddrP   June 13, 2015

Emily-Fat malabsorption is lieknd to a variety of conditions for example, pancreatic enzyme insufficiency and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. I would encourage you to speak with your gastroenterologist about being evaluated for these conditions if you have not been tested. In small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, bacteria invades your small intestine. When your body secretes bile into your small intestine, bacteria can make the bile inactive therefore, unable to break down fats and thus contributes to fat malabsorption. FODMAPs are fast food' for bacteria so if you go on a low FODMAP you are essentially starving some of the bacteria and hopefully in the long run you could benefit from the diet. The treatment for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth typically is an antibiotic. But is is always important to discover why you got bacteria overgrowth so your gastroenterologist should explore reasons and treat your body so you don't get it again (If that is the case for you!) So to answer your question, FODMAPs typically cause symptoms within a few hours BUT for someone susceptible to bacterial overgrowth there may be longer term impact of eating FODMAPs such as feeding bacteria that ultimately may impact our body in various ways for example, contributing to fat malabsorption.

Posted by Jarmo - 76279oG9GR, FL - wSeYMDsTbnjH   June 13, 2015

We are so sorry to hear about Mr Dick Brennan. What a great man and so kind, he was so nice to me
and my wife. We will never forget him. He always make us welcome, that why we keep coming back.
We be back in April to pay our respect. Brennan Family take care we Pray for your lost.
Art & Gail Theriot. Murphy, NC.

Posted by Art Theriot - Murphy, NC - Friend   March 20, 2015

My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Richard Brennan, Sr. May the God of all comfort be with you at this most difficult time. Please know that our loving Creator never intended for death to be a part of life. He assures us in Hosea 13:14, "from the power of the grave I [God] will redeem them."

Posted by O. Miller - NY   March 16, 2015